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52 Different Types of Electronics You Can Buy for Your Home

Technology is a fantastic thing, and it makes our lives easier and better. It improves quickly and allows us to automate our houses. The products on the market that can help advance your home are unbelievable. I remember when being able to program my coffee maker to have my coffee ready when I woke up was a vast improvement.

Now, the options are limitless as to what I can control from my cell phone. Not only can I see what is happening in my house, but I can control my locks, lights, and just about everything else. With so many smart home devices, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Check out this article to find out all the types of electronics you can buy for your home available so you can pick the perfect one for you.

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Robot Vacuum Cleaners

A close look at a robot vacuum cleaner.

A robotic vacuum cleaner makes home clean up a breeze. They have been around for quite some time and have improved drastically over time. You can connect the robot vacuum to your home Wi-Fi so that you can control it from anywhere you are located.

You never have to worry about unexpected dinner guests again with a robotic vacuum cleaner. You can start the vacuum cleaning before you even get home. They have multiple cleaning modes and filters to make cleaning your vacuum cleaner easy.

These vacuums are able to determine if there are obstacles in the way and move around them. Some robot vacuum cleaners are able to empty their own bin. They can clean many different floor types. You can schedule the robot cleaner to start cleaning at a scheduled time. Some vacuum cleaners are so advanced that they get clean in the corners of a room.

Smart Alarm Clocks

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio, USB port for iPhone/iPad/iPod/Android and Tablets, CKS1708

Click image for more info

Smart alarm clocks have provided new ways to help you wake up in the morning. It is proven that sunlight helps you wake up because it impacts your internal clock. This is why it is harder to wake up on dark and rainy days. Your body thinks you should still be sleeping. Some smart alarm clocks help you wake up naturally.

The smart alarm clock light is the solution you need. Anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes before your wake-up time, these alarm clocks turn on their light on a low setting. It slowly gets brighter until your room is completely engulfed in a light that simulates the sun. This helps you to wake up naturally and allows you to feel more energized when you wake up.

Some other smart alarm clocks move so you have to chase them around the room. No longer will you be able to hit the snooze button. Once the alarm goes off, the clock moves so you have to find it to turn it off. This clock prevents you from oversleeping. By the time you have gotten up to turn it off, you are already awake.

Smart Switches

A woman controlling the smart switch of the house.

If you have ever left the house and wondered if you turned off the coffee maker or your curling iron, then smart switches are for you. These switches are easy to use. You plug this switch into the wall and then plug your appliance into the switch. You are able to control that appliance with your phone. You can turn the switch on or off from your phone. You can set a schedule, so the item turns on or off at a specific time. Anything that has a plug can be used with these switches.

Smart Light Bulbs

A woman controlling the light bulb with her phone.

You can control your light bulbs with your smartphone or device. When you purchase these special light bulbs that you can turn on and off without ever touching a light switch. You can schedule the lights to go on or turn off at a particular time.

You can even turn the on or off when you are away from home. Never worry about getting home after dark and not leaving on the light ever again because you can control your lights with your device. All you need is Wi-Fi, the app, and smart light bulbs.

Smart Faucets

Moen 7594EWSRS Arbor Motionsense Wave Sensor Touchless One-Handle Pulldown Kitchen Faucet Featuring Power Clean , Spot Resist Stainless

Click image for more info

Smart faucets are a way to save water and be more hygienic. Smart faucets are environmentally friendly as they save gallons of water every year. You do not have to touch the faucet for it to turn on as it is controlled by a motion sensor.

They are inexpensive and easy to use. They are great for children, disabled, and older individuals. Since you use less water you are able to reduce your carbon footprint. When you are not touching the faucet, it helps to reduce contamination and germs in your bathroom.

Smart Night Lights

Philips SmartSleep Connected Sleep and Wake-Up Light, Personalized Sunrise and Sunset, SleepMapper App Enabled, Sleep Environment Tracking, HF3670/60

Click image for more info

There are nightlights, and then there is the most practical way to light your path. The smart night lights take the place of your regular outlet cover plate. You can easily switch them out with just one screw in no time at all. The cover has a sensor, so the lights come on only when it is dark.

They have three LED lights at the bottom of the cover plate. It looks like any other cover plate until the sun goes down and the lights come on. They do not stand out like a plugin night light. They come in white, almond, or ivory colors.

