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10 Different Types of Dog Beds

Cute dogs on their beds, collage photo.

Dogs are a man’s best friend and generally similar to humans when it comes to sleeping. They also dream, have a sleep cycle and have four different sleep positions. While all dogs dream, puppies and senior dogs do so more often than adult dogs.

Working dogs such as police dogs work for most of the day while typical house dogs can take naps throughout the day when they get bored. When dogs curl up in a ball sleeper position, they do so to protect their organs, an instinct passed down from their ancestors who did so to protect themselves from predators and to keep warm during wintertime.

Depending on their breed, dogs do get hot and cold. They also prefer sleeping around their owners because their owners make them feel safe and protected. In fact, 45 percent of dogs in the U.S. sleep in their owner’s bed.

These all boils down to the fact that just like us, dogs benefit from their own personal bed. A dog bed keeps them warm all-year-round, gives them some privacy and security to retreat to from time to time, serves as a soft place to cushion the joints and bones of older or overweight dogs, prevents injuries, provides comfort, and even holds shed hair for easier cleaning.

1. Memory Foam Dog Bed

A chocolate Labrador resting on a memory foam dog bed.

Memory foam dog beds are perfect for pets that are getting a little bit older and need to stay comfortable during the night. Just the same as humans, pets can be prone to having aches and pains. If your dogs are not sleeping comfortably enough at night, then they may wind up being sore or having other problems during the day.

You can help your dog to feel better by ensuring that it has a high-quality dog bed to sleep on. One of the more popular dog bed options in modern times is the memory foam dog bed. This type of dog bed shares many similarities with the memory foam mattresses that people use so commonly.

It is a good type of material that will mold perfectly to your dog’s body. Memory foam eliminates pressure points and takes the stress out of sleeping.

People who sleep using memory foam beds often report getting significantly better sleep than they did with a traditional mattress. The same can be true for your dog. If your dog is getting up there in years and needs a really comfortable place to sleep, then buying it a memory foam dog bed is going to be a nice thing to do.

This memory foam dog bed here comes in several different colors and sizes. Depending on the size of your pet, you may want a smaller bed or a very large one. The different color options allow you to pick something that will match up well with the general style of your room too.

It’s a great dog bed that will help your pet to feel much more energetic in the morning.

2. Orthopedic Dog Bed

Orthopedic Dog Bed

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Orthopedic dog beds are another type of bed that people will turn to when their dogs are having health problems. If your dog has issues with its muscles or has hip problems, then it is going to be important to have a quality bed to sleep on.

A good orthopedic dog bed can help to alleviate pain and will allow your dog to sleep through the night properly. It’s one of the best solutions when your dog needs a little extra comfort to feel like its usual self in the morning.

The orthopedic foam that is used in this dog bed can really make a huge difference. If your dog has been prone to joint pain, then this will be a great help to you. It can reduce joint pain significantly and will also help to improve your dog’s mobility.

such as this provide the right support for your dog’s neck, back, and other aching body parts, making it much easier to recover during the night.

This bed is available in two different sizes. There is a medium model and also a large model that will work nicely for bigger dogs. This bed is perfect for pets that are a little bit older but it will be a very comfortable bed for a dog of any age. This is a good bed to purchase when you want your dog to get comfortable sleep during the night.

Cleaning this dog bed is going to be really easy too. The cover is completely removable and you can wash it in your washing machine so long as you use the gentle or delicate cycle. It’s simple to wash it up by hand as well so you can maintain a comfortable, clean sleeping area for your dog.

This is a good cost-effective option for dogs that need a little extra support during the night.

3. Pet Sofa Dog Bed

A Jack Russell Terrier resting on a pet sofa dog bed.

If your dog is similar to most dogs, then he or she probably enjoys getting up on the sofa. You may have trained your dog to stay off of your sofa but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t like it. You could make the decision to treat your dog to its own comfy little sofa dog bed if you want to.

These types of beds are shaped just the same as little sofas and dogs generally seem to love them. The comfort level of these dog beds is actually very high. Sleeping on one of these sofa dog beds should feel quite similar to taking a nap on a real sofa.

They are very plush and feel very supportive, making them good bed options for dogs of any age. Even dogs with special needs will be able to feel comfortable on a sofa dog bed that has the right features.

Owners like these types of dog beds because they can look quite stylish. There are some dog beds that don’t look as nice as these but a sofa dog bed is going to fit in perfectly with your décor.

It may even be possible to get a sofa dog bed that matches up with your own sofa. The dog bed that is being shown here is available in many different colors and styles.

