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40 Different Types of Lilies for Your Garden

Considered as one of the most favored flowers in the world, lilies are full of surprises. Read on to know just how much you know these beautiful flowers.

White lilies in the garden.

Lilies belongs to the Liliaceae family, which consists of 108 species and are ranked as the world’s fourth most popular flowers. The most flamboyant of its species is said to be the tiger lilies. It also happens to be the only colored lily that has fragrance. White lilies are scented.

The Egyptians were the first to use lily extract as a perfume while the Victorian women adorned themselves by pinning a lily flower in their hair or evening gowns. Lilies, however, are poisonous to cats and can cause them an upset tummy, kidney failure or death.

African Queen (Trumpet Lily)

African queen trumpet lily

With large, trumpet-like petals of bright orange-apricot, this lily faces either upward or downward and has bronze-colored markings on the outside. It is a long-lasting plant with a sensational aroma and each stem consists of 15-20 blossoms for an extraordinary look.

Altari (Orienpet Lily)

With petals up to 12 inches wide and in a star-like shape, this rich raspberry flower with white tips blooms in mid- to late-summer and has a wonderful fragrance. They get up to 4 feet tall and are perfect when planted near a patio or deck where their scent can be best enjoyed.

Anastasia (Orienpet Lily)

This lily has large blossoms that are rose-pink and tipped in white. They can produce up to 30 blooms per stem and are flat-shaped and very aromatic, making them a perfect option for borders.

Arabian Knight (Martagon Lily)

The Arabian Knight is very fragrant and has petals of deep-gold with dark spots in mahogany. Their petals are curved and face downward, and there can be up to 50 of them on one stem. They bloom in early- to mid-summer and can get up to 6 feet tall, so they are quite striking in the garden.

Belladonna (Orienpet Lily)

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A beautiful, bowl-shaped flower that is bright yellow-gold in color, this lily grows up to 4 feet tall and 7 inches wide. It is eye-catching, has a wonderful scent, and bees and butterflies love it.

Black Beauty (Orienpet Lily)

Dark crimson in color and 3 inches wide, these flowers have narrow margins of white and a green stars at their center. It gets up to 150 blooms per stem and does best in full sun or partial shade. It also gets up to 7 feet high, so it is truly eye-catching.

Black Out (Asiatic Lily)

With upward-facing blooms, the Black Out consists of dark-crimson petals, and shadings and centers of dark red-black. It makes a beautiful border plant and grows up to 3 feet high. It is one of the darkest lilies and is perfect for containers and vases.

Black Spider (Asiatic Lily)

These are beautiful creamy-white lilies with deep-burgundy and black hearts, and they grow up to 3 feet in height. They make beautiful cut flowers, and bees and butterflies love them, although they are toxic to cats.

Brindisi (Longiflorum-Asiatic Lily)

With soft-pink petals and a darker-pink center, these lilies bloom in early- to mid-summer and have pleasant scents and beautiful green foliage that perfect complements them. They are great for containers and vases and grow up to 4 feet tall.

Brunello (Asiatic Lily)

Brunello asiatic lily

With glossy mid-green foliage, the Brunello is bowl-shaped and vivid-orange in color with dark-red stamen. They are unusually large, growing up to 8 inches wide, and look great in vases and containers, not to mention borders.

Casa Blanca (Oriental Lily)

Casa blanca lily

The Casa Blanca is a beautiful shade of white with red-orange anthers, producing the perfect striking contrast. It has a beautiful scent and blooms in mid- to late-Summer. It has also won several international flower awards, and it looks great in containers and vases.

Citronella (Asiatic Lily)

Citronella asiatic lily

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This is a great flower for naturalizing, and it consists of golden-yellow petals with specks of a darker color. It makes an excellent border plant and does well in most types of soil. It also gets up to 5 feet high and is one of the few lilies that stays pendant instead of facing towards the sun.

