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20 Different Types of Garden Benches Explained

A collage of garden benches.

If you have a garden at your home, you might have found yourself wanting to go out and sit for some time while you sip your morning tea or read the newspaper. It is very important that you incorporate some kind of seating in your backyard garden where you can sit back and just relax for some time.

Everyone is so occupied with busy routines and hectic schedules that they fail to make time for themselves. This leads to frustration and mental exhaustion. Gardens are a great way to escape mundane routines.A painted garden bench

Gardens can be a personal sanctuary where you can relax and enjoy. You can observe and enjoy nature. A well-maintained and beautiful-looking garden can help you achieve peace of mind. Connecting with nature every now and then is essential for your mental health.

Nature always brings positivity in your life. Decorating your house with flowers and plants is recommended because they make you feel fresh and alive. If a vase of flowers in your living room can lift your mood up instantly, imagine how refreshing it would be to spend some time in a well-decorated garden.

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Types of Garden Seating

Garden is a place that people use for different purposes. Some people like to read their morning newspaper in the garden. Some people can study better in their garden. Some people have a habit of having their evening tea in this part of the house and some people love hanging out with family and friends outdoors, rather than indoors.

Garden seating can be of various types, depending upon the space that is available and the purpose you want to use your garden for.

  • If you have a huge outdoor garden area, you can convert it into a complete open-air living room with sofa sets and dining sets. It would be a perfect place for gatherings with family and friends.
  • You can set up a hammock in your garden between two trees. You can spend a lazy, summer afternoon lying in the hammock amidst nature and enjoy a quick nap or a reading session.
  • You can decorate your garden with garden chairs and benches which are the best seating option for gardens. You can sit and enjoy the landscape, read, eat, or just relax.

Garden Benches

If you are an outdoorsy person or you spend any sort of time in the garden, you would agree to the importance of having a bench in your garden. A garden bench makes the garden a lot more comfortable place to spend your time in.

If you are scared of sitting on the grass directly because of the fear of any creepy, crawling insects, garden benches can be your savior. Garden benches are great for reading, sipping evening tea, or gazing at stars at night. Garden benches are an essential element for any garden.

Types of Garden Benches

Many types of garden benches are available today. However, if you don’t have sufficient knowledge about garden benches, you may end up buying an uncomfortable, squeaky, or low-quality bench that would not be worthy of your money.

By Material

The material used for the construction of a garden bench tells a lot about its durability and strength. The types of garden benches on the basis of material used for their construction are listed below:

Wooden Garden Benches

A garden bench made of metal

Wooden benches are the best and most popular option for garden seating. They are the most natural and well-blended furniture for the garden. They go perfectly well in the gardens and blend flawlessly with the overall surroundings.

They don’t look out-of-place. The best quality wood benches are the ones that are made with lumber with center-cut heartwood having consistent grain. Parts of the bench should be screwed with stainless steel or zinc screws. These screws allow tightening easier in case the bench ever goes loose.

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The best wood options for garden benches are:

Pine or Natural Cedar

Cedar is quite expensive as compared to pine. Garden benches made from cedar or pine turn gray in color over time if they are not painted or sealed. If they are treated and maintained properly, they can last for years.


Teak is a tropical tree that is perfect for all outdoor furniture, including garden benches. Teak furniture can last for as long as 50 years even if it exposed to elements. This makes this wood extremely expensive. It needs to be polished with oil annually or twice a year to maintain the reddish-brown color that is characteristic of teak.

Australian Jarrah

This durable wood has deep reddish shade, is highly durable, and can last for decades. Garden benches made from Australian Jarrah add style and warmth to a garden. Their durability makes garden benches made from this wood very pricey.

Natural Wood

Natural wood garden benches are affordable and suitable for rough and casual use. However, they do not withstand exposure to elements.

Metal Garden Benches

A garden bench made of metal

If you think wooden garden benches would not go well with the look you are trying to achieve for your garden, metal garden benches may be an option for you. Before buying the metal garden bench, make sure that the type of metal is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions a garden bench is often exposed to.

Extruded Aluminum

Garden benches made from extruded aluminum are extremely light-weight which makes moving them from place to place easier. However, they are not very durable and resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Cast Aluminum

Cast aluminum garden benches are heavier and more durable. They are available in intricate and elegant designs that you will love. However, they are quite expensive as compared to extruded aluminum garden benches.

Ornate Iron

Ornate iron garden benches are very heavy and hence they are durable and resistant. These types of benches resemble benches from the Victorian era quite accurately. If you are looking to incorporate vintage looking garden benches to your garden to make it look more attractive, ornate iron benches will do the job well.