Smart Thermostats

A woman controlling the thermostat with her phone.

Smart thermostats are simple to use and do much of the thinking for you. You are able to set the temperature in your house and create a schedule for when the temperature in your house changes. You can even change the temperature when you are away from home.

They learn your schedule and your preferences to control the temperature in your house when no one is home. You no longer have to do any programming as this thermostat figures it out for you. They have touchscreens that are easy to use and intuitive.

They can even synch with many of your other smart devices. Some smart thermostats respond to voice commands making it even easier to control the temperature in your house.

Wireless Charging Pad

A close look at a Wireless Charging Pad at home.

The wireless charging pad allows you to charge your watch and phones all on one charging pad. This wireless charging pad is a mini station that does not require cables. You simply place your devices, Android or Apple, on this pad, and they will change. They must be wireless (Qi) charging capable.

These chargers allow you to remove clutter and cables. All you have to do is put your devices on the pad and let it charge. Some wireless charging pads allow you to charge one device at a time, while others let you charge multiple devices at one time.

Energy Strip Surge Protectors

Gosund Smart Power Strip Work with Alexa Google Home, Smart Plug Mini WiFi Outlets Surge Protector with 3 USB 3 Charging Port for Cruise Ship Travel Multi Plug Extender,10A

Click image for more info

There are many surge protection strip options available. They do more than just provide some extra outlets for you allowing you to plug in more items at one time. Many surge protectors have three-prong surge-protected outlets. Some of them can be controlled by Siri or the app. You can control each outlet individually. You are able to synch the control of the lights to your daily activities.

Any item that is plugged into the electrical outlet is protected from a power surge. The energy strip charts the power being used by whatever is plugged into it and will shut down anything that is sucking power. It provides a report of the amount of energy that is being used, so you always know. Not only is the energy strip functional, but it also looks good.

Smart Mattresses

The C2 Smart Bed from Sleep Number.

Source: Sleep Number

Smart mattresses are included in some of the latest technology to help people sleep. These mattresses track your body temperature through the night and adjust the temperature of the mattress. They use a cooling technology that is hydro-powered.

Some of these smart mattresses gently wake you without an alarm clock and provide you with wellness tracking. Some of them connect to Google Home and Amazon Echo to allow voice control of the settings. Some smart mattresses are able to monitor your sleep pattern to determine if your mattress should be adjusted to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Some of the mattresses allow you to control specific sections of the mattresses instead of having to change the entire mattress. Many of these mattresses have apps that track your sleep and give you ideas about how to improve your sleep.

Remote Controlled Shades

A man controlling the shades with a remote.

There are window shades that are remotely controlled. You never have to close or open your shades by hand again. You can control your shades from just about anywhere with the app. The app is capable of controlling the speed at which your shades open and close. Even better, these shades are honeycomb and insulated.

They have a higher R rating, which means they provide more insulation than other similar shades. A higher R rating means you will have fewer drafts and waste less energy. You will keep your indoor temperature-controlled and not allow in the weather from outside.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self Cleaning Hooded Cat Litter Box - Ultra, Top-Entry - Purple or Taupe - Covered 2nd Generation - Includes Disposable Tray with Premium Blue Crystal Litter and Hood

Click image for more info

If you do not like cleaning up your cat’s litter box, you may want to try a self-cleaning litter box. As soon as your cat leaves the litter box, it has a rake that springs into action. It rakes any waste into a section beneath the box that is covered. The litter has crystals to absorb urine and dehydrate waste to help control unwanted smells. You do have to replace the tray every couple of weeks.

Stovetop Safety Smart Knobs

Safety 1st Stove Knob Covers, 5 Count

Click image for more info

It is easier than you realize to leave your cooktop on once you are finished cooking. If you are trying to prepare multiple food items at the same time while being distracted by something else, it is possible you can leave it on. Leaving your stovetop on and unattended can be dangerous.

The stovetop safety smart knobs solve that problem for you. They have sensors built in that recognize when you have been away from the stove, and they turn it off. It also has a smoke and gas detector. Once it detects either of those, it turns off the knob.

