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20 Different Types of Concrete Tools

A collage of different types of cement tools.

Concrete or cement is one of the favorite go-to hardscaping features for many builders and DIY enthusiasts. Its characteristic durability, versatility, and affordability just add to its appeal. There are plenty of tools you can use for working with cement or concrete so choosing among them can get overwhelming.

When it comes down to choosing the right tools, consider how you want to go about your concrete-related task. You can create and accomplish just about anything with concrete or cement as long as you have the right tools at hand.

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The screed is being used by the construction worker to even out the application of the cement.

A screed is used to help smooth out your concrete once you have put it where it needs to be. This tool is going to be really helpful when you need to get rid of excess concrete from the surface. It is really easy to use, and you won’t need to be a professional to handle this tool properly. Just scrape it across the surface, and use it to get the concrete as smooth as it can possibly be.

Come-Along Rake

The come along rake is being used to properly distribute the cement over an applied surface.

You need to be able to move the concrete that you have poured around. In order to get the concrete where it needs to be, you will have to use a tool to push it around a bit. You could use a normal rake for this purpose, but using a come-along rake would work even better. These rakes have been specially designed for the purpose of moving concrete around.

When you take a look at these rakes, you will see that they have a scooped blade. This makes them really good at doing pre-leveling work on fresh concrete. If you are going to be pouring concrete, then it will be a good idea to seek out one of these rakes. You may have to look around to find one, but if you can get your hands on one, it will definitely make your concrete job a lot simpler.

Circular Saws

The circular saw cement is an effective tool in cutting concrete or cement blocks.You will find that people use circular saws pretty often on construction sites where concrete or cement work is being done. The reason for this is that it is sometimes necessary to cut into slabs and remove certain things. Certain aspects of the job can go wrong, and you may need to make some cuts to remedy a problem. Having access to a good saw that is going to be able to make the cuts quickly is imperative.

Circular saws work perfectly for this. They are easy to use and can cut through anything that you need them to rather quickly. You can get a nice circular saw at a pretty reasonable price, so it’s worth making the investment. This will be good to have around when you’re doing a big concrete or cement job.


Shovel and a pail that are being used to carry and transfer cement.

Shovels are obviously one of the most common types of tools that exist. You will be able to make use of a good shovel in many different ways. When it comes to helping with concrete and cement jobs, these shovels are going to be used to help move the concrete around. You may need to fill in small gaps that exist after the concrete has been poured, and you’re going to need a good shovel to accomplish this.

Finding a shovel won’t prove to be a problem. Buy a shovel that is very sturdy, and everything should work out quite nicely. You will be able to get the concrete or cement where it needs to go, and the job will be that much closer to completion. Just be sure to have enough shovels for all of your helpers as well.


The compactor makes sure that the cement will stay tightly in place or in form.

The compactor isn’t something that will immediately come to mind when you are thinking of tools for concrete and cement jobs. These compactors are used to prepare the ground where the concrete is going to go. Sometimes it is necessary for the stone or aggregate on the surface to be compacted into a proper position. This compactor will work well for those purposes and is going to come in handy.

This is a pretty expensive machine, but it can be worth your while to purchase one. If you need to make sure that the aggregate or stone on the ground is settled into place properly, then buying a good compactor makes sense. It is possible that you may not need one of these, too. Everything really depends on your specific situation, so take everything into account before deciding if you need to make a purchase.


The blue wheelbarrow is being used to transport cement

It makes sense that wheelbarrows would be necessary when working with concrete and cement. You need to have a reliable way to move your materials back and forth on the job site. Whether you are an amateur who is trying to install a patio, or if you are a professional who is working a large-scale job, you will want to have a wheelbarrow. They are going to make everything a whole lot easier for you, and it won’t cost you a lot of money to get a nice one.

You may want to purchase several wheelbarrows if you are planning on doing a large cement or concrete job. It can be convenient for you to have something to hold your materials when they aren’t in use, and one wheelbarrow may simply not be enough. You should also do your best to buy a heavy duty wheelbarrow. Purchasing something that is going to be able to handle a heavy workload is highly recommended.


An orange cement mixerMixing concrete and cement is one of the most important aspects of this job. If you can’t mix things properly, then you aren’t going to be getting very far with your job. The mixer being shown off here is a very nice cement mixer that can be used by both professionals and amateurs alike. You will be able to mix concrete very effectively using this tool and will love how good it works.

This may seem like an expensive tool to some, but when you consider the utility of the cement mixer, it is actually very cost-effective. You will be able to make use of this cement mixer in order to complete many home projects. If you are a do-it-yourself enthusiast who wants to install a patio, then this is going to be the perfect mixer to help you accomplish that. It is a high-quality mixer that will do a great job for you.

