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33 Different Types of Dishwashers


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Quicklist: Types of Dishwashers

  1. Built-in 
  2. Portable 
  3. Countertop 
  4. Front-Control 
  5. Top-Control 
  6. Freestanding 
  7. Fully Integrated 
  8. Semi-Integrated 
  9. Drawer Style
  10. Full-size 
  11. Slim 
  12. Compact 
  13. Stainless Steel Interior
  14. Plastic Interior
  15. Sound Reduction System
  16. Custom Door Panel Ready
  17. Delayed Start
  18. Sensor Wash
  19. Fingerprint-Resistant
  20. Wi-Fi
  21. Third Rack
  22. Steam Prewash
  23. Flexible Racks
  24. Auto-Releasing Door
  25. Hard Food Disposer
  26. Sanitation Cycle
  27. Viewing Window
  28. Taller Tubs
  29. Touch Pad
  30. Stainless Steel
  31. Black
  32. White
  33. Slate

For the cost, there are few appliances that offer as much benefit as a dishwasher. You can buy many high-quality dishwashers for less than $500.

Can you believe the first dishwasher was invented in 1886? I thought it was a mid-20th century invention, but I guess the desire to get out of washing them by hand was much more motivating.

Another surprising fact is, my wife and I actually lived in two places early in our marriage where there was no dishwasher. They were rental units and it’s beyond my comprehension that the landlords did not offer a dishwasher.

That’s a deal breaker for many tenants. We broke down in the second unit and purchased a small portable unit that hooked up to the sink. We loved that little machine; it was so nice after living without a dishwasher for several years.

The next place we moved into had one of the best dishwashers on the market. Talk about an upgrade. Our current home has an okay unit; it does the job, but it certainly isn’t top of the line. We’re due for a new one pretty soon, since it’s quite old.

If you’re looking for a new dishwasher, you have many options. This detailed list describes all the different types of dishwashers available on the market.

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Dishwasher Types

A. Built-in Dishwashers

Source: Home Depot

Arguably the most popular of all dishwashers, built-in models are widely available for purchase and come with a number of different benefits and features. There are many benefits in choosing this kind of dishwasher, including noise reduction due to the fact that they are surrounded by the cabinets in your kitchen.

This is great if you are worried about running your dishwasher at night and having it wake up family members or you want to be able to run it during the day without having to shout over it.

In addition, you don’t have to find room in your kitchen for this appliance as it will have a spot under the cabinet. It is permanently connected to your plumbing, which means that you don’t have to worry about connecting it to your faucet and not being able to use your kitchen sink while it is running.

B. Portable Dishwashers

Source: Home Depot

If you move often, do not have dedicated space in your kitchen for a dishwasher, or are not able to attach the necessary plumbing to have a built-in dishwasher installed in your home, then you might want to consider a portable option.

They are easy to move around your kitchen area, offer additional countertop space, and are perfect if you are not going to be running a lot of loads. Many smaller families and apartment dwellers opt for this kind of dishwasher.

C. Countertop Dishwashers

Source: Home Depot

If space is really at a premium in your kitchen but you still want the luxury of not having to wash all of your dishes by hand, then a countertop dishwasher might be the answer. These are small enough that you can easily move them out of the way if necessary.

Just the same as a portable dishwasher, it will attach to your kitchen sink with a converter and a countertop model will be able to hold about four place settings.

They come with a number of features that you can choose from and are ideal for anyone on a tight budget or who does not have a lot of space in the kitchen for a full-sized model.

D. Front-Control Dishwashers

Source: Home Depot

Families who want easy control over their dishwasher will love ones with front controls. This makes it very easy to select your cleaning options, set it, and walk away.

If you want to be able to see your choices or even to easily teach your children how to use your dishwasher, then one with front controls is your best choice. 

E. Top-Control Dishwashers

Source: Home Depot

If the appearance of your kitchen is something very important to you, then you may prefer a top-control model. In these units, the controls are hidden from view, giving the appearance of a seamless transition between your dishwasher and your cabinets.

These controls are only accessible when you have the door of the dishwasher open and since they operate electronically or with light-touch sensitive technology, you will not have to worry about pushing the wrong button or cranking the dial on your dishwasher too far.

