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11 Different Types of Gardening Subscription Boxes

This is a close look at a person making potted plants at home.

One of the best inventions is the subscription box. I will be honest; I do not like to shop. Trying on clothes in a store fitting room is a nightmare for me. I always feel rushed. I never have enough room. It is just never a good experience for me.

Enter the subscription box. I answer some questions, and like magic, a boxful of items is shipped to my door. I can try them at my own pace and really determine if I like them. I can send back whatever I do not want to keep. It has been quite a significant improvement for me.

This magic has extended to just about everything you can imagine, including plants. If you love plants or want to get started on your garden, gardening subscription boxes are for you. Even someone like me without a green thumb can benefit. Please keep reading to find out all the details about the various gardening subscription boxes of the month club.


What is a Gardening Subscription Box?

No matter if you are the most experienced gardener or wanting to try planting for the first time, there is a garden subscription box for you. Depending on the subscription you select, you receive a new package of seeds or plants each month. There are boxes with succulents, plants, edible gardens, seeds, soil, and containers. Each box offers something a little different. Some subscriptions send you seeds appropriate for your season and climate, so there is no downtime in your growing. There is sure to be one for you. Some boxes offer little surprises in them, like a code to help plant a tree. If you want to grow but you do not where to start or what you need, these garden subscription boxes are a great way to get you going.

History of Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes started around 2010 with beauty products. Birchbox completely reimagined the way people shopped for beauty products. It was successful, and then subscription boxes blew up and changed the way we shop. The concept of the subscription box has morphed over time, but it started with a simple thought.

That was the ability for customers to try products. The format is different based on the product and company. In some instances, you get new makeup or beauty products to try. Others give you new razors on a regular basis. Still, others send you clothes, so you no longer have to go shopping. Some subscriptions pair you up with a personal shopper or stylist who learns your preferences and caters the box to your specific wants and needs.

The subscription boxes may vary slightly, but typically you can select how often you want your box. In some cases, you pick a price point, so your items fall within a certain range. Just like all the subscription box services, gardening subscription boxes have put their own spin on it.

Types of Gardening Subscription Boxes

When selecting a garden subscription box, there are some features that may be more important to you than others for monthly delivery. The price of the subscription may be a determining factor. You want to verify if shipping is included in the price. Often it is not.

Before you make a decision simply on price, find out what you receive in the box. The packaging of your box is important. You want a box that packages the plants carefully. You do not want your plants damaged during shipping. They should be well watered and not spend a lot of time in transit.

Boxes with House Plants

Potted plants and gardening tools.

House Plant Box

Each box contains a custom group of house plants. They start the plants in their greenhouse. They send a box every month; each one has its own theme. The plants are already a good size for you, so you do not have to start from scratch. The plants come with cards telling you about the plant, including how to care for it, including water and light.

They offer multiple tiers; the least expensive one starts at $12. The premium plan is $30. This is the actual price because shipping is included. These boxes ship on a specific day of the month. The House Plant Box is ideal for someone that does not have the greenest thumb. They offer a pet-friendly box for those who have pets that enjoy eating plants.

The Plant Club

The subscription sends you a new houseplant every month. This box comes with a custom potting mix, a pot, and other accessories. While this box usually has an indoor plant, it may come with a surprise or two. This box is beautifully packaged and comes with an instruction card. The Plant Club offers a month to month subscription, or you can pay for several months at a time. The boxes range from $24.95 per month to $279.975 for an entire year. Shipping is an additional cost.

The Sill

This subscription service is often sold out, so you may have to get on the waitlist. They have several different subscription options available; one for beginners, one for pet owners, and one for low light. This subscription service has everything to meet your needs. Their beginner bundle gets you started while you wait for the subscriptions to start up again.

It includes everything you need, including houseplants, lava rocks, potting mix, fertilizer, even a watering can. Your indoor plants come to you in a nursery grow pot carefully packaged in a planter. You get to pick the color of your planter. Shipping is included in the monthly cost. You are not able to change or cancel your subscription until after the first three months.

As a bonus, The Sill offers a Plant Parent Club. For $3.25 per month, you gain access to workshops, promotions, and new products. You get free shipping and 10 percent off purchases.


A gardener arranging succulents in pots.

Succulents Box

The Succulents Box subscription gives you six options from which to choose. The succulents are 2 inches tall, and you can receive up to 4 different varieties each month. You have the option of 1 to 4 succulents. The cost starts at $4.75 (without a clay pot) or $10 (with a clay pot) and goes up to $40 per month. Each of the succulents comes with detailed instructions for their care. They are carefully shipped in bubble wrap and tissue paper. They promise only to ship healthy plants and guarantee your satisfaction.

Succulents Monthly

The Succulents Monthly subscription box sends you an assortment of items, including a succulent, a pot, potting soil, and additional unique items. Every month, they send you items that add to the items you receive in previous months. The small box runs about $27.90 per month and gives you five items.

The large box is $37.90, and that includes an air plant. These prices do not include shipping costs. All containers and pots are classy and cute to enhance your decor. Each month, you will get paperwork outlining the instructions for care. Succulents Monthly also provide projects for the entire family.

The Succulent Source

The Succulent Source gives you a succulent subscription box with the option of selecting succulents or cactus. They send only matures plants measuring 2.5 inches. Each month you receive five that are handpicked specifically for you. They have a large variety of succulents, so you will not receive duplicates.

