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12 Different Fire Pit Accessories and Tools

Friends gather around an open fire pit with sticks for roasting marshmallow.

Having a fire pit in your own backyard is a great way to bring entertainment outdoors. No matter the season, gathering around the roaring fire to grill over or enjoy a few drinks with family and friends makes it one of the coolest places to hang out.

It’s easy to build lasting memories when you have the right fire pit tools and accessories to use. Check out our list below so you know what’s needed to keep the fire and the fun going.

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1. Fire Pit Poker Stick

Fire pit poker stick resting on a round fire pit.

Source: Amazon

The most traditional tool that anyone will use in a fire pit or a fireplace is the poker stick. People use these poker sticks in order to move their firewood around. They can reposition certain things while keeping a safe distance from the flame. It’s important to have one of these because there are going to be many times when you will need to move the fire around a bit.

This fire pit poker stick here is forty-six inches long. This makes it perfect for staying a good distance away from the fire while still being able to do what you need to do. Stoking the fire will be simple when you have this tool to use. You’ll be able to move things around just right, and you’ll never feel like it was difficult to do.

There are many different types of fire pit poker sticks on the market. Most of them won’t be quite as long as the one being shown here. It is beneficial to have that extra length just to keep yourself safer. You’ll like how easy this tool is to use, and you’ll be glad that you bought it.

2. Log Claw Grabber

Log claw grabber on open fire pit.

Source: Amazon

A log claw grabber is going to make moving your firewood around a lot safer. You don’t want to put yourself at risk when you need to add a log to the fire or move a log that is already in the fire. You will need to reposition logs in your fire pit to keep the fire going properly from time to time. Owning a log claw grabber will make this process so much better than it would otherwise be.

The log claw grabber is very simple to use. You simply hold onto the end of it and press the lever to grab onto a log with the claw. You can then move the log around freely and position it wherever it is that you need it to go. There is no need to risk getting too close to the fire when you have one of these log claw grabbers handy.

This tool is really lightweight, and that makes it easy to use. It only weighs two pounds, so you won’t feel like it is cumbersome to use at any point in time. Despite being so lightweight, it is actually very durable. It is made out of steel and will prove to be a reliable tool for you.

If you want to have a safe fire pit experience, then it will pay to own one of these tools. You will be able to grab onto logs and move them around with ease. Anything that can make your experience simpler will add to the enjoyment of your fire pit. You shouldn’t be without this convenient tool.

3. Ash Bucket

Ash bucket full of ashes on concrete background.

Owning an ash bucket is pretty important when you want to have a fire pit. The ash that your fire pit creates need to be placed somewhere and a good ash bucket is going to make your life a lot easier. You want to be able to clean up the fire pit area after you have made use of it. A bucket that can hold a lot of ashes is going to make the cleanup process a lot quicker than it would otherwise be.

Keeping your ash bucket near your fire pit area is going to be the best thing to do. You will be able to use your shovel to scoop the ash up and place it in the bucket. Your fire pit area will remain clean and ready for you to use it the next time the mood strikes you. The ashes will stay secure inside of the ash bucket, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

The best ash buckets will come with lids that will prevent ash from spilling out. You don’t want to have a bunch of random ashes on your lawn, so you want to make sure that you buy a secure ash bucket. They won’t be hard to find, so you should have an easy time getting what you need. A rugged steel bucket that can hold plenty of ashes will definitely prove to be useful.

This specific ash bucket even comes with an ash shovel. Note that not all ash buckets will come with shovels included. The shovel that is included with this ash bucket doesn’t have a very long handle, either, so it might not prove to be the best shovel for your fire pit. You may want to buy a longer shovel, but the ash bucket itself is definitely top-notch.

4. Fire Pit Shovel

Firepit shovel on white background.

Source: Amazon

In order to clean up the ash properly, you are going to want to own a quality fire pit shovel. Buying a shovel like this is going to make it simple to clean the area up when your fire has died out. You’ll be able to scoop everything up and dispose of it properly. You will want to buy a shovel that is long and durable for this task.

This shovel here is made out of wrought iron. It is twenty-seven inches long and will work perfectly for shoveling ash. You can also make use of this shovel to move things around while your fire is going on if you need to do so. It may be a good idea to wear gloves just to be safe, but the length of the shovel should protect you from harm.

The look of this shovel is really nice too. It has an ornate style to it that gives it a certain classic appeal. It is very sturdy and will be great for keeping your fireplace clean. You’ll be able to rely on it for many years to help keep your fire pit going strong.

5. Roasting Skewers

Close up of marshmallow on skewer on fire pit.

