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7 Different Types of Locks for Storage Units

Various storage unit locks

Storage units allow individuals and families to have a convenient means of temporarily storing personal belongings when moving between homes. Some people rent storage units to de-clutter their home, or to permanently store possessions.

Are you an individual that likes to set up at trade shows, flea markets, or antique sales? Storage units that help protect the items between events or sales offer vendors easy access to their items.

No matter the reason that you use a storage unit, properly securing the unit with a proper lock is of utmost importance. Knowing which type of lock is ideal for your unit is important before you purchase a lock for one or more storage units.

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How Do I Know Which Type of Storage Unit Lock is the Right Choice for Me?

How do you know which type of lock is the ideal lock for your storage unit? Choosing the right type of lock from the many different types of locks for storage units likely prevents your storage unit from being among the list of vandalized units on the next news report of a break-in at a storage unit facility.

You also want to make sure that you choose a lock that offers easy access for yourself. You want to choose a lock that does not result in the embarrassment of having to ask someone else to open the lock for you.

Cost Considerations of Storage Unit Locks

Do you have multiple storage units? Do not make the cost of a high-quality lock an issue. Look for a high-quality lock for each storage unit, rather than skimping on the cost. Skimping on the cost potentially means that you also get a lower quality storage unit lock.

A Store-N-Lock article suggests that you speak with a storage unit employee or manager before purchasing a lock so that you know if there are any restrictions on the type of lock allowed on their storage units. Some facilities possibly require that you purchase only a certain type of lock.

If you place a different type of lock on a storage unit against the rules, you will likely receive a call to replace the unapproved lock with the required lock. Save money by purchasing the required type of lock.

Are There Special Considerations When Choosing Different Types of Locks for Storage Units?

A row of bright orange storage units in a self-storage facility.

Consider the storage facility and the individual storage unit before you make your storage unit lock purchase. Is your storage unit located inside? Do you have an outside unit or a combination of inside and outside storage units?

These are all important considerations when determining the right type of lock for storage units. If you have an outside storage unit, the lock is exposed to the elements. Storage Front explains that outdoor storage units are exposed to rain, freezing temperatures, and extremely hot temperatures.

Weather conditions affect the performance and durability of some locks placed on storage units. Choosing a lock that is made of brass helps to protect against the changes in weather conditions.

Another factor to consider if you have an outside storage unit is the vulnerability of your unit. Do not automatically assume that just because the facility has iron gates or other barriers that the outside storage units at the facility are burglar-proof or tamper-proof.

There are many examples of storage units being broken into at storage facilities with high gates or other protections. Can you or a family member climb over a gate or bushes?

Imagine how easy it is for a determined thief to do the same thing. Choose a tamper-resistant lock to make breaking into your storage unit a difficult task for would-be storage facility burglars.

Durable locks help protect valuables. Some people store out-of-season clothes or sporting equipment, while other people store valuable antiques or household belongings.

Read the packaging of storage unit locks to consider the security features of the lock. The security features of the lock are much more important than a fancy look.

The Different Types of Locks Available for Storage Units

A close look at a lock of a storage unit.

The dollar store or discount store padlock or single dial combination lock is likely not the ideal storage unit lock option. The multiple dial combination lock that you or your children use as bicycle locks is not a great option, according to several sources, including Storage Front.

There are several types of locks that offer outstanding security, and that meet the requirements for storage facilities, along with offering ideal options for protecting the contents of your storage units.

1. Keyed Stainless Steel Padlock

Master Lock M5XDLJ Magnum Stainless Steel Keyed Padlock, 1 Pack

One lock option that you potentially want to consider is the keyed stainless steel padlock. This lock is also sometimes referred to as a disc or ‘circle’ lock. It is considered a good option for storage units for several reasons.

One reason is the fact that opening the lock requires the use of a key. This lock is much higher quality than the low-cost discount padlocks, and therefore, much more difficult for someone to tamper with or to break.

Regal Locksmith explains that the stainless steel construction and the hardened steel plate provide ‘maximum security.’ The compact design offers an excellent strength to weight ratio and offers a convenient, safe lock for indoor and outdoor storage units.

2. Disc Locks

Abus 20/70mm Diskus Plus Padlock

Some keyed disc locks have additional features. One example is the ABUS 20/70 Diskus Padlock. It features a disk detainer that is quite a challenge for someone attempting to tamper with the lock. The small cylinder on this lock is also challenging for would-be thieves.

Brinks 673-70401 70mm Commercial Discus Lock with Stainless Steel Shackle, 4-Pack

Do you have multiple storage units? Considering a multi-pack of commercial-grade disc locks, such as the 4-pack Brinks Commercial Discus Lock with Stainless Steel Shackle offers maximum security and weather protection. Choosing a multi-pack of high-grade locks for your storage units potentially saves you money compared to if you purchased an individual lock for each of your storage units.

