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38 Different Types of Clamps for Every Project Imaginable


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Quicklist: Different Types of Clamps

  1. G or C Clamp
  2. Hand Screw Clamp
  3. Sash Clamp
  4. Pipe Clamp
  5. Spring Clamp
  6. Bench Clamp
  7. Web Clamp
  8. Bench Vise
  9. Miter Clamp
  10. Quick Action Clamp
  11. Quick Grip
  12. Power Clamp
  13. Trigger Clamp
  14. Drill Press Clamp
  15. Screw Clamp
  16. Speed Clamp
  17. Bar or Sliding F Clamp
  18. Cardellini Clamp
  19. Flooring Clamp
  20. Gripe Clamp
  21. Kant-Twist Clamp
  22. Toggle Clamp
  23. Pinch Dog
  24. Clip Hangers
  25. Step Clamp
  26. Picture Frame Clamp
  27. Wire Rope Clamp
  28. Marmon Clamp
  29. Hose Clamp
  30. Mogen and Gomco Clamps
  31. Foerster Clamp
  32. Pennington Clamp
  33. Hemostatic Clamp
  34. Plastic Jaws
  35. Rust-Resistant
  36. Steel
  37. Plastic
  38. Rubber

As you’ll see below in our massive list of clamps, there are different types of clamps for every project imaginable. If you do particular projects, or are doing any sort of renovation in your home, check out our list to see which clamps you need.

In a nutshell clamps are very helpful whenever gluing or you need two or more items held together while you attach, assemble or do something with them. Since you only have two hands, you might as well let clamps do the work freeing you to get the task done. Clamps are relatively inexpensive considering the huge help they can be.

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Clamp Types

G or C Clamp

Adjustable G-clamp

Source: Wayfair

These are incredibly versatile and very widely used. When most people think of a clamp, this is what they picture in their minds. It is used to either clamp two pieces of a project together or to hold a workpiece to the table.

The openings in the jaw can range from around one inch to more than eight inches, making it very easy to find one that will fit the needs of your project. The screw section generally can clamp onto irregular surfaces because of its swivel head.

Hand Screw Clamp

Hand screw clamp

Source: Home Depot

These clamps are also sometimes called “toolmaker’s clamps” and are generally used when working on metalwork. They’re great for repairing furniture as the jaws can be adjusted to easily fit onto and hold angled material in place.

They are generally all steel in construction, making them very hardy and long-lasting, although there are some companies that are making them now in wooden versions as well.

Sash Clamp

Sash clamp

Source: Home Depot

This clamp is used when working on large projects such as table tops, doors, cabinets, or sash windows. Generally, more than one has to be used at a time to ensure that there is a strong grip on the project. They have a long flat bar that is very heavy and a fixed jaw attached to it. You can adjust this fixed jaw with a screw.

Additionally, they have a sliding jaw that can be moved along the length of the clamp and then locked into position to hold the materials in place. They’re great for clamping together large projects and allowing the glue to dry tight. They are a longer, more specialized form of the bar clamp.

Pipe Clamp

Pipe Clamp

Source: Home Depot

Also sometimes called a gluing clamp, these clamps are very similar to a sash clamp, but instead of the longer piece of metal being a flat bar, it is a round shaft. The length of the clamp is determined by how long the length of the pipe is, and you can easily lengthen them by adding more tubes to the clamp.

This makes them very versatile and easy to use. After the initial investment, they are easy and inexpensive to lengthen, making them a great purchase for the DIYer on a budget.

The jaw of the clamp is adjustable and can be easily moved from its position. Any project is placed against the jaw, and then the clamp is slowly tightened to ensure that it is held tightly and securely.

Spring Clamp

Spring clamp

Source: Etsy

These are very common clamps and have a number of uses. They come in all different sizes and can be used to clamp together woodworking projects or hold onto wire for beading and jewelry projects.

The handles generally have PVC covers that ensure that you won’t injure your skin working with them, and they often have removable PVC covers on the tips as well. If you remove these, then you can easily use these clips for soldering.

The tension spring makes it harder to open these clamps and ensures that once they are shut, they will hold the item tightly.

