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28 Best Types of Mixing Bowls (According to Your Needs)

Photo collage of mixing bowls

Quicklist: Mixing Bowls

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Silicone
  3. Glass
  4. Plastic
  5. Melamine
  6. Copper
  7. Porcelain
  8. Wood/Bamboo
  9. Stoneware
  10. Set
  11. Lid
  12. Dishwasher-Safe
  13. Eco-Friendly
  14. Rubberized Base
  15. Pour Spout
  16. BPA-Free
  17. Microwave-Safe
  18. Interior Measurement Markings
  19. Vintage
  20. Personalized
  21. Handles
  22. Grater Lids
  23. Under Two Quarts
  24. Two to Four Quarts
  25. Five to Seven Quarts
  26. Eight to 10 Quarts
  27. 11 to 20 Quarts
  28. More Than 20 Quarts

The classic Mason Cash mixing bowl was first commercially produced by an English pottery company, based in the village of Church Gresley, Derbyshire.

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Tom Cash acquired the compan, that made a range of earthenware and stoneware, in 1901, and named it Mason Cash in honor of one of its most memorable master potters, “Bossy” Mason. At the same time, they introduced the ceramic cane mixing bowl as essential kitchenware.

The company has shifted hands over the years but the original mass-produced mixing bowl has retained its classic design for more than a century.

Types of Mixing Bowls

A. Material

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel mixing bowl with a blue plastic lid.Source: Hayneedle

While this type of mixing bowl is increasingly popular, it’s important to note that they are hard to handle when hot, as stainless steel conducts heat.

Additionally, using a whisk or other metal instrument inside the bowl can not only scratch and damage the surface but also leave a metallic taste in the food. One major benefit is the bowls can serve as a double-boiler when used with a saucepan.

2. Silicone

4 pieces of small silicone mixing bowls in Blue.Source: Wayfair

These bowls are easy to clean, are naturally non-stick, and can be put in the microwave without any fear of damaging the material. Additionally, since they collapse, they don’t take up a lot of storage space.

3. Glass

A set of durable glass mixing bowls. Source: Amazon

You won’t ever have to worry about the taste or color of your food being adversely affected when you use a glass mixing bowl. Choose a glass that has been tempered so you don’t have to worry about temperature swings causing the glass to crack.

The problem with all types of glass mixing bowls is that they can easily break if you drop them on the floor or hit them against the countertop. Glass bowls are great when you are mixing a number of ingredients together because you can see through the sides of the bowl.

4. Plastic

A set of plastic mixing bowls in different colors and sizes. Source: Amazon

Probably the least expensive type of mixing bowl that you can buy is a plastic bowl. These bowls are also virtually indestructible, making them ideal if you are going to be traveling with food and want to be able to mix and transport it in the same container.

Plastic can easily melt if you leave it too close to a hot surface, and lighter plastic bowls, in particular, are susceptible to staining as well as retaining strong odors. 

5. Melamine

Cute and colorful melamine mixing bowls with doodles.Source: Hayneedle

Those people looking for a mixing bowl that will stand up to everyday use and can be washed in the dishwasher without fear of cracking or breaking will benefit from melamine.

This is a very specific type of hard plastic that is made with strengthening materials to ensure that it does not crack or break. While there were concerns in the past over the safety of melamine dishes, the FDA has declared melamine completely safe to use.

As long as you do not heat your foods to greater than 160° Fahrenheit, there is no concern over the chemicals in the melamine transferring to your food. These mixing bowls are incredibly difficult to break or chip and will not shatter when dropped or used with very cold food.

6. Copper

Elegant-looking mixing bowls that are copper on th outside and steel on the inside.Source: Wayfair

Copper bowls are timeless and beautiful — for that reason, many people turn to this material when they are shopping for new mixing bowls. One of the benefits for bakers in using copper bowls is that they will stabilize egg whites  — perfect for making meringues.

On the other hand, you don’t want to toss salads in a copper mixing bowl as it can interact with the acidity of fruits, vegetable and salad dressings.

