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32 Different Types of Alstroemeria Flowers

A collage of Alstroemeria flowers.

Alstroemeria is a genus of 50 species and is native to South America. Also known as Peruvian Lily, the flowers were first grown in Peru, Brazil and Chile. It’s named after Swedish botanist Baron Klas von Alstroemer who collected its seeds from Spain in 1753.

Alstroemeria flowers are not fragrant but they have a vase life of about two weeks. When exposed to too much heat, they will stop producing flowers and produce more large tuberous roots instead.

1. Adonis

This plant has 18-inch-high stems and bright magenta petals that are slightly curved downward at a lovely angle. It does best when planted in a sheltered spot, and it prefers partial shade or full sun. It has a bright-yellow throat and looks stunning in containers and vases.

2. Aimi

A tall variety of Alstroemeria, this 30-inch beauty blooms from June to November. Its petals are creamy-white in color with flushes of soft-pink, and it looks beautiful in vases and containers.

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3. Alstroemeria aurea

Alstroemeria aurea

This flower blooms from early- to mid-Summer and has small petals that make it look like orchids. The petals are golden-yellow or bright-orange in color, and it often contains stripes or specks of a darker color.

It grows in a clump-forming, bushy shape and gets up to 3 feet in height, thriving best when planted in full sun and moist soil. It is also easy to grow, being disease-free and resistant to deer.

4. Alstroemeria ligtu

Alstroemeria ligtu

These are hybrid plants that grow up to 3 feet tall and come in colors that include scarlet, pink, and orange, along with a stripe of gold or yellow that contrasts with the main colors. Best when grown in zones 7-10, this flower is sometimes called the St. Martin’s Flower and is a beautiful addition to any garden.

5. Antarctica (Alstroemeria Inticancha)

A dwarf perennial that gets up to 16 inches in height, the Antarctica has bright-white petals streaked in dark burgundy, which is a truly eye-catching combination. They bloom in early-Summer to early-Fall, and they are low-maintenance flowers that are perfect for first-time growers.

With narrow green leaves setting off the blossoms, they are stunning in containers and vases. Outdoors they thrive better if you mulch the soil throughout the Winter.

6. Blue Heaven

The Blue Heaven grows up to 3 feet high and has brilliant lavender-blue petals and yellow throats. They bloom from June to November and love full sun or partial shade, and they are easy to grow and low-maintenance as well.

7. Blushing Bride

With soft-white petals that have baby-pink flushes throughout, this alstroemeria can grow up to 30 inches in height and blooms from June to November. They prefer full sun and look great as border plants or edges.

8. Butterscotch

Blooming from early-Summer to early-Fall, this flower has soft apricot-pink petals with dark-burgundy steaks and stunning yellow throats. It grows up to 4 feet tall and grows best in full sun or partial shade.

It also has striking green leaves and sturdy stems, giving it an ambiance few other plants have. It is easy to grow and low-maintenance, and it is loved by pollinators such as butterflies.

9. Candy

This type of Alstroemeria is a bright candy-pink color and grows up to 3 feet tall. It makes a beautiful border plant and looks magnificent in gardens of any size or type. It is also great for first-time growers because it is sturdy and easy to grow.

10. Cindy

The Cindy has creamy-white petals with flushes of soft-pink and yellow throats. Place them in the back of your garden and people will still take notice of them, since they grow up to 3 feet in height. This makes them perfect for all borders and edges.

11. Elvira

The Elvira has creamy-white petals with raspberry-pink flushes and stripes, along with a light-yellow throat. It grows up to 30 inches in height and looks beautiful when placed in containers or vases.

12. Etna

Blooming from June to November, this plant has striking deep-red petals with contrasting yellow throats and a very stately look. It can grow up to 3 feet tall and prefers full sun or partial shade, as well as moist but well-drained soil.

13. Flaming Star

Great as accent plants, this flower has funnel-shaped petals in bright orange and golden-yellow throats with short dark accents through each petal. It grows up to 28 inches high and has beautiful, narrow green leaves and strong stems.

The flower is reliable and sturdy, and it is ignored by deer. The Flaming Star also does best in moist but well-drained soil, and looks great in vases and containers.

14. Fougere

With stunning white petals that have slightly ruffled edges, this plant is creamy-white and has pink flushes throughout each petal, along with burgundy-colored streaks. It can grow up to 28 inches in height and makes a perfect addition to any garden, especially the small ones.

Blooming from early-Summer to early-Fall, the Fougere is virtually disease-free but should never be placed against your skin, because it can cause skin irritations that can be quite unpleasant.

15. Inca Azur

With masses of bright magenta petals that contain maroon flushes, this flower is eye-catching and will never go unnoticed. They are a medium-sized Alstroemeria plant, growing up to only 18 inches high, which prefer full sun or partial shade.

16. Inca Battle

Sporting petals of mauve with white throats, the Inca Battle is a dwarf plant that grows up to 12 inches in height. It blooms in June to November, and its white centers make it a bit different than other varieties, but not any less attractive.

17. Inca Ice

With dark-green, lance-shaped leaves and a height of up to 3 feet, the Inca Ice has petals that are soft-apricot and creamy-yellow in color, with striking short burgundy streaks throughout. It makes an excellent border plant and includes dark-green, slender leaves that perfectly complement the color of the petals. It is a low-maintenance, disease-free flower and does best with mulching during the Winter months.

18. Inca Joli

This is a striking plant with petals of bright orange-red and yellow-gold throats, along with burgundy streaks and beautiful bright-green leaves. Its fiery colors and striking leaves present a beautiful contrast for any garden, and it looks beautiful in containers and vases.