Bench Clamp

Bench Clamp

Source: Home Depot

These are clamps that are designed to hold an item onto a bench. The bench actually forms the fixed jaw of the clamp. They can be used to make furniture or perform carpentry and welding. There are many styles available, and they are generally fairly inexpensive.

Web Clamp

Web clamp

Source: Home Depot

These clamps are great for working on frames. They have nylon bands that will gently yet securely wrap around the object you’re working on and tighten using a ratchet. This holds the object in place, but the nylon ensures that it is not damaged.

They can be used without corner gripping pieces or with them so that all of the pressure of the clamp is distributed evenly and there is no worry about damage to the piece.

Bench Vise

Bench Vise

Source: Home Depot

These pieces actually have a parallel as well as a fixed jaw that can both be easily adjusted using a screw. Some bench vises are portable and can be screwed or clamped onto a workbench, making it easy to take your project with you to another location.

If you use a vise, then you don’t have to worry about the piece that you are working on moving or shifting while you are sanding, drilling, or sawing it.

Miter Clamp

Mitre clamp

Source: Houzz

These clamps will hold two pieces that have mitered ends together at a right angle. They generally have screws that fit underneath the frame that they are holding in place, with a bit that will clamp down onto the frame.

While there are more complicated miter clamps with rigid bodies and movable jaws, even the more basic type of this clamp will be able to quickly and easily get the job done when used correctly.

Quick Action Clamp

Quick action clamp

Source: Home Depot

These clamps can easily be operated by just one hand, making them powerful and strong but easy to use without a lot of hassle. They generally have a release that is light enough for the user to pull it with just one finger. Many people associate this type of clamp with a sealant gun since they are made with a similar design.

Quick Grip

Quick Grip

Source: Home Depot

These clamps allow the user to quickly grip the project or item using just one hand. They offer adjustable pressure, making them ideal for a number of applications.

It’s important to note that since the jaws do not close squarely to each other, these types of clamps are best suited for thinner materials or pieces as they will not do as good of a job holding thicker items together.

Power Clamp

Power clamp

Source: Home Depot

Power clamps offer a lot of power and force in one swift movement. They are incredibly strong, although they are surprisingly light and easy to use.

Trigger Clamp

MFL C226 330lb Stage Light Clamp C Clamp Trigger Clamp Load Capacity Aluminum Truss Clamp for DJ Lighting Truss (4 pcs)

These clamps use a trigger to adjust the head, and the jaws of the clamp and can easily be operated using just one hand. They are very strong and incredibly versatile. While many clamps are only used in the workshop, these can be used inside the home and the garden as well.

Drill Press Clamp

Drill Press Clamp

Source: Home Depot

These clamps are designed specifically to hold materials and boards to the drill press table, which allows users to make a very accurate and clean cut each time they use their machinery.

They generally come with an easy way to adjust the tension of the clamp and a quick release that makes them very easy to not only put onto the material you are working on but also to release them. They make it very safe and precise when using your drill press.

Screw Clamp

Screw clamp

Source: Home Depot

Similar to a power clamp, these clamps are very strong and offer a lot of stability, but the main difference is in how they are operated.

Unlike power clamps that can open and close in one swift motion, these clamps have a thread and handle that need to be screwed. The thread is specially designed to speed up the process as much as possible, but the action still takes a bit longer.

Speed Clamp

Excel 4" Speed Clamp

This is a long metal bar that has a number of serrations on it that will hold the adjustable head in place when it has been moved tightly against the project or item.

As the user clamps down the head of the clamp, that pressure will cause the serrations to lock and keep the sliding head secure so that it does not slip while in use.

Bar or Sliding F Clamp

Medium trigger bar clamp

Source: Home Depot

While bar clamps come in varying lengths, they are typically quite long, allowing the users to work on larger projects without worrying about the stability of the items they are working on.

With the flat surface of the bar, it’s easy to place the project on it and then use the head of the clamp to slide up and hold the project tight. They come in a variety of styles and different variations, but basic bar clamps are necessary for most large projects.

Cardellini Clamp

Cardellini clamp

Source: Home Depot

Cardellini clamps have jaws that are used to clamp onto the tubing. Because of their style, they can be used on square, round, or even rectangular tubing without any problem. They can also be used to clamp flat options, grip equipment, or even mount lights for a theater.