Smart Intercom Systems

Hosmart Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System Real Time, Two -Way Communication, with DECT_6.0 Technology for Home and Office,Hands Free, Portable intercom, with Crystal Clear Sound, 1000 feet Range

Click image for more info

The Smart Intercom system allows you to keep in touch with your family no matter where they are in the house. You can even communicate with them when they are not in the house. A smart intercom system connects with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home device and is simple to use. Instead of yelling throughout the house, you can use the intercom system to talk to your children.

Robotic Window Cleaner

A robotic window cleaner being controlled by a woman.

Dirty windows and mirrors are not only unattractive but annoying. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy the view, only to see dirt from the last time it rained. Windows and mirrors are not easy to clean. They streak easily are often challenging to reach.

The robot window cleaner solves all those problems. It uses suction that is powerful to attach to a vertical surface. You simply put the robot in place, and it does the rest of the work. It uses a microfiber cloth and a squeegee to get the maximum amount of coverage during its four-stage cleaning routine.

Wireless IP Camera

Wireless IP Camera being controlled with a phone.

A wireless IP camera is a great way to see what is happening inside your home. If you have children, pets, or elderly parents in the house, this gives you eyes on the inside all the time. This camera can be installed anywhere, including a bookshelf or on top of the refrigerator.

You can see all the activity happening in the room from any device. You can check the camera or receive a notification whenever there is movement in front of the camera. It has audio and a wide range of video capabilities. The camera also provides night vision, so you can see even when the lights are not on.

Automatic Grill Cleaner

The Red Grillbot from Grillbots.

Source: Grillbot

An automatic grill cleaner is an excellent addition to your backyard BBQ set. One of the worst parts of cooking on the grill is the clean-up afterward. Your grill grates pick up a lot of grease and grime. With the automatic grill cleaner, you do not have to scrap the grates to clean them.

The cleaner does all the work for you. It is a rechargeable robot that cleans with a simple push of a button. Grill cleaners are easy to clean as you can put it right in the dishwasher.

Battery Charger

Four pieces of rechargeable batteries being charged.

Batteries are expensive, especially when you are using single-use batteries. You throw them away once they no longer work, and you are never sure how efficiently they are working. A battery charger allows you to use rechargeable batteries, which provides you savings and less waste. You will always have charged batteries that are ready to use. You can charge batteries quickly by using one of the settings for a quick charge.

Smart Sprinkler System

A woman is controlling sprinkler system of her vegetable garden with her phone.

Caring for your lawn may mean that you need to water it. If you do not have sprinklers installed in your lawn, that means you are responsible for turning on the sprinkler and moving it all around your yard. If you are away from your home or simply forget, you could create gaps in your watering plan.

The smart sprinkler system not only waters your lawn but knows the soil type, sun exposure, and zone. This system connects to your Wi-Fi so it can check the weather and know exactly how much water your lawn should have. This system gives your lawn the precise amount of water it needs at any given time.

Smart Sleep Mat

A smart sleep tracking mat from Withings.

Source: Withings

Sleep tracking mat is a great way to monitor and control your sleep. It is a slim mat that slides easily under a mattress. Once you position it right about chest level, the mat tracks the duration and quality of your sleep cycles. It is able to tell the difference between REM and non-REM sleep.

The most updated version is able to tell when you are having difficulty breathing. It can even tell when you suffer from sleep apnea. It tracks your heart rate and can even tell when you are snoring. It comes with an app that gives you a report of your sleep each night.

Wireless Speaker System

Sonos One (Gen 2) - Voice Controlled Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black

Click image for more info

Wireless speakers are a great way to create an entire system that gives you the ability to stream music in any room throughout your house. They are simple to install as you just plug them in and download the app. You can choose to play sound in different rooms in your house. You can play music in all the rooms that have a wireless speaker system, or just a chosen few.

You must connect them to your Wi-Fi, and that is about it. There are no wires for you to worry about. You can add as many speakers to your system as you like. They offer every piece that you need for your audio system, including a subwoofer, soundbar, surround speakers, and much more.

Smart Slow Cooker

A close look at a smart slow cooker.

Just when you thought your smart cooker could not get any better, here comes the smart slow cooker. Many of us love using a slow cooker, but how many times have you rushed out the door and forgot to turn it on.

How disappointing it is to come home expecting a fully cooked dinner and not even close. Never do you have to worry about that again with this advanced slow cooker. Your smart device and the slow cooker app allow you to turn on your slow cooker from anywhere. You can also adjust the cooking time and temperature. Dinner is always ready when you are with these controls.