Each box comes with the name of the plant and detailed information on its care. They are shipped in a nursery container. You can leave them in this container or transplant them to a pot. The cost is about $30 per month. They are packaged carefully for shipping.

Succulent Studios

The Succulent Studio box sends you two succulents that are about eight weeks old and already potted. They are all ready for you. The succulents are hand-selected and perfect for your season or climate. They are from Southern California and grown in organic fertilizer on a farm that has been around for two generations. This box runs about $10 per month, but this does not include shipping costs. They ship in packaging that is 100 percent free of plastic and biodegradable. With this subscription, you can skip a month or cancel at any time. You can even gift one of your months to someone else.


A close look at a farmer planting seeds onto the soil.

The Bloomin’ Bin

This is a great subscription box, no matter your skill level when it comes to plants. The Bloomin’ Bin offers a variety of tiers from which you can choose. The cost ranges widely, so you should find one perfect for you no matter what your budget.

Each tier offers seeds of some type, but you can get more items with each tier you go up. The seeds are seasonally appropriate. You can choose from fruits and vegetable seeds or flower seeds.

Or you can choose both. The first tier, which starts around $10, offers you 3 to 5 different types of seeds per month, enough to start your own seed pantry. You just get the seeds with this option. The next tier, the Just Seeds Premium, is around $20 a month. It provides you 3 to 5 different types of seeds and a live plant if available that month.

You may also get samples of soil or plant food. In the first month of your premium package, you receive a binder to hold all the laminated instructions. The next level is Basic Bin, which gives you seeds, a grow bag, plant food, and soil. You may also get a live plant with this one. The premium bin, which is about $40, is an upgrade to the basic bin. You receive all the items in the basic bin plus a garden tool or project for the month.

Outdoor Planting

Various potted plants on display at a store.

My Garden Box

My Garden Box is for even the most inexperienced gardener. It delivers everything you need right to your door, including tools and containers for use with your live plants. The care and growing instructions are illustrated and have the finest details to help your plants bloom.

The box includes soil in portioned quantities, so you never have to guess how much to use. You get exactly what you need. You even receive a planter and a tag on which you can write the name of the plant. The cost is slightly higher at $39 per month plus $13 for shipping. If you opt to receive your boxes more often, you pay a little less per box. If you prepay for a year at a time, you spend a little less also.

Edible Plants

A collection of edible plants and flowers on a wooden table.

Lazy Flora

This subscription box is seasonally based and completely dependent on the weather. During March through September, you receive 16 quality plug plants. You will not receive a planter. From October through February, you receive a mix of vegetables, fruiting bushes, edible fresh herbs, leaves for salad, and extra surprises.

The type and size will change based on availability and give you the option to have edible plants all year long from Lazy Flora. You receive plugs, which means they are not full size yet and not ready to eat. Soon, you will have your own herb garden. You may have duplicate plugs with this box. Each one comes with care and growing instructions.

Small Spaces

Urban Organic Gardener

The Urban Organic Gardener subscription box is great for all types of growers in any location. They understand that not every person that wants to grow their own garden has the space for it. They customize your box for you and your area. Every month you receive seeds and the garden supplies you need.

This way, you can get started as soon as you get your seeds. The seeds are raw, non-GMO, and non-treated, so they are safe and healthy. They recommend you start your seeds indoors. The small box is a mystery box for about $5 per month, with free shipping. It includes heirloom seeds, a label marker for your plant, and seed starting pods. You also receive full instructions on how to start growing your seeds.

The Pro Membership is larger and runs about $15 with free shipping. It includes five heirloom seed packs that are a mystery, seed starter soil pods, plant markers, Epsom salt soil fertilizer, detailed instructions, and special offers. No matter which option you select, the seeds are seasonally appropriate. The Urban Organic Gardener asks questions upfront to understand your space. Everything you receive is based on your space.


Which garden subscription box is best? 

The best plant subscription box is the one that meets your needs. You know what type of gardener you are. Once you decide what you want to grow, determine the price you are willing to pay and find the monthly box that gives you all those items.

How do I select a garden subscription service? 

You want to find a subscription service that falls into your budget. You want one that carefully packs and ships your plants. The worst feeling is when you spend all that money and patiently wait for your goodies, only to find they were damaged during shipping.

What is the best way to sign up for a subscription service? 

Once you have decided which subscription service is right for you, check out their website. The company’s website will give you all the information you need. The company usually has a button that says start subscription or sign up here. They make it relatively easy because they want you to sign up for their service. You have to provide your name, address, email, and payment information. You should pay attention to when your subscription starts.

Are there any free garden subscription services?

Unfortunately no, there are no free garden subscription services. You can find some that have free shipping and free gifts. There are many affordably priced services available. You can find free information about how to grow your garden once you get your subscription boxes.

What is the average cost of a garden subscription service?

Garden subscription services range widely in price. You can expect to pay about $20 per month for a basic service that provides a few extras. The key is to verify how much shipping costs on top of that price.

Can I cancel my service after it starts?

Yes, you can cancel your service. Some companies will let you cancel at any time. Some require you to receive the service for a set number of months before you can cancel. If you choose to pay for an entire year’s subscription in advance, you may want to verify if you can cancel that service and receive some of your money.

Can I give a gardening subscription box as a gift?

Yes, you can. Most subscription services offer the option to send their boxes as a gift. They are a great way to say thank you or celebrate a special occasion. Garden subscription boxes are the perfect gift that keeps giving.