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6 Different Types of Food Subscription Boxes

It happens to the best of us. We are driving home from work, thinking about what to make for dinner, and realize we have nothing in the house to put a meal together. For some, this is a pretty regular occurrence. It’s OK, we don’t judge! For those short on time not wanting to take an extra trip to the grocery store, or for those looking to expand their culinary ability, there are plenty of food subscription boxes available.

There are a number of different types of boxes that cover a wide range of food and beverage options.  Some boxes are intended to provide a new meal to feed a family, while other boxes provide just a simple snack to get you through the day, munching between meals.  Deciding how much food, what type of food, and how often you want your food can be a challenge, but luckily we have done some of the difficult work for you.

We have broken down the different types of food subscription boxes to help make your selections easier.  Below, let’s examine the various food subscription boxes you can subscribe to so that you can create a healthy, fresh, and delicious meal every night.

There are many delivery subscription boxes available that guarantee a delicious meal, even for those short on time. Knowing what type of food subscription box works best for your needs is half the battle. We have divided the various available boxes up into several categories to easily allow you to weigh the pros and cons of each type, making it super simple to narrow down exactly what you are searching for.


Meal Subscription Box

Hello Fresh meal kits packed in paper bags.

The meal subscription box option will send subscribers an entire meal in one kit. This is a perfect way to always have something ready for dinner and can help you expand your culinary palate, trying different recipes and meals. Plus, subscribers will never be left thinking, “what’s for dinner” with a pre-planned, pre-portioned, and ready to go meal.

Various options for a meal subscription box include Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest, and Home Chef.  Of course, each food subscription company will come with its own meals, recipes, subscription terms, and shipping options.  It is always best to check the individual companies before committing to a long term subscription.

The food box sends subscribers everything they need to create a tasty dinner for an entire family including the food, garnishes, and spices. Each meal kit comes with the needed ingredient list, as well as the recipe needed to complete the meal. Many meals also have the ingredients pre-portioned which can cut down on expenses and preparation time.

Choose meals that are well within your comfort zone, or opt for new and daring meals to excite your taste buds. Most meal kit options are designed to take 30 minutes or less to prepare which makes them a perfect option for a busy professional or those with a large and young family.

Compared to cooking at home with your own fresh ingredients, the cost for a meal subscription box is fairly competitive. Most meals from a meal subscription box cost around $8 per meal (per person), making this a cost-effective option for even large families. Plus, this is effectively a meal delivery service, with a new meal kit arriving at your home, completely contact-free.

Not only does this cut out time spent shopping for groceries, but it can help limit the contact and exposure you have to other people.  Enjoy the convenience of having a meal box simply show up at your front door.

Many of the monthly meal subscription boxes are perfect for people with dietary restrictions. The boxes can be customized to accommodate an allergy or even a picky eater. Companies such as Green Chef even allow meals for people following a Keto, Paleo, or Vegan diet. Other meal kit options, such as Sun Basket, include organic fruits and vegetables in every meal.  Keep to your diet, eat healthy foods, and remain as efficient as ever in the kitchen.

Meal subscription boxes come in a variety of membership levels and options allowing the subscriber to find a rhythm and cadence for delivery that works well with a busy schedule. Choose a monthly subscription for your meal subscription box, and cancel or add a meal at any time.

This makes the plans flexible and customizable for an already busy schedule.  Meals can be delayed or suspended too if you are away on a business trip or on a vacation.  Meals can also be augmented if you are expecting company for dinner.  Many adjustments to the meal subscriptions can be made with just a few day’s notice, making this an enticing feature.

Snack Subscription Box

Bowls of assorted snacks on a wooden table.

For those who have dinner covered (we are envious of your planning prowess!), there is the option for a snack subscription box. These boxes provide a wide array of snacks that are perfect for munching and snacking in between meals. Whether you need a little extra food for work or want to change what snacks you put in your children’s lunch each day, a snack subscription box is an excellent choice for a food subscription service.

With more companies offering food subscription services every day, it is no wonder that there is a myriad of options for snacks. People who want to subscribe to a snack subscription box have the option of choosing from a candy snack box, a healthy snack box, a vegan snack box, or anything in between. There are options for snack boxes featuring snacks from around the world, and options for snack boxes that have delicious snacks for everyone in the family.

The cost for a snack subscription box varies greatly with some monthly subscription box plans starting at just $9.99 for a box from Love With Food, or $15 per month, like the Yum Box from Universal Yums, or even up to $39.99 per month from the Candy Club. Many of the snack subscription box options can be customized to allow you to pick the size perfect for your family.

Those looking to stick to a healthy diet will be thrilled to learn that there are plenty of healthy food options included in snack subscription boxes. The creator of the snack box from SnackNation includes food items that are made with natural sweeteners, flavors, and colors, without any synthetic or artificial ingredients added.