3. High Security and Maximum Security Padlocks

Stanley Hardware S828-160 CD8820 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock

Does the storage facility require that you use a padlock on your storage unit doors? It is important that you choose a lock that offers high security or the maximum security offered in a padlock.

The budget-friendly padlocks are typically not the ideal choice for protecting items in a storage unit. There are padlocks with modern features that offer the ideal protection for both indoor and outdoor storage units.

Look for a padlock made of brass or one that is made of a hardened steel body. These locks offer protection from weather changes that contribute to rust or corrosion. This type of lock also likely offers the best security available among the various styles of padlocks.

One heavy-duty padlock that shows up across many sites reviewing specific padlocks is the Stanley Hardware S828 Shrouded Hardened Steel Padlock. Stanley, a recognized name in hardware products makes this lock to protect against lock-pickers and break-ins.

The durable construction, featuring 6-pin cylinder with anti-pick pins, stainless steel ball bearings, fully shrouded hardened steel, and ASTM security grade 5 designation makes it a lock with great security protection for your storage units. Bob Villa indicates that in spite of its affordability, this lock option offers substantial protection.

4. Bluetooth Outdoor Lock

Master Lock Padlock, Outdoor Personal Use Bluetooth Lock, 2-7/32 in. Wide, 4401DLH

Do you want to go high-tech when choosing a storage unit lock? Consider the ‘smart’ Bluetooth outdoor lock option. One option for you to consider is the Master Lock Bluetooth Outdoor Lock. Master Lock reveals that this particular lock puts control of this lock right in the palm of your hand.

One easy app allows you several options, including monitoring activity of your storage room, the ability to share access if you want to provide that for another individual, and the ability to unlock your lock. Imagine the ease of opening and locking your storage unit with this simple app, and avoid issues such as lost or misplaced keys or forgetting a lock combination.

It is a little more expensive than traditional locks, but when you consider the high level of security features, it is possibly an ideal option to protect your storage units.

5. ABUS Granit Padlock

ABUS Granite Padlock, 37/55, 00842

This is not your average padlock. ABUS indicates that the ABUS Granit padlocks are constructed in a way that ‘makes it almost impossible’ for someone to release the shackle from the body of the lock with force.

The specialized locking system also makes it resistant to other types of storage unit break-ins such as picking the lock to gain access. The steel plate on the front of the cylinder opening even stops drill bits from taking hold during an attempted break-in incident.

This is not your average padlock. The company indicates that this lock is among the most secure locks around the world.

The black coating on the lock offers excellent protection against corrosion. Choose from several ABUS Granit padlock options and get the lock that is right for your storage unit needs.

6. Lock With an Audible Alarm

Crystal Vision SHPLA Weather Proof Anti Theft Loud 130db Alarm 10mm Heavy Duty Padlock for Multi Purpose. Auto Arm & Disarm, Alarm Lock, Siren Lock, Gun Safe, Truck Lock, Warehouse Lock, Tool Box

Do you want a lock for your storage unit that likely provides a security feature not provided in a typical lock for storage units? Consider a lock that has an audible alarm. Although people usually associate audible alarms with car alarms or security alarms for businesses or homes, there are locks that you can use on your storage unit that offers the audible alarm feature.

There are several potential options for this style of lock, which are offered by different companies. One option is the Crystal Vision SHPLA Weather Proof Anti Theft Loud 130db Alarm 10mm Heavy Duty Padlock.

This lock offers the flexibility of auto alarm and disarms features, and long, one-year battery life. In addition to the loud 130 DB alarm, the lock features durable forged, stainless steel construction.

It is virtually weatherproof and fully functional at temperatures ranging from –14 degrees to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it ideal for securing an outdoor storage facility, as well as indoor security units.

The 10 mm double locking and carbide-reinforced steel locking pin adds additional security to this lock that is sure to send would-be storage unit burglars running.

7. Smart Key Lock

Kwikset 50MM SmartKey Padlock Long Shackle in Satin Chrome

Do you dread the thought of carrying around multiple keys to open and lock your multiple storage units? Some people likely turn to a lock for their storage units that opens multiple locks with a single key.

These locks, such as the Kwikset 50mm Smart Key Lock, offers the flexibility of just using a single key to open several of these locks with just one key. The padlock features a sporty look to it and has a key retention feature that helps protect against you accidentally dropping the key.

The lock has a shackle made of strengthened molybdenum as an added security feature. The lock does offer convenient features. One thing to consider is those very convenient features.

Although the idea of being able to open several locks with a single key may seem appealing, The site How to Become a Locksmith points out that this lock is prone to picking. So, when choosing this lock, or any other security room lock, consider all the features, security, and conveniences before deciding which one or more of the different storage unit locks is best for your specific needs.