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35 Different Types of Kids’ Subscription Boxes (Toys)

You know the thrilling feeling of having a surprise arrives in the mail. It’s finally here, your monthly subscription box, and you can’t wait to open it and start playing. There is nothing more fun than spontaneous play with a toy or two, a craft project, or a themed box full of items to discover and explore. Your child will love learning and playing more than ever with kids’ subscription boxes.


What is a Subscription Box for Kids?

Subscription boxes are more prominent than ever, and why not? Subscription boxes for kids are shipments of items, such as toys, books, and stem projects every month, bi-monthly, quarterly, or seasonally. The boxes are centered on a theme, such as science, travel, cooking, fashion, toys, art, and more. Some companies offer just one box for those who do not want to commit to a subscription. The only problem is with so many options how does one choose?

Choosing a Subscription Box for Your Child

The box you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as your child’s age, interests, and gender. The boxes are so varied that it may be hard to narrow down all the choices. For this guide, we’ve focused on more toy-based subscription boxes that help with your child’s development, such as STEM and STEAM-related toys and activities, as well as good old-fashioned toy boxes that will thrill your child every month or as often as you have the boxes delivered.

The box you choose will depend upon your child’s interests. Have a little engineer on your hands? Try Kiwi Crate. Or is your child obsessed with horses? If so, then you can get them the La La Horsebox complete with horse themed toys and activities.

What is the Average Price of a Subscription Box?

On average, the subscription boxes cost between $15 and $40 a month, although some cost more depending on the types of items you receive. You will find that the older your child is and the more in-depth the boxes are, the higher the price. To make the boxes affordable, choose a box that allows for different plans, such as bi-monthly or quarterly.

What are the Best Monthly Box Subscriptions?

That depends on what you’re looking for. The best box is the one your child finds the most engaging and looks forward to receiving every month. Most subscription boxes are geared to several age groups, while others focus on babies, toddlers, or elementary-aged kids. The best box for you will depend on a number of factors, such as your child’s age, gender, development stage, and interests.

After narrowing down your choices, see if you can purchase just one box from a couple of different options and let your child choose the one he likes the best. Alternatively (it might be difficult to make a choice), sign up for more than one subscription and over time, your child will have a favorite. Another route to take is to read the parent reviews for each kids’ subscription box to get some ideas on the best monthly box subscriptions for your child.

Considering Purchasing a Subscription Box for Your Child?

If you want to purchase a kids subscription box, you probably have a few questions. What is the most popular? What is included in the monthly subscription? How much does it cost? And so on. Aside from that, you want to choose a monthly box, such as a craft box, that your child will be excited to play with.

Read on to learn about the best types of kids’ subscription boxes that your child will love and look forward to receiving every month.


A close look at the KiwiCo Signpost outside their main office.

From age zero up to the teens, there’s a Kiwi crate for everyone. These subscription-based STEAM-themed boxes come each month in the mail. The boxes are geared toward whichever age group you choose. For toddlers, watch them mix colors and identify shapes.

As for teens, they can build their own ukulele, and complete projects in geography, science, art, engineering, and design, for example. The learning-based play subscription starts at $16 per month. All you have to do is select the age range you want and wait for your first box. They also offer a Koala crate for kids ages 2-4.

Toy Box Monthly

A close look at two Barbie dolls with colorful outfits.

Kids love getting toy surprises in the mail all neatly packaged. Toy Box Monthly monthly subscription includes 4 to 6 of the most popular, trending toys for your child ages 4 to 8 years old. Some toys your child can expect to receive include Hatchimals, LOL!, DC Comics, Barbie, Disney, and more. The subscription costs $23 per box and you choose your kid’s subscription box payment schedule – either monthly, every 3 months, or a 12-month subscription.

Unicorn Dream Box

A colorful unicorn stuffed toy.

Does your child believe in unicorns and magic? If so, send them a box full of both! The Unicorn Dream Box subscription contains magic, pixie dust, and 6 to 9 items that your child can play with. For more fun, get the Deluxe Box which includes 10 to 15 items.

Unicorn themed boxes come with education flashcards and exclusive stickers. Other items your child can expect include a unicorn stuffy toy, a magical surprise gift, unicorn-themed school supplies, bags, accessories, storybooks, toys, and more. The cost is $38 per month for the standard box and $58 a month for the deluxe.

Unicorn Fun Box

A girl playing with her unicorn stuffed toy.

This is another unicorn-themed monthly subscription box. There are different boxes for different age groups – from elementary school-aged kids to adults. Also, you can opt for two different boxes. The Unicorn Fun Pouch gets you 4-6 gifts each month while the Unicorn Fun Box gets you 6-9 gifts. The starting cost is $16.67 per month.


