57 Different Types of Hostas (Plantain Lilies)

Hostas in the garden.

Hostas are flowering plants that are more popular for their distinctive and edible leaves than for the flowers. Get to know more of the 57 different types.

Hostas or Plantain Lily has about 40 species and thousands of cultivars. All hostas have unscented flowers except for the H. plantaginea variety. The plants vary in size, color, shape and leaves with the majority having flat leaves while the rest have leaves that are wavy, ruffled, embossed or pleated.

Native to Eastern Asia, these flowering plants are more known for their distinctive long and wide leaves rather than their lily-like flowers. They are particularly popular in Japanese cuisine and grown as leafy vegetables.

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Alligator Alley

With a foliage mound that grows up to 18 inches high and scapes up to 28 inches high, this Hosta has heart-shaped leaves that are leathery in nature with a chartreuse center. The center turns to bright yellow in the summertime. It is a vigorous, sturdy plant that prefers part- to full shade and looks great in a mixed container

Angel Falls

This perennial consists of a dense, round mound that has creamy white leaves and wide, dark-green margins. They have bell-shaped lavender flowers that bloom in the summer and are set on top of scapes that can grow up to 2 feet tall. With a spread of 38 inches, the mound can grow up to 16 inches tall and looks great in a landscape

August Moon

These plants are easy to grow and can grow up to 20 inches tall. They have thick, asymmetrical leaves that are chartreuse in color, but they change to soft yellow or golden yellow according to how bright the sun is. August Moon grows quickly and vigorously, and its bell-shaped flowers appear in the summer in colors such as pale lavender and white.

Autumn Frost

This plant consists of wide, eye-catching blue leaves that have margins of either yellow or white, depending on the month. In mid- to late summer, bell-shaped flowers appear which are lavender in color and sit atop scapes that are 16 inches high. The mound can grow as much as 24 inches wide, and it is perfect for groundcover or edging.

Blue Angel

With beautiful, dark blue-green or blue-grey leaves, this plant consists of oval- to wedge-shaped leaves that are highly textured and have prominent veins. They grow up to three feet high and almost six feet wide, and they have won numerous international flower awards. A favorite of gardeners, Blue Angel makes the perfect background plant.

Blue Ivory

The deep blue leaves of this plant have creamy white margins and are very eye-catching. The margins turn bright white in the summertime, and summer also brings out its flowers, which are lavender in color and star-shaped, with scapes that are two feet high. A slow-growing but truly spectacular plant, the foliage can grow up to 30 inches wide and 16 inches high, and it makes a beautiful edging or groundcover.

Blue Mouse Ears

Blue mouse ears hosta

With thick, almost round, blue-green leaves, it is one of the smallest of the Hosta plants with leaves only three inches long. In summer, violet bell-shaped blooms appear that have lavender stripes. Because of its size, Blue Mouse Ears is a must for small gardens and has also won several international flower awards.

Bridal Falls

With pie crust-shaped edgings and deeply colored veins throughout, the leaves are green and hearty looking with creamy white edges. In midsummer it grows elegant, funnel-shaped flowers in lavender, and they are set on scapes that reach as tall as 44 inches. The plant itself is roughly four feet wide and looks beautiful in mixed containers or in a garden bed.

Brother Stefan

The thick, heavily seer-suckered green leaves have bright yellow-gold centers that resemble handprints. In late spring or early summer, blooms appear that are pure white in color and bell-shaped. The plant grows up to 20 inches tall and three feet wide, and makes a great highlight to a garden that has other green plants in it.

Captain Kirk

These plants grow quickly and hardily, and the oval-shaped leaves overlap and have dimples and distinct veins. They start out as bright green but turn to chartreuse, then golden-yellow, then ivory over time. Pale lavender flowers appear in summer on scapes that are 30 inches tall, and the plant grows to 20 inches in height and three feet in width.

Color Festival

The Color Festival Hosta is festive and very showy, with creamy white centers, bright green edges, and splashes of golden yellow. The late summer flowers are funnel shaped and lavender in color, in addition to being very fragrant. A low-maintenance perennial, this plant can grow up to 18 inches high and up to 30 inches wide.

Cool as a Cucumber

This plant’s leaves are long, narrow, and tapered, with creamy white centers and bright green margins. The flowers bloom in early summer and are dainty and white in color. Growing up to four feet in width and 28 inches in height, this plant is a cheerful-looking addition to any garden or mixed container.

