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23 of the Best Turkish Gozleme Recipes (All Types)

Tasty Turkish Gozleme in a plate.

What in the world is a Turkish gozleme and how do I get my hands on one? Those were my first two thoughts immediately after considering this recipe. I watch a lot of Turkish Youtube videos on cooking, and love trying new recipes.

This one consisting of a flatbread you make with or without yeast really struck my interest. I also love using grilled vegetables and minced meats for pie fillings. Whereas chicken pot pie is my go-to, I am all about lamb and beef minced pies as well.

This is basically a giant adult-sized hand pie that you make with minimal effort and time. Find out more with this recipe roundup containing more than two dozen different ways to make Turkish gozleme.

1. An Introduction to a Basic Turkish Gozleme Recipe

A classic turkish gozleme.

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First, I will present to you a basic Turkish gozleme recipe that covers all the bases. Learn how to make bread that thinly conceals the wealth of ingredients. Think of this meal like a Turkish purse filled with pricey meats and veggies.

More than a dozen ingredients get tossed together and pressed into this flatbread of sorts. Super easy. I am surprised this is not more popular here in the US. The use of the dough laid out and pocketed in the filling is very similar to a meat-filled hand pie, like they make in Jamaica, and those are sold in the freezer section at the local Dollar Tree stores. 

2. Turkish Gozleme With Minced Lamb

A healthy turkish gozleme with lamb.

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Minced lamb is the leading choice of meat for any Turkish dish that is savory. Turkish delights, on the other hand, should never contain ground-up lamb. Ground nut meat, on the other hand, is a different tale.

Meanwhile, back to the lamb, adding this protein to a Turkish gozleme will give you the most authentic representation of a Turkish meal. 

3. Turkish Gozleme With Beef

A beef and spinach gozleme.

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Coming from the Land Down Under in Australia, we have something they probably call a very slender meat pie. The gozleme features Coles brand Australian beef mince, which is unique to this country. However, fear not!

I have a suggestion if you are in the US. Go to a butcher that sells Australian beef and have them grind it to mince consistency. There you go. You will also be using large wraps in place of making your own bread for this gozleme.

Something interesting, this is an untraditional take on Turkish gozleme that works if you are short of time or have limited ingredients.

4. Turkish Chicken Gozleme Recipe

A stacks of delicious Turkish chicken Gozleme photograph on a wooden chopping board.

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Chicken is common meat eaten here in the US and is widely available. The side options for this Turkish gozleme recipe, though, are not. Archana’s Kitchen suggests using pickled onions with lemon wedges along with couscous and mango salad for the side dishes when serving the stuffed bread. This is more on point with a traditional Middle Eastern meal. 

5. Venison or Deer Meat Turkish Gozleme

Venison gozleme on a chopping board.

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Deer meat or venison is different for most home cooks, as you cannot readily find deer meat sold at all markets. However, if you have this protein, such as from a hunting trip, you can make a Turkish gozleme. Here again, they try to use different bread, going for a burrito-size flour tortilla.

Ground venison is paired with green spinach and crumbly feta cheese. The recipe includes the choice of Urfa, Aleppo, or smoked paprika, all of which are a brilliant red spices for this dish and can mask the gamey taste of this meat.

6. Turkish Pancakes for Breakfast

A traditional turkish pancake.

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Here is a fun fact: Turkish gozleme is also called Turkish pancakes and is typically eaten for breakfast. In this recipe for a Turkish pancake or gozleme, the main protein is feta cheese. This is a great choice for a breakfast meal since the cheese is light on the stomach and digestion.

You end with a solid protein that is light tasting as well, so you are not burping up gozleme all day long.

7. Turkish Gozleme With Cheese and Spinach

A cheesy turkish gozleme with spinach.

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Here we have the most traditionally authentic recipe for Turkish gozleme but without any minced meat. Instead, the protein choice comes from ayran, the national Turkish yogurt drink that looks like milk to me. Also, search for Turkish white cheese if you can, instead of the Americanized standard of feta cheese for this recipe.

It sounds more authentic and is used specifically here. 