A spread of colorful and fun stickers for children.

What kids doesn’t love playing with stickers? With a Pipsticks subscription, you get 7 sheets of stickers for $12 per month or 15 sheets of stickers for $18 per month. A new pack is delivered every month right to your door. Your child will love the activities that accompany the stickers and imaginative play.

STEM Club Toy Subscription

A colorful representation of the modern STEM educational concept for children.

Offered by Amazon, this STEM subscription box delivers science, technology, engineering, and math toys according to your child’s age to your door every month for $18. These fun boxes are for toddlers and older kids to develop STEM skills they need to succeed in today’s modern world. You choose how often you want the boxes shipped, either monthly or every two to three months. Items include toys that are age-appropriate and educational. The age range is between 3 and 13 years old.

R&T Crew

A boy surrounded by multiple toy cars.

R&T stands for Road & Track. It’s a car and truck-based subscription toy box that comes every other month. The activities are car and truck inspired for your little one who is obsessed with everything auto. They will have endless hours of playtime with this box! The subscription costs $40 per box and is geared toward ages 6-10.


A baby playing with a colorful wooden toy.

This subscription starts at birth. Every other month, you’ll receive a play kit that contains toys based on scientific research. Prepare for your child to develop their brains by following along with the enclosed guide that walks you through playtime and pinpoints what is happening with your child’s development as they grow. The Lovevery box is geared for ages 0-2 and costs $36 per box.

Little Passports Box

A colorful illustrative representation of children traveling with a passport.

It’s easy to travel the world with some imagination and a Little Passports Box. Your child will explore countries and cultures from around the world with a new country each month. It’s a fun way to use imaginative play to go on an adventure from the comfort and safety of your own home. Ages are 3 to 9+ and subscriptions start at $13 a month.

You have the choice to pay monthly or sign up for 6 or 12 months to save money. There’s an additional charge for shipping. However, Little Passports is a good value for the cost. Choose between different themes, including the World Edition and the USA Edition. There’s also one for little scientists.

Spangler Science Club

A colorful representation of the modern STEM educational concept for children.

Created by the scientist Steven Spangler, the Spangler Science Club offers STEM learning, chemistry, and physics-based learning that will turn your child into a scientist overnight. The ages are 5-12. Choose between the STEMlab for $19.99 a month or the STEMdeluxe for $29.99 a month.

Brick Loot

A bunch of colorful toy bricks for children.

Does your child love to build with legos for hours? If so, then Brick Loot is the subscription box for them. It comes filled with bricks, LEGO sets, and compatible items. And the best part is it was started by a 9-year-old boy. Talk about inspiration for your little one! Teach them they, too, can do anything they set their minds to – including building projects out of LEGOS from their monthly subscription from Brick Loot.  Created for ages 6+, this box costs $25 per month.

Brick Box

A boy playing with colorful bricks.

Here is another amazing LEGO subscription box that your child will love. Brick Box offers a 12-month plan that ships worldwide at $36.99 per month. Every month, your child will receive a box will a buildable set or two of LEGOS, as well as a Minifigure (maybe two!) and lots of other surprises. The box contents are carefully selected to get you the most for your money.


Colorful letters and numbers built with brick toy pieces.

Available in the USA and Canada, BRIXINIT (sounds like bricks in it) was the very first LEGO subscription box. Every month, your child will have a new LEGO building challenge where they can win prizes, get exclusive deals, and tips from expert builders, along with LEGO elements (about 200 to 600 pieces) The cost is $34.99 per month plus shipping.


A construction scene made entirely of LEGO pieces.

This subscription plan starts at $24 per month plus free shipping. According to NetBricks, this is the ultimate LEGO experience for any age. What’s different with this subscription is that you can send back your LEGO set for free and get your next set.

They will replace up to 20 pieces from a large set and 10 pieces from a smaller set. You can keep each set for as long as you want. Billing options include monthly or bi-monthly and you can choose from a one-time rental, unlimited rentals, and more.

Booster Bricks

A look at various colorful shapes made from toy bricks.

This amazing monthly subscription box is chock-full of LEGOS. Get 300 pieces per box, along with 5 unique Build Challenges and a story to go with it. Each box contains 6 features: Premier Challenge, Minifig Challenge, MicroBuild Challenge, Blindfold Build, “Spotlight” Piece, and Story Booklet. Booster Bricks Plans start as low as $29.99 per month. Your child will be thrilled to get new LEGOS every month!


LEGO pieces made to look like medical professionals.