Rapid Beverage Cooler

Chill-O-Matic Instant Beverage Cooler, Black

Click image for more info

The Rapid beverage cooler is a great way to get drinks cold quickly. We have all wanted to cold drink only to find that there are none in the fridge, or they just are not cold yet. This beverage cooler rapidly chills any beverage. It can bring a can to the refrigerator temperature in about one minute. A bottle takes almost four minutes.

If you want them really cold, leave them in for twice the amount of time. Either way, in less than 10 minutes, you can have cold drinks without the need for ice. This can be used for carbonated drinks and wine also. All you need is ice and water. You simply plug in the cooler and set the timer.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

A close look at a wireless bluetooth speaker.

A Bluetooth speaker may be small, but it has a big sound. These speakers provide convenience and quality sound, all in a tiny package. You can stream music from a device that is up to 50 feet away from the speaker. It has a lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. It can last for as much as 10 hours on a full charge.

Robotic Lawnmower

This is a close look at a robotic lawn mower on a grass lawn.

You may have heard of a robot vacuum, but what about a robot lawnmower? This is the ultimate in landscaping convenience. Cutting the grass can be a tedious and hot task. Now you can set it and forget it with your lawn. You program the robotic lawnmower to run at specified a time. It sits in a docking station until it is ready to cut the grass.

Once its job is complete, it returns back to the docking station where it charges. The robotic lawnmower has a rain sensor, so it knows to go back to its dock in the rain. It has a child safety feature to protect your children from injury.

Energy Use Monitor

A man is monitoring the energy use of his home with his phone.

With all this new technology in our homes, we may be using more energy than before. Many devices say they are energy efficient. New technology is always looking for ways to provide their products while not draining your energy resources. These energy use monitors can let you know how much energy your devices are using.

It can track the amount of energy something is using and let you know how much it costs. It can show you the cost on a monthly or annual basis. It also lets you know how much energy you are consuming by showing your energy in power plant emissions. This gives you insight into how green you really are. It can help give you estimates for future energy bills as well as suggestions on how to decrease energy use.

Automatic Pet Feeder

This is an automatic pet feeder placed against a red brick wall.

This pet feeder keeps your pet happy and stops you from wondering whether or not you feed your furry friend. This pet feeder provides a set amount of food at a specific time to help you manage your pet’s feeding time. This feeder also acts as a video camera as you can see your pet from the feeder.

You can also interact with your pet from the feeder. This feeder is great when you spend a lot of time away from home or if you travel often. This is a way to make sure your pet gets fed. It also gives you the ability to see your friend.

Smart Sanitizer

AZEUS 7-in-1 Air Purifier for Large Room to 540 ft²,True HEPA Filter with UV-C Sanitizer and Smart Sensor, Eliminates Germs, Filters Allergies, Pollen, Smoke, Dust Pet Dander, Mold Odors,Night Light

Click image for more info

There is a new way to sanitize and purify the air with a smart sanitizer. It helps to eliminate mold and germs. These little purifiers pack a big punch in a little piece of equipment. This takes an existing concept and expands on it by adding UV-C light technology. They reduce the germs in the air and eliminates the smells from cooking. There is no filter to replace. The light bulb does require replacement about every 10 to 12 months.

Smart Vent

Smart Vent Insulated Foundation Flood Vent, FEMA Compliant and ICC-ES Certified - Model 1540-520, 16" x 8" (Stainless Steel)

Click image for more info

Perhaps you have noticed gaps in your heating and cooling. There may be one space that just does not get as warm or cool as the rest of the house. A solution has been created for this problem with a smart vent system. If you have forced air heat, then this is ideal for you. They are easy to install.

Once installed, the vents use sensors to determine if a room has too much or too little air. The vents interact with each other to deliver the right amount of air to the right room. These systems offer an app for your smartphone that allows you to control the vent. You can create a schedule, set temperatures for a specific room, and control thermostats.

Water Leak Detection System

Moen 920-004 Flo by Moen Smart Water Detector, 1-Pack

Click image for more info

If you have ever had damage from a water leak, you know how costly and time-consuming they can be. These detection systems allow you to catch any leak quickly, giving you the ability to control it.

