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23 Different Types of Brownies (It’s Hard to Choose)

A photo collage of a various types of brownies.

Brownies are a famous dessert that is commonly baked into square or rectangular shapes and are usually made using flour, eggs, butter, milk, and chocolate.

There are variations in the core recipe such as the addition of several types of nuts and several different types of flavored chips, cream cheese, frosting, etc. that allow each brownie to taste uniquely different from another.

The Brownie was first developed during the late 19th century within the United States and was popularized in the US and Canada in the 20th century. It’s usually eaten by hand and is served with some sort of milk or whipped cream.

Today it has become a popular lunch treat that children can take to school and a popular dessert that is available at eateries worldwide. The flavors and preparation techniques for brownies vary from place to place, depending on the culture and regional palate.

1. Brownies with Custom Flavors

Close up photo of a customized flavored brownie isolated in a white background.

Many bakeries around the world have introduced seasonal variations and flavors for brownies depending on the customs and flavors that are prevalent in that geographical location.

There are brownies with pumpkin puree and spices such as cardamom and apricot, then there are brownies that feature peppermint as well. Some brownies even have maple syrup and toffee inside them. The variations are endless, but we will try to gather some of the most popular ones and list them in this article.

2. Special Diet Brownies

The low carb and calorie chocolate brownies.

There are brownies out there that cater to every niche lifestyle and diet, such as those of vegans, the gluten-free diet, and the kosher diet. These brownies have been developed in the last few decades because of the acknowledgment of various allergies, diets, and predispositions that people have towards certain foods.

Not only have these special kinds of brownies become a niche market all on their own, but they are also enjoyed by those without any predispositions because of their good taste.

What this means is that no matter what kind of diet you follow, you will get the brownie of your choice in some bakery or sweet shop. There is simply a brownie for everyone out there. As for what are the tastiest brownies out there that you can get your hands on, you can decide for yourself by trying the 10 that are listed below.

Here are 10 different brownies that will leave you licking your fingers.

3. Baked Brownies

Sliced brownies on a wood chopping board beside a wooden bowl of nuts.

Baked brownies are possibly the most common type of brownies that one can find. It doesn’t have any specific recipe or topping. Instead, it just has a recipe involving chocolate, eggs, milk, and flour.

You can make all sorts of delicious brownies with this recipe and add all sorts of frostings. The only things that are common between this and every other brownie are the baking ovens used to cook them and the chocolate fudge involved in its prep.

4. Better than Box Mix Brownies

A plate of sliced brownies with nuts on green grass.

Better than box mix brownies are homemade brownies, made using the same way that is used to make box mix brownies. That is, they are made from mashed-up walnuts, almonds, and pistachios as well as flour, eggs, milk, and butter. They can vary in texture and taste depending on the ingredients, but they are usually very crunchy and chewy.

5. Buckeye Brownies

The Buckeye brownies differ from normal brownies due to the peanut butter and chocolate frosting on top. They can be topped off with several fruits and sprinkles as well, but the classic peanut butter and chocolate frosting covered brownie is considered a classic. chocolate fudge brownies with chocolate butter-cream frosting

The Buckeye brownies differ from normal brownies due to the peanut butter and chocolate frosting on top. They can be topped off with several fruits and sprinkles as well, but the classic peanut butter and chocolate frosting covered brownie is considered a classic.

6. Chocolate Fudge Brownies with Chocolate Butter-cream Frosting

Chocolate fudge brownies with chocolate butter-cream frosting

Chocolate fudge brownies are topped off with a frosting made using chocolate and butter. You have an option to include as much butter and chocolate as you want, but the ratio is preferred to be 70:30 in favor of the chocolate.

7. Cream Cheese Brownies

Cream cheese brownies cut up into squares

Cream cheese brownies involve topping off brownies with cream cheese frosting. If you enjoy cheesecake, you will most likely enjoy the taste of cream cheese brownies. The topping is made from cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, and egg yolk.