Curly Fries

Much like its name suggests, this plant’s miniature leaves are long and narrow, full and dense, and chartreuse in color. In midsummer, its lavender, star-shaped flowers appear, and the mature plants can develop red speckled petioles, or leaf stalks. Growing up to six feet tall, this plant is perfect for edging and rock gardens.

Dancing Queen

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With large mounds of satiny, bright yellow leaves, their edges look like pie crusts and they can grow up to 18 inches in height. With a width of 30 inches, the plant grows lighter in color as the season progresses and develops pale lavender flowers in mid- to late summer. The ever-changing color of the foliage is this plant’s biggest asset, and it can brighten up any garden or mixed container.

Designer Genes

With red stems and golden yellow leaves, this plant is shiny above and matte below. The leaves become more chartreuse the more the season progresses, and its summer blooms are lavender and funnel-shaped, and placed atop scapes that are two feet high. Designer Genes grows up to 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide and is perfect for small gardens and containers.

Earth Angel

With beautiful blue-green leaves and creamy white margins, their summer blooms are pale lavender or white and sit atop 40-inch-high scapes. The plant is fairly large and grows up to 30 inches high and 40 inches wide, and is popular in part because it makes a perfect specimen. There is little wonder it has won international flower awards in the past.

Empress Wu

Empress wu hosta

These plants are very impressive due to their size. Their thick, dark blue-green leaves are 1 ½ feet long, and its early- to mid-summer blooms are funnel-shaped and bright red-violet in color. The plant spreads 5-6 feet in width and grows 3-4 feet high, which is quite impressive by any standard.


Growing almost four feet wide and 20 inches tall, the leaf mounds are heart-shaped and green with creamy white margins and chartreuse streaks. Its midsummer blooms are dainty and lavender in color, and the plant looks spectacular in mixed containers or in a garden bed. It is slug-resistant and cheerful-looking, and does best in partial shade and moist, well-drained soil.

Fire and Ice

An upright, clump-forming perennial, the leaves are oval-shaped and creamy to pure white in color with dark green margins. Its funnel-shaped lavender blooms come out in summer, and it grows eight inches tall and twelve inches wide. If you have a small garden, this is a perfect complement to it.

Fire Island

With dense, heart-shaped leaves in pale yellow, they turn to chartreuse as the season progresses. Its bright red stems complement its leaves, and its lavender blooms come out in late summer. The winner of several international flower awards, Fire Islands look great as a small specimen and grow 14 inches tall and almost three feet in width.

First Frost

These plants look great until the first frost, and their heart-shaped blue-green leaves have yellow-gold margins and are roughly seven inches long. The winner of several international flower awards, the plant has funnel-shaped pale lavender blooms that first appear in midsummer. It grows up to three feet wide and 16 inches tall, and its unique foliage allows you to place it anywhere.

First Mate

This plant’s leaves are dense, long, and narrow, and come with dark green margins and creamy yellow centers. In mid- to late summer, it grows lavender, star-shaped flowers that sit on two-foot-long scapes, and the plants grow up to two feet wide and ten inches in height. Because of their upright appearance, placing them in an area that shows off their foliage is a smart choice.


Francee hosta

Arching in nature and with leaves that are dark green with narrow white margins, the plant grows up to 21 inches tall and over four feet in width. One of the reasons why they are so popular is because they grow rapidly, and their pale lavender blooms in the summer increase their attractiveness. The winner of several international flower awards, Francee is perfect for landscaping and for use in containers.

Frances Williams

With heart-shaped, strong-veined leaves in blue-green and greenish-yellow with creamy white margins, this clump-forming perennial develops pale lilac blooms in the summer and grows over four feet wide and 32 inches tall. They are an award-winning plant that looks great in shady borders or in containers.


With elongated, narrow leaves of golden-yellow and dark olive green, they twist slightly towards the tip and are quite elegant. In late summer they develop blooms of pale violet which are star-like and sit atop scapes over two feet high. The plant itself grows three feet wide and 18 inches in height. Perfect as groundcover or edging, Geisha does best in full- to partial shade and rich, moist soil.

Gold Standard

Gold standard hosta

This plant has dense, overlapping, slightly cupped chartreuse leaves with dark green margins. Their midsummer blooms are funnel-shaped and pink-lavender in color, and they grow up to 41 inches wide and 22 inches in height. The winner of several international flower awards, Gold Standard looks great in borders or containers.

Golden Tiara

Golden tiara hosta

With leaves that are oval- to heart-shaped, they are green in the center and chartreuse in the margins. Their summer blooms are deep purple in color and their scapes are two feet long. Unlike other Hostas, Golden Tiara can tolerate dry conditions and does very well in containers. It is also the recipient of many international flower awards and is a very popular type of Hosta.

