17 Different Types of Gaillardia Flowers

Bee sitting on a Gaillardia Flower.

Learn all about the different types of Gaillardia flowers, also known as Blanket flowers, and find out the many brightly patterned inflorescences displayed by its varieties.

Gaillardia is commonly known as the Blanket Flower. It is a genus of flowering plants that belongs to the Asteraceae sunflower family. Many cultivators grow these flowers on a massive scale for ornamental purposes. They are native to North and South America. In the 18th century, the flower was recorded and named after an M. Gaillard de Charentonneau, who was known as the patron of botany.

On the other hand, the common name comes from the similarity of the brightly patterned inflorescence of the flower which resembled the blankets made by Native Americans at the time. Others believe the name was chosen because of how wild Taxa flowers look when they cover the ground in big colonies.

Gaillardia BurgundyGaillardia Burgundy

The Gaillardia Burgundy grows in Hardiness Zones 3-10 in full sun. It is a short-lived herbaceous perennial plant that blooms in summer and fall months. Its flowers are deep-red in color and are really large, which looks really pretty in gardens. They can grow up to 3” inches across and have a bright yellow button-like center. The daisy-like flowers are ideal for cutting due to the very long stems, which makes them perfect for ornamental cultivation. The flower is heat tolerant and drought resistant. They don’t need much care once they are established and they are ideal for borders, beds, and containers.

Arizona ApricotGaillardia Grandiflora

Commonly known as the Arizona Apricot, the flower is a short-lived herbaceous perennial which grows in Hardiness Zones 2-10. The Gaillardia Grandiflora has rich apricot flowers that can grow up to a nice size of 3.5” inches. They thrive in full sun and start blooming in early summer to fall. The daisy-like flowers have yellow tips and orange centers. The center has globe-shaped seed heads and the foliage of the flower is uniform, compact and bright green. The plant is loved for its great garden performance and really long flowering season. It even blooms well in the first year of plantation.

Arizona Red ShadesGaillardia Grandiflora

The Arizona Red Shades flower is a bushy flower that grows in Hardiness Zones 3-10. They are short-lived perennial flowers that bloom from early summer well into fall. They love the full sun and are resistant to heat and drought. The crimson red flowers look brilliant in any garden and sometimes have yellow tips. The centers are full of rich nectar which attracts a lot of butterflies. The foliage of the flower is compact and bright green. The flower doesn’t require a lot of care once it has established and begins to blooms in the first year.

Arizona SunGaillardia flowers

The Arizona Sun is named after the brilliant desert sun of Arizona. The flower grows in Hardiness Zones 3-10 and grows up to 3” inches in width. The plant flowers a single flower that has golden-yellow tips and turns mahogany red in the center.

The short-lived perennial loves the full sun and blooms well from early summer to fall. The flower lasts for a long time, which is great for growers who love seeing colorful mounds of bright flowers. The foliage is an attractive grayish-green. The flower is also rich in nectar, which attracts plenty of bees and butterflies.


Celebration in the garden

The Celebration Blanket Flower is known among growers as a truly floriferous plant, meaning one that produces many flowers. They grow in Hardiness Zones 2-9 and have extremely strong stems. The eye-catching short-lived perennial flowers are a brilliant scarlet-red in color. They have fresh grayish-green foliage that looks great against the red color. They have elegant petals that resemble daisies and age well since they are colorfast. The flower is drought and heat resistance, making it perfect for all kinds of containers, borders, and beds.

Fanfare Blaze Gaillardia flowers

The Fanfare Blaze is a really unique flower which has pinwheels blooms. It has an exceptionally long flowering period, which makes it perfect for all kinds of beds, borders, and containers. The short-lived herbaceous plant has a fiery orange-red color that looks great against the gray-green foliage. The deep orange-red button center is adorned with trumpeted petals. The center is rich in nectar, making it a great magnet for bees and butterflies. It reaches a height of 1-2’ foot and blooms from early summer well into fall. It grows well in full sun in Hardiness Zones 5-10.

FanfareGaillardia flowers

The Fanfare flower is similar to Fanfare Blaze flower since it also looks like a pinwheel. However, it can be found in Hardiness Zones 3-10 unlike Fanfare Blaze and has a bigger spread. It has a really long flowering period with lovely scarlet flowers. The petals are trumpeted and have really brilliant yellow tips. The bright and eye-catching flower looks really beautiful against the neat green foliage. They make a really dramatic scene, which looks great in beds, contains, and borders.

The plant begins to blooms in early summer well into fall. It is rich in nectar, as well as drought and heat tolerant. It doesn’t need much care once it has been established.


Goblin Gaillardia flowers

The Goblin Blanket flower is a bushy perennial flower that has scarlet-red flowers. The tips of the petals are fringed and yellow while the cone is a reddish-brown color. The plant begins to bloom in early in summers till late fall. The flower resembles daises and has a consistent color whether you plant them in containers or gardens. The seeds of the flower are round and reddish-brown in color; their heads extend more once the flowers are spent so that seeding can occur. The flowers reach heights of 10-12” inches and have wide spreads of 1-2’ feet.

Mesa Bright BicolorMesa Bright Bicolor Gaillardia flowers

The Mesa Bright Bicolor flower is an amazing brilliant yellow flower. They have a lovely broad bright red band towards the center. The large brown cone stands out and the flower manages to retain the vibrant color all season long. The daisy-like flower does not fade throughout the blooming season, from early to late summers.