Although all clamps can be easily damaged if they are tightened too much, these clamps are very susceptible to this because of their design and the way that the edges of the jaws will actually press against each other when the clamp is being used. This means that the user needs to be particularly careful when tightening and adjusting them.

Flooring Clamp

Flooring Clamp

Source: Home Depot

These clamps are fairly single-purpose and are used when a carpenter is installing a floor. They help to hold tongue and groove boards in place so that they can be nailed down securely and won’t move during this time.

They can generally clamp down up to 10 boards at a time and have to be used in conjunction with other flooring clamps, or they will not work.

Gripe Clamp

Gripe Clamp

Source: Home Depot

This is a very simple clamp that is used to help when building a clinker boat. They work by holding the strake when it is being fitted and attached so that it will not slip. Because of their single purpose, they are more difficult to find in stores than other clamps tend to be.

Kant-Twist Clamp

Kant Twist Stainless Steel Clamps (Sizes: 2", 3", 4 1/2")

These clamps are multipurpose and combine the benefits of both parallel and C clamps. They can adjust easily to surfaces that aren’t parallel, thanks to their free-floating jaws, and won’t shift from the center when you apply pressure to the jaw. They are very easy to use and get a lot of movement in your clamp.

Toggle Clamp

Toggle clampSource: Home Depot

These clamps have a handle that is used to control the clamp, a bar that will hold on to the piece you’re working on, and levers and pins that will increase the force. They hold objects tightly and ensure that they can’t move or separate when you apply inward pressure. They can be used in milling, woodworking, metalworking, and even drilling.

Pinch Dog

Pinch Dogs Ideal For Large Panel Glue Ups. Drive Into the End Grain Of Two Separate Boards To Draw Them Together. Cabinet Doors, Table Tops, Drawers 10 Pack (2" 10 Pack)

This is a smaller clamp that is shaped similarly to a stable and used to straddle joints. They work by pulling the joint together and holding it in position while it is drying after being glued.

Clip Hangers

Clip Hangers

Source: Home Depot

These are small, common clamps that are used on hangers to allow the person to clip his or her clothes to the hanger instead of draping or folding them over the rod.

They operate with very little force and can be opened and closed easily with just a few fingers. Outside of clothes hangers, they can also be used as bag clips to tightly close up an open bag of chips.

Step Clamp

Proxxon 24257 Step Clamp Set Pair

Step clamps are used together with step blocks when you are working with metal and milling or machining parts.

Picture Frame Clamp

Zinc Alloy Right Angle Clamp 90 Degree Clamp Miter Picture Frame Clamp for Woodworking Kit Framing Vise Holder - 4pcs Corner Clamp

While a miter clamp can hold two mitered pieces of material together, this type of clamp is used to hold together four pieces to form a picture frame. The mitered edges of the frame all fit neatly together and are held in place by the clamp.

There are many different designs that you can find and buy. One of the most popular designs has a central screw that is used to adjust the clamp and the pieces of the frame.

Wire Rope Clamp

Wire Rope Clamp

Source: Home Depot

These clamps are also known as clips and are used to help to fix a loose end of a wire rope loop to the rope itself. It has two nuts, a saddle, and a u-shaped bolt that work together.

Because of the limited application of this type of clamp, they are not ones that you will be able to easily find in most stores and may need to be specially ordered to ensure that you have the right size and kind for your use.

Marmon Clamp

BD Diesel 1405926 V-Band Clamp Exhaust Clamp For Use w/4 in. Half Marmon HX40 Flange V-Band Clamp

These are very strong band clamps that make it possible to quickly and easily clamp together two cylinders. They are ring clamps that come in many different sizes and strengths, depending on what kind of use you need from your clamp.

They are perfect when you need to be able to quickly disconnect the two items that you have clamped together. This makes them ideal for operations such as in flexible aircraft fuel lines.

Hose Clamp

Hose clamp

Source: Home Depot

While very similar in appearance and purpose to Marman clamps, these clamps come in a number of different types and styles and do not exert as much pressure as Marman clamps do. They can be used throughout the home or in the car and are often used when duct tape would suffice.

Since they create a slightly more permanent fix than duct tape does, they will last longer. They come in screw, spring, ear, and wire varieties, with each variety having its own pros and cons and best time to be used.