Great Expectations

These dense, overlapping, blue-green leaves have gold centers that turn creamy white over time. Their summer blossoms are bell-shaped and almost perfectly white, and the plant grows to 34 inches wide and close to two feet in height. They make beautiful groundcover and edging, and they attract both songbirds and hummingbirds.


This plant is easy to grow and has leaves that are chartreuse-gold and irregular margins that are dark green in color. They also contain chartreuse streaks that head towards their center, and they are about two feet high. Guacamole has received several international flower awards and grows to over four feet in width. It also grows white, funnel-shaped blooms that are both very large and very fragrant. This plant is great for containers and groundcover.

Humpback Whale

These are among the largest of the Hostas, with a dome-shaped mound of leaves that are blue-green in color. During the summer, their blooms are bell-shaped and almost perfectly white, and the plant can grow up to three feet in height. At approximately seven feet in width, they are difficult not to notice, and they look great as a specimen.


Compact with variegations of blue-green leaves and splashes of bright yellow and greenish-yellow, their blooms are lavender and bell-shaped, and the plant grows up to 25 inches tall and 28 inches wide. The winner of several international flower awards, June looks great in cottage gardens or coastal gardens.

Komodo Dragon

These have impressive, vase-shaped mounds of leaves that are deeply ridged and blue-green in color. They have very pale lavender, funnel-shaped blooms and are resistant to slugs. In addition, Komodo Dragon spreads seven feet in width and does great as a specimen, or anywhere else in your shade garden.


These plants have heart-shaped, broad leaves that are 12 inches long and have golden yellow margins which turn to ivory later in the season. The winner of several international flower awards, Liberty grows to 26 inches tall and 39 inches wide, and its summer blooms are lavender and funnel-shaped, sitting atop scapes that are 40 inches long. It is best known for its foliage, which is eye-catching to say the least.

Mama Mia

With broad, heart-shaped leaves that are dark green with golden-yellow margins that turn to creamy white later on, Mama Mia is perfect for edging or groundcover. They are not resistant to snails and slugs, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for those, but the plant is easy to grow and quite striking in appearance.

Maui Buttercups

Very popular with gardeners who love small Hostas, these plants have cupped, golden-yellow leaves that are thick and heavy, and which are resistant to slugs. Their nearly lily-white blooms appear in summer, and they look beautiful in containers. They also grow 14 inches wide and a little under one foot tall.

Mini Skirt

A beautiful miniature Hosta, its thick blue-green leaves with creamy yellow margins come in groups that are barely a foot in width and only five inches high. Perfect for edging or growing in containers, Mini Skirt has summer blooms that are lavender with dark purple stripes, making them truly eye-catching.


Minuteman hosta

A clump-forming perennial with dark green leaves and pure white margins, this plant has pale lavender blooms that are unusually large and sit atop two-foot-tall scapes. The plant is 18 inches tall, 30 inches wide, and has won several international flower awards and looks great as an underplanting shrub and in containers.

Orange Marmalade

This plant’s lush foliage consists of eight-inch-long leaves that start out as blue-green then turn to orange-gold and finally to creamy white. They have funnel-shaped lavender blooms and grow up to 33 inches wide and 18 inches tall. They have won several international flower awards and are perfect for use in containers or as groundcover.


These beautiful chartreuse leaves with dark green margins turn golden-yellow as the season progresses, and the leaves are satiny and seer-suckered. Their funnel-shaped, pale lavender flowers come out in midsummer, and the plant itself grows up to three feet wide and 20 inches tall. The winner of several international flower awards, Paradigm makes a beautiful edging, and it is attractive to both songbirds and hummingbirds.


This Hosta plant has dark green leaves with creamy white margins, and their summer blooms are lavender-blue and rise well above the foliage itself. Patriot has a spread of over four feet wide and grows up to 20 inches in height. The winner of several international flower awards, this plant is great for shady borders and use in containers, and you need also to watch out for snails and slugs.

Paul’s Glory

This plant has dense, heart-shaped leaves that change from blue-green and chartreuse to bright golden-yellow with dark green edges. Its trumpet-shaped, pale lavender blooms show up in late summer and sit atop scapes that are 40 inches long. It has won numerous international flower awards, and it seems to be more slug-resistant than other Hostas. It is also attractive to songbirds and hummingbirds.