For $19.99 per month have authentic LEGO brand Minifigures delivered to your door every month. These Minifigures make the perfect gift for your LEGO enthusiast. You get these toys each month along with accessories for your child to add to their LEGO building projects. These Minifigures encourage imaginative play which is wonderful for your child’s development. There are many subscription plans to choose from.


LEGO pieces made to look like colorful superheroes.

This is another monthly LEGO Minifigures subscription box. Each month, with plans starting at $16.95, your child will get 4 LEGO Minifigures with an exciting theme, such as Star Wars, Ninjago, Harry Potter, Super Heros, Disney, and more. Each Brickhaulic box set also comes with surprise accessories, making this the perfect gift for any LEGO enthusiast. Choose from different subscriptions.

Hoppi Box

A toddler playing with a colorful xylophone.

Not sure which toys are developmentally appropriate for your child? Let Hoppi Box do the work for you. This subscription box will send a box of toys every four months for your child from age 0 to 3. The toys are geared toward your child’s upcoming milestones and cost $75 per box. This is one of the more expensive boxes on our list, however, it is packed full of toys that your baby will love for months until the next box comes.

Sensory TheraPlay Box

A close look at a toddler playing with colorful animal toys.

Created by an occupational therapist, this subscription comes every month full of sensory toys for children who have developmental delays, autism, emotional issues, and neurological impairments. Sensory play is an important part of development for children with disabilities.

With the Sensory TheraPlay Box, your child will experience the sense of touch as a mode of learning. The box costs $40 per month and is for ages 5-9. This is a widely popular box among occupational therapists who use the items to promote sensory-motor skills.

Girls Can! Crate

A colorful illustration of Rosa Parks featured in a Black History Month Poster.

Remind your daughter every month that she can do anything. Each month, she will learn about a new female role model, like Rosa Parks or Frida Kahlo. The Girls Can! Crate contains creative play and STEM activities. The box of heroines costs $28 per month with free shipping and is for ages 5-10. Each month, your child will be introduced to a new heroine, with games galore, experiments, and more!

Hot Wheels Hotbox

A close look at a Hot Wheels poster in a toy store.

Every month your little tike will get his favorite toys in the mail! Each box contains 3 new Hot Wheels Cars, 3 track pieces, 2 Hot Wheels pencils, 15ft of PlayTape track, and Hot Wheels stickers. He’ll be zooming around the house with his endless supply of Hot Wheels that appear every month like clockwork. This Hot Wheels Hotbox monthly subscription box costs $14.58 a month, one of the lowest-priced toy subscription boxes on this list.

Mystery Adventure Club

A mysterious box with a keyhole in the middle.

Encourage imaginative play and critical thinking with this bi-monthly subscription of mysteries delivered right to your doorstep. The mystery comes complete with clues, stories, and characters. Mystery Adventure Club is an interactive toy that can be used alone or with a group. It’s ideal for ages 6 to 12 and starts at $35.99 per box.

Mermaid Kid Box

A girl in a blue mermaid costume.

Does your little one love mermaids? If so, get her this Mermaid Kid monthly subscription box that includes toys, stationery, kids’ jewelry, sweets, crafts, books, seasonal items, and other mermaid-themed surprises. Every month, your child gets 7 to 10 items, a $70 dollar value, for $26 a month.

LaLa Horses

Multiple colorful rocking horses.

If your child totally loves horses, this monthly subscription box is for them. Every month your child will get horse-themed surprises in the mail. From horse gifts to toys, crafts, books, clothing, and more from LaLa Horses. Not only are these horse-themed items fun but they’re also educational. The cost is $40 per month.

Didis Toy Box

A toddler playing with toy airplanes on the floor.

This monthly toy box comes with heirloom toys that are for learning and development. Your baby can expect 2 to 4 full-size toys each month. They will go on an adventure of exploration, discovery, and imagination. All toys of Didi’s Toy Box are carefully curated according to your child’s age and developmental stage. The cost is $49.95 per month. For three months is it $135.00. They also have stand-alone boxes, such as the Baby Shower Gift Box for $65.00 and the Birthday Gift Box for $59.95.

Your Fam Box

A close look at a Buzz Lightyear toy with a Barbie doll.

Every month your child will discover new surprises in this fun-filled box of games, brand-name toys (think Disney and Barbie), books, and crafts. Your Fam Box Shipping is free and the cost is $39 a month.

Brown Toy Box

A boy and a girl playing in the park.

This special box celebrates black children with toys, books, and games. Each month your child will have activities and playtime that celebrate black culture. The monthly subscription of Brown Toy Box costs $34.99 and the box is geared toward children ages 0-12.