8. Frozen Brownie Sundae

Cherry on a frozen brownie sundae with vanilla scoop

The Frozen Brownie Sundae is a classic dessert. It is a plain, fudge brownie, served with a vanilla scoop on top or to the side. The brownie can be topped off with a cherry or with further melted chocolate.

The best way to serve it is to take the brownies out of the oven immediately so that they are piping hot and top them off with refrigerated vanilla ice cream. The blend of hot and cold makes this variation heavenly.

9. Marshmallow Crunch Brownie Bars

Marshmallow crunch brownie bars stacked against each other

Marshmallow crunch brownies are usually considered a camping snack. They are considered to be similar to s’ mores which are biscuits with melted marshmallows and chocolate in between.

Marshmallow crunch brownies are made using melted marshmallows and chocolate as well as nuts. This gives them a structure that can be molded into a bar. The bars are usually several layers thick and can be made with either milk or dark chocolate.

10. Peanut Butter Cup Crunch Brownie Bars

Close up photo of a delicious peanut butter cup crunch brownies.

Peanut Butter Crunch brownie bars can be thought of as a healthy snack after a long stretch of dieting and exercise. They won’t add much to your already strict diet, and you won’t put on the calories because you’re eating healthy fats instead of the processed stuff that you usually get with junk food.

11. Outrageous Brownies

Brownies from Ina Garten

Only a few people will agree on what the definition of outrageous brownies is, but this special recipe from Ina Garten makes for a scrumptious snack. You can use chopped walnuts or mashed-up almonds if you want. However, the original recipe calls for excessive amounts of the former. This recipe uses a pound of chocolate and six eggs.

12. Sweet & Salty Brownies

Sweet & salty brownies

Sweet and salty brownies are seasoned with salt and caramel. They are sprinkled with coarse sugar and caramel. They can be topped off with as much salt as you want without being gluttonous. They are a variation of the baked brownie and can include as much or as little fudge depending on the maker.

A variation of the recipe uses sour cream and granulated sugar to make them even tastier. There are also variations of the recipe which use corn syrup instead of sugar.

13. Chocolate Mint Brownies

Chocolate brownies arranged in a setting

Chocolate Mint Brownies are made with a teaspoon of mint extract and some green food coloring to add the appearance of mint.

They taste a little like cakes that have a dash of minty flavor thrown in. You have the option to top it with 10 ounces of mint-chocolate chips and half a cup or two tablespoons of cubed butter for extra flavor.

The brownies are made using extra chocolate syrup, a few cups of confectioners’ sugar and just half a teaspoon to add taste.

14. Chunky Blonde Brownies

Close up photo of the delcious chunky blonde brownie with nuts.

Chunky blonde brownies look distinctive due to their yellow exterior and chocolate chips embedded within. They can be made with chocolate chips or macadamia nuts as well as blanched almonds that are chopped or divided.

There are several other ways to make them depending on your nut and topping of choice, but what remains constant is the overwhelming use of vanilla extract over chocolate powder.

15. Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies

Cream cheese patterns on chocolate brownies

The Cream Cheese Swirl brownies bear a resemblance to the cream cheese brownies and have some of the same ingredients, but they have one key difference, which is the reduced fat cream cheese that they use.

In order for the cheese to swirl into the shape that you want at lower temperatures, you need to have leaner quantities of fat integrated into the mix. Other than that you can use cocoa powder, vanilla extract, baking cocoa, and some reduced fat butter as well to make the treat a little more wholesome.

16. Peppermint Brownies

Peppermint brownies on a grill

Peppermint brownies are made using canola oil, baking cocoa, and crushed peppermint candies that can be bought at Christmas time. You can glaze them with peppermint candies and chocolate mints for extra flavor.

You can flavor the brownies with further peppermint extract if you please and even decorate them with some food coloring if you’re inclined to do so. However, adding any extra chocolate chips or vanilla chips to the brownies isn’t recommended because it ruins the aesthetic of these brownies.