Cooking over an open flame is something that people love to do. It is almost like a summer tradition for many people to roast marshmallows or other treats in their fire pit. If you are a fire pit enthusiast, then you definitely want to own a couple of roasting skewers. You will be able to use them to roast many different things over your fire, and it will always be a fun experience.

Most people use these roasting skewers to roast marshmallows, but they can be used to roast lots of different things. If you are in the mood to have some kebabs, then you could roast a combination of meats and vegetables using this tool. Really, all you have to do is stick whatever you want to roast on the end of your skewer. Cook it over the flame until it is done, and you will be good to go.

It’s a fun tool that you should definitely own if you are going to have a fire pit. This will allow you to have an even better time than usual while you’re entertaining company. A good set of roasting skewers can help you to create cherished summer memories with your friends and family. It’s definitely worth the small price of entry just to have a bit of fun.

The set being shown here comes with twelve different roasting skewers. They even have a telescoping feature that can make roasting something at an angle a little bit easier than it would otherwise be. They’re made of a non-toxic stainless steel, too, so you can feel safe using them to roast food. It’s a good tool that you should definitely own for your fire pit.

6. Firewood Log Rack

Stainless steel firewood log rack with wooden base full of chopped logs.

You need to have a convenient place that you can store all of your firewood. Firewood is one of the most essential elements of having a fire outside. You’re going to keep a lot of firewood around if you plan on having fires regularly, and you might even want to chop your own firewood. Simply placing all of your firewood on the ground isn’t going to be the optimal solution, so you need to seek out a storage method that will work for you.

The best thing that you can do is to buy a firewood log rack that can store all of your firewood. This is going to be really easy to set up overall. Most people wind up positioning their fireplace log rack against their garage or a barn. You can stack the firewood on the log rack very easily, and it will look organized.

Being able to store your firewood in an organized fashion is really appealing. It is going to look a lot better than having a pile of logs on the ground. It will also be easier to pick up the amount of firewood that you need and transfer it over to your fire pit. It really is something that you won’t want to be without, especially if you want everything to look aesthetically pleasing.

Thankfully, buying a firewood log rack will be very simple. You won’t have to pay an outrageous sum of money to get a nice one. It will hold plenty of firewood, and you’ll always feel like you will have enough of it around if you keep it stocked up. For those who appreciate fire pits, owning one of these racks is going to be imperative.

7. Open Fire Popcorn Popper

Open fire popcorn popper used on a campfire.

Source: Amazon

Many people like to enjoy some snacks outdoors with friends when they are having a fire. One of the most traditional snacks that people enjoy is popcorn. It can be a lot of fun to pop popcorn on an open fire. In order to do this as safely as you possibly can, you are going to want to buy an open fire popcorn popper.

This handle tool makes it very simple to pop popcorn over an open flame. You simply place the popcorn kernels inside of the popper. You then grab onto the long handle of your popcorn popper and hold it over the open flame until the popcorn is done. It can take a bit of practice to do things just right without burning your popcorn, but once you know the timing, it is a really good experience.

The popcorn popper is very lightweight, which makes it easy to use. You won’t feel like holding it up above the flame is too cumbersome. It’ll be simple enough to use that it will always feel more like fun than it does cooking. The popper is still fairly durable, as well, so you won’t have to worry about it having longevity issues.

Cleaning up the popcorn popper is simple, too. You can easily wash this out with a little bit of soap and water. If you want to enhance the fun of your fire pit, then purchasing an open fire popcorn popper is an excellent idea. It’ll be fun to use, and your children will definitely enjoy it.

8. Fire Pit Log Grates

Fireplace log grate under logs and fire.

Source: Amazon

Buying fire pit log grates will help your fire to be even more fun. If you have built a fire pit that is mostly just a circle area in your backyard, then using this fire pit log grate is definitely going to come in handy. You can set this grate right in the middle of your fire pit and then stack logs on top of it. This will make starting a fire even easier, as you will be able to set some kindling underneath the grate to allow it to reach to logs from underneath.

A tool like this makes controlling your fires a bit easier. You will also be able to stack the logs more effectively when you have a fire pit log grate. You won’t have to be worried about the logs falling over or anything rolling out of the pit. It’s simply a convenient way to make your fire pit experience a bit better than it would otherwise be.

Of course, these fire pit log grates are only useful for people who were making fires on the ground. If you have a dedicated fire pit that is made out of some type of cast metal, then these aren’t going to be useful to you. You will already have a place to set your logs and won’t have to worry about making this purchase. It just depends on your situation and the type of fire pit that you are making use of.