The flower blooms 2-3 weeks early than other types of Blanket Flowers. The plant is compact, uniform, and branches well in sustainable habitats. It reaches a height of 1-2’ feet and has a similar spread width. It grows in Hardiness Zones 5-10 and thrives in full sun like most sunflowers. The best part is that it tolerates heat and drought, as well as is resistant to rain and wind. Once established, it requires very little care and begins to flower in the first year of plantation.

Mesa Peach

Mesa Peach Gaillardia flowers

The Mesa Peach Blanket Flower is a bushy flower that is known for produces a lot of flowers in one go. The short-lived perennial herbaceous plant has brilliant peach flowers with an outer bright yellow band. The flower remains vibrant looking all season long and the color does not fade at all. The lovely yellow and orange center is rich in nectar, making it the perfect flower for butterflies and bees.

The plant begins to bloom in early to late summer and is known to bloom earlier than most other Gaillardia varieties. It usually begins to flower in the first year, which is great for cultivators who don’t want a long wait on their yield. The plant is well-branched, allowing it to be resistant to rain and wind. It reaches a height and spread of 1-2’ feet and remain uniform, compact, and upright throughout. It grows in Hardiness Zones 5-10.

Mesa RedMesa Red Gaillardia flowers

The Mesa Red flower is a truly gorgeous and attractive intense-red flower. It resembles daisies and has a really attractive globe-shaped seed head. The plant flowers profusely, usually in the first year of plantation. The blooming period for the flower is a little early than other comparative varieties and it blooms throughout summer. The attractive flower is perfect for cultivation since it grows in a uniform and compact way. The flower reaches a height and spread width of 1-2’ feet. It thrives in full sun and doesn’t need much care once it has established. The plant is resistant to wind and rain and tolerant to heat and drought.

Mesa YellowMesa Yellow Gaillardia flowers

The Mesa Yellow flower has sunshine yellow petals that grow up to 3.5” inches in width. It grows up to a height of 1-2’ feet. The globe-shaped yellow colored seed heads attract plenty of bees and butterflies. The herbaceous plant blooms through the summer season, usually earlier than other Gaillardia flowers. The short-lived perennial retains the vibrant yellow color throughout the summer season and does not fade. The bushy flower thrives in full sun and has bright green foliage. This looks great in garden beds, borders, and containers. It is wind and rain resistant and drought and heat tolerant.

Orange and LemonsOrange and Lemons Gaillardia flowers

The Orange and Lemons Blanket Flower stands more upright and tall than any other variety of the Gaillardia flower. They have large, soft-orange petals with lemon-yellow color tips. The central cone is a light gold color and looks brilliant against the orange of the petals. The seed heads are a chartreuse color. The foliage is a blue-green color, making the plant one of the best ones for ornamental purposes.

The plant thrives in full sun and blooms for the entire summer and fall. The plant is perfect for cultivation since it can produce up to an astounding 75 blooms at a time. The flowers are really large, reaching a height of 4-6” inches in width and a height of 1-2’ feet. The seed heads extend further when the flower grows spent. The plant is tolerant of humidity, heat, and drought. The daisy-like flower doesn’t need much care once it has established. It grows in Hardiness Zones 6-10.

Red SunRed Sun Gaillardia flowers

The Red Sun plant is a compact and free-flowering species. It is noted for the rich orange-red color on the broad petals that has yellow tips. The short-lived herbaceous plant begins to bloom from early summer into fall. The daisy-like flowers grow in fresh gray-green foliage, which looks really pretty.

This Blanket flower is drought and heat tolerant and doesn’t need much care once it has properly established. It is found in Hardiness Zones 3-9 and thrives in full sun. It reaches a height of 10” inches up to 2’ feet. The spread of the plant reaches up to 1’ to 2’ feet. The plant is ideal for beds, borders, and containers.

Sun Devil

The Sun Devil flower is beloved for its unique pinwheel blooms and colors. The red flower has vibrant yellow tips and light green foliage. The vibrant color makes for an eye-catching scene in the garden, which is why it is a really popular flower for ornamental purposes. The flower grows in Hardiness Zones 3-9 and thrives in full sun. The blooming period lasts throughout summer and goes into fall. The height of the flower can go up to 8” inches to 2’ feet and the spread goes from 10” inches to 1’ foot.

Sunset Mexican

The Sunset Mexican is a floriferous plant with really eye-catching colors. It has a watermelon pink band near the center of the flower with creamy-yellow on the rest of the petal. The blooming period starts in early summer and goes into fall. The flowers are rich in nectar and have fresh gray-green foliage. They grow in Hardiness Zones 5-9 and thrive in full sun. The height and spread of the plant reach 1’-2’ feet. They are drought and heat tolerant. They don’t need much care once they have established.

Sunset Popsy

The Sunset Popsy plant produces a lot of flowers. They are really attractive-looking due to the dark pink color of the petals. The flower has two rows of petals that have creamy colored tips. They begin to bloom in early summers and thrive in full sun like most sunflower species. They are known for aging well and are colorfast.

They reach a height and spread of 1’-2’ feet. They are found in Hardiness zones 5-9. They are rich in nectar, which is great for butterflies and bees. They are heat and drought tolerant flowers and don’t need that much maintenance once they are established. They are usually grown in bed, borders, and containers.

The Gaillardia flowers are known for their beautiful colors and high flower production. They are a popular plant to grow in many gardens all over the world.


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