7. Porcelain

Porcelain mixing bowl in red and white.Source: Wayfair

You can buy porcelain bowls in a number of different colors, styles, sizes and designs. Because they are generally heavier than other types of mixing bowls, they won’t move around on your countertop when you’re using them.

Unfortunately, this type of material is prone to cracking and chipping and it is easy to accidentally damage your mixing bowls.

8. Wood/Bamboo

Bamboo bowl with other wooden kitchenware. Source: Amazon

Natural materials bring a warm element to your mixing bowls and can look incredible in your kitchen and on the table.

Over time, the wood will actually become seasoned and add a bit of flavor to the food that you mix in your bowl. This is especially true when you mix a salad or use your mixing bowl to make bread dough.

9. Stoneware

White stoneware mixing bowl with a shiny finish.Source: Hayneedle

Not only are stoneware mixing bowls attractive but they are significantly heavier than other types of materials, which is great if you are going to be stirring vigorously and do not want your bowl to migrate on the countertop. 

B. Features of Mixing Bowls

1. Set

A set of nested, plastic mixing bowls in different colors. Source: Amazon

The best way to make sure that you have the correct size mixing bowls for all of your needs is to buy a set. Mixing bowls will generally come in nesting sets if you choose this option, which is wonderful because it will allow you to store all of your bowls inside of each other and will take up very little storage space.

Being able to choose the exact size mixing bowl for each of your needs ensures that you do not choose a bowl that is too small or one that takes up too much space on the counter when working on an involved recipe.

Nesting mixing bowls that come in a set are generally complementary in color or design so you don’t have to worry about them clashing if you have more than one out in the kitchen at a time.

2. Lid

Red mixing bowl with a red lid.Source: Wayfair

One feature to consider if you are going to be using your mixing bowls for storage as well as for preparing recipes is an included lid.

Instead of having to use plastic wrap or foil to cover your mixing bowls when you place your food items in the refrigerator if you buy mixing bowls that come with included lids, then you will not have to worry about being able to get a tight seal.

This is key to ensure that your food stays fresh and that flavors do not migrate when the food is stored.

3. Dishwasher-Safe

Beige, blue and green mixing bowls with a friction grip.Source: Wayfair

No matter what you are cooking, cleaning up the kitchen can be a little bit of a hassle and the best way to ensure that the job is completed quickly and with little frustration is to make sure that the mixing bowls you buy are dishwasher-safe.

This means that at the end of your cooking session, you do not have to stand at the sink and wash multiple dishes. Rather, you can simply toss the bowls in the dishwasher and trust that they will not chip, become damaged, or have the design peel off of the outside of the bowl.

This is especially helpful if you have very big mixing bowls as these can be difficult to wash completely and thoroughly in a sink.

4. Eco-Friendly

Blue, terracota mixing bowl with a glossy finish.Source: Wayfair

While there are many types of mixing bowls that you can buy that will stand up to years of use, ones that are made from chemically-processed man-made materials are not very healthy for the environment.

In order to rest easy that you are doing everything you can to help protect the environment, opt for mixing bowls that are labeled eco-friendly.

5. Rubberized Base

Stainless steel mixing bowls with colorful rubberized bottoms.Source: Home Depot

This feature is one that you will love if you tend to stir batter, dough, or other food items rather vigorously and noticed that your bowls tend to migrate across the countertop. Opting for a bowl that has a rubberized base, will help keep the bowl from moving.

6. Pour Spout

Mixing bowl with handle and spout that comes in a Lemon Yellow color.Source: Hayneedle

If you will be mixing wet ingredients, then a pour spout is the best way to control the process. Without a pour spout, it can be difficult to control the flow of liquid ingredients, such as beaten eggs or thin pancake batter. 

7. BPA-Free

BPA-free mixing bowls in Lime Green.Source: Houzz

With BPA-free bowls you will not have to worry about chemicals leaching into your food. Bisphenol A, a chemical compound found in polycarbonate plastics, can cause serious health problems.