Prairie Sky

With a compact mound of heart-shaped, slightly cupped leaves which are powdery blue in color, this plant grows pale lavender blooms in mid- to late summer and looks great in beds and borders. Its spread is roughly three feet wide and it grows up to 14 inches high, and it is also one of the most popular blue Hostas available.

Praying Hands

This variety has tightly folded, narrow leaves that look like hands that are praying, and their color is a dark olive green. The leaves are rippled in nature, and the plant grows blooms that are lavender-colored in late summer. Praying Hands has won several international flower awards, and songbirds and hummingbirds love this plant.

Rainforest Sunrise

With chartreuse or yellow leaves and dark green margins, these plants are thick, glossy, and slug-resistant. The pale lavender flowers appear in midsummer, and these plants are perfect for containers and small gardens. This is a low-maintenance, hardy plant that reaches up to eight inches high and 16 inches wide, and it makes great groundcover or edging.


Revolution hosta

These striking Hostas have creamy ivory leaves speckled with dark green, and they grow up to 40 inches wide. Revolution has won numerous international flower awards and does best in soil that is moist and well-drained, as well as in groundcover and edging.

Rhino Hide

With very thick and deeply cupped leaves of bright chartreuse that change to yellow and have beautiful blue margins, Rhino Hide is both hardy and low-maintenance, and can grow up to 20 inches high and 30 inches wide. It is pest-resistant and has thicker leaves than many other Hosta plants.

Royal Standard

Royal Standard hosta

These plants have bright green, very ridged leaves and produce lavender-tinted blossoms in the summer months. They grow over four feet wide and three feet tall, and have a great fragrance. They have also been the recipient of many international flower awards, and they look great in containers, although you will need to watch for snails and slugs.


Sagae hosta

With thick, wavy, frosted blue-green leaves that turn grey-green later on, Sagae does great as groundcover and would also make a great specimen. It is the recipient of several international flower awards and grows up to 54 inches wide and 28 inches high. This is another Hosta that requires you to watch out for snails and slugs, although it is still an easy plant to grow.


This plant has heart-shaped, medium green leaves and bright yellow-gold margins, and its midsummer lavender blooms grow on 32-inch arching scapes. It grows up to four feet wide and is perfect for containers or use as a specimen plant.

Stained Glass

Widely oval and convex in shape, its leaves are bright yellow-gold and have dark green margins and deep veins. Its summer blooms are large and light purple in color, and it has won several international flower awards. Stained Glass is beautiful in mixed containers and grows to 32 inches wide and 16 inches tall, and it also looks good as groundcover.


Stiletto hosta

A compact plant with narrow, rippled, olive green leaves and narrow creamy white margins, Stiletto produces bell-shaped purple flowers that are striped and which sit atop 25-inch-long scapes. The plant grows up to 32 inches wide and looks great as groundcover or in containers. Stiletto also makes a perfect accent to any walkway or pathway.

Sum and Substance

This plant has thick, ridged, light green leaves which can turn either chartreuse or gold if it gets warm enough. The leaves are very large and look tropical, and the plant can grow up to three feet tall and five feet wide. The winner of several international flower awards, Sum and Substance is an eye-catching specimen which also looks great as groundcover or as an underplanting shrub.


Undulata hosta

An unusual-looking Hosta, this plant consists of very wavy, showy creamy white leaves with medium green margins, and its summer blooms are funnel-shaped and mauve in color. It can tolerate most types of soil, and looks great in containers or used as groundcover.


The winner of several international flower awards, this type of Hosta grows to almost four feet wide and 32 inches tall, and its leaves are blue-green with narrow yellow or cream-colored margins. They make beautiful groundcovers and specimens, and are mostly used in shade gardens.


The Vulcan plant has broad, heart-shaped leaves that are bright white and have dark green margins and yellow streaks. It is a vigorous plant that grows up to three feet wide, and its summer blossoms are lavender and shaped like stars. The plant is beautiful when used as edging or in containers, and it is very hardy and low-maintenance.


Growing up to 40 inches wide and 20 feet high, Whirlwind is unique because its leaves change in color throughout the season from lime green to creamy white and finally, light or dark green near the end of the summer. Its foliage is its biggest asset, which is likely why it has won so many international flower awards.

Wide Brim

Wide brim hosta

With broad, dome-shaped leaves that are slightly puckered, this Hosta plant is very popular in arrangements because of its shape and unique wide margin. It has won several international flower awards, and it can grow up to 40 inches wide and two feet tall. Again, watching for snails and slugs is important with this plant.

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