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9 Different Types of Jackfruit

Jackfruit is an interesting and exotic fruit. Regardless of the type, the outside looks similar, but the inside has subtle differences. Check out this article to find out all the details on the different types of jackfruit, including the best way to cut and wat it.

Pieces of fresh jackfruit placed on a white dish.

Jackfruit is an intriguing fruit that is unique and growing in popularity. You may not know a lot about this exotic fruit; I did not. Admittedly, I just thought it was a strange-looking fruit that I had no interest in trying. However, I did try it and was pleasantly surprised at this fruit that tasted like a cross between a banana and pineapple.

If you can get past how weird it looks, you will be pleasantly surprised as I was by the jackfruit. Continue reading to find out more about the different types of jackfruit. 

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What is Jackfruit?

Pieces of jackfruit flesh on a white plate with a fresh fruit on the side.

Jackfruit is known as Artocarpus heterophyllus and goes by several other names. It is called jak, jaca, nangka, khnor, khanun, may mi, mit, and maki mi. We do not know much about the origins of the jackfruit, but it is believed to be from the Western Ghats of India. It has been a staple for quite a while in Malaysia, India, China, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Indonesia. 

The jackfruit comes from the same family as the fig, breadfruit, and mulberry, also known as the Moraceae family. Jack fruit is known as one of the large fruit options in the world. It typically weighs about 35 pounds but can grow larger. There is one jackfruit that was 144 pounds. The skin of the jackfruit is spiky and yellow or green in color.

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The core and the rind are not edible. The flesh of the jackfruit can be eaten fresh or cooked. The inside flesh of the jackfruit is odd because the pouches of the flesh are enclosed in pockets, and skin is wrapped around the jackfruit flesh. The jackfruit seed contained inside is edible. They are usually roasted and then eaten. 

Jackfruit has an interesting smell. To some, it smells like banana but to others, a stinky cheese. The smell only comes out of the jackfruit once it is sliced, and doing so outdoors is highly recommended. The rind of the fruit should be thrown away immediately.

What is a Jackfruit Tree?

Unripe pieces of jackfruit still attached to the tree.

The jackfruit tree is a tropical fruit tree that looks like an evergreen tree but bears fruit that is edible. It grows quickly. The bark of the jackfruit tree is a reddish-brown color. It has glossy green leaves that are about eight inches long. Just about every part of the jackfruit plant can be used, from the leaves to the edible fruit, the seeds, and the trunk. 

How is Jackfruit Eaten?

These are healthy vegan jackfruit tacos.

Jackfruit can be consumed fresh whether it is ripe fruit or unripe jackfruit. It can be processed, cooked, or canned jackfruit. There are many jackfruit dishes as it is made into ice cream, paste, jelly, and jam. It can be mixed into custard and shaved ice. It has been referred to as vegetable meat because it has a heavy texture and a large amount of nutritional value. It has been considered to be a meat substitute. It has been used to replace pulled pork. 

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Types of Jackfruit

There are many different jackfruit variety options available on the market, and they all come from various places.

Black Gold Jackfruit

The black gold jackfruit is one of the most popular types of jackfruit available on the market. It is grown in Australia. This type of jackfruit is usually around 15 pounds and has a hide that is a deep green color. The hide has spikes on it. The inside of the black gold is soft and deep orange flesh with a sweet smell. 

Cheena Jackfruit

The cheena jackfruit is a hybrid jackfruit that is a combination of jackfruit and a chempedak. This jackfruit is not as large as others. It usually weighs about five pounds. The cheena is a light green with blunt spikes on the outside. 

Cochin Jackfruit

Ripe cochin jackfruit pieces on a plate.

The cochin jackfruit originated in Australia and is the smallest jackfruit weighing about three pounds. This jackfruit is round so that it stands out. Unlike most jackfruit varieties, a significant portion of the inside of this jackfruit can be eaten. This jackfruit is said to have a large edible flesh percentage. It has soft flesh with a mild taste and large seeds, all of which can be eaten. 

Dang Rasimi Jackfruit

The dang rasimi jackfruit is a vigorously fast-growing variety of jackfruit. It originated in Thailand and comes in around 17 pounds. It has a large amount of flavor. The flesh of this jackfruit is a deep orange. It has a smell and flavor that is mildly sweet and similar to mango.

Golden Nugget Jackfruit

The golden nugget jackfruit is round, small, and yellow and weighs about seven pounds. It has flesh that is dark orange with a medium amount of firmness. When the golden nugget is a ripe jackfruit, it may be smooth like butter. 

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Golden Pillow Jackfruit

The golden pillow jackfruit is a Thai variety of jackfruit. It is a green color with blunt spikes. The gold pillow jackfruit has a large, round, and uniform shape that weighs anywhere from eight to twelve pounds. The inside of the golden pillow has crunchy flesh. Despite the crunch, it has the same sweetness you expect from jackfruit. 

Honey Gold Jackfruit

The honey gold jackfruit is found in Australia. The honey gold is a small to medium-sized fruit that is about 10 to 12 pounds. It is a dark yellow to orange color. It has a firm texture and a strong aroma that is sweet and rich. 

Kun Wi Chan Jackfruit

The Kun Wi Chan jackfruit originated in Thailand. The fruit is large, between 33 and 40 pounds, and has a round, uniform shape. It has a yellow color with a moderate firm to soft texture. It has a flavor that is mild and pleasant. It is not considered the best tasting of all the jackfruits. 

Lemon Gold Jackfruit 

The lemon gold jackfruit originates in Australia. It produces a fruit that is small to medium and around 13 pounds. This jackfruit is yellow with a trim texture. 


Is Jackfruit Dangerous For Humans to Eat?

Some people are allergic to jackfruit. If you have a known allergy to jackfruit, you should not eat it. Those who are allergic to birch pollen tend to be allergic to jackfruit. It does lower blood sugar levels in the body. If someone eats jackfruit regularly, it may impact their blood sugar. 

Why Does Jackfruit Have a Potent Smell?

Jackfruit and durian have a large volume of sugar in their pulp. This is what causes the strong odor. Some say it smells like bubble gum, while others do not have a positive response to its smell. 

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How Can I Cook Jackfruit?

You can boil jackfruit or pressure cook it. When you boil the chunks of jackfruit for about 45 minutes, the inner flesh becomes stringy, and it becomes a soft variety. You can reduce the cooking time down to 10 minutes by putting it in the pressure cooker. Once it has been cooked, you can peel off the skin to show the seeds and pods. 

How Can You Ripen Jackfruit?

If you leave your jackfruit on the counter, it will continue to ripen. Once it is ripe, you can keep it in the refrigerator for seven days. You can also keep it in the freezer for two months as long as it is in an airtight container.