8. Microwave-Safe

Rosy pink and white, microwave-safe mixing bowl.Source: Houzz

There are many mixing bowls that will damage if they are placed in a microwave — they can melt or transfer harmful chemicals into your food. Instead of putting the health of your family and the quality of your food at risk, make sure that you buy a mixing bowl that can go in the microwave. 

9. Interior Measurement Markings

Stainless steel mixing bowls with Interior Measurement Markings.Source: Hayneedle

These bowls let you measure your ingredients while cooking. They are a great idea if you tend to cook in ratios or like to “eyeball” what’s needed in a recipe.

10. Vintage

Colorful, vintage mixing bowls inf four different sizes.Source: Etsy

Many people love the look and quality of vintage measuring bowls and use them either as decorative pieces or as functional bowls in their kitchens. 

Unfortunately, vintage mixing bowls were not always held to the same high standards as bowls are now — know the quality of the vintage bowl that you are going to buy and make sure that you’d use it appropriately.

11. Personalized

A personalized mixing bowl in white with blue accents.Source: Etsy

Personalizing a mixing bowl is a wonderful way to celebrate an event such as graduation from culinary school, a wedding, or even a child finally being old enough to help out in the kitchen.

No matter the reason why you buy a personalized mixing bowl, it is sure to be a gift that will be cherished and used on a regular basis, ensuring that the recipient always thinks of you when he or she uses it.

12. Handles

White mixing bowls with handles for easy usage. Source: Amazon

By buying a mixing bowl that has handles, you can make sure that you are able to easily move your bowl from one location in your kitchen to another. 

13. Grater Lids

Stainless steel mixing bowls with different styles of grater lids. Source: Amazon

One of the main benefits of mixing bowls is being able to use them to put all of your ingredients in at the same time. If you do a lot of cooking from scratch, then you know that you often use a grater in your kitchen but this kitchen tool can be difficult to clean and bulky to store.

By buying mixing bowls that have a grater built into the lid, you can make sure that you always know where your grater is and that the food that you freshly grate will fall right into the mixing bowl to be used.

C. Sizes

1. Under Two Quarts

Contemporary, plastic mixing bowl in fuchsia pink.Source: Houzz

These small mixing bowls will not have enough room in them for you to mix up large recipes but they can be very useful if you only need to mix up a small amount of a salad dressing or to beat ja few eggs. 

2. Two to Four Quarts

A durable, wide-mouthed glass bowl.Source: Houzz

While not large enough to easily hold items such as a batch of cookies, you can use mixing bowls this size to mix up the dry ingredients or the wet ingredients before combining them in a larger mixing bowl.

3. Five to Seven Quarts

Stainless mixing bowl with a seamless finish.Source: Houzz

You’re sure to love the extra space that you have in this mixing bowl which ensures that you have more than enough room to mix pancake batter or other such items.

4. Eight to 10 Quarts

8-quart, stainless steel mixing bowl.Source: Houzz

Anybody who is going to be mixing bread dough, cookie dough, or batter for brownies can greatly benefit from this size mixing bowl. It’s large enough for multiple ingredients without the user having to worry about spillage but not so big that it is difficult to manage or store.

5. 11 to 20 Quarts

Stainless mixing bowl with a flat bottom.Source: Houzz

This size is a little bit larger than what most people will need for average meals in their homes. 

6. More Than 20 Quarts

Large, stainless steel mixing bowl.Source: Houzz

If you love to double or triple recipes, then it’s important that you have enough space in your mixing bowl. This will ensure that you do not have to worry about whether not you have thoroughly mixed your ingredients or worry about them coming out over the top of the bowl and spilling all over the counter.

A large mixing bowl such as this can be difficult to store but when you need the size, then there really is no substitute.

