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11 Different Types of Barbecue Tools

Grilling sausage on an electric flaming grill outdoors.

While any given day would be a good day to grill, 71 percent of Americans say they grill the most on the fourth of July. On the other hand, Canadians take their cooking outdoors the most on Canada Day. The most common food served at a barbecue party would be the hamburger, steak, hotdogs, and chicken — in order of popularity.

The most common side dishes served at barbecues are corn, potatoes and grilled vegetables while the most popular marinades/sauces are mesquite, honey, and spicy hot BBQ sauces. Wood are also used to add flavor to the BBQ such as oak, apple, pecan, cherry, guava, kiawe, maple, hickory and mesquite.

Grill lovers like to keep their barbecue tools at a minimum so check out these essential tools for grilling and smoking.

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Stainless grilling tong with wooden grip.

Having access to a nice set of grilling tongs is really going to make grilling outside a lot more pleasant. You need to be able to check your meat every so often to ensure that nothing is burning. Grilling tongs will help you to be able to lift the meat very simply to check on how it is doing. This way, you will be able to avoid burning any of your precious hamburgers and rendering them inedible.

When you’re purchasing tongs for your grill, you will want to make sure that they are made out of the right material. The grilling tongs being shown here are made from stainless steel. This is going to allow them to last for a very long time, and they can stand up to the heat of the flames without having issues. You don’t want to buy something that is only going to work for a few grilling sessions.

Also, you should avoid using tongs that are meant for other purposes. Tongs that people use in their kitchens are unlikely to be long enough for grilling. You need to be able to stand back from the flames while you are using these tongs. If they aren’t long enough, then you’re going to run the risk of being burned in certain situations, so buying specific grilling tongs is highly recommended.

Remember to seek out grilling tongs that are durable, and you will be just fine. These are going to be put out with all of the other grilling accessories at your local department stores. You won’t have any trouble finding a good option when you’re seeking grilling tongs. You won’t want to grill without them, so buy a nice set now so that you can have the best grilling experience possible.


Top-class spatula for grilling.

The trusty spatula is a necessity if you are going to grill outside. You need to have access to a tool that will allow you to flip burgers and move the meat around on your grill. Using one of your short spatulas from your kitchen is not likely going to be the best solution, either. You want to be able to stand a ways back from the grill while still being able to do what you need to do easily.

Buying a long spatula that is meant for grilling is going to be the optimal solution here. These spatulas are readily available, and you will find them at most department stores. The spatula being shown here is made to last for a long time. It’s made using a durable stainless steel design and will come in handy for many barbecues in the future.

When a spatula is nice and sturdy like this, it will allow you to easily move things around on the grill. You won’t have to worry about dropping things as long as you use it properly. A flimsier spatula may not be able to lift things quite as easily, so it is good to know that this one is going to do the job properly. It’s worthwhile to buy a really nice spatula because it can improve your overall grilling experience.

Spatulas like this will come in handy for certain types of pit barbecue as well. They are mostly used for grilling purposes, though. Whatever your intentions are for your barbecue, it’s very sensible to purchase one of these long grilling spatulas. You’ll get a lot of use out of it most certainly.

Protective Grill Mitts

Protective grill mitts in black and grey colors.

You may not need any protection for your hands when you first start your grill up, but after it has become hot, you definitely will. Always try to avoid touching a hot grill with your bare hands. This goes without saying, but it is easy to forget yourself when you are in a hurry to take meat off of the grill to keep it from burning. Getting a second-degree burn is never going to be a good way to start out a barbecue.

Protective grill mitts are readily available for you to purchase. You will find them in several different styles. Some of them look quite similar to oven mitts, and others are more like gloves. The kind being shown off here are shaped like gloves and are going to be very useful for pit barbecues.

If you barbecue in ways that will need you to use your hands more actively, then the protective mitts that are shaped like gloves will be very worthwhile. If you’re simply planning on using your grill to make some burgers, then you will be just fine with the oven mitt style design. Some people simply use their oven mitts while they are grilling outside to great effect.

Whatever your choice winds up being, it’s important to know that there is protection available. These gloves will be very useful to you. You’ll be able to move in them very freely, and they will keep your hands safe from the fire. You won’t have to be as concerned about getting burned, but you should still exercise caution.

Grill Lighter

Grill lighter with blue handle.

Lighting your grill is one of the most important steps of a successful barbecue. You don’t want to hurt yourself while you are doing this, so it is important to have access to the right tool for the job. Some people live dangerously and decide to use a normal cigarette lighter to light their charcoal. This is not recommended, as you will be getting your hand far too close to the flame using this method.

