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27 Twice Baked Potatoe Recipes: The Perfect Side Dish

Twice-baked potatoes are the stuff dreams are made of. They’re the best side dish there is, and truth be told, they could be my main course as well (and there, right there, is proof that I might be a little biased towards this dish).

But even if you’re not as obsessed with twice-baked potatoes as I am, it’s still a winning side dish, and you’ll want to have them once in a while, especially when you have roasted beef or grilled chicken to partner it with.

And with that, here are several twice-baked potato recipes that could make your meals much more satisfying.

1. Nothing beats the classic! The perfect twice-baked potatoes

twice baked potatoes with cheese and broccoli on black plate on top of wooden table

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As with any dish, nothing beats the classic. So, if you want to perfect your twice-baked potatoes first before you start venturing to more adventurous variations, here’s a recipe to help you with that. Expect buttery, cheesy, fluffy baked potatoes with greasy and savory bacon and chives.

2. Two favorites in one: Taco stuffed baked potatoes recipe

close up of twice baked potato with overflowing cheese with white background

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If you’re thinking of how to level up your Taco Tuesdays, or your baked potatoes, this recipe is the perfect way to do so. You get to combine two fan favorites in one, so expect some TexMex twist to the simple baked potatoes and watch it get devoured in minutes!

3. Perfecting your twice-baked potatoes game

twice baked potatoes with sour cream on brown plate on top of table

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The word “ultimate” just means it’s the best of the best. So, if you want to up your game and create the ultimate twice-baked potatoes, this recipe promises just that. It has everything you need: sour cream, cheese, butter, and bacon.

4. If stuffed twice-baked potatoes ain’t enough, try overstuffed

overstuffed twice baked potatoes on glass plate

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Sometimes, the classic twice-baked potatoes aren’t enough. And when you’re craving something much more, you can try this overstuffed baked potato recipe. For sure, your craving will be satisfied, and you might even dread twice-baked potatoes for a while since you had your fill for days.

5. What’s better than twice-baked potatoes? A twice-baked potato casserole

twice baked potato casserole in wooden basket on top of wooden table

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If there’s any disadvantage to making twice-baked potatoes, it’s that it rather takes some time to prepare and cook. There’s the whole scooping out of the baked potatoes, then saving the skin for another round of baking. To make the process faster and to level up your game, try making this twice-baked potato casserole.

6. More cheese makes twice-baked potatoes better

close up of twice baked potato with overflowing cheese and toppings on plate

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The classic twice-baked potatoes are already cheesy and buttery. But we understand if you want to make it much cheesier and buttery, or if you want to add more of its usual ingredients. In fact, we encourage you to try and make it as cheesier as you can. It would definitely become one of the best comfort foods you’ll need.

7. More herbs, less grease

close up of twice baked potatoes with only cheese and herbs on white plates and herbs in the middle

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The classic version is usually topped with greasy bacon. But if you’re not a fan of that (GASP!) or if you just vowed to never eat bacon or any meat or pork products, then you can still enjoy twice-baked potatoes. Instead of bacon, use herbs, which would make it more aromatic and filled with flavors.

8. Baked and finished on a grill

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The classic way of making twice-baked potatoes is, as the name suggests, baking it two times. However, in this version, you’ll end up finishing the dish on the grill. The result is a smokier version of these baked potatoes, which gives it a smoky taste.

9. Healthier version with these twice-baked sweet potatoes

twice baked sweet potatoes on top of wooden board with brown paper

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Yes, potatoes are yummy. But if you want a healthier version, or you want something that has a little sweetness to balance the cheesiness and the savory flavor of bacon, you can use sweet potatoes as a sub. 

10. Ham over bacon? Why not!

twice baked potatoes with ham filling on wooden board

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Bacon is a twice-baked potato staple. But then again, there are just some people who are not into this greasy goodness, which is understandable, given that it is indeed greasy. If you want to stay away from bacon but still want some meat to amp the flavor, you can try ham instead.

11. A Cajun kick for a different baked potato experience

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Twice-baked potatoes, with their buttery and cheesy flavor, sometimes need some sort of punch to make the experience different. What better way to level up your twice-baked potato experience than adding Cajun sauce? The added bold spice is enough to make you appetized.

12. Rich nutty flavor with the fontina and Parmesan combo

overhead shot of plate filled with twice baked potatoes with parmesan on top of white table with blue and white striped cloth on the side

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You can play around with the combination of ingredients to make the flavor a little different than before. For this recipe, you can achieve a rich, nutty flavor by combining fontina and Parmesan cheese. This recipe is also versatile as you can add the classic bacon, some herbs, or even wilted spinach.