8. Turkish Gozleme Recipe That is Vegetarian

A homemade Turkish gozleme recipe.

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These Turkish home chefs have shared their vegetarian Turkish gozleme recipe using cheese and spinach. This is great if you are short on time and need to get an appetizer or snack whipped together fast. They suggest serving this gozleme with hummus or cacik dip, which is a yogurt and cucumber dip we will see later on as well in this recipe roundup.

9. Turkish Gozleme Fillings for Vegans

A delicious vegan Turkish gozleme.

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This is a great source for vegan recipes and the dairy-free and vegan gozleme recipe is no exception. First of all, we discover that Turkish cooks use yufka dough, which is available in stores and similar to pastry dough, to make this dish. You can also use ready-made tortillas.

Otherwise, the vegan ingredients include vegan grated cheese and feta cheese, as well as a sunflower mince for soy-free and nut-free vegans with these food sensitivities. They suggest chickpeas, beans, eggplant, or mushroom mince, as well, which I second. I know a good mushroom mince, is well-seasoned, tastes very meaty, and has a great mince meat texture. 

10. Spicy Turkish Potato aka Patatesli Gozleme

Spicy Turkish patatesli gozleme served on white plate.

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Now let’s bring some heat into the kitchen! This recipe is for a spicy Turkish potato gozleme called patatesli gozleme in Turkish; patatesli literally means potato. The bread is nothing more than flour, salt, and yogurt.

Crushed red pepper flakes and black pepper are used to spice this breaded dish up. Serving this gozleme with a chili sauce amps up the heat and calls for the cooling cucumber and yogurt dip on the side. Fresh cilantro lightens up this dish and brings in some additional flavor. 

11. Turkish Potato and Cheese Gozleme

Turkish traditional food made with potato, spinach or cheese.

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Here is the first Turkish gozleme that uses mint as a flavorful herb. In fact, it is the most jam-packed packet of dough yet! It features a four-ingredient dough, along with more than a dozen filling ingredients.

Fresh mint and parsley or cilantro are tossed with mashed potatoes, onions, garlic, tomatoes, and spinach. You pretty much are making a salad and covering it with a flatbread that is thin like a pastry dough. Folding and smashing provide a seamless square of gozleme.

12. Turkish Pine Nut, Mozzarella, and Danish Feta Gozleme

Spinach and feta cheese gozleme with slice of lemon.

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In English, the Turkish word “gozleme” is translated as “observation,” and “goz” means “compartment.” Even more fittingly, the word as a whole also means pancake or waffle. Gozleme is also traditional Turkish street food and pastry, which relates to pancakes and waffles as a breakfast food, which again, is in Turkey.

What does observation or observing have to do with this food? Here we have a New Zealand recipe from Woman’s Weekly that uses two interesting kinds of cheese–Danish feta and grated mozzarella. The addition of crunchy pine nuts and ground nutmeg adds to the unique flavor profile of this version of a gozleme.   

13. An Indian Take on Turkish Gozleme Spinach and Feta

Homemade turkish gozleme with spinach and feta cheese.

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Cool! I really like the resulting photos of the Turkish gozleme with this recipe. They are the tastiest looking so far in this recipe roundup. It could come from the dough, which uses a lot more ingredients than the other flatbread recipes.

They use seven ingredients–on the bread alone–and it is worth it. I interpret this as the Indian heritage of making Indian flatbreads coming through in this recipe. She uses sugar, for example, and other recipes do not do that, but the sugar adds a caramelizing element that helps brown the bread to golden and crisp.

She then uses more olive oil for frying, along with yogurt and water to make the dough. Most recipes use only oil, water, or yogurt to wet the dough.

14. Turkish Gozleme With Cucumber Dip

Turkish traditional gozleme with cucumber and slice of tomatoes.

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This recipe introduces a side dip for Turkish gozleme that compliments the flavors of most gozleme recipes. Use ayran for authenticity, or the Greek-style yogurt you see in most grocery stores. Along with cucumber, mint, and cumin seeds, the addition of lemon wedges on the side freshens up this dip for the perfect food to go with warm and often spicy, and typically savory, gozleme.