Bull Float

The bull float straightens out the rough edges on a newly cemented surface.

People typically use the bull float after the screed work has been completed. You will make use of this bull float to fill in any empty spaces that have been left in the concrete after using the screed. This shouldn’t be a difficult process, but it is definitely an important one. Most bull floats have wide blades and long handles, so you’ll be able to reach wherever you need to without too many issues.

You can also find some bull floats on the market that have telescopic handles. This can be really convenient because they will be able to be moved around at different angles. If you are worried about being able to reach certain positions with your bull float comfortably, then it might be worthwhile to purchase one with a telescopic handle. Otherwise, a normal bull float should do the job superbly.

Magnesium Float

MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line 148D 16-Inch by 3-1/8-Inch Cast Magnesium Float with DuraSoft Handle

The magnesium float will wind up being among the first tools that you use when working with concrete. This float will be able to level things out when the concrete is wet. Some people make use of excess boards to level out the wet concrete. This isn’t going to be nearly as effective as using a proper magnesium float, so you will want to have the tool available to use.

If you want your concrete to look good, then you need to level it out during different steps of the process. Getting your wet concrete leveled is essential, so you will want to use the magnesium float to its full potential. These tools will be crucial to have when you want to have your concrete project turn out properly. Take the time to purchase one so that you can have good results.

Finishing Trowel

Finishing trowel

The finishing trowel is one of the most iconic concrete tools that you can think of. People often think of a finishing trowel right away when concrete tools are brought up. This trowel is very useful for helping you to finish up your concrete project. It will allow you to have a smooth finish on your concrete area.

All you need to do is run the finishing trowel across the concrete surface. It is simple in concept and is very effective at what it does. Using this trowel is going to bring some of the water to the surface of the concrete. You will keep smoothing things out, and it will be set up nicely to harden.

Concrete Edger

The concrete edger is being used to give the cemented area its proper structure.

Concrete edging tools are used right when the concrete is starting to harden up. You will run this edger across the concrete and away from the boards that you have set up. This is an important part of the process, and you will want to pay attention to the concrete itself to determine exactly when it begins to harden. In order to finish the concrete properly, you will need to use this edger well.

Thankfully, this is a really easy process overall. It may feel a bit tedious to run the concrete edger across the concrete, but the results are going to be worth your efforts. You will be able to help ensure that the concrete will be finished properly by doing this. Concrete edging tools are very affordable, so you will want to be sure to purchase them before you start your concrete project.

Concrete Control Joint Hand Groover

Control joint hand groover

You will notice that concrete will crack sometimes when you are working with it. To keep this from happening, you will need to grab your concrete control joint hand groover to take care of the problem. The process of making use of this tool involves using 2x4s. You need to run the tool across the edge of the board and smooth out the surface of the concrete.

This will help to keep the concrete from cracking on you. Generally, if the concrete does crack, you will be forcing it to crack around the joint rather than somewhere in the middle. This will keep your concrete looking as nice as it can. You need to be diligent when you are working with concrete and keep things smooth in order to get the best results.

Pressure Washer

The laborer is using a pressure washer to clean the concrete pavement.

Pressure washers come in handy for so many different things around the house. Even professionals make use of these pressure washers to help them with certain parts of the process.

You will want to bring out your pressure washer in order to clean up concrete surfaces before they are resurfaced. Resurfacing jobs are a big part of the concrete business, so you will want to be able to clean off the old concrete effectively.

A powerful pressure washer is going to be capable of getting rid of all sorts of debris that is on the top layer of the old concrete. It will pretty much completely remove the top layer of the concrete.

This will ensure that everything is completely ready for the resurfacing process to begin. You won’t want to neglect cleaning the old concrete thoroughly because you want the resurfacing to look as good as it possibly can.

Buying a pressure washer for these purposes shouldn’t be too difficult, but you will want to make sure that you’re buying a powerful one. Purchasing one of the gas-powered pressure washers is generally going to give you better results than the electric options.

Gas-powered units are far more powerful than the electric ones, and you will be able to clean the concrete surface much more swiftly. You should be able to find a good deal on a nice gas-powered pressure washer, so you won’t have to fret over the price too much.

Concrete Finishing Broom

A worker is using the concrete finishing broom to even out the rough spots and remove the unwanted cement particles.

These concrete finishing brooms are a very important tool to have around. Using this broom is going to help to provide texture to the concrete. You do this by running the broom up and down the surface of the concrete. This will help your concrete to become more skid-resistant while also giving it the proper look.

