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34 Different Types of Adhesive Tape Options

A collage of Adhesive Tapes.

Quicklist: Types of Adhesive Tapes


Every house needs some adhesive tape of some kind. Scotch, masking, duct, packing and something super strong like Gorilla tape are  must-haves. For the builders, electrical and maybe even drywall tape is handy.

But those are just a few of the many different types of tape you can have in the house or buy for very specific projects. Below we set out all of your adhesive tape options.

Different Types of Tapes with Names

Box-Sealing Tape

Box packing tape

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It’s never fun having to buy box-packing tape. That means you’re packing a ton of stuff which means a big move… a very stressful event. Generally 2 inches wide, box-sealing tape comes in other widths but has the same use–closing corrugated boxes.

It is a very strong tape that is generally used only down the center strip of the box, although it can be applied on the ends, as well, when there is need for extra reinforcement or there are concerns over the strength of the tape itself.

Bondage Tape

Bond tape

Source: Amazon

This tape is not sticky but is still able to adhere to itself. Because it does not stick to anything else, there is no concern over it ruining clothing or pulling out hair.

Duct Tape

Duct tape rollWhile traditionally gray, duct tape now comes in a variety of colors and patterns. It is a pressure-sensitive tape that is backed with sloth or scrim and usually coated with polyethylene.

It can be used for a number of purposes but has a cult following because of its ability to stick to most items and to be used for inexpensive and fast repairs.

Originally known as “duck tape,” the manufacturing process as well as the use has changed and developed over time.

Elastic Therapeutic Tape

Elastic therapeutic tape

Source: Etsy

“Kinesio tape,” “kinesiology tape,” and “k-tape” are all the same thing and serve the same purpose, which is to help treat any disability or pain that results from an injury.

There is some research that shows that using this tape correctly on the body can help to relieve pain, while many people believe that it is a placebo that simply makes the user imagine that they are feeling better.

It is incredibly stretchy and latex-free, making it able to be used on most people without any form of reaction.

Electrical Tape

Electrical tapeThis tape is used to insulate electric wires and anything else that may conduct electricity. While it can be made from a number of different plastics, the most popular variety is vinyl because it will last for so long, offers great insulation, and is very stretchy.

With just one sticky side, it’s easy to stretch and to wrap around wires without worrying about it sticking to itself.

Filament Tape

Filament tape

Source: Filament Tape

This is a very strong tape that is used for a number of purposes, including closing boxes, bundling items, and reinforcing packages. The coating includes fiberglass filaments added to make it stronger.

There are a number of widths, strengths, and different formulas of this tape available to it’s easy to find the right one for your application.

Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking tape

Source: Home Depot

This is a very heavy-duty tape that is used to mark directions, outlines, or divide spaces on the floor. It’s great for manufacturers to use because this tape is faster and easier to use than paint.

Using tape to mark locations for items in a warehouse speeds up unloading and ensures that everything is in the right place.

Grip Tape

Grip tape

Source: Etsy

Used to ensure that the person is able to maintain a good grip on the item, this tape comes in a lot of different colors to really brighten up the hula hoop or tennis racket.

It’s strong and durable and meant to last so that you don’t have to re-tape your item repeatedly. The little bit of grip that it provides reduces the risk of dropping and improves performance.

Friction Tape

Friction tape

Source: Home Depot

This tape is generally used in cables and electric wires to insulate splices. It is sticky on both sides, making it a little tricky to use but is a great insulator and protects against both corrosion and liquids.

It can also be used around a hockey stick to better control the puck or on bicycle handles and baseball bats.

Gaffer Tape

Gaffer Tape

Source: Home Depot

Made from a cotton cloth, this tape is generally used in theater, film, or photography. It’s strong enough to secure cables, fix broken equipment, or show the layout on stage but can be torn by hand.

Gaffer tape comes in a number of different colors so that it can blend in or stand out, depending on the need of the staff using it.

Pond Liner Seam Tape

Pond Liner Seam Tape

Source: Hayneedle

There are few things more frustrating than a crack or a tear in the liner of your pond. No matter how hard you work to keep the water level up, there will always be drainage. Not only is this frustrating, but it’s dangerous to pond life.

This seam tape is durable and completely waterproof so you never have to worry about it losing its effectiveness and your pond leaking again. It’s easy to cut to size and to apply and doesn’t need any strange prep-work for it to produce a reliable seal.

Gecko Tape

This tape is not yet available for purchase, but tests and studies on it are very positive and encouraging. It is a synthetic setae that is very strong.

The idea behind the tape comes from geckos and is an attempt to mimic the strength that they have, which allows them to support all of the weight of their body upside down.

Small studies have shown that it can carry heavy loads, but there are problems with the adhesion coefficient, which is still very low and will limit the use and practicality of this tape.

