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39 Different Types of Freesia Flowers

A bunch of multi-colored freesia flowers.

Freesia flowers are perennial herbaceous plants that belong to the Iris family and have over 20 species. The most popular among the species are Allure, Demeter, Golden Wave, Snowden, Mirable and Welkin. They produce various colors and emit sweet, citrusy fragrances that are used in the cosmetic industry for making soaps, lotions, shampoos, hand creams, scented oils and perfumes.

The brightest-colored varieties, pink and red, emit the strongest fragrance. Freesia flowers are named after the German physician who studied them, Dr. Friedrich Freese. They can stay fresh for 10 to 14 days after cut but should not be mixed with Narcissi and Daffodils.


A large-flowering plant, the Acapulco has bright orange-red petals with very distinct veins and a bright-yellow center that makes it very unique and interesting. Perfect for vases and containers, it can brighten up any dining room table or window sill.


Like its name implies, this heirloom flower is white in color and quite striking. It grows easily in cold climates, and it can even survive coastal and windy areas. With yellow accents in the center of each petal, its double bloom sits atop sturdy stems that can get up to 18 inches high, making it a true eye-catcher.


The Algarve is a double-petal variety of freesia and is a very subtle, light shade of blue that is almost white, making it the perfect complement to its green leaves. It makes a great border, not to mention a beautiful addition to any vase or container.


One of the most popular and frequently purchased types of freesias, the Ambassador produces beautiful, large white blooms and very sturdy, strong stems that can get up to 2 feet in height. They are very popular in Holland, and also beautifully complement other flowers in colors such as red or purple.


If you love the color yellow, this type of freesia is for you. Its trumpet-shaped petals are bright-yellow and make them look a little like daffodils. They have yellow centers as well, and they would look perfect next to freesias or other flowers that are red, purple, or blue. A cheery flower, the Angelique loves bright sun and partial shade, not to mention moist but well-drained soil.


With creamy-white petals that are so dense and full that the flower almost looks like a rose, the Ballerina is a beautiful flower and makes stunning bouquets and container centerpieces. In fact, it is so beautiful that it makes a great addition to anyone’s garden, which is one of the reasons it is so popular with so many growers.


A fairly new variety, this flower is a double-petal variety that is striking orange and dark-yellow in color, and a center that is the same colors as the petals. It has a cohesive look that makes it look like it should be in everyone’s garden, and in fact, maybe it should.

Blue Bayou

A double-petal variety that was introduced in the late 1990s, the Blue Bayou has beautiful violet blue-purple petals and a striking yellow center. The blooms grow close to one another, making it look like one giant bloom, which is just one of the many reasons it is so beautiful.

Blue Navy

Just like its name suggests, the Blue Navy has petals that are bluish-purple in color, with white trim near a center that is a beautiful shade of yellow, which really brings out their beautiful color. Blooming approximately 10-12 weeks after planting, this flower is easy to grow and looks stunning the entire time they’re in bloom.


This is a freesia with very deep-red petals and bright-yellow centers, as well as light white flushes of color near the center. The color makes this plant very eye-catching, and it looks fantastic when planted near white or lighter-colored plants, including other freesias.


This flower is a true orange color, with flushes of both dark-orange and light-orange throughout each petal, which are the perfect complements to its beautiful green leaves. A fairly new variety, it is sure to catch on quickly and become the favorite for a lot of growers.


With large white petals that look as though they are in layers, this flower has a white-and-yellow center that matches the petals perfectly. It grows very fast, has a subtle but wonderful scent, and it is absolutely stunning.

Cote d’ Azur

A beautiful lavender-violet flower with white highlights near the center, the latter of which is a soft yellow. Its soft petals are beautiful and even relaxing to look at, and they sit on top of stems that can grow as high as 18 inches. Great for zones 1-8, this flower prefers full sun and moist, well-drained soil in order to look its best.


With a beautiful shade of white, this freesia looks striking against its bright-green petals, and they can get started by either being planted them in pots or directly in the ground. They are tolerant of rabbits and deer, and they do best in areas with cool nights. You usually don’t have to worry about pests or diseases, and they grow 12-18 inches in height, giving them an exquisite look.


This flower is unique because it is raspberry-pink in color but has red markings on three of the petals and red flushes throughout each petal. If you’re a fan of reds and pinks, this flower is for you, and it looks beautiful in vases, containers, and as a border for any garden out there.


With single petals in a light bluish-white color, this flower is simple yet elegant, and it is a long-lasting flower to boot. Pair it with darker-colored flowers for a striking contrast, or enjoy it alone in a vase or container.


This freesia is a very delicate shade of blush pink and creamy-white, including its center, so it has a fresh, subtle look that is still beautiful and eye-catching. The light colors look perfect against the cheery, bright-green leaves, making it a very popular flower.

Joan Evans

A truly unique type of freesia, this flower has six single petals that are bright-white in color but which have bright raspberry-pink markings on the bottom three petals. Each petal has a lime-green center, and the colors perfectly complement one another to produce a truly stunning flower.