Medical Clamps

Mogen and Gomco Clamps

Mogen and Gomco Clamps

Source: Alibaba

These clamps are generally used for circumcision. They are beneficial because they are very easy to use, do not have any parts that have to be assembled prior to use, and result in very little scarring.

While they are a medical clamp, they can be used by non-physicians who are working in settings with very limited resources. Because they can be used more than once, it’s imperative that they are correctly sanitized to prevent the spread of disease.

Foerster Clamp

Foerster clamp

This is a surgical clamp that has a round eyelet at the end. It is also commonly called the sponge stick or a sponge clamp and is great for grasping both sponges and lung tissue during surgery.

They can be used with a sponge to carefully remove fluid that has collected in the area of the operation as well as to apply pressure to bleeding. Sometimes they are used for tissue dissection. Non-medically, they are often used for piercings.

Pennington Clamp

Pennington clamp

This clamp is also called a Duval clamp and has a triangular eyelet. It’s great for grasping and holding onto tissue during surgery. They are commonly used during rectal and intestinal surgeries.

Hemostatic Clamp

Hemostatic clamp

There are many common names for this clamp, including pean, arterial forceps, and hemostats. They are used to control bleeding and are common in all types of surgery. Due to the strength at which they clamp shut, they do great job closing vessels and keeping them from bleeding before ligation.

The tip can either be straight or curved, and they close due to a locking mechanism that is in the handle. This mechanism has teeth that interlock and allow the user to easily adjust the strength of the clamp.


Plastic Jaws

Plastic Jaws

Source: Home Depot

If you are working with a softer or more delicate substance, it is much better off selecting clamps with plastic jaws as they are just as strong but won’t damage the project that you’re working on.


Rust-resistant clamp

Source: Houzz

When you are going to be using your clamp in a place where it may get wet, then you will want to make sure that you won’t have any problems with rust. The best way to do that is to buy a clamp that is rust-resistant.

These clamps are very heavy-duty and have been built to last so that you don’t need to be worried about them becoming damaged.

Clamp Handle Material


Steel Clamp

Source: Home Depot

Clamps that have steel handles are very easy to use and incredibly strong. You won’t ever have to worry about the handle breaking, no matter how hard to push on them, and they won’t ever be damaged by something landing on them by accident.

Steel handles ensure that your clamps are the strongest ones available and are great for most applications. If you are going to be working outside and want to decrease the chance of your handle becoming damaged or cracking due to the weather, then steel handles are the best choice.


Plastic clamp

Source: Home Depot

Plastic handles, while not nearly as sturdy as steel handles are, are still a great option for many types of clamps. They can last for a long time, but too much stress on the clamp can cause the handle to actually break.

In addition, these clamps aren’t a great choice for use in extreme temperatures as changes in the temperature can cause the plastic to stress and crack.


Rubber clamp

Source: Home Depot

While the whole handle of the clamp won’t be rubber, buying a clamp that does have rubber parts on the handle ensures that they are not only very comfortable to use but also that the clamp will not slip out of your hand when you’re operating it.

When clamps do slip, it can be very dangerous, so it’s best to buy one that has anti-slip handles if you are concerned about losing control of the clamp or being injured with it. These clamps can easily be operated with just one hand, and the rubber ensures that you will have full control.

Best Clamps For Woodworking In General

When it comes to woodworking, you need a clamp that will maintain the pressure for your project. Because that pressure can change significantly based on the project, a bar clamp is the best option. The bar clamp is designed to secure pieces of wood while they are being cut.

Because wood is heavy and can come in large pieces, it needs to be still and not slide during the project. The clamp is mounted to the table where you are working, and then the wood is placed between the clamps. Once you know where you want the clamp to stay, you secure the wood in the clamp until you are done working or need to reposition the wood. 

Best Clamp For 90-Degree Angles

Whether you are woodworking or working on metal, 90-degree angles are critical for many projects. In order to get the best angle and make it accurate, you need a corner clamp. When it is time to put the pieces together at an angle, the corner clamp will hold them together with high pressure.

Corner clamps can be a quick release, single screw, or double screw. They come in different sizes to accommodate different projects. 

