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101 Two-Story Craftsman House Plans (Detailed)

2-story Craftsman house

This collection of Craftsman house plans is our finest for the Craftsman style. Most Craftsman houses are two-stories. As you’ll see below, many are stunning. See all house plans here, all Craftsman plans here and all 2-story house plans here.

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101 Two-Story Craftsman House Plans

Are 2-story Craftsman houses worth it?

Yes, I prefer two-story houses (three if you include a basement). The perfect house is where there is no upper floor above the great room or open area leaving space for a vaulted ceiling. There are some two-story Craftsman plans with tall ceilings. Overall, it’s not a surprise that this house style is so popular. It crosses nicely with rustic and/or farmhouse Craftsman homes.

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Craftsman homes first became popular between the early 1900s and the 1930s. They’re making a comeback in 2022. Two-story Craftsman house plans typically have at least one steep, gabled roof section.

What is a two-story Craftsman house plan?

A two-story Craftsman house combines the rustic character of dark, stained woods and intricate carvings. It may have framed mirrors on the wall or other elements of Victorian decoration periods too.

The light-colored walls and large windows sometimes contrast some elegant finishes and trims. The outdoor siding may come in metal, vinyl or wood and appears more modern than a rustic home.

Some Craftsman-style homes may have all white or neutral-colored walls accented with darker décor and furniture. Others might have all neutral furniture and walls but a wooden or wood grain composite flooring. 

What main features do two-story Craftsman houses have?

Besides a steep roof that a modern rustic-style home might have, the Craftsman-style house has these distinguishable features.

1. Exposed rafters—This gives the home a rustic feel and adds extra character.

2. Large front porch—Families relax on open large front porches during warm weather months. If it’s enclosed with large windows, loved ones might even use this space for hosting gatherings in winter.

3. Natural materials—Many Craftsman-style homes use stained and textured wood, stone, and brick to give them a warm, inviting feel.

4. Tapered columns—This iconic feature gives a home a Greek Colosseum appeal on the outside.

5. Open floor plans—They might have spacious entranceways as you walk in the front door. Most Craftsman-style plans also have plenty of rooms for entertaining guests.

6. Hanging lights—Many of them have a rectangle or square overhead lights hanging from the ceiling over a kitchen island, the front haul or other open areas.

What are some special features of two-story Craftsman homes?

They might come with “his and hers” bathrooms, a walk-in pantry, or a dining room facing the backyard. Moreover, they might have a walk-in closet or an attached deck or balcony. It appears that most kitchen or dining room tables are square or rectangles.

What’s more, the kitchens may come with stainless ranges or refrigerators and have a tile backsplash behind the stove or sink. The sunniest rooms may be the kitchen and dining room, but some homes have plenty of light shining through the lounge rooms and common areas.

Additionally, you may see that some homes have columns in the center of the rooms supporting the ceiling to the floor. You may see a combination of both simple and intricate furnishings in the same dwelling, providing a balance between the contemporary and traditional.