Of course, the buttons are integrated into the top of your system so that they will be flat and invisible, which only works to improve the overall appearance of your unit.

F. Freestanding Dishwasher

Source: Home Depot

Freestanding dishwashers can be built-in or portable. The front of the dishwasher will be fully visible once they are installed, making them an obvious part of your kitchen.

When you install a freestanding dishwasher in your home, you don’t have to worry about having special plans drawn up for the cabinets as you can simply slide your new dishwasher into the designated space.

If you were to move and wanted to take your dishwasher with you, it is very easy to do so without expert help as you would need to move an integrated dishwasher out of your home.

G. Fully Integrated Dishwashers

Source: Home Depot

Fully-integrated dishwashers are completely hidden in your kitchen once they have been installed. This makes your whole kitchen look very streamlined but can cause problems if you have issues with your dishwasher not working the way that it should or want to take it with you when you move.

If a contractor comes to your home to work on your integrated dishwasher, he or she will have to open up the appliance to be able to access the display and control panel. This is in sharp contrast to simply pulling off the front cover of a freestanding dishwasher to be able to work on the unit.

H. Semi-Integrated Dishwasher

Source: Home Depot

Similar to fully integrated dishwashers, semi-integrated units have a very streamlined design but the control panel is still visible. Instead of being completely covered, this makes semi-integrated options a little easier to use and to work on if there are issues with the unit.

Which option you choose depends on the look that you want for your kitchen and how much trouble you are willing to go through with your dishwasher.

I. Drawer Style Dishwasher

Drawer-style stainless steel dishwasher

Source: Lowe’s

The drawer-style dishwasher is a newer design with the aim to be more convenient for loading and unloading. It’s a top-down style, but has two levels, each level being its own drawer. It’s much easier on the body to load and unload from the top than bending over to access from the front (unless your dishwasher is elevated).

Recently we stayed in a condo unit on vacation that had a drawer-style dishwasher and loved it. Sadly, our unit at home is not this style so we make due. If we ever upgrade our dishwasher, we’ll definitely get the drawer-style.

Dishwasher Sizes

A. Full-size Dishwasher

Source: Home Depot

These dishwashers, although the largest ones available, still come in a few size choices. For smaller families who don’t entertain a lot, the smallest full-sized dishwasher may be perfect. It will hold about 120 different items at a time, including cutlery, cups, plates and pots.

Larger families or ones who have a lot of parties will be better off with full-sized dishwashers on the other side of the size spectrum. Some of these can handle up to 15 place settings at a time, which works out to about 150 different items that you can wash at once.

B. Slim Dishwasher

Source: Home Depot

If you are a little short on space in your kitchen but still want a dishwasher so you are not forced to wash everything by hand after every meal, then you will want to opt for a slim dishwasher.

They are about five inches smaller than a full-sized dishwasher, which is often just enough space to make it possible to have one of these in your home.

Unfortunately, they aren’t as energy- or water-efficient as a full-sized dishwasher is but if you are determined to have this appliance fit in your home, then you will have to be ok with a trade-off.

C. Compact Dishwasher

Source: Home Depot

All tabletop dishwashers are going to be compact but you can also buy integrated units this size as well. Integrated compact model dishwashers will take up about as much as space as a drawer in your kitchen.

Size-wise, they are comparable to a microwave and can wash anywhere up to six place settings at a time. They use a lot more water and energy per load than full-sized or slim dishwashers do but if you are in a pinch, then they are a great option.

Versions that fit on your counter are especially useful if you have problems bending down, making them a great choice for elderly homeowners.

Dishwasher Features

A. Stainless Steel Interior

Source: Home Depot

Quieter than the typical plastic interior that most dishwashers come with, stainless steel is more energy efficient and is better at sanitizing your dishes. In addition, when you opt for stainless steel for the interior of your dishwasher, you will be able to use warmer water for your cycles.

While it can rust over time and will show calcium buildups and hard water stains, regularly cleaning your dishwasher will keep it looking great for a long time.

B. Plastic Interior

Source: Home Depot

Most dishwashers have a plastic interior but these do tend to be a little noisier to run than one with stainless steel on the inside.