It does best in fertile, well-drained soil and full sun, and it grows up to 20 inches tall. Butterflies love it, and it can grow up to 2 feet in width, making your landscape a stunning view.

19. Indian Summer

Indian summer alstroemeria

The Indian Summer comes with copper-orange and golden-yellow petals with streaks of burgundy, and it has lance-shaped, bronze-colored leaves that make it gorgeous in containers and vases. Growing up to 28 inches in height, the flower is low-maintenance and resistant to deer, but butterflies love it. It does best in either full sun or partial shade, and it looks spectacular when planted with large numbers of other Alstroemeria plants.

20. Lucca

A tall variety that grows up to 3 feet high, this plant boasts beautiful dark-orange petals and bright-yellow throats. It blooms from June to November, and it does best in full sun or partial shade, not to mention moist but well-drained soil.

21. Mars

The Mars flower can brighten up any garden with its bright-scarlet petals that have burgundy streaks and golden-yellow near the throats. Blooming from early-Summer to early-Fall, it looks stunning in mass plantings and as an accent plant.

It is a low-maintenance plant that butterflies love, and it does best in soil that is consistently moist but well-drained. Instead of cutting the flowers, they should be pulled from the base if you want to get new blooms in the future.

22. Mauve Majesty

Like its name implies, the petals on this flower are bright-mauve in color with burgundy streaks and yellow flushes throughout each petal. It also has striking, 30-inch-tall stems and beautiful dark-green leaves.

A virtually disease-free flower, it is attractive to butterflies and other pollinators, and it is both reliable and sturdy. It is also lovely when placed in containers and vases, and it can get up to 20 inches in width.

23. Pandora

The Pandora has petals of bright mauve with bright-yellow throats, and it grows up to 3 feet in height. It is a striking color and has upright stems that are sturdy and reliable. Because of its height, it looks excellent in the back of your garden, and it is perfect for vases and containers.

24. Princess Amina

This flower consists of bright-orange petals, yellow flushes throughout each petal, and dark-red markings on its inside petals. A little shorter than other types of Alstroemeria flowers, it only grows to 16 inches in height, and it does best in soil that is fertile and which stays moist. Although it may cause skin irritations if you touch it, this should be an easy thing to avoid and shouldn’t present any real challenges.

25. Princess Diana

With lance-shaped, dark-green leaves, the Princess Diana has bright-yellow petals that are tipped in a rose-pink with burgundy streaks on the inside petals. It makes a great border plant, reaching only 1 foot in height, but since it can spread as large as 2 feet in width, it is certainly an eye-catcher. It needs fertile, moist soil to thrive, and it should be planted in a sheltered spot away from the wind.

26. Princess Eliane

A tuberous perennial with dense branches, this flower has bright-pink petals that are 2 inches wide and have yellow throats and burgundy stripes on each petal. They make beautiful cut flowers and look extraordinary in containers and vases, and they grow up to 1 foot in height. Best when grown in moist soil and full sun, the Princess Eliane is ignored by deer, but butterflies and other pollinators love it.

27. Princess Fabian

Growing up to 1 foot in height, this flower boasts creamy-white petals that grow from early-Summer into the Fall. Its light-yellow throats complement the creamy-white color of the petals, and even its leaves are unique, with a dark-green color and a creamy-white trim.

This is a plant that looks amazing in vases and containers, but outdoors the Princess Fabiana prefers moist soil and full sun and should be planted in a spot that is protected from the wind.

28. Princess Ivana

This is a tuberous perennial with petals that are a rosy pink and have yellow throats and burgundy streaks on the inside petals. It is a compact and free-flowering plant that is well-suited to containers, vases, and gardens that don’t have a lot of room to spare.

Getting up to 16 inches in height, this flower blooms in early-Summer into the Fall, and blossoms should be pulled by the base instead of cut in order to encourage production of additional blooms.

29. Princess Louise

With bright purple-pink petals and yellow throats, these flowers get up to 12 inches tall and look amazing in vases and containers. It also fits perfectly in a garden of other perennials, and pollinators such as butterflies love it. The Princess Louise boasts contrasting colors that look amazing regardless of where they’re planted, and they bloom in early Summer into the Fall.

30. Princess Mathilde

With beautiful dark-green leaves and petals that are orange-pink in color and flocked with burgundy stripes, this eye-catching variety grows up to 14 inches tall and thrives in full sun or partial shade.

If you want them to produce more blooms, you should pull them by the base instead of cutting them. This is one Peruvian Lily that needs little maintenance and is extremely easy to grow, making them a great choice for beginning gardeners.

31. Saturn

Saturn alstroemeria

A compact and mound-forming plant, it has won several international flower awards and has petals that are coral-pink in color with bright-yellow flushes and burgundy stripes on the inner petals. A native of France, this variety blooms from early-Summer to early-Fall and is a low-maintenance, disease-free flower.

It also looks extraordinary in containers and vases, and it lends ambiance to small gardens and when used as accent plants. There are several types of this flower, but they are all beautiful and easy to grow.

32. Sunlight (Alstroemeria Inticancha)

The Sunlight is a true gem, with petals that are creamy-yellow in color, flushes of soft-pink, and beautiful burgundy stripes. It makes a perfect border plant and looks great in vases and containers.

It is very sturdy and reliable, and even though it may cause irritations if placed directly on the skin, this is simple to avoid by wearing gloves. It also mixes well with annuals and other summer flowers, and butterflies love it.

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