Top Brands of Mixing Bowls

OXO Good Grips

OXO Good Grips 3- Piece Mixing Bowl Set

OXO is known for its popular line of kitchen products, and its mixing bowls are no exception. Look for the brand’s set of three heavy-duty plastic mixing bowls that feature a convenient handle, spout for pouring, and a non-slip bottom so you can mix ingredients without worrying about the bowl slipping on your counter.

These bowls are in three different sizes: 1.5, 3, and 5 quart so they “nest” inside one another for easy storage. Not only are these great for mixing ingredients for baking, but the handy size makes them an excellent set of serving bowls for salads, pasta, and popcorn, too.

These mixing bowls from OXO are dishwasher-safe and come in several fun colors including black and white, multicolored sets, green, and others to add a pop of color to your kitchen.


Pyrex Smart Essentials 3-Piece Prepware Mixing Bowl Set, 1-Qt, 1.5-Qt ,and 2.5-Qt Glass Mixing Bowls, Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer Safe

Pyrex is a household name, and its line of mixing bowls is just part of the brand’s exceptional line of products. Made of thick Pyrex glass, these mixing bowls give you a convenient way to mix ingredients that you can see thanks to the transparent design.

No longer will you be left wondering whether or not your ingredients are mixed correctly thanks to the clear glass that you can view from every angle. Not only are these bowls great for mixing, but they’re also microwave-safe for easy warmups.

They’re easy to clean by hand, but they are also dishwasher-safe, too. Perhaps the best part is that this set of durable, high-quality mixing bowls from Pyrex is extremely affordable, too.


Viking 10-Piece Stainless Steel Bowl Set

If you’re looking for something incredibly durable and sturdy, try a set of stainless steel mixing bowls from Viking. These bowls are not only easy to use, but the stacking design is fun and makes them great for storing in the fridge.

The bowls also come with airtight lids, so you can keep your ingredients or your finished meals nice and fresh. The non-skid silicone base keeps the bowls in place while you’re mixing or serving food on the counter.

They also feature measuring markings that make mixing even easier, and extra wide rims help you get a better grip, so you can work on what you’re doing more easily.

Each bowl is a different size, so you can use them for serving, storing food, and mixing, depending on your needs. The bowls nest inside one another so they’re easy to store in the cabinet in between meals.


Bamboozle Nesting Bowls Set – Thistle Color | Mixing Bowl Set for Serving, Baking, Made of Sustainable Bamboo Fiber | 7 Piece

If you’re looking for a colorful and sustainable option, give the Bamboozle nesting bowls set a try. These durable bowls are made from biodegradable bamboo fiber and come in a range of fun colors.

Bamboozle uses the excess of raw materials from fast-growing bamboo, which can be harvested frequently with little to no negative environmental impact. They’re also biodegradable which means that break down and return to the earth without polluting the soil or water.

The bowls are not microwave-safe, but they’re still a good choice for cold storage and everyday mixing. Use them for snacks, serving food, baking, and mixing ingredients before you cook.

This set of bowls is dishwasher-safe, so they’re easy to clean, but they’re not recommended for use with an electric mixer in case they accidentally crack or break.

You can choose from a variety of colorways to add a fun touch to your kitchen, including gray tones, pastels, thistle, and more. These beautiful, eco-friendly bowls can be purchased at Amazon, Pottery Barn, or directly from the manufacturer.

Nordic Ware

Nordic Ware Prep & Serve Mixing Bowl Set, 4-pc, Set of 4, Coastal Colors

This set of stylish prep and mixing bowls is a good option for home cooks on a budget. This trusted brand makes a range of kitchen products, and its colorful mixing bowl set will add a fresh pop of flair to your kitchen.

The Coastal Colors set from Nordic Ware features beautiful hues of blue that add an eye-pleasing element to your cooking space. The set is made of durable, BPA-free, melamine-free plastic and is made in the USA.

The bowls include slip-free silicone bottoms for a firm grip on your countertops. The set includes 2-quart, 3.5-quart, 5-quart, and 7-quart heavy-duty bowls. A variety of sizes makes them ideal for mixing and prepping foods, storing meals, and serving food at home or at picnics and potluck dinners alike.

