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18 Different Types of Ice Cream Toppings

Ice cream is a great dessert and you can eat it anytime. You can take Ice cream to another level by adding some toppings. Read this article about ice cream toppings.

Different kinds of Ice cream toppings.

Ice cream is a wonderful food group. It is a great dessert that you can eat at any time. Ice cream can stand alone and is excellent by itself. However, you can take it to the next level by adding toppings. There are probably a few toppings that you think of when you think of ice cream, but there are really an endless amount of toppings.

You can essentially put anything on ice cream that you want. However, there are some common types of ice cream toppings to consider the next time you want to enjoy your sweet treat. 

Types of Ice Cream Toppings

1. Brownies

Ice cream with brownies and chocolate syrup.

One of the best toppings for ice cream is brownies. Brownies are also a must have for a sundae. The slight difference is that you can top your ice cream with brownie pieces; however, for a sundae, you place ice cream on top of a whole piece of brownie. 

Ice cream is a great balance to the chocolate gooeyness of a brownie. It is also a great way to use up any leftover brownies if you have any of them. 

2. Candy

Ice cream in a stick with coating and candy.

Another top garnish for ice cream is candy. Think of all the times you have seen gummy bears on top of your favorite snack. Putting gummy bears or other gummy candy on top of ice cream allows the candy to harden a little and gives it a new and interesting consistency. 

If gummy candy does not excite you, you can choose chocolate candy instead. Have you ever put your favorite chocolate candy bar in the freezer or fridge to give it a nice chill? Now, you can add chopped candy to your ice cream, and it chills the candy allowing you to enjoy your ice cream and favorite candy. 

3. Caramel

Ice cream caramel syrup.

Maybe you do not like chocolate, or you just do not want it drizzled over the top of your ice cream. Then, caramel may be just the topping for you. It is a sweet and rich topping that gives you a ton of flavor. One of the best things about buttery caramel is that it mixes well with any flavor of ice cream. So no matter which one is your favorite, the caramel will enhance it. 

Caramel is great to drizzle over ice cream, but you want to make sure you keep it in the bowl. It is sticky and gets everywhere, so you want to be careful with it. Also, you want to look for a quality caramel sauce because that will give you the best taste. 

If you want an extra twist on your caramel, consider a salted caramel sauce. You may have to look a little harder for this caramel, but it is worth the extra effort. 

4. Cereal

Ice cream in a cone with coating.

Cereal is no longer just for breakfast. The truth is, cereal has not been solely for breakfast for a long time, but now, it is also considered an ice cream topping. So, think about your favorite cereal on top of your favorite ice cream. 

This trend has become so popular that there are now cereal flavored ice creams with cereal blended into it. Adding cereal as a topping for your ice cream gives it flavor, crunch, and color. So if you have not tried it, give it a chance. It might surprise you how much you enjoy it. 

5. Coffee

Iced coffee with ice cream toppings.

While you may not have ever considered pouring hot coffee over your ice cream, it is a traditional Italian dessert. So if you love coffee and ice cream, you should give it a try. 

This dessert is called affogato. In Italy, it is called affogato al caffe, which means drowned in coffee. This is a popular coffee based dessert. It is most often plain vanilla ice cream or gelato that is drowned in a shot of espresso that is poured on top of it. 

6. Cookie Dough

2 Ice cream in a glass and cookie dough.

You may have had cookie dough ice cream, but have you considered having cookie dough as a topping for your ice cream? While you may not have considered it before now, it is a great flavor. 

It is like having two tasty treats all wrapped into one. One thing to consider is to find edible cookie dough so you are sure that you are safely eating cookie dough. Edible cookie dough is becoming more popular and readily available. So you should not have any problem finding it. 

7. Fruit

Ice cream, cones and fresh fruits.

A great addition to your ice cream is fruit. Fruit is a healthy snack, and it is a way to consume more fruit by adding it to your ice cream. You can even pair the fruit with the flavor of the ice cream. 

For example, if you love pineapple ice cream, you can add chopped pineapple as a topping. You can mix and match your ice cream and fruit. Perhaps, you have strawberry ice cream but want to add pineapple to it. The juice of the fruit mixes well with ice cream and gives your ice cream an exotic and interesting flavor.

8. Graham Crackers

Chocolate Ice cream and graham crackers.

You should consider adding graham crackers to your ice cream. These crackers give your ice cream a nice crunch. They add a bit of sweetness, but not too much. It is an excellent combination with creamy ice cream. 