There are also different sizes of this dog bed for you to consider. You’ll be able to find a great sofa dog bed whether you have a small dog or a very large dog. Once you get the bed positioned where you want it to be, it will be one of your dog’s favorite spots in the entire house. This is a good bed that will get plenty of use over the years.

4. Donut-Style Dog Bed

Top view of a Yorkie dog sleeping on his donut-style dog bed with his toys.

Donut-style dog beds are among the most typical types of dog beds on the market. These dog beds are usually quite inexpensive and will work well to help your dog companion get a good night of sleep.

They will come in many different colors and you should be able to buy a bed such as this in just about any size. It will be a very good bed for most dogs and you won’t need to pay a lot of money to get one either.

These dog beds are also sometimes referred to as round dog beds. People have taken to calling them donut-style dog beds due to how reminiscent they are of the shapes of donuts. Sometimes these beds aren’t perfectly round and other times they will be. Whatever shape the dog bed is, it will be able to give your dog a great spot to curl up and sleep.

If your dog is the type of dog that wants to curl up when it takes a nap, then these beds will work out excellently. In order for a dog to use this bed properly, it will generally want to sleep in a curled-up position. These beds aren’t usually large enough for a dog to completely sprawl out.

This makes these beds more appealing for dogs that sleep curled up and less appealing for those that sleep with their limbs outstretched.

You could choose to buy a bigger donut-style dog bed than your dog would typically need, though. A larger bed will give your dog more room to spread out. Whatever your decision winds up being, these beds are worth considering due to their low cost. You can find beds such as this at any pet store and they will be rather inexpensive.

5. Cave-Style Dog Bed

A dog resting on his cave-style dog bed.

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Cave-style dog beds are quite interesting and will be something that your dog may have a lot of fun with. Some dogs really enjoy little hiding spots and having a cave-style dog bed is going to provide them with just that.

Rather than being a normal type of dog bed, this cave-style dog bed is a sleeping spot that is kind of similar to a cave with a little alcove that your dog can hop into. Your dog will be able to nap on the bed comfortably while enjoying being nestled in its little cave.

There are many different types of these cave-style dog beds. Some of them look like tipis and others resemble actual caves. Whatever type of cave-style dog bed it is that you decide to buy, your pet should have fun with it. It will give it a really cozy sleeping spot that will keep it warm at night and help it to feel safe.

The cave-style dog bed being shown here is well known for its high comfort levels. This is a very nice dog bed that has faux lamb’s wool inside of it for extra comfort. The bed itself is made out of cotton and feels really soft. Despite being so soft and comfortable, it is actually a rather durable bed that can stand the test of time.

If your dog needs a really comfortable and cozy bed to sleep on, then this will be a good purchase for you to make. This bed is a bit more costly than some of the other options on this list but it is a great premium dog bed option.

You’ll be able to pick from multiple colors and can purchase it in the exact size that will best suit your dog’s needs. It’s easy to wash and maintain, too, so it’s a good buy if you need a nice dog bed.

6. Pillow Dog Bed

A small dog resting on his pillow dog bed by the windows.

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Pillow dog beds are one of the more simple types of dog beds on the market. If you want to avoid any of the complexities of picking out a dog bed and simply want to get something that will work, then buying a pillow dog bed isn’t a bad idea.

These types of dog beds can actually be very comfortable for your dog but they may not have some of the more advanced features of other models. Regardless, this is going to be a cost-effective option that will appeal to many consumers.

For the most part, these types of dog beds look like large pillows that you place on the floor. This is pretty much what the dog bed is. You’ll be buying a large pillow that is made to keep dogs comfortable when they are sleeping. It won’t have many special features but it will provide a comfortable spot for your dog to curl up on and take a nap.

Dogs with special needs may require a more supportive type of dog bed than this. This is pretty much a no-frills type of dog bed that will appeal to healthier dogs. This doesn’t mean that it is bad in any way. It does mean that it can’t offer the same level of support as an orthopedic dog bed or a memory foam dog bed.

Even so, this dog bed option is going to be appealing for people who need a simple dog bed. It is comparable to some of the donut-style dog beds in terms of quality. This is a simple-to-use dog bed that will also be very easy to maintain.

You’ll be able to find many different colors of these pillow dog beds and will find the right one that suits your home nicely.

7. Heated Dog Bed

A Golden Retriever dog resting on his heated dog bed.

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Heated dog beds are good when you are concerned about the winter weather negatively impacting your dog. Not all dogs have thick coats of fur to rely on during the winter. If your dog has thinner fur and tends to get cold during the wintry months, then buying it a heated dog bed may be the right step to take.

It can keep your dog very warm and comfortable while it is sleeping at night.