Lighter fluid is obviously highly flammable. It doesn’t take long for it to catch fire, and you don’t want to get burned. Using a small cigarette lighter is going to be a risky move that you should avoid at all costs. You will be able to purchase a long lighter that is meant for lighting grills specifically.

This grill lighter is going to come in handy whether you are lighting charcoal or using it for other purposes. They’re very inexpensive, so you will be able to purchase several grill lighters at a very reasonable price. This means that you won’t ever feel the need to light your grill in a risky way. Preventing injury is going to make your barbecue a lot more pleasant than it would otherwise be.

Some people use these lighters to light the fire in a barbecue pit as well. It really depends on the type of setup that you have. There are so many different ways to go about barbecuing. Regardless, it is worthwhile to keep a couple of these inexpensive and convenient grill lighters around.

Wooden Planks

Wooden planks for preparing barbecue.

Wooden planks aren’t an absolute necessity when you want to barbecue. They will come in handy when you are trying to smoke something on the grill, though. People like to use wooden planks when they are smoking salmon and other types of meats. They can help to give the meat a unique flavor, and sometimes specific types of wood are preferable for a certain taste.

As an example, some people feel that cedar wood planks provide the perfect smoky taste for salmon. Others might prefer a pine for another meat. It really comes down to personal preference, but these wooden planks are definitely popular. You can find them at many different department stores, and they aren’t too expensive, overall.

It is important to soak these wooden planks in water before placing them on your grill. As you might expect, these planks will catch on fire eventually. Soaking them in water before making use of them will keep them from catching on fire too quickly. You should soak the planks for at least thirty minutes before making use of them on your grill.

These will be a useful tool that can help to provide a little extra something to your next barbecue. If you like smoky flavors on your meats, then this is definitely worth a shot. Just make sure to soak the planks properly before using them for the optimal results. You’ll enjoy the smoky flavor that these planks can help to provide, and it will seem like a good investment.

Meat Thermometer

White meat thermometer.

Using a meat thermometer is absolutely essential when you want things to turn out properly. It may be possible to use your eyes and general cooking knowledge to determine if something is finished cooking, but if you want to have the best taste possible, it’s a good idea to use the thermometer. You will want the meat to be at a certain temperature to ensure that it is done. In order to avoid losing some of the flavors, you will not want to let the meat cook too far after it has reached the desired temperature.

It is actually very easy to use one of these meat thermometers. You can simply poke the thermometer inside of the meat that you are barbecuing or grilling and then read the temperature gauge. This will give you an accurate reading of how hot the meat is inside, and you can make your decision from there. It’s a simple and effective method to keep your barbecuing going as well as it possibly can.

It should be noted that there are a few different types of meat thermometers on the market. The most common ones are similar to the meat thermometer being shown here. These are simple to use, and you just stick it inside of the meat before reading the gauge. Other meat thermometers are digital in nature.

Digital meat thermometers are starting to become more prevalent and popular. They still aren’t as commonly used, but they are convenient if you want to look into them. Essentially, it will just provide an easy to read digital number for you instead of you having to read the temperature gauge. If this seems more convenient to you, then you should seek one of them out for your next barbecue.

Chimney Starter

Black chimney starter with wooden handle grip.

This chimney starter is an interesting alternative to a grill lighter for a charcoal grill. Many people have never heard of this type of barbecue tool before, but it can actually be a very handy thing to own. You can put charcoal inside of this chimney starter and use it to light the charcoal for use on your grill. It’s a simple way to get the charcoal lit, and you might find it preferable to using a grill lighter, depending on your preferences.

This chimney starter that is being shown here is made out of steel, as you might expect. It is a high-capacity model, and it can hold up to four pounds of charcoal. This will be enough charcoal for you to grill in most situations if you have a normal grill. The steel design makes it very resistant to rust, and it is easy to use.

It has a handle that you use to grab onto it and transfer the charcoal into the grill. The handle is made out of a nylon thermoplastic and feels pretty good overall. It is highly recommended that you wear your protective mitts when lifting the chimney starter after it has been used. You want to err on the side of caution and avoid any potential injuries.

Whether or not this is truly easier to use than a traditional grill lighter is up in the air. Some people do find this to be much more convenient. Others think that it creates an unnecessary step that simply makes the process take longer. You should really look into it in order to see whether or not owning a chimney starter is going to appeal to you.

You should know that getting one of these isn’t going to be overly expensive. These are very cost-effective, so if you find this method of lighting charcoal interesting, it’s easy to purchase one. It can light all types of briquette charcoal and will come in handy in many situations.

