28 Different Types of Cherries

Various types of cherries in porcelain bowls.

Learn about the many different types of cherries enjoyed around the world. Get to know the basic and specific types, see photos, and discover the distinct traits of each type.

Cherries are flowering plants that belong to the Rosaceae family. They originated in Europe, Asia, and northern parts of Africa and can be found in temperate regions around the world but can’t be cultivated in tropical areas.

A cherry tree can produce around 7,000 cherries per year but will only start yielding fruits three to four years after planting. The trees mature after seven years and can still bear fruit around 100 years.

There are around 2,000,000 cherries produced each year with Turkey as the leading country for producing cherries.

Cherries Nutrition Facts Chart

Cherries Nutrition Facts Chart

Now let’s jump into your cherry options.

Basic Types of Cherries

Dark Red Cherries

Dark red cherries

Red Cherries

Red cherries in a white bowl over a rustic table.

Sour Cherries

Sour Cherries in a tree.

Sweet Cherries

Sweet cherries

Yellow Cherries

Yellow cherries

Specific Types of Cherries

Attika® Cherries

These are dark-red cherries and they are sweet, crunchy, and firm. They are large, long, and heart-shaped, and they have been around since 1981.

Benton® Cherries

These cherries are a beautiful shade of red and medium to large in size. They bloom late in the season and have a great, sweet flavor. They are also firm and have a great after taste.

Bing Cherries

A bowl of Bing cherries on top of a wood plank table.

Bing cherries are dark red and very round, not to mention very sweet, and if you find great-tasting cherries in the grocery store, they are liable to be this type of cherry. They pack a lot of punch in their small size, and the darker they are, the riper they are. They are not a sour type of cherry and have even been known to cut the risk of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure. Moreover, you can find a lot of recipes to use this type of cherry in, and all of them promise to be delicious.

Chelan™ Cherries

Originating in Washington State and with a dark-red color, these cherries are heart-shaped and round, and they are very mild and sweet. They are almost 20 percent sugar and, therefore, have a wonderful flavor, making them perfect for a variety of dishes.

Cowiche™ Cherries

Cowiche™ cherries are a beautiful shade of dark red and have a firm, strong flavor. They mature in mid- to late-season, and they originated in Washington State.

Early Robin® Cherries

These cherries are yellow in color with red tints, and they bloom in early-season. They are medium in size and heart-shaped, and their flavor is strong and sweet.

Index™ Cherries

These cherries bloom in early-season and offer excellent, sweet flavor and a firm texture. They are dark red in color with bright-red flesh, and they are medium to large in size.

Kiona™ Cherries

Kiona™ cherries are dark red and have a delicious, sweet taste. They are early bloomers and originated in Washington State.

Lambert Cherries

Lambert cherries

Lambert cherries are bright red in color and originated in Oregon in the 1870s. They are late bloomers with a sweet and rich flavor, and they are either round or long and heart-shaped.

Lapins Cherries

Lapins Cherries on a green checkered cloth.

This is a dark-red type of cherry with a great, sweet flavor and a firm texture. Originated in 1984 in Canada, this type of cherry is very large and round.

Montmorency Cherries

Montmorency cherries

This type of cherry is slightly sour and tastes great for making pastries, smoothies, and even trail mix. You can also find these cherries in crisps and many other dishes, and they have even been known to help with muscle pain and other types of pain relief as well.

Morello Cherries

Morello cherries

If you love cherry pie, the pie you’re eating is likely made with Morello cherries. These cherries are not dry like some other cherries are, but they have a richness and great consistency that make them perfect for pies and crisps. They are also juicy and filled with nutrients, making them the perfect choice for your next dessert.

Queen (Royal) Anne Cherries

These cherries are more tart than sweet and look very similar to Rainier cherries with their red and gold color. They are usually soaked in sweetener and salt, and they are perfect for baking purposes for all types of dishes. With the perfect sweet-and-sour taste, Royal Anne cherries are delicious and versatile.

Rainier Cherries

Rainier cherries in a rattan basket.

Grown near Mount Rainier – hence its name – this type of cherry is sweet and delicious and has a red and yellow color. You can make tasty cherry salads with this type of cherry, and you can find dozens of other recipes as well. It is a truly versatile and tasty type of cherry you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Regina™ Cherries

Regina™ cherries are dark red and originated in Germany in 1981. They are extremely large and have square shoulders, and they are so dark that they are almost black in color. They have a sweet, but mild flavor and a crunchy texture, and they are late bloomers.

Santina™ Cherries

These cherries are dark red and originated in Canada in 1997. They are low in acid and have a firm and sweet taste. They are long, heart-shaped cherries that have a high luster and a deep-red flesh, and they are medium in size.

Selah® Cherries

Selah® cherries bloom in early- to mid-season and are dark red in color. They are very large and originated in Washington State, and they are very sweet-tasting cherries.

Skeena™ Cherries

Originating in Canada, these cherries are late bloomers with a great sweet taste and a very large size. They are also firm and crunchy, and they are usually either round or kidney-shaped.

Stardust Cherries

Stardust cherries are yellow with red blushes and originated in Canada in 1985. They are large, flat, and heart-shaped, and they have a mild, sweet flavor and a very firm texture. They are late bloomers and have flesh that is almost clear.

Sweetheart Cherries

Sweetheart cherries on a wood plank table.

Originating in Canada, these bright-red cherries have a mild, but very sweet flavor and a very firm texture. They are round to heart-shaped, and their medium size includes dark- or bright-red flesh.

Tieton® Cherries

Tieton® Cherries originated in Washington State and are quite large in size. They have thick skins and a very glossy appearance, and they are sweet, firm, and mild.

Tulare Cherries

These cherries, cousins of the Bing cherry, are very tart, but usually can’t be relied on to be transported long distances, in part because they can split open during transit.

Van Cherries

Originating in the mid-1940s in Canada, the Van cherry has a fantastic sweet flavor and a firm texture. It ripens in mid-season, and it is dark red in color with a shape that is medium sized and round or heart-shaped.

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