Double Sided Tape

Double-side tape

Source: Etsy

This tape is ideal for attaching two items to each other since it is not only strong but double-sided and will give you the support and strength that you need to ensure that your products don’t peel apart.

It is great for giving foam stability and works well when you are going to be die-cutting your product, as you won’t have to worry about any slipping or unwanted movement. The tape won’t be visible when used correctly and comes in a variety of thicknesses to choose from

Gorilla Tape

Gorilla Tape

Source: Home Depot

This is a form of duct tape and comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, and has a variety of uses. As with duct tape, it can be used on most any surface and is strong enough to stick and won’t slide around or move once it has been applied.

Gorilla tape is great for outdoor repair of items such as a coat, as it will not stretch or allow the fabric to become more compromised once it is applied.

Lingerie Tape

Lingerie tape

Source: Etsy

There are many names for this kind of tape, including “fashion tape” and “cleavage tape,” but it is all the same product with the same purpose. It is used to ensure that clothing stays in place during a fashion show or a night out.

If the outfit hangs loose or there is any concern over the way that the fabric falls and if it will stay in place, then using this tape to hold the fabric where it needs to be is a smart idea.

It will not irritate the skin or damage even delicate fabric, but does a great job at making sure that there are no fashion faux pas.

Magic or Scotch Tape

Scotch tapeThis is the most common form of tape and what many people think of when they hear the word. It can be used for attaching papers, closing envelopes, or wrapping gifts and can easily be written upon with a number of writing utensils.

It comes in a number of varieties, including clear, permanent, removable, and matte. This tape does not dry out or yellow, making it ideal for situations where it will be on view for an extended period of time, such as in a scrapbook.

This type of tape is relatively inexpensive and easy to find in stores, although it does not have the sticking power that other kinds of tape do, such as duct tape, which limits the amount of use that it actually has.

Masking Tape

Masking tapeSometimes known as painter’s tape, masking tape is very easy to tear by hand and is made of a thin paper. Although it’s quite strong, it is easy to pull it off of the surface where it has been applied and comes in many different widths, depending on what you need the paint for.

There are many strengths available, with ones rated closer to 100 being stronger. Most painters use masking tape rated around 50.

It does a great job producing clean lines in paint jobs when applied correctly, as it will stop paint from bleeding into another area of the wall or project that is being painted.

It can also be used on glass panes to keep the glass from shattering or to hang posters on the wall. Decorative masking tape, known as washi tape, is popular with scrapbookers and for decorating planners.

Road Marking Tape

Road marking tapeThis is a heavy material that comes embedded with reflective beads and is used to mark stop bars, crosswalks, or other traffic information on the road, such as a turn lane or bike lane.

It can be applied on the surface of the road with rubber cement and will generally last around three years if applied properly. The other way to apply this tape is by laying it on the asphalt while it is hardening, then using a roller to actually compress the tape into the road.

When applied correctly, this tape will last up to 8 years. There are some problems that will cause the tape to peel off prematurely, including it being scraped by a snowplow or damaged by salt.

Hockey Tape

Hockey tapeWhile some hockey players use friction tape on their sticks to have better control over the puck, there are actually two dedicated types of hockey tape that players can use.

Stick tape is used on the handle to improve grip, on the stick blade to grip the puck and prevent premature wearing of the stick, on the lower part of the shaft to keep other sticks from damaging it, or on the blade of the stick to allow players more accuracy.

Shin tape is another form of hockey tape and is used on socks or shin pads to help keep them in position during the game. This keeps them from sliding down, risking an injury. Because they are elastic, players don’t have to worry about cutting off circulation during the game.

Security Tape

This tape is used to make sure that the products inside are not tampered with during shipping or storing. It can be used on a whole box to show if the box has been opened or on individual containers of product.

The strength of the tape itself is not as important as the security features, as users will want to know if the box has been opened. These tapes are generally similar in appearance to regular packing tape, as users don’t want to draw attention that there may be something expensive or important in the box.

Drywall Tape

Drywall TapeThis type of tape is used to make sure that the seams between sheets of drywall are not visible. There are a number of different kinds of drywall tape, and they vary in how difficult they are to use and how well they hide a seam.

In general, tape about 2 inches wide is the most common and is relatively easy to use so that there won’t be any obvious seams in the wall. Flexible drywall tape will allow the wall to stretch and move a little with the use of a door without allowing any cracks or chips to form in the wall.

Self-amalgamating Tape

Self Fusing Tape

Source: Home Depot

This tape will not stick to the item that it is wrapped around, which is commonly a pipe, hose, electrical joint, or cable. It sticks to itself, creating a waterproof, strong, rubbery, and insulating layer. This tape will stand up to bad weather, sunlight, and heat, but is easily torn or cut away once it has been applied.