Retro Metal

Garden benches made from retro metal are very stylish and fancy. They are expensive but are totally worth the cost.

Rattan Garden BenchesA garden bench

Rattan garden benches are light-weight, weather-resistant, waterproof, and UV protective. This makes them perfect for outdoors. They are super easy and convenient to clean. Above all, rattan garden benches are comfortable and versatile. Rattan garden benches enhance the look of your garden and make it look stunning and attractive.

Plastic Garden Benches A plastic bench for garden

Garden benches made of plastic are cheap, light-weight, durable, maintenance-free, and environmentally friendly. They are mostly unbreakable, waterproof, and available in attractive colors. Above all, they are safe to be used around kids. Plastic garden benches are one of the most affordable and durable types of garden benches.

However, plastic benches may not help you achieve a warm, attractive look for your garden, as they are too casual.

Concrete Garden BenchesA bench made of concrete for garden

Concrete garden benches are weather-resistant, durable, decorative, and extremely low-maintenance. Concrete garden benches are available in many designs and can be personalized as per your requirements. A custom-made concrete garden bench will add a touch of personality and meaning to your garden.

By Style

When you are buying garden benches, the style is important. Nobody wants to place a bench in their garden that ruins its look and beauty. The types of garden benches based on style are as follows:

Straight Garden BenchesA straight-back garden bench

A classic wooden style bench is the straight garden bench. It is extremely appealing to look at and very practical in use. It looks great any garden or a park. These garden benches are available in numerous sizes.

Curved Garden BenchesCurved bench

Curved benches bring about an intimate feel to the garden. There are two types of curved garden benches. In one type, the entire backrest and the armrest are curved while in the other type, just the backrest is curved with straight armrests.

Lutyens Garden BenchesA Lutyens bench for garden

This is a unique design of garden benches. It has been named after Sir Edwin Lutyens, the architect who came up with this design. These garden benches are only available in small sizes. They look extremely elegant in the garden. They add a touch of style, sophistication, and beauty to the gardens they are placed in.

Backless Garden BenchesA backless bench for garden

Backless garden benches can serve multiple purposes. Since they do not have a backrest, they can be placed anywhere in the garden. They can be approached from any side. And the fun part is, they can be used as a table when you are having a party in your garden.

Tree Garden Benches

Wrap Around Tree Bench, This Metal Tree Surround Bench Is Ideal in Outdoor Gardens and Backyard Seating Area, Add This Wrap Around Garden Bench for Creativity! Surround Bench Is Made of Heavy Iron

Reading under a tree can help you feel relaxed and peaceful. Sitting under the shade of a tree and enjoying cool breeze can help you forget your worries and get lost in the moment. Tree garden benches can make the reading experience under a tree more comfortable and enjoyable.

These types of garden benches are specially designed so that the seating is around the trunk of the tree. This way, the tree trunk is in the mid with seating all around it. You can sit comfortably on the bench and enjoy the shade of the tree even during a bright sunny day.

Storage Garden Branches

Storage garden benches are great garden furniture to keep all the garden clutter hidden. Whether it is gardening tools or your child’s toys, a storage bench can house it all in while serving the purpose of a bench. It looks like any normal bench. These benches are available in many designs which you can select from as per your liking.

Memorial Garden BenchesA memorial bench for garden

Memorial benches are a piece of furniture commemorating someone who has died. They can be made from wood, metal, stone, or any other synthetic materials. Memorial benches are usually made of thick wood or a material that is highly durable so that the bench lasts a long time.

Weaved or Oval Designed-Back Benches Bench for garden

Benches with a back designed in a weaved-style or oval shape look beautiful. They are a stunning piece of furniture that adds a touch of class to any garden. These types of benches can bring the level of your garden up to an all new level.

Companion Garden Benches

Companion garden benches are an intimate bench for two people. They are joined in the center with a small table area. If you want a bench in your garden where you can talk and spend some peaceful hours with someone special, companion garden benches are the thing for you.

By Coating

Garden benches can either be oil finished or they can be painted. If a garden bench is made of excellent quality wood, oil finishing would provide sufficient shine and protection from the elements.

If the wood quality is not as good, a coat of paint will offer similar protection. All wood types can be painted so if you ever decide to change the appearance of your garden bench, you can always paint it any color you want.

Who knew garden benches could be of so many types? Now that you know, you can decide which garden bench would best suit your garden. As we stated earlier, garden benches are essential for any garden décor. They can make your garden a more comfortable place to spend time in.

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