There are actually many styles of dog beds that have heated variants. You should be able to find most types of dog beds with special heating functionality. It winds up working similarly to a heated blanket. These heated dog beds are temperature-controlled so that they wont get too hot and harm your pet.

When you live in a place that gets very cold, it’s a good idea to take steps to safeguard yourself and your pet. Your pet relies on you for care and you should do everything it takes to ensure its comfort. A heated dog bed may be a good solution to the problem of your pet getting too cold. It will definitely enjoy having a really comfortable, warm spot to sleep at night.

This dog bed here is a nice option for you to look into. It will plug into a normal electrical outlet and can heat up to your dog’s normal body temperature. This should be perfect for warming it up during a wintry night. It only uses six watts of electricity, too, so it’s a very energy-efficient option.

There will be other types of heated dog beds that you can consider as well. If you would like to find a heated sofa dog bed, then those will also be on the market. There are dog beds of many styles that will have the ability to be heated. Take the time to look through what is available and pick the dog bed that will work best for your favorite canine.

8. Outdoor Pet Cot

A dog resting on an outdoor pet cot.

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Some dogs are meant to live outdoors but you still want to be able to make sure that they are taken care of properly. You will feel bad if you know that your beloved dog is outside without a comfortable place to sleep. One of the best things that you can do in this situation is to purchase an outdoor pet cot.

This type of dog bed is going to be able to keep it up off of the ground while providing it with a comfortable sleeping spot.

Most outdoor pet cots are fairly simple but they may come with a few features. Generally, the cots are going to be around a foot up off of the ground. This prevents your dog from getting too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. Sometimes the cots will even have a mesh material for the bed to allow cool air to come from underneath.

Placing a cot such as this outside will be just fine. It has been designed to be able to stand up to the conditions outside. Your pet will have a nice, safe place to sleep that will keep it feeling as good as possible. You’ll be able to worry less and will be glad that you made the purchase.

The pet cot being shown here is actually made for both indoor and outdoor use too. If you want to be able to have a pet cot for the inside of the house, then this one will work great. You can have a solution for either an indoor dog or an outdoor dog if you buy this dog bed. It’s a good product that will definitely help your dog to rest.

9. Pet Cot with Canopy

A dog resting on a pet cot with canopy.

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There are even pet cots on the market that come with canopies. One of the problems with pet cots such as the ones mentioned above is that they will still expose your pet to the rain. If you buy it a pet cot with a convenient canopy, then it will give it a convenient spot where it can escape the rain and get some rest.

It’s a good idea and your pet will definitely appreciate having a good way to stay dry during a rainstorm.

If your pet absolutely must be kept outside due to its size or other factors, then you should think about getting it a bed such as this. You want your pet to be as safe as possible and protecting it from the elements is important.

A simple dog bed purchase such as this can actually wind up making a big difference. It can wind up making your dog less likely to get sick and is a spot that it will enjoy.

This is another pet cot that can be used inside as well. If you would like to use this pet cot inside, then it will fit inside without giving you any problems. It’s a generally nice dog bed so it should work out perfectly for your pet if it likes being off of the ground. Some dogs prefer sleeping on cots versus sleeping on dog beds that lay directly on the floor.

The price of this dog bed is very good as well, especially when you consider the overall build quality. The steel frame and legs of this pet cot are both very sturdy. Even larger dogs will be able to feel comfortable on this type of dog bed. It’s a good buy that you won’t regret so it’s an option that you will want to consider for your dog.

10. Blankets

A dog almost covered in blankets.

Those who don’t have a lot of money to spend on things such as dog beds will sometimes use what they have around the house to make do. You may have noticed that your dogs tend to love laying on your blankets. It isn’t unusual at all for a dog to enjoy curling up on top of a blanket and getting some sleep.

This could be a perfectly good solution for its sleeping arrangements at night.

There are many pet owners who lay down blankets for their pets to sleep on. If you happen to have old blankets laying around your house, then this will work out nicely. It won’t really matter if these blankets are a bit worn-down as they will still be comfortable for your dog. The dog should really like sleeping on them and it will work out fine.

Depending on how thick the blanket is, you may want to lay down several for your canine friend to sleep on. As mentioned earlier, dogs can get sore from sleeping on hard surfaces too much just as humans do.

If you want your dog to have a comfortable sleep, then you’ll want to give it more than just a thin blanket to go on top of the floor. Something with the thickness of a comforter should suffice.

You can always buy a blanket or two specifically to use for your dogs if you need to. There are some dogs that really enjoy blankets even when they have some of the dog beds mentioned in this list. Combining blankets with something such as the pillow dog bed or the memory foam dog bed is sensible.

Whatever you decide to do, your pet should be very comfortable and well taken care of during the night.