You can’t use water at the scorching hot temperatures that you can with stainless steel, so if you want to be able to run a sanitizing cycle, then plastic may not be the right choice for you. They are very easy to keep clean and last for a long time.

C. Sound Reduction System

Source: Home Depot

Having a quiet dishwasher is especially important if you have a small home or your kitchen is close to your bedrooms. When you buy a dishwasher that has a sound reduction system built into it, you won’t have to worry so much about how loud it gets.

This will allow you to run your dishwasher whenever you want, whether that’s in the middle of the night or when you have a party going on at your home. The freedom to wash dishes on your schedule makes buying a dishwasher with this feature worth it for many people.

D. Custom Door Panel Ready

Source: Home Depot

If you want to have a fully integrated dishwasher, then it will make it easier for you to have the custom kitchen of your dreams when you buy a dishwasher that is ready for your kitchen panel to be installed. This ensures that your design is seamless and lets you customize the way your kitchen looks.

E. Delayed Start

Source: Home Depot

Not having to manually start your dishwasher is a great option. This also allows you to delay the start of the cycle so you can take advantage of less expensive electric bills during the night.

F. Sensor Wash

Source: Home Depot

Most commonly found on more expensive dishwashers, this feature allows the machine to sense how dirty your dishes are and then automatically adjust the cycle to get them clean. Your dishwasher will also be able to adjust the temperature of the water that is used to optimize the cleaning.

G. Fingerprint-Resistant

Source: Home Depot

There are few things more frustrating than buying a new dishwasher only to have to clean smudged fingerprints off it every single day. When you buy one that is smudge proof, you can enjoy an easy clean and a great-looking appliance all the time.

H. Wi-Fi

Source: Home Depot

Perfect for homeowners who spend a lot of time out of the house and want to be able to control their dishwashers from a distance, Wi-Fi allows the dishwasher to link up to an app on the phone and the homeowner can control all of the cycles to operate the dishwasher, remotely.

I. Third Rack

Source: Home Depot

A dishwasher with a third rack actually has a third tray that is perfect for washing silverware. There are a number of reasons why homeowners opt for appliances with this premium feature, including that you won’t have to use the silverware basket on the bottom rack of your dishwasher.

This allows you more room for washing larger items. In addition, you won’t get your hands dirty when loading your silverware because they are laying on their sides and you won’t be at risk of getting poked.

For this last reason, many families with small children opt for this premium feature so their kids can help with loading and unloading the silverware.

J. Steam Prewash

Source: Home Depot

One of the best ways to make sure that all of the stuck-on food that is on your dishes comes off during the wash cycle is to buy a dishwasher that comes with steam prewash. The steam will help to loosen any food that is stuck on your plates before beginning the actual wash, which results in a much better clean.

K. Flexible Racks

Source: Home Depot

If you entertain a lot or use a lot of large pots and pans when you cook, then you already know that it can be tricky to get everything to fit in your dishwasher. This is why it’s important to buy one that has the option to move your racks.

A flexible rack system will allow you to adjust the racks in your dishwasher to accommodate even your largest pots and pans so that you don’t have to do any of your dishes by hand if you don’t want to.

L. Auto-Releasing Door

Source: Home Depot

When your dishwasher has finished running, you will want to open the door as soon as possible to release the steam and allow your dishes to start air drying.

If you are not right by the dishwasher when the cycle stops, then you may miss your opportunity and your dishes will sit in the damp dishwasher for hours until you think about opening the door.

Dishwashers with an auto-release technology will pop open the door when they are finished, which will allow the air to circulate inside the dishwasher and start drying your dishes right away.

M. Hard Food Disposer

Source: Home Depot


A small food disposer in a dishwasher makes it possible to have a dishwasher without an existing garbage disposal under the sink. This means that you don’t have to worry about getting every scrap of food off of the plates and bowls before you run them through the dishwasher.

It’s important that you do clean the bottom of your appliance once a month or so to ensure that it doesn’t get blocked or clogged.

N. Sanitation Cycle

Source: Home Depot

This optional setting on some dishwashers runs water that is around 150 degrees Fahrenheit through your machine to really sterilize and sanitize your dishes.