Best Clamp For Picture Frames

Picture frames also require corner clamps, but quick-release corner clamps are more specific. This is because of the size since picture frames are often a much smaller project than a single-screw or double-screw corner clamp. The quick release will hold the two pieces together at a right angle so that any repairs can be made and then released.

If the clamp is too big, the pressure could actually damage the thin wood of the picture frame. 

Best Clamp For Pocket Holes

When it comes to pocket holes, you want a C-clamp for accuracy. The pocket hole joints have a habit of moving to one side when screwing in pocket screws. In order to keep them secure, a C-clamp is required to keep them still. 

Top Brands

Carr Lane

Carr Lane clamps.

Source: Carr Lane

Since 1952, Carr Lane Manufacturing has made clamps and other tooling items. Founder Earl Walker’s goal was to create a company that could make standardized parts.

“Our toggle clamps are extremely popular for applications including assembly, welding, light machining, and stage and film,” says Sheldon, an aerospace specialist at Carr Lane Manufacturing. “Our clamps are cost-effective, reliable, and available for quick shipping.”

Today, Carr Lane ships its clamps all over the world. Products include air-powered clamps, toggle pliers, and latch-action toggle clamps. The brand uses the latest tech to produce high-quality parts for its customers.



Source: Powertec

Powertec has over 40 years of experience in woodworking manufacturing. The company strives to offer quality products at an affordable price.

Powertec carries a wide range of products. Options include vertical and horizontal clamps and self-locking clamps. The brand also carries toggle clamp mounting plates.

Steel Smith

Steel Smith clamps.

Source: Steel Smith

Steel Smith began making toggle clamps over 50 years ago. Now, the company is the top manufacturer of clamps in India. The brand has also shipped more than a million clamps worldwide.

You’ll find a wide range of toggle clamps through Steel Smith. You can see designs in the large CAD library. All available clamps go through testing to meet the brand’s quality standards.


Clamptek clamp.

Source: Clamptek 

In 1974, Clamptek was launched in Taiwan. The brand began shipping products to China in the 1990s and today, it sells toggle clamps across the globe.

They make many kinds of toggle clamps, like push-pull and manual clamps. 


Protex clamp.

Source: Protex

Protex has been making and selling toggle clamps for more than 60 years. They supply products to many industries. The brand aims to create safe and durable goods that are easy to use.

When you look at their products, you’ll see clamps made with neoprene and stainless steel. This brand’s range includes toggle latches and many types of clamps.



Source: RocheClamp

Many leading clamp brands make a variety of tools. RocheClamp focuses on toggle clamps. This brand is a leading source of toggle clamps and accessories.

“Roche has over 12 years of experience in the marketplace,” says sales manager Robin Luo. “We have an extraordinary design team and use top-class die-casting and polishing technology.


Grizzly clamp.

Source: Grizzly

Shiraz Balolia founded Grizzly in 1983. Since then, the brand has seen major growth. It’s now one of the world’s leading sellers of woodworking tools.

Grizzly has distribution centers in the southern U.S, and on the West Coast. This allows for very quick shipping. The brand has won many awards for its high-quality products.


Rockler clamp.

Source: Rockler

Rockler began business in Minnesota during the 1950s. Over the years, it’s expanded to Georgia, Indiana and Texas. The company specializes in clamps for woodworkers.

Rockler is a family-owned business that prides itself on its customer service. They offer a huge selection of clamps. You can also find DIY resources on the Rockler website.


Part of a C Clamp

Parts of a Clamp illustration

A clamp is an essential tool for woodworkers, plumbers, and builders. You can use clamps to hold pieces together while working on them, from clamping vices to attaching legs to tables. There are many physical stores and online retailers that sell clamps, some of which are more convenient than others.

All of the stores listed here have physical locations as well as a website, except for the last two which are online-only resources.

Where to Buy Clamps

Clamps are used to hold objects together. They can be used in a variety of situations, including carpentry, metalworking, and pottery. You’ll find clamps at home improvement stores, hardware stores, and online retailers. Besides the stores listed here, you can also find clamps at plumbing supply and craft stores like Micheal’s.

True Value Hardware

Front store of the True Value hardware.

True Value Hardware offers clamps in different sizes and styles. You can choose from bar clamps, pipe clamps, and other types of clamps. These clamps are available both online and in-store locations across the country. True Value also sells tools for plumbing and building supplies. See their website for store locations and hours of operation.