This works well for breakfast as a filling and substantial meal.

15. Turkish Gozleme With No Yeast

Homemade fresh spinach feta Turkish.

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A big difference in the way Turkish gozleme flatbread is baked is with the use of yeast, or by not using yeast. If you are using a dough that does not contain yeast, you save time in putting together this meal. This is also important if you do not have yeast, including both instant or self-rising yeasts, in the cabinet. 

16. Turkish Gozleme With Yeast

Traditional Turkish gozleme with potatoes.

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If you do add yeast to the flatbread, you are doing two things. First, you add bacteria that work to break down the flour and open it up for rising. Even though this is a flatbread, you can still get a pouf when baking with the use of yeasted dough.

Also, the yeast adds a fermented flavor that is something extra when you eat a Turkish gozleme. You can also use sourdough yeast to bring even more of a tang to this flatbread, which we will see in a moment. 

17. Turkish Sourdough Gozleme 

Turkish handmade gozleme.

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A Turkish sourdough gozleme uses what is similar to a biga, or a starter yeast, in Italian baking. This sponge of fermented goodies is achievable overnight by adding flour and water to a jar and letting it sit to rest. You can also buy a sourdough starter, which is basically a biga, to create this sourdough flatbread.

Sourdough is used to break down whole wheat for more digestibility, but it also increases the flavors of the bread. You can expect, as the name suggests, a more sour-tasting flatbread. The sourdough component is fermented, which is considered healthy.

18. Gluten-Free Turkish Gozleme Using Xanthan Gum

Gluten free turkish gozleme in a pan.

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Xanthan gum is popular for gluten-free recipes using bread. The chemical additive is a powder substance that can be used without tasting like anything at all. It is a binding agent, too, so the xanthan gum helps bind gluten-free flours with a gluten-like bond.

This is important for the flavor and mouthfeel of baked goods.

19. Gluten-Free Cassava Flour Turkish Gozleme 

A fresh gluten free cassava flour Turkish gozleme.

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Cassava flour is ground from a tuber vegetable similar to yucca or sweet potatoes. However, you can use cassava flour as a gluten-free flour substitute in this Turkish gozleme recipe. For those with gluten intolerance, this is an easy solution to whole grain discomforts and a desire to eat bread.

20. Keto Turkish Gozleme Using Lupin Flour

Keto gozleme using lupin flour on a white plate.

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Here is an interesting recipe–keto Turkish gozleme that uses lupin flour. Lupin is a type of bean called Sweet Lupin, which is similar to peanuts and chickpeas. It is a legume flour and is low in carbs and can be used to make flatbreads for Turkish gozleme with ease.

You also benefit from a high protein count when baking with this flour.

21. Beetroot Leaves and Yogurt Turkish Gozleme

A flat break gozleme with onions and beetroot leaves.

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This is one of the more extreme ingredients in a Turkish gozleme–beetroot leaves. Not a fan of beets myself, I did not know you could eat beetroot leaves. Here you have the addition of beetroot leaves and stems, which look like kale or collard greens and I assume are similar in fibrous texture. 

22. Eggplant Gozleme With Spicy Tomato and Chili Salsa

A traditional eggplant gozleme.

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Eggplant is one of those hardy vegetables that works like meat by being full of chew. As the main star, the eggplant fills most of the filling along with feta from goat’s cheese. Red wine vinegar enters the gozleme along with tomatoes and chili peppers for a spicy tomato and chili salsa.

This is a different way to serve the Turkish gozleme while remaining true to the authentic vegetables of that region.

23. Chocolate Hazelnut aka Nutella Turkish Gozleme

A sweet chocolate gozleme recipe.

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There is only one way to round up this recipe roundup of Turkish gozleme, and that’s with a sugary version. The chocolate hazelnut spread we all know as Nutella fits right nicely here. Hazelnuts and chocolate are a semi-healthy way to add protein and flavor to any meal.

Use this as a dessert choice, or eat the delicious chocolate-flavored nut spread in a gozleme for breakfast with a sprinkle of powdered sugar.