Running this cycle can really add up as it raises your electric bill but if someone in your home is sick or has a compromised immune system, then it’s worth the extra cost for the peace of mind. This hot cycle can actually kill the flu virus.

O. Viewing Window

Source: Home Depot

If you want to be able to check on the progress of your dishwasher and how well it’s cleaning your dishes, then you will want to opt for a unit with a viewing window.

This is a great way to be able to peek inside, make sure that the dishwasher is running, and check on your progress without having to open the door and interrupt the entire cycle.

P. Taller Tubs

Source: Home Depot

Ideal for anyone who loves to cook or bake and is constantly dirtying lots of deep pots and pans, a taller tub can also handle more items at once. In addition, they usually come with the wash arm attached to the top instead of the floor, which saves even more space on the bottom rack.

With no kick plate on the outside, the manufacturers have figured out how to really maximize the space and capacity of these appliances.

Q. Touch Pad

Source: Home Depot

This is perfect for the homeowner who wants to streamline his or her home, get rid of noisy knobs and buttons, and have sleek design wherever possible. A touch pad on the dishwasher works just as well as knobs but it is silent, easy to use, and easy to clean.


A. Stainless Steel

Source: Home Depot

Due to its sleek appearance, stainless steel is becoming more and more popular in kitchens everywhere. They are incredibly long-lasting, won’t rust or scratch if you scrape something across their front, and will look almost new for years due to their durable material.

In addition, stainless steel is non-porous, which allows it to resist germs and bacteria a lot better than other surfaces do and will contribute to the overall health and sanitation of your family.

You can quickly clean the outside of your dishwasher with a disinfectant and rest easy that your family is safe from dangerous germs.

Stainless steel also looks great in most any home, no matter what décor you have chosen for the rest of your kitchen; with so many appliances now available in this finish, you can easily match it to your refrigerator, stove, and oven.

B. Black

Source: Home Depot

Black dishwashers looks great in most kitchens, depending on your décor. People who choose them over other colors often do so because they look clean most of the time.

Even if they do get a bit dirty, black does not show smudges or dirt as easily as white dishwashers will. They especially look great if you have other black appliances in your kitchen as well.

C. White

Source: Home Depot

If you want a sparkling clean kitchen all of the time and like the look of white appliances, then you will love how clean and fresh a white dishwasher looks in your space.

While they can be a little trickier to keep clean, when a white dishwasher is polished and shiny, you will love the way it looks. Make sure to match it to other white appliances for the nicest-looking kitchen.

D. Slate

Source: Home Depot

While stainless steel still reigns king among kitchen appliances, slate is quickly becoming popular as people realize how attractive this finish is and how well it fits in with the rest of the décor in their homes.

Not as shiny as stainless steel or as subdued as a white or black finish, slate adds visual interest to your kitchen and keeps things from getting too boring. It looks great, is easy to clean, and will continue to improve the appearance of your kitchen for years to come.

Best Type of Dishwasher for Various Purposes

A black and white image of dishwasher.

The best types of dishwashers are the ones that clean your dishes the fastest and most efficiently. When purchasing a new dishwasher, that is, after all, the primary purpose of this major kitchen appliance. If your dishwasher can’t wash dishes, well, you need a new one!

But did you know there are other features of dishwashers that are bar none for some new homeowners, others are top of the line, and a few are totally out of this world.

Check out these best types of dishwashers to learn more as you invest in your next dishwasher.

Fingerprints are No Match for…

A dishes inside the dishwasher.

One of the snazzy features of dishwashers post-2000 is stainless steel, such as the highly reputable Samsung 24-inch Top Control DW80R9950US

This dishwasher offers a stainless steel that resists fingerprints. That, it turns out, is the biggest problem with a stainless steel dishwasher. Every time a person goes to open or close the appliance, fingerprints and water stains leave smudges.

Max Out Cleaning Capacity

A woman's hand putting mug in the dishwasher.

The best type of dishwasher for some home owners is selected for its cleaning capacity. Here is where it pays to get more bells and whistles on the inside of the drum and rack area.

A Frigidaire 24-inch FFID2426TS provides a great cleaning capacity with DishSense technology and the OrbitClean Spray Arm Wash system.