17. Candy Bar Brownies

Candy bar brownies with chocolate chips

The Candy Bar Brownies are given this name because they are created to visually look similar to candy bars instead of the slightly rectangular square shapes that brownies are commonly given. They are also named so because they contain pieces or chunks of candy bars.

There are a lot of choices as to what to put in this type of brownie depending on your sweet tooth and your taste. You can put in Mars Bars, Kit Kat wafers, Snickers bars, Twix, etc. The addition of actual candy bars improves the structure of the candy bar brownies and makes them much more crunchy and chewy than normal brownies.

18. Cookies & Cream Brownies

Cookies and cream brownies are crunchy and satisfying

Cookies and Cream Brownies look very different from average brownies and are made by crushing together your favorite cookies and blending them with whipped cream or cheese cream, whichever you may prefer.

These brownies include mashed-up Oreos, Chips Ahoy, chocolate chip cookies, etc. They can also be topped off with mashed-up cookies and glazed with cream cheese if you prefer. Due to their unmistakable topping and texture, they are preferred by connoisseurs of cheesecakes and other so-called elite desserts.

19. Frosted Fudge Brownies

Frosted fudge brownies with chocolate syrup

Frosted Fudge Brownies are some of the most beloved brownies in the world. They are considered as one of the top-selling brownies in any bakery in the world due to their universal appeal. Fudge brownies are usually enjoyed with whole milk and are usually eaten as a quick evening snack.

20. White Chocolate Cranberry Blondies

White chocolate cranberry brownies on a white round plate above a tablecloth.

Cranberries need not only be eaten at Thanksgiving but they can also be used to make the sweet white chocolate cranberry blondies, which are great any time of the year. They are prepared using 8 ounces of

cream cheese and a cup of confectioners’ sugar. They can also be frosted with grated orange zest and white baking chocolate if you want a more zesty taste to them.

The cranberries used for topping and cooking can be used generously for either and can be laid out for topping in a bowl if the person who is eating should choose to add more.

21. Coffee & Cream Brownies

Coffee and cream brownies

This is a standard brownie recipe, but it includes coffee granules and heavy portions of whipped cream. It is a quick and easy recipe to follow and is usually considered a favorite among caffeine lovers.

It can be served as a snack for tea time or coffee time, whichever you prefer. You can even season it with some chocolate chips if you’re feeling a bit peckish. These will be ready within 30 minutes.

22. Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Brownies

Close up photo of the dark chocolate pomegrated brownies.

If you want to impress your guests with a different recipe, these brownies are highly recommended. Dark chocolate pomegranate brownies use honey, olive oil, or agave instead of butter and refined sugar instead of corn syrup. They can even be made using beetroot juice if you’re feeling extra motivated to make them more healthy.

Dark chocolate is an indulgence, but it also has greater health benefits than that milk chocolate and can even lower the risk of heart disease. And of course, the pomegranates offer protection for your kidney and liver and boost the immune system. This will really hit the spot in more ways than one.

23. Butternut Brownies

Close up photo of three butternut slices on a plate.

Butternut brownies are made from roasted butternuts and are mixed with peanut butter, cocoa powder, and coconut milk. This gives the brownies a rich texture and a rich flavor. You can use chocolate chips, cranberries, blueberries or pumpkin seeds to give it an extra kick.

There is even an option to flavor them using Granola. The entire recipe requires around 25 minutes. This recipe is extremely healthy due to the low-calorie count and high quantity of healthy fats. It tastes as good as fudge brownies but barely incorporates chocolate fudge in it.

Brownies have become a staple in North America since the early 1900s. They have found their way into bakeries around the world as popular desserts and are consumed with coffee, tea, and milk, and are even taken as a healthy snack in some cases.

Brownies have become a beloved dessert around the world, and it is going to stay that way for time immemorial. So don’t waste any time trying to satisfy your sweet tooth with anything else, make delicious brownies and invite everyone over for a feast of indulgence.