Fit Snack also offers a great snack subscription box that offers high protein, gluten-free, and organic snacks. Stay healthy and enjoy a tasty snack mailed directly to your home.  These snack options may also be an excellent choice to have a food item or treat to stick in a gym bag or your backpack for work.

Produce Subscription Box

Fresh vegetables on a green wood plank table.

For those that love a meal that is packed full of every fruit and veggie you can think of, a produce subscription box may be an excellent choice for you. Not only will a produce subscription box ensure that you will always have farm-fresh ingredients in your meals, but it can also help save money on groceries.

Produce is delivered to your door on a schedule of your choosing. For some, fresh fruits and vegetables are necessary every week, for other families every other week is plenty. Most of the available produce subscription plans can be paused, canceled, or modified at any time during the subscription. This is perfect for families that augment meals with dinner out, or travel often.

Often, the produce subscription box is a great way for families to save money week to week. Several companies, such as Misfits Market or the Ugly Produce Box, provide fruits and vegetables at a fraction of the price found in a grocery store.

This is because they are able to send fruits and vegetables that are deemed too ugly and unacceptable for grocery store consumption.  All of the fruits and vegetables are completely safe for consumption and taste just like any other fruit or veggie that you would purchase in the grocery store.

If you are following a strict diet, or prefer vegan food, a produce subscription box may be an excellent choice for you. Many companies are proud to offer organic fruits and vegetables. Thrive Market, Farm Box Direct, and Farm to People all offer organic options for subscribers.  Before selecting a subscription box for products it is important to research the collection and delivery methods for your subscription box so that you can ensure your food is harvested and delivered in a sustainable and healthy manner.

Dietary Food Subscription Box

A woman on a weighing scale holding a burger and an apple.

We all have been on a diet at one time or another. For some people, it is a matter of losing weight, for others, it is a matter of maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. Whatever the reason, keeping to a diet can be challenging. Luckily, food subscription boxes that are designed for your particular diet or health plan are the perfect way to stay on track.

Depending on your particular diet there may be an available subscription box. These boxes usually include pre-measured ingredients, as well as a meal plan to follow. Ingredients are portioned into proteins, fats, and carbohydrates allowing you to properly balance your meals every day.  When your meal subscription box is catered to your individual diet and exercise regime it is easy to stay on track, lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Many diet and weight loss companies have provided their own meal kits, or have partnered with existing meal subscription companies. WW (formerly Weight Watchers) has partnered with Blue Apron to provide approved and portioned meal options, while Nutrisystem offers a meal delivery program that helps to keep you on track with your diet.  Subscribers are able to choose from a wide variety of meals and can custom create breakfast, lunch, dinners, snacks, and shakes that fit within the allowed calorie count each day.

The cost for these meal subscription boxes varies greatly depending on the individual plan, and the frequency you want the box delivered. These meal subscription plans tend to average about $11 per day but can be supplemented with food purchased at the grocery store.  Depending on the diet and exercise program you are on, and the level of exercise plan subscription, a handful of meals or snacks may already be included with your plan.

Beverage Subscription Box

Closeup of wine glasses with assorted wines.

Just as people can have food items shipped to their front door there is also the option to have a beverage subscription box.  Many people opt to have wine, beer, or even cocktail boxes sent monthly.  The beverage subscription boxes can be great to allow people to sample different beverages and excite their taste buds with new offerings.

Prices range for beverage subscription boxes depending on the inclusions and the frequency in which the box is sent.  The American Cocktail Club offers a monthly box starting at $49.99 per month, while the Winc Monthly Wine Club starts at just $39 per month.  Subscribers have the option to sign up for their subscription ahead of time, choosing just a single month, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription option.

There are plenty of options for beer subscription boxes which allows the subscriber to clearly narrow down and identify the exact type of drink they are searching for.  People can choose from a craft beer of the month, or an IPA beer sent regularly.  Just like with food subscription boxes, subscribers have the option to enter their preferences, dietary restrictions, and allergies that allow your beer to be customized to your own preferences.

Many people choose to have the monthly beverage subscription box as a standalone box sent to the house.  Others choose to couple a cocktail or wine box with a food subscription box.  This is an excellent way to try new drinks, but also save time going to the grocery store to purchase beverages.

Specialty Food Subscription Box

A glass bowl of fresh olive alongside a couple of bottles of olive oil.

Other specialty food subscription boxes, such as Taste Trunk, offer subscribers something new each and every time. This monthly box can be sent to subscribers with vastly different ingredients, snacks, meals, and toppings. A subscriber may find a new BBQ rub or hot sauce in a box, or a prized olive oil and recipe card in another box.

The specialty box is usually themed monthly, giving subscribers something new and exciting with each shipment. The subscription box is available in a number of different subscription box service options ranging from a simple one-month gift to a 12-month box subscription.  Typically, the price of specialty subscription boxes decreases for subscription plans that last for a longer duration.

The price for specialty food subscription boxes varies greatly, depending widely on which subscription option you choose. Simple variety boxes can be as inexpensive as just $23.99 per month with upscale and specialized boxes costing up to $160 per month.