Ace Hardware

Front store of Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware offers a large selection of clamp styles on its website or through its phone app for your convenience. They offer bar clamps, pipe clamps, and more at great prices so you can get what you need quickly! Ace is known for quality products and friendly, helpful staff. If you can’t find what you need in-store, you can order it online from their website.

The Home Depot

The Home Depot front store and stock equipment.

The Home Depot sells many different types of metalworking equipment and tools online at their website or through their phone app for your convenience! They have a wide variety of clamps, including quick-release spring clamps and bar clamps.

They have everything you need for your next project. If you need help, their staff is very knowledgeable about products and processes and can offer a lot of helpful advice.


Lowe’s Home Improvement sells a variety of pipe, bar, and C-clamps that are excellent for metalworking. The size of the clamp is important to consider when choosing one because they vary in length and width, which will affect how much force they can exert on an object.

Lowe’s is also a good place for all types of wood or building supplies. It’s kind of a one-stop shop for jobs around your home or garden.


Menards sells pipe clamps that are ideal for metalworking projects and other projects where you need to attach two pieces together without using glue or nails. The quality varies between brands, so choose carefully when making your purchase.

If you need help choosing the right type of clamp, you can always ask an employee at your local store. They will be able to assist you in finding the right clamp for your project. Store locations are MO, NE, WY, KS, MN, IA, and IL.


A person with a cart in front of the walmart store.

In addition to being one of the largest retailers in the US, Walmart also has the largest online store. They sell a wide variety of clamps, from C-clamps to bar clamps to pipe clamps, and more! There are plastic and metal clamps available in a variety of sizes and shapes, as well as very inexpensive sets with multiple clamps.

Harbor Freight Tools

Harbor Freight Tools is a discount tool store that sells many different types of clamps at very affordable prices. They carry both T-bar and pipe clamps, as well as bench vises, pipe benders, and other tools that can be used for woodworking projects.

Although Harbor Freight’s products are often made from low-quality materials, their clamps are made from steel rather than plastic, and they work well for a variety of purposes.

Northern Tool + Equipment

Northern Tool + Equipment sells a wide range of products for both homeowners and professional tradespeople alike. Their selection includes everything from hand tools to power tools and accessories for all kinds of jobs around the house or on the job site.

Their prices are fairly reasonable too so this is a great place to shop if you’re looking for something that isn’t too expensive but still does a good job at holding things together while you’re working on them.

Amazon logo hang in front store.

Amazon has a wide variety of clamps available at competitive prices, and their customer service is excellent if you ever have any issues with the product or your order.

Blue Jay An Elite Healthcare Brand Elevate ME Softly Foam Toilet Seat | 2 inch Seat Lifter for Elderly Comfortable Sitting Elderly Comfortable Sitting with Adjustable Hook and Look Closure for Secure

They also offer free shipping on many items over $25, which makes it even easier to buy everything you need from them without breaking the bank!

Whether you’re working on a home improvement project or need clamps for industrial purposes, we’ve got you covered. At, we’ve got everything from high-quality brands like Irwin and Bessey to low-cost options like Vise-Grip. No matter what kind of clamp you’re looking for or how much you want to spend on it, we can help you find exactly what you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are clamps?

A clamp is a tool used to fasten objects together and secure them so that they will not move or separate with the help of applying pressure to both objects.

What are clamps used for?

Clamps can be used for all types of projects in all types of fields. One of the most common uses of a clamp is to hold objects together in order to glue them together. This technique is mostly seen in woodworking and carpentry.

Which clamps are used for woodworking?

There are many types of clamps that are used in woodworking because there are specific clamps for specific jobs.

The clamps that are used the most for woodworking are trigger-activated bar clamps, which can be tightened with one hand; parallel-jaw clamps, which work well with larger glue-ups; pipe clamps, which are a lower-cost option for larger glue-ups; C-clamps or carriage clamps, which work great for laminating narrow stock; corner clamps, which guarantee perfect square corners; strap clamps, which allow easier access to simultaneously clamping all the joints of a metered frame; wood screw clamps, which make it easier to apply pressure on out-of-parallel surfaces; and spring clamps, which allow for quick and easy operation.