Often times the leak happens in a place where you cannot see it, like behind a wall or under a sink. A water leak detection system not only creates a sound when water is detected, but it will also send an alert to your phone. You can get an email or text with all the information you need.

Smart Locks

A man controlling the lock of his main door with his phone.

If you lose keys more than you would like to admit or have a difficult time opening your door with the key, then a smart lock system may be the right item for you. You can keep your key on your phone or device. You can even use a keypad to unlock your door instead of having to use a key. Smart locks also give you the ability to add a deadbolt to your door to give you even more security.

You have more control over who is entering your house. You can create a spare key for guests that work for a specific amount of time. You can also let them in your house by unlocking the door with your phone. This smart lock gives you the ability to keep a record of those who have entered your house and when.

Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio

A close look at a red Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio with antenna.

While talking about technology, it may seem odd to talk about a hand-crank radio, but you never know what may happen. Even with all this technology, it is possible to lose power, and then many of your devices only work for as long as their batteries hold a charge.

With a hand-crank weather alert radio, you do not have to lose contact when you have a power outage. This is an emergency radio that can operate off three sources, including DC power, a battery that is rechargeable, or a hand crank. You can get local news alerts and charge your phone. It even has an LED flashlight in case you are left in the dark.

Smart Key Finder

A close look at a smart key finder.

If you are known for losing items like your keys, phone, or wallet, then the smart key finder is for you. You may have lost countless hours searching for an item you have lost. The key finder can be your tracker of lost items.

The chip uses Bluetooth to find any item to which it is paired. All you do is press the button and the Tile sounds until you find it. You have the ability to look at a map and see where the item is hiding or its last location. This is an easy way to always keep track of your items that you can never seem to find when you want them.

Electrical Tools with Onboard Voltage Tester

KAIWEETS Non-Contact Voltage Tester & Electrical Outlet Tester/GFCI Tester, Dual Check 2-in-1 Electrical Test Kit With LCD Display, 360° Visual & Audible Indicators, 12V-1000V/48V-1000V Dual Range

Click image for more info

Electrical tools with voltage testers incorporated directly in them are a great new technological advancement. Gone are the days when you cannot find your voltage tester when you need it. They have a screwdriver and wire stripper with the tester built into the handle.

With the press of a button, you can test the wires by moving the handle close to them before you touch them. The voltage tester can be removed from the tool and used as a stand-alone unit. This tool is an inexpensive way to ensure you never lose your tester again.

Doorbell Camera

A close look at a modern doorbell with camera.

The doorbell camera gives you a video option to upgrade your home security system. It connects to your Wi-Fi and shows video of the area outside and around your door. You can access the video from your security camera on your phone from just about anywhere. It provides two-way audio allowing you to have a conversation with the person at your door.

Doorbell cameras send you notifications when someone walks up to your house. You will always know when someone is at your door, even when it is a surprise. Doorbell cameras are about the same size as a traditional doorbell. It comes in many colors allowing you to match your house exterior.

Bluetooth Padlock

Fingerprint Padlock, Bluetooth Lock, Mobile APP, MEGAFEIS Smart Padlock with Keyless Biometric, Water Resistant, Suitable for Gym, Sports, Bike, School, Fence and Storage(Black)

Click image for more info

A Bluetooth padlock takes away the need for a key or remembering a code because having the app on your phone gives you access to remotely open the lock. You just need to make sure you are in the range of Bluetooth. You can set temporary codes for others to use.

When you give out codes, you can track when the codes are used. You can also create a one-time use code for someone that you want to allow access to only once. This is a great way to add a lock and provide convenient access to it.

Kitchen Thermometer

A kitchen thermometer measuring the temperature of a chicken.

While a kitchen thermometer may seem like the easiest kitchen gadget to use. They just got easier to use. How many times have you watched the thermostat slowly tick up so you could take your dish out at the exact right temperature? Now, you can go off and do other things while the thermometer keeps track of your food for you.

You receive alerts to your phone when your food has reached the desired temperature. You can check on your food through your phone. You can also use the device that sits on your countertop with a large LED screen. It can magnetically attach to your oven.

Indoor Smart Herb Garden

A man controlling the light of his indoor herb garden.

If you have had difficulty growing herbs in the past, this is the system for you. If you can work a coffee maker, you can grow herbs with the Indoor Smart Herb Garden. Kits are sold individually and include everything you need. They have seed cartridges that are complete with nutrients. The product comes with a plant light. You fill the planter with water, and the system does the rest of the work for you.