13. Need some heat? Add some jalapeño!

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If you need some heat on your twice-baked potatoes but you don’t have a ready-made Cajun spice or you don’t have everything to make one, the simplest solution is to add jalapeños. The smoky heat is enough to level up your dish’s flavor, and you won’t get enough of this side dish!

14. No oven, no problem! Microwave saves the day!

overhead shot of twice baked potatoes on gray plate on top of table

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Twice-baked potatoes often call for a traditional oven. But not everyone has one. Instead of ordering out, you can definitely use your microwave to make one. You’ll still get the same cheesy, creamy, buttery goodness of any oven-baked potatoes.

15. Twice-baked potatoes, but make it Italian

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Twice-baked potatoes are not Italian, but you can still make a way to make it taste like most Italian dishes through this recipe. It should be the best side dish with any hearty dishes you’re craving.

16. Mini twice-baked potatoes perfect as appetizers

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This dish is typically made as side dishes, but you can also make them into mini versions as appetizers. What’s great with this recipe is that you get smaller, tidbit versions, so it won’t make you full easily compared to its bigger variant.

17. Twice-baked potatoes, air-fried version!

twice baked potatoes with bacon and chives on white plate with thin slices of lime as garnish

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Air fryers have become the ultimate kitchen appliance, and it’s not surprising as you can do a lot of things with this tool. Although usually, it’s often used as an alternative to deep-frying. It’s a much healthier way of cooking food. But besides frying, you can also bake with an air fryer, meaning you can also use this tool to make twice-baked potatoes.

18. Blue cheese twice-baked potatoes, the right way!

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Blue cheese tends to have a sharper taste, which could overwhelm some people. That’s why it isn’t as widely used in a variety of dishes unlike mozzarella, Parmesan, or cheddar. But you can still use this salty cheese in your twice-baked potatoes in a way that won’t overwhelm the other flavors.

19. Twice-baked potatoes for breakfast? Yes, please!

twice baked potatoes with egg and chives as topping on white plate with white background

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Twice-baked potatoes and other side dishes are often made for lunch or dinners. But you can most definitely make this dish into a breakfast staple at home (that is if you have the time to prep and cook each morning). Or, you can just turn this into an all-day breakfast menu complete with eggs and whole slices of bacon.

20. Delicately sweet, earthy, and cheesy recipe with prosciutto and mushroom

twice baked potatoes with mushroom filling on top of brown paper on white wooden table

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Somehow, adding prosciutto and mushroom to twice-baked potatoes just makes sense that I wonder why it’s not the traditional recipe. But either way, you can try this way of cooking baked potatoes for a medley of flavors.

21. Make now, serve later

twice baked potatoes on red casserole with fork in the middle

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You can definitely cut off on the prep time by making these make-ahead twice-baked potatoes. You basically prep ahead of time and then you can freeze the potatoes and then just bake in the oven. But of course, you can also serve it immediately.

22. Level up your stuffing with creamy, salty Boursin cheese

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Boursin cheese is a soft, creamy cheese with the right saltiness, so it’s definitely a great choice for adding to twice-baked potatoes. It makes the dish much creamier than usual. It’s easier to eat since it’s smoother and fluffier.

23. Healthier version with broccoli and cheese

twice baked potatoes with broccoli and cheddar cheese as filling on yellow square plates

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The best thing about twice-baked potatoes is that you can play around with the toppings. If you want a healthier version, you can use broccoli as toppings. When baked, broccoli tends to have a subtle sweetness that works well with the starchy, savory flavor of the potatoes.

24. Four-way for bigger dinner meals

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As mentioned, you can have versatility when it comes to the filling of your twice-baked potatoes. You can choose from the classic bacon and chives, or bbq pork and pepper jack; chicken, broccoli, and cheddar; or caramelized onion with bacon and goat cheese. You can choose one, or make all, especially for bigger dinner parties.

25. A unique experience with candied sweet potato and marshmallows

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Twice-baked potatoes are usually savory and cheesy, then there’s the smokey flavor of the bacon and some herbs and spices to bring the flavors together. But with this recipe, there’s an added sweetness from sweet potatoes and even mini marshmallows!

26. Bringing Chipotle goodness to your table

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This dish is spicy, cheesy, and sweet: every flavor you’ll want on your side dish. Then, there’s this crispy potato skin baked to golden perfection. This recipe also calls for sweet potatoes, but I’m pretty sure you can definitely use potatoes.

27. A vegetarian’s dream: twice-baked potatoes with veggies

twice baked potatoes with only parsley on rectangular white plate on top of table with floral cover

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If you’re vegetarian or you just simply want to stay away from meat for a while, this vegetarian version of the twice-baked potatoes is a perfect choice. It even uses vegan spread and vegetable cheese so it’s perfect for your dietary restrictions.