The bristles of this broom are made out of horsehair, and this is a very fine product. You won’t want to use just any old broom for this purpose. You should definitely seek out a specific concrete finishing broom. Working with concrete is something that takes a lot of time, so you don’t want to waste all of that hard work by doing things improperly when you’re right at the finish line.

Finding one of these brooms shouldn’t be too tough. You will be able to purchase them at major hardware stores and can always order one online if you need to. They will be a bit more expensive than a traditional broom, but it is going to be a worthwhile purchase. Make good use of it to finish your concrete, and you will be able to enjoy the results soon enough.

Concrete Polishers/Grinders

The concrete polisher is being used to smoothen the application and distribution of the cement.

Once your concrete has dried, and it is properly set up, you may want to look into making it look a bit nicer. It is possible to use a polisher or a grinder to increase the overall aesthetic appeal of your concrete. This will make the concrete look like it is finished and completely smooth. Concrete that has been properly polished will generally shine quite nicely.

If you use the grinder, then you will be able to create an effect that looks a bit different. The finish will be more distressed and some people find this to be even more appealing. The tool being shown off here is both a polisher and a grinder, so you will be able to use it for whatever purpose you would like. This is going to allow your concrete to look its best, and you will be able to sit back and admire your work once it’s done.

Kneeling Boards

QLT By MARSHALLTOWN KB230 Stainless Steel Knee Boards with Knee Pads

Kneeling boards are really useful when you are troweling your concrete. You will want to have something that you can kneel down on comfortably to make the task a bit more manageable. Buying a good kneeling board will definitely make the process feel a bit easier. You can find several different styles of kneeling boards, but the one being shown here is made out of solid steel.

This is going to allow you to feel supported while working on the wet concrete. A good kneeling board will be able to move across your slabs without having any problems. You will want to buy one of these if you have a large surface area that you need to trowel.

Smaller projects can probably get by without a kneeling board though, so use your best judgment, and determine whether or not this is going to be a good purchase for you.

Concrete Vibrators

A construction worker is using the concrete vibrator to control the distribution of the cement on the surface.

Concrete vibrators are something that will work very well to strengthen your concrete. They can help you to get rid of excess water and any pockets of air that will cause problems for the concrete. These concrete vibrators are fairly pricey, so it isn’t going to be an easy tool for you to purchase. Regardless, the benefits of using one are great, and it is something that you will want to consider.

Making use of a concrete vibrator is something that could help you avoid potentially big problems with the concrete itself. The unit being shown here is very lightweight, and you will be able to make use of it with ease.

It has many convenient safety features that will prevent overloading, and you can rely on it to do its job well. If you want to look into strengthening your concrete, then this is going to be a good option to consider.

Work Gloves

Work glovesWork gloves are going to be part of your daily routine while you are working on a concrete or cement job. You need to keep your hands from coming into contact with either the concrete or the cement. This stuff is really nasty when it gets on your skin, and you want to avoid it whenever possible. A good set of work gloves won’t restrict your dexterity, but it will keep you safe.

You don’t need to spend an exorbitant sum of money to get a good set of work gloves, either. Buying these work gloves will help to keep you from getting burned by the caustic concrete mixes. You won’t get nearly as many blisters when you’re using a good set of gloves, either. Buy some today to make your work experience a lot more comfortable.

Rubber Boots

Yellow rubber bootsRubber boots are absolutely essential for anyone who is planning on working with concrete or cement mixing. This is a process that can get quite messy, and you need to be able to protect yourself.

Wearing a good pair of rubber boots will help to keep the cement or concrete from making contact with your skin. You don’t want to ruin a pair of normal boots, so buying rubber boots that are waterproof and meant for these purposes is highly recommended.

A good pair of these boots may cost you a little bit of money, but it is going to be worthwhile. This will allow your feet to stay dry and your workday is going to be significantly more comfortable. Buying the stuff that you need for the job is going to make things go better. Get yourself some good rubber boots to make sure that you have a good experience.

Laser Level

Two construction workers are using the laser level to determine the suitability of the cement application.

This may not be the first thing that you think about when working with concrete and cement, but buying a laser level is hugely important. You need to be sure that your concrete is being poured onto a level surface.

For this reason, it is crucial that you use a laser level to determine if everything is level and whether the elevation is correct. Using a laser level is best because these are highly accurate and will give you all of the necessary information.

You should use the laser level again after the concrete has been poured. This will allow you to double check that everything is as it should be. These laser levels are pretty costly but they are very worthwhile. Professionals will need to own a good laser level, and it might be worthwhile for amateurs to look into it as well.

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