Barcode Scanner

A close look at a woman scanning the bar code.

You can install a barcode scanner on your garbage can or recycling can. It scans the barcodes of items you throw away and adds those items to your grocery list. You never have to worry about forgetting something you need again. They include voice recognition when there is not a barcode.

The barcode scanner asks you the item you are throwing away. It can also add the items to your doordash, and they will be delivered automatically. You will not ever have to go to the grocery store again.

Smart Coffee Maker

A man controlling the coffee maker with his phone.

A smart coffee maker is not an ordinary coffee maker. It pushes the boundaries for coffee brewing to allow you to make your perfect coffee creations. It has adjustable settings for water temperature and promises your coffee is within 1 degree of that temperature.

It has an oversized head with water flow that is pulsed. This complete soak the coffee giving you the perfect cup of coffee. It uses paper or reusable filters. It includes a water reservoir that is stainless steel. The machine comes with large buttons and an easy-to-see smart display.

Hood Light

A kitchenette with an electric stove and a smart hood above it.

A Cooker Hood with a panel going around the perimeter of the hood gives you the ultimate LED lights. It can go above an island or mounted to a wall. The hood comes in stainless steel or white matte.

This hood provides increased efficiency and noise reduction with its motors. It has a control panel that looks classy and adds to the soft shape of the hood. Everything on this hood has been optimized to give you proper venting along with bright and clean light.

Smart Cube

The Smart Cube Power Strip from VIVEMJ.

Source: VIVEMJ

The smart cube changes the way you use a power strip. This is not a power strip, but a cube instead. It provides four power outlets that have three prongs. It includes two charging USB port options. The way this cube is configured, you do not have to fight for space as you do with a traditional surge protector. It does not block the other outlets preventing you from using them.

Garage Door Opener Hub

A close look at the smart garage door hub being pushed.

A garage hub boasts a two-horsepower motor, which is more than double the power of a typical garage door opener. This belt drive is steel reinforced and incredibly quiet. The garage hub motion sensor turns on the light when you need it. The light is an LED to give you long-lasting brightness. It has seven ports that you can fill however you would like.

These garage door hubs offer a fan, temperature sensor, Bluetooth speaker, battery backup, an electrical cord that retracts as optional modules for your garage hub. You can add a laser detection system that verifies that your car is parked in the proper location.

Recessed Lighting

A close look at a beige ceiling with recessed lights.

If you want to transform your existing recessed lighting, you should consider LED modules for your recessed lights. This light fits most five-inch or six-inch housings. They are simple to install but easily screwing the adapter into the current socket. You connect the ground wire and snap it into place.

The LED bulb uses only 10 watts but puts out 600 lumens, which is the same as 65 watts. The expected life of this LED bulb is about 50,000 hours. It comes in satin nickel or white finish. It can be used in areas that are wet or damp. You can also use a dimmer switch with this LED bulb.

Portable Projector

A close look at a small portable projector and a smart phone on the side.

You probably did not realize how much you needed a portable projector until you have seen a miniature and portable projector. They are roughly the size of a can of soda. It is chargeable and gives three hours of power on a full charge. They can project 720 p, 200 ANSI lumens video. They can also project an image on a television that is as large as 100 inches.

Smart Fork

The hapifork smart bluetooth fork from thegadgetflow.

Source: GadgetFlow

You may know that how quickly you eat can impact how much you eat. Now there is a fork to give you gentle reminders about your eating habits. Smart electric forks not only monitors but track your eating habits. It has vibrations and lights that let you know when you are eating too fast.

It comes with an app that shows you a dashboard that helps you keep track of your progress. The fork can help you control your weight and resolve digestive problems you may have. This lightweight fork is the same size as a regular fork.

Precision Measuring Cup

8 oz. Accu-Pour PP Measuring Pitcher (1 Pitcher)

Click image for more info

Kitchen gadgets are amazing tools to help you make your kitchen more efficient. Sometimes, they are just fun ways to spice up your kitchen. Precision measuring cups are a fun and functional tool for your kitchen. You can measure by filling up the cup to the level you want. You can also use the digital functionality of the measuring cups.