The dishwasher by Frigidaire has the ability to time each wash cycle to the needs of each load of dishes. A secondary spray arm helps resolve any stuck-on messes.

By the way, this is one of the more affordable dishwashers on the market — even with 24 inches for washing dishes and 14 cleaning settings. A stainless steel food disposer helps eliminate odors left behind from food and bacteria.

Perfect for a Starter Dishwasher

A father and son putting dishes in the dishwasher.

Next up, we have a dishwasher that is ideal for new households or first-time homeowners. The Whirlpool 24-inch WDT710PAHZ is not cutting any corners either. This dishwasher has a built-in hidden control panel and sensor monitors to detect how dirty your dishes are for the most optimal cleaning session each time.

In terms of size and capacity, this is a 24-inch dishwasher, which is the standard size for most residential dishwashers — except for the next one we are about to talk about.

Freestanding Dishwashers for Tiny Homes

COMFEE' Countertop Dishwasher, Portable Dishwasher with 5L Built-in Water Tank, No Hookup Needed, 6 Programs, 360° Dual Spray, 192℉ Steam& Air-Dry Function, Mini Dishwasher for Apartments& RVs, White

Living in a smaller home or renting an apartment that does not allow for built-in dishwasher? Get a freestanding dishwasher. This type takes up minimal space and comes with its own countertop.

While you wouldn’t expect it, the size in terms of interior wash area is approximately 24 inches — the same as any other dishwasher.

A portable dishwasher like the GE Convertible/Portable Dishwasher GSC3500DWW is covered by wood grain laminate. This serves as additional counter space in a kitchen.

Available in white with a three-wash system, the smaller, portable dishwashers may not have as many tech features. However, the portability of this convertible style dishwasher is worth the higher price tag as these smaller dishwashers are not any cheaper than the big guys. 

Top Brands


If a loud dishwasher disrupts your enjoyable evening at home, Bosch might be the best brand of dishwashers for you. As boasts, “Bosch is the quietest dishwasher brand in the U.S. Our dishwashers are full-sized to fit the modern kitchen, yet their unique design allows them to install perfectly flush for a built-in, fully integrated look, whether you’re shopping for a 24-inch dishwasher or a compact 18-inch dishwasher. All Bosch dishwashers are ENERGY STAR qualified.”

Beyond their dishwashers’ quiet design, Bosch is known for their appliances’ sleek, elegant appearance and high-quality manufacturing.


As one of the most popular brands for dishwashers on the market, Whirlpool is a name that tends to speak for itself. The company has had over a century to build that reputation. According to, “Whirlpool Corporation started in 1911 as a small company in Benton Harbor, Michigan. For more than 100 years, its flagship brand has driven innovations from introducing the very first automatic washing machine in 1948 to winning more than 20 CES Innovation Awards.”

Beyond their high-quality dishwashers, innovation, and long-standing reputation, Whirlpool is known for their altruistic humanitarian efforts as a company.

The brand’s Care Counts campaign has installed washers and dryers into schools to break down the small but significant barrier some students face when it comes to having the basic necessity of clean clothes. They also have partnered with Habitat for Humanity in the past.

Overall, Whirlpool is a great company to purchase a reliable dishwasher, but they also aim to give back to the global community.


For smudge-proof dishwashers with the ability to accommodate dishes of all shapes and sizes and a quiet operating system, Frigidaire rolls all of these positive qualities into one of their dishwashers.


While the Korean company Samsung is largely known as a company for their electronics and personal devices, Samsung also manufacturers a decent amount of home appliances, as well.

Their dishwashers stand out from the competition with Smart Drying technology, energy efficiency, and highly-rated customer service and repair services.

While Samsung has only been manufacturing appliances since the 1990s, they make up for their youth in the industry with cutting-edge innovation and enthusiasm around serving their customers.


Similarly to Samsung, LG relies on innovation to please their customer base. With smart technology, height-adjustable third racks for space maximizing, and extremely quiet operation, LG seems to understand the desires and needs of their customers.

They also aim to lower the impact their dishwashers have on the environment by creating models that reduce their usage of energy and water.