People also use these log grates for indoor fireplaces. If you also own a home that has a fireplace, then you will want to consider looking into these grates. They’re very nice, and they function quite well. It’s a good purchase to make when you want to keep things organized and can make starting fires as easy as possible.

9. Bellows

Fireplace bellows on white background.

Source: Amazon

Bellows are definitely more associated with indoor fireplaces and furnaces than they are outdoor fire pits. Regardless, owning bellows will allow you to fan the flames effectively and really get your fire going. They’re a good tool to own if you enjoy having fires that will keep everyone warm on a cool night. Using bellows won’t take a great level of understanding, as it is a pretty simple concept that everyone is familiar with.

You simply squeeze the handles of the bellows together to produce a blast of air. This helps to fan the flame and will make getting a fire started much simpler. Many people use these for indoor fireplaces but they will be very useful for a fire pit as well. You’ll be able to maintain the fire and keep it from going out when you use the bellows properly.

The bellows being shown here are very nice looking, too. They definitely look pretty decorative, but don’t let the fancy nature of these bellows fool you. They’re a very practical tool that will be effective at helping you control your fire. The espresso finish is certainly nice to look at, but it will also perform very nicely at what you need it to do.

The nozzle of this bellows is zinc-cast, and it will stand up to regular use. It’s going to become a tool that you’ll be using on a regular basis. You’ll have an easier time getting a good fire going than ever before if you purchase this tool. It’s worthwhile because it simply makes the process of starting a fire a bit easier while also giving you more control when trying to maintain it.

10. Heat-resistant Gloves

Person wearing a heat resistant gloves while grilling.

Source: Etsy

If you are going to be doing a lot of cooking on your fire pit, then it is important to stay safe. It can be a lot of fun to cook outside and enjoy grilling various meats. You just need to make sure that you don’t have any mishaps while you’re trying to cook up tasty foods for your friends and family. Owning a pair of heat-resistant gloves will make it a lot safer to handle the tools that you’ll be using to cook.

Getting burned is not any fun at all, and it can totally ruin your day. Owning a quality pair of heat-resistant gloves is the perfect way to reduce the risk of accidental injury. You won’t have to be as concerned about making a small mistake when you have these gloves to rely on. Fire is still something that needs to be respected and treated with caution, but you won’t have to be quite as concerned as normal.

These heat-resistant gloves will work excellently to keep you safe from harm. It is smart to wear them, even when you are simply stoking the flames of your fire pit. This keeps you from burning yourself on any metal that has heated up. It will also protect you from random embers that just so happen to fly up when you’re moving the fire around.

Gloves like this are comfortable to wear, too. You won’t feel like it is a bother to have them on while you are cooking over your fire pit. It will be a natural experience, and you’ll enjoy the increased peace of mind. It’s a good purchase that you will definitely want to make to keep yourself safe.

11. Fire Pit Covers

Metal fire pit cover on white background.

Source: Houzz

If you want to be able to keep your fire pit in good condition, then you should think about buying a quality fire pit cover. There will definitely be certain times of the year that you won’t be able to use your fire pit. Unless you live in an environment that doesn’t have a cold season, you likely won’t be using your fire pit during the winter months. It will be in your best interests to cover the fire pit up during this period of time.

You want your fire pit to be kept safe so that it will be ready to use when the season for it comes around. Using a quality fire pit cover will ensure that you will only have to do minimal work to get things ready when you want to start enjoying having fires again. These fire pit covers are really convenient, and you will be able to purchase them in many different shapes and sizes. No matter what type of fire pit you are using, you’ll be able to find the right cover to suit your needs.

The fire pit cover being shown off here is an excellent cover to use for all seasons. Purchasing this one is highly recommended because you can make use of it at any time. Covering your fire pit whenever it isn’t in use may be a good idea. It will keep things nice and safe so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Making use of this excellent fire pit cover will be simple, so you’ll have no troubles covering the fire pit and getting everything tucked away.

This cover is tan and looks pretty nice overall. It is made out of polypropylene and will be more than durable enough for your purposes. It will keep your fire pit from being tarnished by the elements, and it will look pretty good while doing it. It isn’t too expensive either, so it’s a good option that you should definitely consider if you want to keep your fire pit safe.

12. Fire Pit Seating

Beautiful and comfortable fire pit seating around a fire pit next to a swimming pool.

You don’t have much of a fire pit if you don’t have any seating. Fortunately, you have many options for seating – whether you need to accommodate a couple people or a lot of people. You can build it yourself or buy it. We showcase all kinds of fire pit seating here.