Claude Shride (Martagon Lily)

Claude Shride lily

In elegant dark-red with bright-orange spots and petals that face downward, this type of lily grows best in full sun to partial shade and looks great in containers and vases. It gets up to 6 feet tall and can self-seed at times.

Dizzy (Oriental Lily)

The Dizzy is creamy-white with a raspberry-red stripe down the center of the petal and specks of red throughout. Toxic to cats but popular with bees and butterflies, the flower does well in most soils and looks great in a vase or a container.

Dot Com (Asiatic Lily)

With beautiful white petals and dark-red near the center, this lily grows up to 8 inches wide and requires good moisture in the soil to grow well. It looks great in containers and vases, gets up to 3 feet tall, and grows up to 9 blooms per stem.

Entertainer (Oriental Lily)

The Entertainer is a striking, eye-catching lily that is bright-pink in color and has creamy-white hearts. It is attractive to butterflies and bees, and it grows up to 20 inches tall. It makes a beautiful border plant, and it looks best when grouped together with other lilies.

Fire King (Asiatic Lily)

The Fire King is deep red-orange in color and grows up to 4 feet in height. It does best in full sun or partial shade, and it is adorned with purple freckles, giving your garden a very elegant look. It is toxic to cats, but bees and butterflies love it.

Flashpoint (Orienpet Lily)

Flashpoint lily

With star-shaped petals of creamy-white accented with raspberry-red stripes, this type of lily has an elegant look and a wonderful scent. They require soil that is well-watered and are great in containers and vases.

Gluhwein (Orienpet Lily)

The Gluhwein is quite unique because it consists of many different colors – soft-peach petals with a touch of cream, pale-pink edges, and some reddish tones throughout. Its stems are almost black in color and its foliage is a deep green, making the flower truly striking. They make great border plants and get up to 4 feet in height. It is also a hybrid.

Golden Splendor (Trumpet Lily)

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This lily has 6-inch-wide, trumpet-shaped flowers that are yellow-gold in color with burgundy markings on the outside. The winner of several international flower awards, the Golden Splendor grows up to 4 feet high and is a little more tolerant of drought than other types of lilies.

Gran Paradiso (Asiatic Lily)

With dark-green foliage and stunning red, bowl-shaped flowers, this lily looks great in containers or vases and also makes a beautiful border plant. It is a hybrid and grows best in full sun or partial shade.

Grand Cru (Asiatic Lily)

This lily faces upwards and has bright-yellow petals and burgundy-colored hearts. It has won several international flower awards and is a favorite of butterflies and bees, although for cats it is toxic.

King Pete (Asiatic Lily)

This plant has showy, very open petals that are bright yellow-gold with a darker yellow heart and chocolate-colored specks. It has won several international flower awards and it looks beautiful as a border plant and even in vases. It grows up to 3 feet high and butterflies and bees love it.

Lady Alice

Lady alice lily

A hybrid plant, the Lady Alice has creamy-white petals with dark-orange hearts covered with cinnamon-colored specks near the throat. Lightly fragrant and very decorative, the Lady Alice grows well in most soils and gets up to 4 feet high.

Leichtlinii Lily (Leichtlins’ Lily)

Leichtlinii Lily

Native to Japan, this lily has slender stems and petals that have golden-yellow color and chocolate-colored specks. Although not fragrant, they are very attractive with their tiger-skin look and can grow up to 4 feet in height.

Manitoba Morning (Martagon Lily)

With curved, downward-facing flowers of pink-red and creamy yellow at the center, these lilies’ dark mahogany spots make them truly eye-catching. They grow best in full sun or partial shade, and they may even self-seed.

Monte Negro (Asiatic Lily)

The Monte Negro have glossy foliage in dark-green and petals that are vivid red and bowl-shaped. It can grow up to 8 inches wide and 3 feet tall, and it looks great in containers or vases. It is also very attractive to butterflies and bees.