Where to Buy


From built-in to portable to countertop and beyond, Lowe’s is a major retailer that carries a wide array of dishwashers to suit any dimensions or other preferences.

If you want to install a new dishwasher in your home, Lowe’s offers curbside pickup for those with the capacity to haul their new unit home.

They also offer free delivery on most dishwashers, which means that even if you don’t have a large truck or the manpower to get it in a vehicle, you’ll be able to get the unit to your door in a reasonable timeframe.

If you’re shopping for a dishwasher at Lowe’s, you may find it helpful to review their suggestions for preparing for installation. As says, “When planning delivery and installation for a dishwasher, you’ll need to purchase a dishwasher supply line and, for some models, a power cord. Check with a Lowe’s associate for details on items you need. There must be a water valve shut-off within six feet of the appliance location. Before the installer arrives, unplug and empty your old dishwasher. Make sure there’s an unobstructed path to the installation location and confine any pets away from the area.”

Home Depot

As another major retailer, Home Depot allows you to get a feel for your new dishwasher in person. Rather than taking your best guess based on features designed online, you can see a range of dishwashers in the brick-and-mortar store before you commit to making such a large purchase.

Since you’ll use the dishwasher every day, it’s important to make a choice that feels best for your needs. Seeing a range of dishwashers in person may help you decide between the best options.

When you’re shopping on Home Depot’s website, you can also select dishwashers based on a variety of features including noise level, finish (including finger-print resistant and stainless steel), and feature.

You can also opt for a specific brand if you’ve had positive experiences with specific dishwasher manufacturers in the past.

Best Buy

Although most people know Best Buy for its vast selection of electronics, Best Buy also retails small home appliances. If you’re looking for an extra large dishwasher, you may want to look elsewhere.

However, for regular-sized built-in dishwashers and small, portable dishwashers, Best Buy has a decent selection. If you don’t have much space, you may want to opt for a portable dishwasher from Best Buy.

As explains, “If you don’t have a spot for a built-in, portable and countertop models are a good option. They easily hook up to a kitchen faucet. And most portables stand on four wheels, so you can roll them out of the way when dishwashing is complete.”

Their in-house helpers, known as the “Geek Squad,” can also help customers with installation upon delivery, which is great for those who are less talented or skilled in the home improvement department.


When you want to purchase a dishwasher online, going to one of the largest online retailers might be your best bet. These days, you can purchase almost anything on Amazon — including home appliances.

Whether you want a portable countertop dishwasher or a full-sized built-in dishwasher, Amazon has a surprisingly robust selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

When were dishwashers invented?

Josephine Cochrane invented the first workable dishwasher in 1886. However, dishwashers did not become popular until the 1950s.

How do dishwashers work?

A dishwasher includes a pump that forces water through a spray arm, spins, and sprays the water onto the dishes. The water is then drained, and the cycle begins. It typically takes a dishwasher between 45 and 90 minutes to complete the process.

The cycle starts with a pre-rinse, which uses hot water to remove food particles from the dishes. After the initial rinse, it cleans the dishes with hotter water and detergent.

The final rinse uses hot water to remove any leftover detergent from the dishes. The last step in the cycle is drying, which uses heat or air to dry the dishes.

What’s the lifespan of a dishwasher?

The typical dishwasher lasts nine years. The actual time it lasts is determined by the manufacturer and model, as well as how frequently you use it and how carefully you maintain it.

However, many people choose to upgrade to a new one sooner for improvements in efficiency and extra perks. For example, a friend has a new baby and a new dishwasher with bottle-wash jets. My new model has a third rack for silverware. It’s a lifesaver — we use a lot of silverware in my family!

How are dishwashers installed?

Dishwashers must be connected to a water source and a drain. Freestanding dishwashers are portable, while built-in dishwashers are installed under the counter and cannot be relocated.

How much water do dishwashers use?

Dishwashers use between 4 and 6 gallons of water per cycle. This is much less water than it would take to hand wash the same load of dishes.

How long do dishwashers run?

A typical dishwasher cycle lasts between 90 minutes and four hours. The exact time depends on the type of cycle you select. For example, a quick cycle might only last 30 minutes, while a deep clean process could take up to 2 hours.