Grill Brush

Grill brush with wooden base.

Source: Wayfair

Owning a grill brush is imperative because you need to be able to clean your grill off properly. Grills are going to get dirty after using them, and you will need to be able to wipe them down and get them ready to use again. A good grill brush will help to make this process as easy as it can possibly be. The brush will be able to clean up your cooking grates easily with its bristles made from stainless steel.

The best grill brushes will also have a notched scraper that you can take advantage of. This is important for when you need to be able to scrape the cooking grates to remove stubborn food residue. It will be easy to make use of the notched scraper to get your cooking grates completely clean. Once you have it all set, you’ll be ready to start grilling once again.

This grill brush being shown here is very durable and will be able to be used for a long time. At eighteen inches long, it is the perfect size for cleaning a grill swiftly. It also has a sturdy bamboo handle that feels good in your hands. You’ll be able to hang it from your grill if you wish too as it features a loop that is meant for that purpose.

If you plan on doing any significant amount of grilling during the summer months, then you will want to invest in one of these. Otherwise, you’re going to have a difficult time properly cleaning your grill. You don’t want to cook food on a grill that has not been properly cleaned. Take the time to purchase a good grill brush today so that you can be prepared for the barbecuing season.

Basting Brush

Basting brush made out of smooth and durable wood.

A basting brush is going to be very useful for barbecuing purposes. Whether you are cooking out on your grill or if you are doing pit barbecue, there will be times where you will want to baste your meat. If you don’t have access to a good basting brush, then you won’t be able to baste your meat properly while it is cooking. This will negatively impact the quality of your barbecue, so it’s worthwhile to purchase one of these brushes.

A good basting brush should be made out of durable materials. This particular basting brush sports bristles made out of silicone. This will allow the brush to be used for a very long time. It’s always nice to be able to get a lot of use out of your investment, so this brush comes highly recommended for that reason.

Another good feature of this brush is that it will be able to help you baste while standing fairly far away from your grill. It has a long handle which makes it perfect to use in grilling situations. The handle is comfortable to hold as well. It was designed to be ergonomic, making it fun to use during the entire barbecuing process.

Cleaning your basting brush will be easy as well. This basting brush is dishwasher safe so long as you place it in the top rack. It’s going to be a really convenient option for basting your meats with sauces and glazes. This affordable brush will help to make your barbecuing experience even nicer.


Grilled skewers with beef, bacon, and vegetables on wooden board.

Skewers are not something that everyone uses for their barbecue, but they can be excellent depending on what type of food that you want to make. If you’re a fan of making kebabs, then you will definitely want to buy a bunch of these skewers. They’re perfect for skewering meat and cooking out on the grill. You’ll be able to make some very fun dishes that will be a big hit at your barbecue.

If you plan on cooking with these skewers on your grill, then you will want to soak them in water first. They’re made out of natural bamboo, and they will catch fire if you don’t prepare them properly. Soaking them in water for thirty minutes before using them should do the trick. This way you will be able to use them properly to prepare your dishes.

These particular skewers are very environmentally friendly, as well. They are completely biodegradable, so you won’t have to feel bad about being wasteful. Using these skewers will be both convenient and environmentally-conscious. You might simply love them because of how good they work, though.

Grill Basket

Grill basket with with black handle grip.

Source: Wayfair

If you haven’t used a grill basket to help make your barbecuing experience even better in the past, then you’re in for a treat. These convenient baskets are capable of helping you to grill items even easier than ever before. You can place whatever you want to grill inside of the basket and then place the basket on the grill. Once the items have cooked properly, you’ll be able to grab the long handle with your gloves and take it off of the grill without making a mess.

These grilling baskets are made with non-stick materials, meaning that you won’t have a big mess to clean up. They’re great for people that want to keep their food organized. Usually, these grill baskets are used for foods such as vegetables and certain types of seafood. Normally you would be worried about these food items falling through the cooking grates of your grill, but the basket is designed to contain them properly.

You can turn the food as well, so this is really going to be the most convenient way for you to cook these food items. The food will be able to be locked into place, so you won’t have to be concerned about it coming loose or falling out. To add to this, the handle of this grill basket is heat-resistant, making it very easy to use and quite safe.

If you want to have a really good experience when cooking vegetables and fish at your barbecue, it will pay to purchase one of these. They’re very cost-effective and are enjoyable to use. You’ll want to start cooking more fish and vegetables at your barbecues moving forward once you have purchased this basket. It’s a convenient solution for cooking more delicate foods on your grill.