Speed Tape

Speed tape

Source: Amazon

This type of tape is aluminum pressure-sensitive and is used when small repairs are needed on racing cars or on aircraft. It is not a permanent solution but is a great temporary fix until correct repair can be completed.

While it may look like duct tape, it is incredibly strong and able to stay fixed on an airplane wing even at very high speeds. Certain kinds can be resistant to flames, solvents, or water, depending on what kind of adhesive is used.

Paper Tape

Paper tape

Source: Etsy

Paper tape made by Kraft is thicker and stronger than traditional masking tape but is sticky on the back and can easily be torn by hand in the same way.

The top of the tape is a little glossy but can be written on with a marker and is used for wrapping gifts, making small pennant flags, in scrapbooks, or to seal letters.

Spike Tape

Spike tape

Source: Amazon

This tape is strong but easy to remove and is used to mark the stage to show where actors, furniture, or set pieces need to be placed. While other kinds of tape can be used if spike tape is not available, it will not leave adhesive on the stage when removed, can be written on, and is easy to tear by hand.

Holographic Tape

Holographic tape

Source: Home Depot

Being able to keep birds away from the garden without having to use a scarecrow is why homeowners and gardeners will purchase this kind of flash tape.

It is holographic and will shine in the sun as well as blow in the breeze and will scare away birds from eating fruits and vegetables in the garden without harming them.

Surgical Tape

Surgical tape

Source: Amazon

This is a pressure-sensitive tape that is used to hold dressings or bandages onto a wound. They are hypoallergenic and the adhesive has been specifically designed to stick to the skin but easily remove without causing any additional damage.

It is a breathable tape, which allows it to encourage healing, and often has zinc oxide included in it to help stop infection.

Wound Closure Tape

Wound closure tape

Source: Amazon

These small strips are little pieces of tape that are used to close and protect wounds. They are applied with the purpose of pulling the skin together across the wound and may, in some cases, be used in place of stitches.

They are easy to remove and to care for, and don’t result in a lot of scarring when used correctly.

Floral Tape

Floral tape

Source: Etsy

Floral tape is used to wrap stems of flowers and leaves when they are used in a bouquet to protect the stem and provide a cohesive look to the bouquet.

It can be used to wrap individual stems or to hold multiple ones together to give them some strength. Additionally, it comes in many colors and can even include corsages, fake flowers, or other items on wire stems in a bouquet.

Tear Tape

Tear tape

Source: Amazon

This is a very narrow tape that is used on packaging. It is generally attached to the inside of the package and is used to ensure that the package can quickly and easily be opened.

There is usually a tab to start opening the tear tape, making it easy to get inside the package without having to use scissors. This ensures that the product inside won’t be damaged and controls the opening so that there aren’t any spills.

Flagging Tape

Flagging tape

Source: Hayneedle

Flagging tape is bright, light, and easy to tear and tie. It’s a great way to visually mark an area, whether that be because an arborist wants to mark what trees will be cut down or because a hiker needs to be able to find their way back out of the woods.

It’s light enough to flutter in the wind, making it very easy to find when you are looking for the movement and color, and is sometimes known as “trail tape.”

Facing Tape

Masking tape


Source: Houzz

This tape can stand up to even the hottest temperatures in the summer and the coldest nights in the winter without coming off of the surface.

It’s ideal for application on ducts that are fibrous or made of sheet metal and is so flexible that it will easily bend and conform to an irregular surface without any frustration.

No matter the humidity, it will stay in place, ensuring the correct connections between ducts and making sure that there aren’t any air flow problems in the building.

Tie Tape

Tie tape

Source: Hayneedle

Anyone who wants to be able to tie up flowers, vines, or vegetables in their garden or in their home needs tie tape. It’s incredibly flexible, strong, and easy to use as it can be cut to the perfect length

. While it’s very strong and will last even outside in the elements, it won’t damage the plants that it is used on, which makes it ideal for tying up fragile plants such as herbs or young tomatoes without injuring the stems and causing a lowered production.

Magnetic Tape

Magnetic tape

Source: Hayneedle

Perfect for improving your workspace by allowing you to use either the magnet side or the dry-erase side, this tape allows you to stick items to any metal or magnetic surface.

It’s incredibly easy to clean and uses dry erase so that you can make notes, change up your board, and post items in plain sight. It comes on a roll and is easy to cut into the perfect size for your needs so you don’t waste any.



If your tape is going to be outside then you want to make sure that it is waterproof so that it is not damaged by rain or snow. This means that you can’t use just any tape, as it will not be able to stay in place and will eventually peel off if it is not waterproof and designed for outdoor applications.

Buy it on Home Depot here.


Magnetic tape

Source: Hayneedle

Magnetic tape is perfect for using on the refrigerator as well as holding small items, such as paper clips, push pins, and even extra staples if you want to store them up and out of the way.

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