Do dishwashers save water?

Yes, dishwashers use less water than washing dishes by hand. You can also reuse dishwasher water with a greywater system. Newer appliances can save you between 4% and 20% of daily water use.

Do dishwashers use hot water?

Dishwashers use hot water to clean the dishes.

How hot do dishwashers get?

The water is typically between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the recommended water temperature to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

Can you run dishwashers without hot water?

Yes, you can run a dishwasher without hot water. However, it would help if you had the heat to kill bacteria and other pathogens.

How are dishwashers measured?

Dishwashers are measured by their width, depth and height. Most dishwashers are 24 inches wide, 24 inches deep, and 35 inches tall.

Are all dishwashers the same size?

No, dishwashers come in a variety of sizes. The most common length is 24 inches wide but can range from 18 to 36 inches wide. Dishwashers are also available in different depths and heights.

How wide is a dishwasher?

The width of a dishwasher is typically between 18 and 36 inches.

How tall are dishwashers?

The height of a dishwasher is typically between 32 and 35 inches.

How much does a dishwasher weigh?

Most dishwashers weigh between 150 and 175 pounds.

How do dishwashers drain?

Dishwashers have a pump that forces water through a hose to the drain. The pump is usually located under the sink. I had a friend who didn’t connect the pump properly, resulting in a mess! You should hire a plumber to install the dishwasher drain hose.

Why do dishwashers smell?

Dishwashers can smell for a variety of reasons. If your dishwasher smells, clean it regularly and use a fresh-smelling detergent. If you don’t use the dishwasher regularly, the seals can dry out and become brittle, which allows bacteria to grow. You can also get a musty smell if food or grease build-up on the spray arm.

Do dishwashers use a lot of electricity?

No, dishwashers are very efficient. They use less water and detergent than washing dishes by hand. Most newer models are highly energy-efficient, using less than 1 kWh per cycle.

Can you use Drano in a dishwasher?

No, you should never put Drano in a dishwasher. The chemicals in Drano can damage the dishwasher and potentially injure you.

How do portable dishwashers work?

Portable dishwashers are small, freestanding dishwashers that can be moved from one location to another. They typically have wheels and can be rolled into place. Most portable dishwashers hook up to a standard kitchen faucet and drain.

How do countertop dishwashers work?

Countertop dishwashers are small, freestanding dishwashers that can be placed on a countertop or other surface. They typically have a small footprint and can be plugged into a standard outlet. Most countertop dishwashers hook up to a standard kitchen faucet and drain.

Do dishwashers have filters?

Yes, most dishwashers have filters that trap food and other particles. The filters should be cleaned regularly to prevent clogs and ensure optimal performance.

What do decibels mean for dishwashers?

The decibel rating of a dishwasher indicates how loud it is. A higher decibel rating means the dishwasher is louder.

Do dishwashers dull knives?

Yes, dishwashers aren’t good for knives. Wash them by hand after use, dry them, and put them away.

Do dishwashers dry dishes?

Yes, most dishwashers have a heating element that dries the dishes. This setting uses more energy, so it’s best to air-dry dishes whenever possible.

Can you clean dishwashers with bleach?

Yes, you can clean dishwashers with bleach. But never put bleach into a stainless steel dishwasher. It’s unsafe and can damage the dishwasher. Always dilute the bleach with water first.

Can you clean dishwashers with vinegar?

Yes, you can clean dishwashers with bleach and vinegar. Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and can help remove build-up.

Can you stop a dishwasher mid-cycle?

Yes, you can stop a dishwasher mid-cycle. But be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions first.

Do plumbers fix dishwashers?

Some plumbers do, but not all. You should check with your local plumber to see if they offer this service. Also, check your appliance’s warranty. Some warranties cover dishwasher repair.

Do dishwashers turn off automatically?

Yes, most dishwashers have an automatic shut-off feature.

Do dishwashers ruin nonstick pans?

Like knives, it’s best to clean nonstick pans by hand. It’s possible to wear down the protective coating.

Can dishwashers catch on fire?

Yes, dishwashers can catch on fire. But this is rare. Call the fire department immediately if you notice smoke or fire coming from your dishwasher.