Lady Brunet

With petals a little differently shaped than other freesias, the Lady Brunet looks similar to a rose and has a dark-orange color with chestnut flushes throughout, and its blooms are very close together, making them look like they are actually one bloom. A truly striking plant.


The Mozella is a beautiful shade of soft-pink, and its petals have a touch of white and centers that are small and yellow. They are virtually disease- and pest-free, and they make beautiful cut flowers, looking spectacular in both containers and vases. Their trumpet-shaped petals are exquisite, and they make great border plants.


The Panda freesia is eye-catching because its petals are raspberry-pink with white near the center. The center itself is bright-yellow in color, which perfectly complements its pinkish-purple petals. They grow up to 18 inches high, and they look extraordinary next to their small, elegant-looking green leaves.

Pink Fountain

The Pink Fountain consists of double blooms in bright pink and long, slender stems. It blooms profusely in Fall and Winter, and it is a Dutch hybrid that can grow as high as 2 feet. A striking flower, it looks beautiful in vases and containers, as well as when planted next to plants in colors such as white or yellow.


A striking and eye-catching flower, its petals are creamy-yellow with dark red-orange tips and trim, and the petals are also veined, making them even more noticeable. Although they are easy to grow and maintain, the flowers are sensitive to frost and therefore, special care should be taken to prevent them from getting too cold or frostbit.


This is a fairly new cultivar and is double-petaled. Its large flowers are bright-orange and dark-yellow in color, with very distinct veins that make people take notice of it. It also has a great scent, which lends to its ambiance.

Pink Attraction

The petals on this freesia are a whitish-pink but have beautiful raspberry-colored trim, and the petals curl around one another so that the center is virtually hidden. The petals come close to a point at the tips, and it is a popular flower regardless of what your favorite color is.

Purple Rain

A flower with double petals and bright red-purple color, its contrasting center of yellow-green makes it truly noticeable, regardless of what your favorite color is, and it is especially beautiful when you place it in a vase or container.

Red Beauty

Red beauty freesia

One of the most unique aspects of this type of freesia is its scent, which is strong and sweet, although you can only smell it when the petals are open. It produces double blooms of a bright-red color but has yellow highlights at each petal’s base. It is a slow grower compared to those freesias that grow in the Fall and Winter, but it is well worth the wait.


This is an extraordinary type of freesia because it has brilliant pink petals, dark-pink trim, and yellow and white centers, and the multiple colors look extraordinary next to its small, green leaves.


The Santana has striking yellow petals with flushes of creamy-white throughout and a yellow-green center. The two colors complement one another and give the flower an eye-catching and memorable look.

Speedy White

This flower is one of the fastest-growing types of freesias, and it has single blooms that are bright-white in color with yellow-and-white centers. A subtle but elegant-looking flower, it would look beautiful in a vase or even in a bouquet.

Striped Pearl

With petals of a whitish blush-pink color and beautiful veins that call attention to the petals, the Striped Pearl has a delicate, elegant look that is certain to please. It would look beautiful in a vase or a container, and anywhere else where it has a chance to shine.

Striped Sun

With dark-yellow and subtle-red petals, a yellow center, and petals consisting of numerous veins – hence the “striped” look – this is one freesia you are not going to forget anytime soon. Perfect for people who love the color yellow or those who want a cheery look in their garden, this flower is a head-turner in every aspect.


Much like its name suggests, these flowers look like the sunrise, with bright-yellow petals, bright-yellow centers, and a subtle white flush near the center. It is cheery-looking and certain to elicit smiles from anyone who sees it.


The Tahiti has bright-white petals that form a near point at the tips, and it has striking yellow centers that call attention to its petals. A real eye-catcher, it is perfect for gardeners that want a simple yet elegant look in their garden.


A bright-yellow flower, this type of freesia has a matching yellow center which gives it a beautiful look everyone will love. It is a very popular variety and has a wonderful aroma, which gives it an added advantage over other types of freesias, and even over other types of flowers.


This freesia has eye-catching petals with raspberry-pink and bright-yellow centers, both of which complement one another and also bring out the unique green leaves. Perfect for people who love pink or red, the Troubadour is a beautiful flower that is always a pleasure to behold.


The Vienna freesia has creamy-white petals that turn to a very light beige towards the center, meaning you can plant them next to flowers of other colors and they will complement each other perfectly. They make beautiful border plants and are low-maintenance as well, although staking is recommended if you want them to remain upright.


The Virginia type of freesia has petals that are bright-white in color, and their centers are white as well, giving them a cohesive look that is sure to make you want to show them off for a very long time.


If this plant is anywhere around you, you are certain to notice it. It has beautiful red-orange petals that get darker around the edges and on the tips. If you’re curious about when to plant this flower, it is best to check which zone you’re in, as the planting times vary according to where you live. In addition, they are both deer- and rabbit-tolerant, which means they should remain with you for a long time.

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