Packages with specialty cheese or olive oils tend to be more expensive. The majority of the specialty boxes do not have the same flexibility as other meal kit box options. Many of the specialty boxes are prepaid with 3, 6, or 12-month subscription options. While this may not be a sustainable way to prepare dinner nighty, it is a great gift idea, or a fun idea to sample various goods and ingredients in a limited capacity.


With so many food subscription boxes available it can be difficult choosing which subscription is right for you. We have put together a list of some of the top questions surrounding food subscription boxes so that you can make the right choice for your diet, lifestyle, and family.

How Do Food Subscription Boxes Work?

Food subscription boxes are easy to sign up for and offer a contact-free delivery system.  Food subscription boxes can be ordered and managed online.  Most of the companies that offer a food subscription box allow you to list your preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions to ensure you find a food subscription box that offers tasty and delicious meals.

Once your frequency and quantity of meals are set, your meal will be shipped to your front door.  Most companies will give you up to date emails and status updates to allow you to track your meal service through the delivery process.  This online portal will also allow you to manage your account, renew your subscription, and make changes when necessary.

Once the box arrives at your doorstep, you will have all the necessary ingredients to put together a tasty and healthy meal.  Many meal boxes give the subscriber pre-measured ingredients and allow you to prepare your meal in as little as 30 minutes.  The food subscription boxes are intended to make shopping and cooking easy, providing a convenient service that is contactless and quick.

Are Food Subscription Boxes Worth It?

Food subscription boxes are a great service that millions of people worldwide are regularly subscribing to.  With the increasing number of hours spent in the office, and evenings packed full of after school and after-work activities, it can be difficult to find time to prepare dinner.  For this reason, meal subscription boxes are a great option for people.

When comparing the cost of buying groceries at the grocery store to ordering a meal subscription box, many subscribers find that the cost is usually quite comparable.  Many big-name food subscription box companies, like Blue Apron, advertise complete meals that cost just under $8 per plate.  For the time savings, variety, and convenience this cost is hard to compete against.

Which Food Subscription Box Is Best?

While there are many different food subscription boxes available for purchase it can be tempting to ask which food subscription box is best?  The real answer to this question is which box works the best for your needs.  For some families having a fully prepared meal is essential to feed everyone a healthy and tasty meal.

For others, simply having a food subscription box that provides plenty of fruit and veggie options is enough to supplement meals.  For others still, having tasty and healthy snack options is needed to take something to eat in between meals.  To determine which food subscription box is best, it is important to think about what your needs are and narrow down your food box subscription options after that.

It is important too that you consider your own diet, allergies, and preferences for meals.  Many foods and meal subscription boxes are created with specific diets in mind.  It is possible to find companies that only use organic fruits and vegetables, or only provide high protein diets or Keto diets.  It is important to identify what is most important for you before choosing a box.

What are the most significant benefits of food subscription boxes?

Subscribing to a food subscription box has several benefits.  First, a food subscription box is a huge time saver.  Many families like to have a pre-portioned meal that can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.  For busy families, this is the perfect way to still give your family a healthy meal without spending hours shopping and preparing a meal.

Many people find that a food subscription box is an excellent way to save money.  Many of the meals can be prepared for as little as $8 per plate, which is a cost-saving compared to buying groceries in a traditional grocery store.  Further, because the ingredients are portioned appropriately, beginner cooks can save money without having to buy large quantities of spices and seasonings which can be costly.

Lastly, food subscription boxes allow families to try new foods and recipes.  Often, people are scared to try a new recipe without proper ingredients or instruction.  Many food subscription boxes send the exact recipe and make it easy for people to make exciting new meals at home.  Food subscription boxes allow people to expand their food palate without having to grow their budget. Plus, food subscription boxes are excellent for new cooks to learn how to prepare healthy, delicious meals at home.

How can fresh ingredients and food be shipped in the mail?

Many people question how fresh their food will be once it arrives at the door.  Food subscription boxes are often packed the day before the ingredients are shipped to your house.  Depending on your location, food will be shipped with the necessary packing items to keep your food and ingredients at the right temperature.  Refrigerated boxes, ice packs, and dry ice are often used to guarantee that your food is delivered on time, fresh, and ready to cook.

Many produce subscription boxes are shipped with incredibly fresh fruits and vegetables.  Shipments can be set up weekly or every two weeks to provide top of the line, fresh fruits and vegetables regularly to your home.

Where can you find subscription boxes for drinks?

Just as there are food subscription boxes there are also plenty of opportunities for a beverage subscription box.  These subscriptions can be set up for just one month, 3, 6, or 12 months.  Prices vary depending on the frequency and size of the shipment, but packages start at just $39 per month for wine or beer and increase in price for cocktails.  Many subscription services for beverages can be located online, where users are able to create an account to manage preferences and shipping frequency.