The cup has a scale inside it to measure the contents. You can measure by weight, and then the cup quickly converts it to whatever measurement you need, from grams to ounces to pounds. No longer will you have to figure out the measurement because this measuring cup does it for you.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

A close look at a Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector that can be controlled with smart phone.

A smart detector provides you with the most reliable carbon monoxide and smoke detection. It can integrate with other smart home devices. The smart detector alerts you with a voice prompt to let give you an early warning if there is carbon monoxide or smoke detected in your home.

It also uses wavelengths to determine if there is a slow or fast-burning fire in your house. A smart detector also connects to your device to allow you to get alerts directly to your phone. The alerts to your phone give you complete information, including alerting you as to which room in the house has smoked. Smart detectors are self-testing.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker by Amazon.

Smart speakers allow you to complete a variety of tasks. They can provide information on time, date, weather, and the news. They can stream music. They can be a virtual assistant. They can connect to your device and put appointments and reminders on your calendar. Many smart speakers are voice-controlled. Some of them have a screen on which you can control the speaker. They can set alarms and make phone calls, among many other tasks.

Wi-Fi Mesh Network Systems

TP-Link Deco Mesh WiFi System(Deco M5) –Up to 5,500 sq. ft. Whole Home Coverage and 100+ Devices,WiFi Router/Extender Replacement, Anitivirus, 3-pack

Click image for more info

A Wi-Fi mesh system may sometimes be called an extender. It is a series of bases that connect to one another and communicate as a way to extend your Wi-Fi to all parts of your house. They are simple to configure and support higher Wi-Fi speeds. These mesh systems are a great way to push your Wi-Fi to all corners of your home. This system helps get rid of any dead Wi-Fi zones in your house.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Neatmaster Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Electronic Plug in Indoor Pest Repellent, Pest Control for Home, Office, Warehouse, Hotel (White)

Click image for more info

An ultrasonic pest repeller is an excellent way to rid your home of pests like rodents and bugs. You do not have to pay steep exterminator bills or squash the bugs yourself. This system is a gentler and safer alternative. It releases ultrasonic waves that are powerful enough to keep these pests from your home.

It does not kill them, but they do not want to be anywhere near the sound. The sounds waves cannot be heard by humans, but it is high pitched and bother pests. If you have pets at home, some are sensitive to these sounds. It should not bother dogs, but cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs may not like it.

Smart Refrigerator

A woman with a smart fridge in the kitchen.

A smart refrigerator is connected to the cloud and you can use your device to know what food is inside. A smart refrigerator can adjust the humidity, airflow, and temperature in the refrigerator to help keep food fresher longer. If the refrigerator requires service, a technician can perform diagnostics remotely. If one of the refrigerator doors remains open, you can receive alerts to your mobile device. A smart refrigerator also alerts you when an item in your refrigerator is running low.


How Does a Smart Home Work?

A smart home is one that allows you to control just about everything inside your house. You can control the lights, thermostat, cameras, and even your vacuum through an app on your smartphone or another device. You just need an internet connection and all devices must be on the same Wi-Fi.

These can be wireless systems, hard-wired, or a combination of the two. These options bring a large amount of convenience and savings to you. There are many options available and there is no shortage of what you can control.

What Electronics Do I Need to Turn My House into a Smart Home?

With all the options, it is hard to know exactly which ones you really need. One of the best options you can pursue if you are new to smart technology options is to get a hub that allows you to connect multiple components. Then you can add items such as smart light bulbs, cameras, speakers, sensors, and anything else you want. You will be able to control everything from one app on your phone.

What Specific Smart Devices Should I Consider?

If you are interested in an overall home device, you could consider the Amazon echo with the clock. If you want a doorbell with video, look into the Nest Hello. The August Smart Lock is a great option for smart locks. The Ecobee SmartThermostat is a great thermostat option and the Philips Hue is a great smart light bulb option to consider.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Smart Home Electronics?

For some, the cost of purchasing smart items for your home can be too high. Some of the items are reasonably priced, while others are expensive. Sometimes, the upfront cost is high but it can save you money in the long run. Some do not want to put up the money upfront to reap the savings in the end.

When you use smart home electronics, you do have a dependency on the internet. You must have an internet connection and Wi-Fi for these components to interact with each other. Sometimes, but not always, you may need a professional to install your smart device, depending on what it is. This will also depend on your comfort level with installing the item yourself.