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44 Different Types of Carrots

A photo collage of differenty types of carrots.

Carrots are root vegetables that belong to the Apiaceae family and are close relatives to parsley, celery, fennel, and cumin. They originated from Afghanistan and were originally purple and white in color.

They were introduced to Europe in the 14th century. The orange-colored variety originated in the Netherlands which produced them through selective breeding. The pigment beta-carotene produces the orange color and was first discovered in carrots.

The world produces 35 million tons of carrots every year with China as the world’s leading producer.

Carrots Nutrition Facts Chart

Carrots Nutrition Facts Chart

Now let’s jump into your carrot options.

Basic Types of Carrots

1. Chantenay Carrot Varieties

Chantenay carrots on a wooden table.

Unlike many other types of carrots, the Chantenay carrot is short and stout, getting to not much more than six inches in length. They can get up to three inches in diameter and their cone shape makes them perfect for gardeners who have rocky or heavy soil.

They are best when you harvest them at around six to seven inches because the older ones can become a little woody in the core and won’t taste as good as newer ones do.

2. Danvers Carrot Varieties

Danvers carrots on a wood plank table.

Developed in Danvers, Massachusetts, hence the name, these carrots are long and skinny and taper to a point. They are typically orange in color but can be other colors as well and they are tolerant even of poor soil.

These are medium-sized carrots that are very flavorful and they are some of the easiest vegetables to grow, making them perfect for beginning gardeners. In the past, they came in colors that include purple, white, yellow, and red and they have a rich color and flavor.

3. Imperator Carrot Varieties

Imperator carrots with 1st place ribbon.

When you think of carrots, you are likely thinking about the Imperator carrots because they are the typical long carrots that you usually find in your neighborhood grocery store.

If you have soil that is rocky or heavy, you should choose a shorter variety of carrots, although the ideal growing environment for these types of carrots is light, sandy loam soil. In addition, you need at least a foot of space to plant and grow the Imperator carrot; otherwise, they are very simple to grow.

4. Mini Carrot Varieties

Mini carrots

Also called radish-style carrots, these vegetables are made to grow in shallow root zones and are always harvested when they are very small. If you’re looking for the perfect carrot to grow in containers, this is definitely one to consider. They can even grow well in rocky or heavy soils.

5. Nantes Carrot Varieties

Nantes carrots

When it comes to growing carrots at home, the Nantes carrots are the easiest to grow. They are crisp and sweet. They get up to seven inches in length and have blunt tips.

These types of carrots do better when the soil is rocky and heavy because they do not twist and fork as other types of carrots do. If you’re looking for carrots that are tasty and easy to grow in your home, this one should definitely be considered.

Specific Types of Carrots

Chantenay Carrot Varieties

These types of carrots include the following:

1. Caracas carrots

These carrots are quite popular with gourmet grocers and they are a type of baby carrot that is deep orange in color, uniform in shape, and absolutely delicious. They usually only get to about four inches in length.

2. Hercules carrots

With the typical broad shoulders found in the Chantenay carrots, the Hercules carrots can be harvested in roughly 65 days and can even grow well in soils that other carrots cannot grow successfully in, such as rocky or clay soils.

3. Oxheart carrots

These carrots can be harvested in three months and they grow up to six inches in length. They are a broad, heart-shaped carrot that even grows well in sandy soils and they are also an heirloom variety that is sometimes hard to find.

4. Red-cored carrots

Red-cored carrots

These carrots can be harvested in roughly 70 days and get up to seven inches in length. You can grow them in heavy soils and they don’t lose their sweetness when you store them.

5. Royal Chantenay carrots

You can harvest these carrots in roughly 70 days and they grow up to five inches in length. They are a uniform shape that is easy to harvest regardless of your soil type and they have a very sweet flavor as well.

Danvers Carrot Varieties

This is the most common variety of the Danvers carrot:

6. Yellowstone carrot

This is a very versatile carrot that matures in roughly 70 days. It can get up to nine inches long and it is a beautiful shade of lemon-yellow throughout the carrot.

Imperator Carrot Varieties

Imperator carrots include these:

7. Atomic Red carrots

These carrots can be harvested in roughly 70 days and are slim and tapered with roots that can get as long as 11 inches. They are best when cooked and they keep their red color even after they are cooked.

8. Autumn King carrots

Maturing in roughly 70 days, these carrots can get up to 12 inches in length and are very tasty.

9. Candysnax carrots

With a yummy flavor and a snappy texture, these carrots are long and slender and can grow as long as 12 inches. They are sweet as sugar and ready to be harvested in 65 days.

10. Nutri-Red carrots

This carrot is filled with lycopene, which is great for your eyesight, and it can grow up to nine inches in length. It is salmon-red in color and intensifies whenever it is cooked.

11. Purple Haze carrots

Purple Haze carrots

Maturing in roughly 70 days, these carrots have a sweet flavor and a beautiful deep purple color. They get up to eight inches long, have bright orange centers, and look fantastic when served and eaten raw.

12. Red Samurai carrots

As its name suggests, this carrot is bright red in color and looks just as good as it tastes. It has a bold, sweet taste and can even retain its color when it is steamed.

