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17 Different Types of Ageratum Flowers

Here is a close look at the 17 different types of ageratum flowers, what makes each one different from the other, where they usually grow and a few frequently asked questions answered.

This is a close look at clusters of ageratum flowers with a light purple hue.

The genus Ageratum flowers can make your garden look like a powder puff girls’ convention. Available in dwarf or tall plants, this blue annual flower features blooms like a powder puff with heart-shaped, fuzzy leaves. Known by the scientific name Ageratum houstonianum grows well in partial shade and softens any garden.

Nicknamed the floss flower, you can enjoy its blooms from June to the first frost providing a long growing season. It requires little maintenance. You can mix the heights of this flower in the garden for a unique effect.

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Types of Ageratum Flowers

The main variety of ageratum consists of about 60 cultivars. The typical variation consists of the color of the blooms. Many hues of blue exist. Some hybrid types feature pink or white flowers. Essentially, you could end up with an entire flower bed of Ageratum houstonianum, but with no two in the same color.

Ageratum Houstonianum

This is a close look at clusters of Ageratum Houstonianum with a bluish tint to it.

Native to the country of Mexico, the Ageratum Houstonianum produces a fluffy round flower with fluffy stems rather than petals. Most commonly blooming in blue, but sometimes in white or pink, this genus offers a multitude of color variations. With more than 60 cultivars, ageratum plant variants provide a favorite color for almost every gardener.

The flower grows between six and eight inches in height from seed or seedlings. Wild ageratum grows taller and reseeds itself well. Most seed types available in North America are from hybrid cultivars.

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Typical varieties of ageratum flowers grown in the US include:

Blue Danube

Clusters of Blue Danube blossoming.

One of the compact or dwarf varieties of the ageratum, the Blue Danube grows to six to eight inches of height. Its medium blue blossoms can soften the edge of a flower bed.


This is a close look at a bunch of ageratum hawaii blue flowers at a garden.

Named for the breathtaking Pacific US island, this variety of ageratum features royal blue blooms. It blooms the longest of the cultivars in the species, flowering early in the season and holding its blooms.

Blue Mink

This is a close look at Blue mink Ageratum flowers blooming in a garden.

The Blue Mink cultivar features powder blue blossoms and qualifies as a tall variety since grows to a height of 12 inches.

Southern Cross

The Southern Cross cultivar also grows to about 12 inches in height. This tall variety of the flower works well in container gardens since it features pale blue and white blossoms.

North Sea

The North Sea cultivar features lengthy stems. This tall variety of ageratum works wonderfully in a cutting garden.


The Capri also works well in cutting gardens since it also features long stems and falls into the category of a tall variety of ageratum.


The Bavaria ageratum features a bi-color blossom of turquoise and white flowers. This tall variety of the flower adds a shot of color to any cutting garden.


The Artist cultivar grows to nearly 12 inches in height and provides long stems ideal for creating displays of cut flowers.

Blue Horizon

A close inspections of clusters of blue horizon flowers or ageratum houstonianum.

If 12 inches qualifies as tall in the flower family, the Blue Horizon cultivar counts as a giant. It reaches heights of 24 to 30 inches and produces bright, blue flowers.

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Red Top

Add a burst of color to your garden with this statuesque variety that grows to 24 to 30 inches in height. Gardeners consider the Red Top one of the most colorful cultivars, but despite its name, the flowers appear pinker than red.

Blue Blazer

Some compact or dwarf varieties of ageratum like the Blue Blazer grow to four to eight inches in height. You can soften a flower bed’s borders with the bold blue puff.

Blue Surf

Another compact blue ageratum variety, the bright blue flowers add contrast to taller varieties.

Royal Delft

One of the smallest varieties of ageratum, the Royal Delft grows to four to six inches in height. The compact flower adds royal blue color to the garden.

Swing Pink

Add a bright pink infusion of color with this compact ageratum variety that grows between six and nine inches tall. Gardeners consider it one of the most colorful varieties.

Summer Snow

The summer snow cultivar blossoms in white and provides a compact flower that adds color and brightens a shady area. It grows to a height of six to nine inches tall.

Pink Improved

The bi-color pink cultivar, Pink Improved, provides a compact flower that grows to a height of six to nine inches. Its center is dark pink, but it gradually fades to pale pink on the outer edge of the petal stem.

• Annual

• Sun/shade needed: partial shade or shade

• Water needed: average water needs

• Hardiness USDA zone: zones 9 and 10

• Height: four to 30 inches, depending on the cultivar

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some questions always pop up relating to gardens. This FAQ answers the top questions concerning planting and growing ageratum flowers.