Patricia’s Pride (Asiatic Lily)

This lily is quite striking, with creamy-white petals and dark reddish-black hearts, not to mention a wide-open, upward-facing look. It is a hybrid that makes a beautiful border plant, and its soil needs good moisture. It also grows up to 4 feet in high so it is quite noticeable.

Pink Perfection (Trumpet Lily)

An exquisite flower that gets up to 10 inches long, the Pink Perfection lily is purple-pink in color with a deep carmine on the outer side. It has a wonderful fragrance and lasts a long time, making it perfect to plant alongside patios or decks. They bloom in mid- to late-summer and can get up to 6 feet in height.

Pumilum Lily

Also called the Lipstick Lily or the Siberian Coral Lily, this flower has scarlet-colored, 2-inch-wide petals and can grow up to 30 blossoms per stem. They are truly eye-catching, with a delicate look and a sweet fragrance. The winner of several international flower awards, the Pumilum Lily can grow 2 feet tall and look beautiful in containers or vases.

Regale (Trumpet Lily)

With large petals that get up to 6 inches wide, its colors include pure-white, golden-yellow throats, and pink-purple streaks on the outside. It has a sweet, penetrating aroma and can grow up to 25 blossoms per stem, meaning you can enjoy their loveliness for a very long time.

Robert Swanson (Orienpet Lily)

Robert Swanson lily

This variety of lily has large, 7-inch-wide petals of fiery red and buttercup-yellow tips. They are long-lasting and get up to 40 blossoms on each petal, so they are great for border plants. They also have an amazing scent and grow up to 5 feet tall, making them truly stunning.

Rosella’s Dream (Asiatic Lily)

Rosella's dream lily

With showy, wide-open petals colored in creamy-white, cherry-pink tips, and chocolate specks near the heart, this lily is compact and very easy to grow. They bloom in early- to mid-summer and make great border plants, due in part to their beautiful colors, and they are both long-lasting and attractive to butterflies and bees.

Salmon Twinkle (Asiatic Lily)

With wide petals and a very decorative look, this plant has creamy-yellow petals and beautiful pinkish-purple tips. They brighten up any garden, and they look beautiful in containers and vases. They also do best in full sun or partial shade and they are not picky about the soil that surrounds them.

Silk Road (Orienpet Lily)

Also known as the Friso, this lily has broad white edges and raspberry-pink markings on each petal and blooms in mid- to late-summer. They look beautiful in vases, do best in soil that has a lot of moisture, and grow up to 6 feet tall, and bees and butterflies love them.

Souvenir (Oriental Lily)

With large, bowl-shaped petals that grow up to 6 inches in width, the Souvenir lily is deep purplish-pink in color with white near the throat and a reddish-orange stamen, as well as striking, dark-green foliage. They look stunning in containers and vases, and butterflies and bees love them.

Starlight Express (Oriental Lily)

Starlight express

This type of lily is a hybrid and has fuchsia petals and narrow white tips. It gets up to 15 bowl-shaped blossoms per stalk, and its ruffled edges give it a unique and eye-catching look. It grows up to 16 inches tall and does best in full sun or partial shade.

Tiny Todd (Asiatic Lily)

Blooming in early- to mid-summer, these lilies are phenomenal and a delicate pink and white in color. They are slightly fragrant and look spectacular with their foliage, which is glossy and green in color. They look beautiful in vases or containers and are attractive to butterflies and bees.

Tom Pouce (Oriental Lily)

With soft, purple-pink petals that can get as large as 8 inches wide, this lily has a bright-yellow streak in the center of each petal and very sturdy stems. A hybrid, they are toxic to cats and require good moisture, although they are not picky about the type of soil that surrounds them.

White American (Easter Lily)

A type of trumpet lily, this flower is creamy-white in color and grows up to 5 inches in width. It makes a great border plant and grows up to 40 inches tall. It also attracts butterflies and bees and looks great in vases and containers.