They’re also microwave-safe so you can easily warm up your favorite foods later without having to take them from the bowl and transfer them to another container.

Each bowl is dishwasher-safe on the top rack for easy care and cleaning. You can also find a similar set from Nordic Ware that includes airtight lids for even more versatility.

Where to Buy Mixing Bowls

Pottery Barn

Whether you need mixing bowls or table linens, Pottery Barn is the place to find high-quality products for the home. You’ll find a wide range of mixing bowls and serving bowls at this retailer, which has several brick-and-mortar locations throughout the United States.

Check the Pottery Barn website often, as they also have lots of great sales, particularly before and after the holidays. The retailer is also the parent company to other great stores, including CB2, West Elm and Williams Sonoma.

From stoneware to carved wood and everything in between, you’ll find a variety of beautiful, useful mixing bowls as well as plenty of gorgeous serving bowls that are excellent for year-round use.

Since Pottery Barn specializes in carrying only the best brands, you can find a fabulous set of mixing bowls here with confidence.


It kind of goes without saying that you’ll have no problems finding the right mixing bowls at Amazon. This mega online retailer sells every type of kitchen product under the sun, and they carry a wide array of exceptional brands.

Whether you’re looking for Viking, Nordic Ware, or Pyrex, you can find the perfect mixing bowl set here. Prime members also get access to special deals and free shipping to sweeten the deal.

Just look up the search term “mixing bowls” and check the Prime box to make sure you’re getting the best price and the fastest shipping available.

There are nesting bowls, mixing bowls with lids for food storage, and bowls made of everything from durable glass to bamboo and stainless steel. Sort your results based on your specific terms to find the perfect match for your needs.

Crate & Barrel

Crate & Barrel is another high-end specialty store selling everything you need for the kitchen and home. You’ll find a myriad of beautiful mixing bowls on this website made by a range of exceptional brands.

Look for mixing bowls with storage lids or choose a set that features a variety of fun colors. There are also sturdy glass mixing bowls with bamboo lids and single bowls if you only need just one.

If you happen to live near a Crate & Barrel retail location (they currently have approximately 100 stores throughout the United States), you can also order whatever you need online and then pick it up in-store.

From glass and stainless steel to sturdy ceramic, Crate & Barrel is one of the best places to find mixing bowls for the chef who has an eye for the finer cooking gear.

Bed Bath & Beyond

This popular retailer sells everything for the home, which is why the word “beyond” is in its name. When it comes to mixing bowls, you can search for the perfect set online at their website.

Bed Bath & Beyond makes it easy to find what you need, and they separate the category by material such as plastic, stainless steel, glass, and stoneware.

In addition to the retailer’s website, you can also shop at one of many of its retail locations found all over the country. Sign up to become a rewards member to save even more and look for occasional sales and coupons, too.

The company carries mixing bowls from OXO, Tupperware, Pyrex, Dash, and many others. If you need kitchenware, this is certainly one retailer that will have everything you need in one convenient place.

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma is another high-end retailer that specializes in quality cookware and kitchen tools, as well as table linens and glassware. If you’re looking for a great set of mixing bowls, you can’t go wrong with this trusted seller.

The company also sells outdoor furniture, home décor, and much more. Williams Sonoma carries a variety of products from different vendors, and over 120 of them are small, family-owned or minority-owned businesses.

The retailer also focuses on offering high-quality goods that are crafted using sustainable practices whenever possible. If you’re looking for gorgeous, durable mixing bowls that will stand the test of time, then this is the retailer for you.

The company also donates to a variety of charities including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the No Kid Hungry program. As for the mixing bowls, you’ll find everything from individual bowls to nesting sets and bowls with lids for food storage. 

From stainless steel bowls and stoneware to copper bowls and stylish options with a reactive glaze, every item from Williams Sonoma is crafted with care and of exceptional quality.

Not only will your new bowls be versatile and functional, but most options are so beautiful that you’ll want to leave them on display somewhere in your kitchen.