If graham crackers are not your thing, but you want to add a bit of a crunch, you can add pretzels or chocolate pretzels. They will add a touch of salt to your sweet ice cream. 

9. Hard Coating

Chocolate-mocha Ice cream with chocolate coating.

For chocolate lovers out there, chocolate makes everything so much better. A great addition to your ice cream is to add a hard chocolate coating. A hard chocolate coating goes on as a liquid, and the cold ice cream hardens it. Not only does this add great flavor to your ice cream, but it holds your ice cream together, especially if you have an ice cream cone. 

The chocolate coating comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. You can also find shells in peanut butter and birthday cake flavors. If you cannot find your favorite flavor in this shell, you can make your own. It is much easier to make than you probably realize. 

10. Hot Fudge

Vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup.

The most popular and common topping for ice cream is hot fudge. It is most likely the first topping you consider when you think about adding a topping to your ice cream. It goes with every single type of ice cream you might want to eat. 

Hot fudge is a warm, thick liquid that takes your ice cream to the next level. It is a wonderful contrast to the coldness of the ice cream. There are many variations on the traditional hot fudge that you may be used to. For example, you can have a salted dark chocolate hot fudge, raspberry hot fudge, or orange chocolate hot fudge. 

11. Maraschino Cherries

A glass of vanilla strawberry ice cream with cherry.

Most of us know what maraschino cherries are. We see them in drinks and sundaes. If you have not considered adding them as a topping for your ice cream, try it on your next ice cream dessert. 

Maraschino cherries are red and syrupy. While they may seem too sweet for some to eat alone, adding them to your ice cream helps to balance out the sweetness. 

12. Marshmallow

Mocha and vanilla ice cream with marshmallow.

Marshmallows come in many different options. There are mini marshmallows, melted marshmallows, marshmallow sauce, and toasted marshmallows. One of the great things about marshmallow is that it pairs well with many other toppings. 

Marshmallow is sticky and helps to keep other toppings in place. So if you love s’mores, add marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate, and you have the best s’mores ever. 

13. Nuts

Chocolate ice cream with nuts toppings.

If you love nuts, they are a great addition to your ice cream. Wet nuts have been an ice cream topping for a long time. Typically, this topping is made with walnuts. It may be hard to find this topping in an ice cream shop due to tree nut allergies. You also do not have to limit yourself to walnuts. 

You can crumble any type of nut and top your ice cream with them. You can consider peanuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts. Nuts give you a crunch and a touch of saltiness to your ice cream. 

You can combine your chopped nuts with other toppings, or they can stand alone as an ice cream topping. 

14. Oreos

Vanilla Oreo ice cream and Oreo cookies.

Oreos are loved by many. They are great cookies and are enjoyable when eaten by themselves. However, when they are crumbled and used to top ice cream, it elevates the ice cream and Oreos. 

Cookies and cream are a favorite ice cream, and Oreos are a great addition. You may not know it, but Oreos are vegan, so they are ideal for many, no matter what dietary choices you make. 

If you do not want Oreos to add chunkiness to your ice cream, you add them to your ice cream and wait a few moments. The ice cream will soften them, and they will no longer be crunchy. 

15. Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate cookies and a cone of ice cream.

Peanut butter cups are a favorite candy as they combine the salty and sweet flavors that so many of us love. So if you love peanut butter cups and have never thought about adding them to your ice cream, now is the time. 

You can daily add some crushed peanut butter cups to your ice cream to get that salty sweet combination in your creamy ice cream. 

16. Sprinkles

A cone of vanilla ice cream with sprinkles.

Sprinkles are colorful sugar bits that you can add to your ice cream. They add a pop of color, texture, and flavor to your ice cream. They are a classic topping that will never fall out of favor. 

There are a large number of sprinkles from which you can choose to add to your ice cream. There are perfect because they give your ice cream a little something extra without completely taking over the flavor.  

17. Strawberry Sauce

Vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup.

Strawberry sauce is an excellent option because it gives your ice cream texture with a touch of fruity sweetness. Sometimes you will find a strawberry sauce that contains chunks of strawberry. It gives the ice cream a great look and taste. Strawberry and ice cream are always a great and flavorful combination.

18. Whipped Cream

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with cherry.

Another classic ice cream topping is whipped cream. Not only is it a classic, but it can give your ice cream a fancier look. Whipped cream is fluffy and tasty. It is great on its own with ice cream or in combination with other toppings. Whipped cream is a topping that completes ice cream.