13. Sugarsnax 54 carrots

These are extremely tasty and very nutritious. They have a very dark orange color and get up to nine inches long. They are a hybrid variety that can be harvested in roughly 68 days.

Mini Carrot Varieties

Mini-carrot varieties include the following:

14. Babette carrots

Although sometimes allowed to grow larger, these carrots are usually harvested at no more than four inches in length. Because of their size, they are usually served whole, particularly at finer restaurants and diners.

15. Mignon carrots

A little longer than other mini carrots, they get up to five inches long and are perfect for snacking and for planting in a children’s garden. They are also as tasty as they are adorable!

16. Romeo carrots

A pair of Romeo carrots against a wooden table.

These carrots are normally one to two inches long and they are the size and shape of small beets. They have a very rich flavor and are attractive as well.

Nantes Carrot Varieties

Here are some of the most popular and common types of Nantes carrots:

17. Baltimore carrots

At a length of six inches and a bright orange, these carrots are perfect for eating raw, cooking, and juicing.

18. Bolero carrots

These carrots are ready to be harvested in 75 days and get up to seven inches long. They taste sweet and keep that sweetness even when stored.

19. Cosmic Purple carrots

Cosmic Purple carrots get up to seven inches long and do not lose their color when they are cooked. They are violet on the outside and a beautiful shade of orange on the inside. They mature in roughly 73 days.

20. Merida carrots

These types of carrots are very sweet and need to be covered with mulch or straw if you live in a very cold area. They get up to eight inches long and should be planted in September or October.

21. Mokum carrots

These carrots can be harvested in less than two months and they are very sweet and very high in Vitamin A. They also have dark green tops and get up to eight inches in length.

22. Napa carrots

These carrots can get up to eight inches long and have a deep orange color and a very sweet, crisp taste. They also do well even in heavy soils.

23. Napoli carrots

These bright orange carrots can get up to eight inches in length and mature in less than two months. They have a fine texture and are crunchy and juicy, and they produce smooth, uniform vegetables every time.

24. Nectar carrots

These carrots are top-rated when it comes to their yield, vigor, storability, and taste. They are cigar-shaped carrots that get up to eight inches long and have sweet tender flesh.

25. Nelson carrots

Nelson carrots mature in a little under two months and get up to seven inches in length. They are sweet, do very well in heavy soils, and are a bright orange color.

26. Parano carrots

Parano carrots are very versatile and can be eaten raw, juiced, or cooked. They mature in roughly 65 days.

27. Purple Dragon carrots

Purple Dragon carrots are large, getting up to 10 inches in length, and they have purple skin and a bright orange core. When you cook them, their color fades but they are extremely nutritious.

28. Rodelika carrots

A very sweet-tasting carrot, they are often used to make carrot juice and they can get up to eight inches in length. Maturing in roughly 78 days, the Rodelika carrots are large and yield a large crop every season.

29. Romance carrots

Romance carrots are both beautiful and tasty and they can be harvested in roughly 75 days. They are bright orange in color and get up to six inches long. They are also crunchy and sweet so they are perfect for eating raw.

30. Scarlet carrots

These are sweet and very versatile carrots that can get up to eight inches in length. They are perfect for storing and for eating fresh.

31. Touchon carrots

Touchon carrots mature in roughly 70 days and can get up to eight inches long. They can be harvested regardless of what size they are and they always have a sweet taste regardless of when you eat them.

32. White Satin carrots

As its name implies, this type of carrot is white in color and grows to about eight inches long. They are crisp and mature in 70 days.

33. Yaya carrots

Yaya carrots are similar to Nelson carrots and mature in roughly 60 days. They are perfect for sowing in the fall and are a little less sweet than the Nelson variety.

Hybrid Types of Carrots

Hybrid carrots are those that typically do not fit into any other category because they are a mix of two or more different types of carrots. Below are some of the most well-known and popular hybrid carrots.

34. Giants of Colmar carrots

These carrots are a deep red-orange color and have very hefty and broad roots. They are sweet and delicious and they can be eaten right out of the garden even in the dead of winter.

35. Kuroda Applesina carrots

These are very large carrots, getting up to eight inches long and two inches across, and they can easily weigh half a pound each. They are crunchy and juicy and they are smooth and perfect for snacking any time.

36. Purple 68 carrots

With beautiful leaves and color throughout the vegetable, this carrot is extremely high in antioxidants. Perfect for your cool-weather diet, the Purple 68 carrot is mild and sweet, making it perfect for both cooking and eating raw.

37. Purple Sun carrots

These carrots mature in roughly three months and have a strong purple color throughout. It is also an extremely nutritious type of carrot and it is just as attractive as it is tasty.

38. Purplesnax carrots

With a mellow and sweet flavor, this carrot gets up to nine inches long and is purple on the outside but bright gold on the inside. Perfect for eating raw, the Purplesnax carrot can be harvested in 75 days.

39. Rainbow carrots

Multicolored rainbow carrots

Rainbow carrots naturally produce various colors including salmon, yellow, orange, white, and coral. They get up to nine inches in length and are always sweet and tender regardless of their color.