Club Squishy Surprise

A close look at a child playing with a squishy toy.

If your child loves to squish squishys then this monthly subscription box will bring them new slow-rising squishy toys to their doorstep from Club Squishy Surprise. Your child will have fun playing with the 4-6 new squishy toys they receive every month for $29.00.

Disney Princess Enchanted Collection

A colorful Disney poster featuring three princesses.

Every month, just like magic, your daughter becomes a new princess with a brand new princess costume from the Disney Princess Enchanted Collection. Not only that, she has Disney princess-themed activities, along with a book and video greeting from the princess. The box is $48 per month and is for ages 3-10.

Two Pink Balloons

A colorful spread of pictures of animals and stuffed animals.

This special box contains handmade products for quiet play and learning. In your child’s first box, she will get a felt lapboard, and every month after that, she’ll receive felt games, busy bags, activities, puzzles, and pretend play items. The Two Pink Balloons box also comes with a parent’s guide. Your child ages 4 to 6 will discover early literacy, letter fluency, and beginning math. Each month is a different theme. Subscription plans start as low as $38.00.

Ultimate Sensory Box

A close look at a kid playing with colorful hydrogels.

Made for kindergarten and preschool age, the Ultimate Sensory Box is a complete sensory box kit that focuses on state standards through play. Each box contains developmentally appropriate activities, books, and bags for easy organization. Each box has a different theme. The cost is $37 for this quarterly subscription.

DIY Kid’s Box

A boy making his own toys.

This craft box is all DIY. Everything your child needs is in the box to complete the craft project. Some past projects have been making your own light-up mini-aquarium and making your own band instrument. This is a monthly subscription and costs $23.33.

Slime Box

A close look at a kid playing with a piece of colorful slime.

If your child can’t get enough of slime, get them this amazing slime box. Each month is a different slimy theme with lots and lots of slime to play with. This was the original slime box and remains one of the most popular. There are three subscription options starting at $13.00 a month.

Dough Castle

A close look at a kid playing with colorful clay dough.

Your child will have hours of playdough fun with this subscription box from Dough Castle. Every month your child will receive non-toxic scented playdough, a bag of items that inspire play, a book, and wearable items. The book goes along with the monthly theme and encourages reading for ages 4 to 8. Boxes cost $43.50.

Toy Box on the Go

A girl holding up a box.

Have a busy schedule? Find yourself always packing and unpacking toys? With Toy Box on the Go monthly or one-time subscription, your little one will receive toys, books, crafts, and blind bags that they can play with at home or on the go! The monthly subscription is $32.50 with free shipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

What subscription boxes are worth it?

KiwiCo has won numerous awards and parents give them raving reviews. This is one of the best subscription boxes you can buy for your money.

What is the most popular subscription box?

Again, KiwiCo stands out as one of the most popular kid’s subscription boxes. Others include Little Passports, Brick Loot, Slime Box, and Brick Loot.

How much do these subscriptions cost?

This depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, you can secure a kid’s toy subscription box for as little as $15 a month. On the upper level, you can pay $40+ per month or per box.

Is there a LEGO subscription box?

Yes, there are several LEGO subscription boxes, including Brick Loot, Brick Box, BRIXZINIT, Net Bricks, Booster Bricks, and Brickaholic. Each offers a monthly subscription.

How much is your Little Passport?

Little Passports has different subscription plans. They start at $15.95.

How do you call Little Passports?

Little Passports does not list a phone number. If you need customer service, you can contact Little Passports via their contact page or by email at

Where is Little Passports located?

Little Passports is located in downtown San Francisco.

Are Little Passports worth it?

Yes. The company takes great care in curating the best items for your child’s monthly subscription box.

How do you cancel Little Passports?

To cancel Little Passports at any time, log in to My Account on the website. Alternatively, you can email the customer support team at

How much does Little Passports cost a month?

Little Passports subscription plans start at $15.95.

What is in a Kiwi Crate?

A Kiwi Crate contains STEAM-based activities in science, technology, engineering, art, and math for kids of all ages.

Which is better KiwiCo or Little Passports?

These two subscription boxes are quite different and deciding which one is better for your child depends on them. Do you have a little builder on your hands or a world explorer? If you have the former, consider KiwiCo. However, if your child is interested in travel and other cultures, then Little Passports is the way to go.

What are the cheapest subscription boxes?

Many of the subscription boxes on this list are affordable and many start with cheap monthly plans. This is a good way to try the product without investing too much money. Some subscription boxes also offer a one-time box purchase for you to try the product risk-free.