What size of clamps do I need for woodworking?

The size of the clamps needed depends on the size of the project at hand. In reality, woodworking requires many clamps of many different sizes. The most typical clamp to have is a 12-inch parallel clamp which usually does the job for most projects, but specific project sizes will require specific types of clamp styles and sizes.

The sizes of woodworking clamps typically range from one inch to 50 inches. Another variable to keep in mind is that depending on the style of the clamp, the size range for that particular style will vary.

How to clean woodworking clamps?

Clamps often get dirty because no protective measures were taken when it comes to using glue for projects. This hardened glue can damage a clamp’s performance level. Using a putty knife works well for removing bigger pieces of hardened glue from the clamp.

For textured areas of the clamp, using a steel brush works well for removing hardened glue from the crevices. For smaller and tighter spaces, a small wire wheel will do the trick. Just make sure not to be too aggressive, or the texture and ridges will become smooth.

Can used clamps be recycled?

The best way to reuse a used clamp is to clean it as best as possible. If the clamp cannot be cleaned and it is seen as useless, try implementing the clamp into a project. Now more than ever, old wood screw clamps have become the perfect bookends and shelves.

By having creative DIY ideas and crafts, bring the old clamp to life and make it a beautiful addition to the home or woodworking space.

What are C clamps?

A C-clamp, also sometimes called a G-clamp, uses a screw to tighten and hold wood or metal material against a surface. They are particularly helpful in carpentry and welding.

Where to put ferrite clamps?

Ferrite clamps are used to reduce the amount of radiofrequency noise in wires conducting electricity, particularly for microphones. They are most effective when placed by the cable termination, where it exits the electronic enclosure.  

Do exhaust clamps leak?

Yes, if an exhaust clamp comes loose, is damaged, or fails, it could leak exhaust and impact a car’s emissions. Using damaged or defective exhaust clamps defeats the purpose — they should be replaced if they are leaking.

Do nose clamps work?

Nose clamps that claim to permanently reshape your nose with external pressure have not been proven to be effective. Although there are anecdotal reports of improvements, according to Dr. Richard Westreich, “there is no rigorous scientific evidence of effectiveness to support these claims.”

How many clamps to glue wood?

According to Fine WoodWorking Magazine, you can calculate the number of clamps you need to glue together two pieces of wood with this formula:

The surface area to be glued (in square inches) multiplied by the required clamping pressure (psi), divided by the force applied by each clamp (in lbs. per inch), equals the number of clamps required. 

How are clamps made?

Most clamps are made from cast iron or forged steel so that they are as strong and durable as possible and can withstand the psi required of a clamp. In some cases, handles or other components are made from plastic or wood to be easier to handle. 

Do hose clamps go bad?

Hose clamps can fail, and these failures can be serious because you can lose coolant, which could cause your engine to overheat, or lose brake fluid, which could cause the brakes to fail. Because they are prone to failure, you should change a hose clamp every time you change a hose. 

When were clamps invented?

The first genuine clamps have been attributed to Ardeytus of Tarentum, who lived around 400 BCE. However, the clamp is generally associated with Archimedes, who died almost 200 years later. 

It wasn’t until the 1700s that Henry Maudslay, a mechanical genius, created an efficient method for cutting screws that made durable and efficient clamps widespread and available. 

What are towel clamps used for?

Towel clamps are used in surgery to secure surgical drapes to the patient’s skin so that they don’t move during an operation. 

How do wheel clamps work?

Wheel clamps are used to keep a vehicle from moving by creating a physical impediment that prevents the wheel from rotating. They are security devices that can be used to keep a car from being stolen or moved. Attempting to move a car that has been clamped with a wheel clamp can cause permanent structural damage to the vehicle.

How strong are PEX clamps?

PEX clamps vary in strength according to application, but according to, they are more durable than traditional copper fittings and clamps and last longer. 

How wise are hose clamps?

Hose clamps come in a variety of sizes for different applications, from 10mm to 216mm

What to do if you don’t have clamps?

If you don’t have access to clamps, you might be able to repurpose items in your house to serve the same purpose. Pliers can serve as impromptu clamps, as can jumper cables. You can also use elastic bandages to wrap two boards together, rather than clamping them, according to Lifehacker.

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