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15 Towns Similar to Fredericksburg, Texas

A mix of old-world charm and the richness of wine, then that's Fredericksburg, Texas you're searching for and its similar towns, check this article and see.

Enchanted rock signage in Fredericksburg, Texas.

If you long for hospitality with a mix of old-world charm and the richness of wine country, Fredericksburg, TX and these 15 similar destinations will check all the boxes on your bucket list. 

More than 11,000 people call the scenic Texas Hill Country city of Fredericksburg home. Settled by German immigrants and built on the spirit of working together, the peach capital of Texas has grown up around agribusiness and accommodation. A community of herb farms, wineries, bed-and-breakfasts, and day spas makes for a slightly higher than average cost of living, median income of $32,276, and a median home cost of $381,700.

Visit the largest family-owned wildflower seed farm in the United States, start your wine tour at Augusta Vin Winery, hike around Enchanted rock state natural area, or step back in time at the Pioneer memorial library and on the Haunted Fredericksburg Ghost Walk. If you plan to stay a night will cost around $70 – $325.

Could any U.S. small town be as enticing as the rolling hills, culture, and history of Fredericksburg? These 25 similar cities might just surprise you. 

1. Jefferson, Texas

Historic white house in Jefferson, Texas.

Named for the third U.S. president, Jefferson, Texas, is another tourist destination for visitors looking to delve a little deeper into our nation’s history. With just over 2,500 residents, The Queen of the Bayou has a lower than average cost of living, a median home cost of almost half the national average, and a median household income of $39,514 with an economy based on the accommodation, food service, and retail industries. 

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A smaller population doesn’t mean less to see and do, however. If you prefer historical landmarks over wineries and horseback riding, the city of Jefferson has nearly 100 for you to explore. If you are looking to visit Jefferson, Texas, a night in a hotel will cost you around $85 – $140, which is pretty average for the country, and maybe even a little less than in Fredericksburg, Texas

2. Frankenmuth, Michigan

Historical Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan.

Just like Fredericksburg, Michigan’s “Little Bavaria” was settled by German immigrants. The population of 5,901 has an economy that is also based on tourism and farming, but the cost of living and median home costs are slightly lower than the national average. 

The weather, especially in winter, is cooler than it is in central Texas. Frankenmuth’s emphasis on German traditions makes this small town a great destination for beer-lovers and Christmas fanatics alike. You can visit the World’s Largest Christmas Store or spend time chatting up a brewmaster while you sip lazily on a riverboat cruise. A night in Frankenmuth, Michigan may go around $60 – $270.

3. Leavenworth, Washington

Bavarian Village signage beside a stone at Leavenworth, Washington.

The German-heritage theme continues with Washington’s picturesque Alpine-style village, Leavenworth. This city of 2,348 offers you a taste of Bavaria, welcoming accommodations, and delightful dining and shopping spots. While Fredericksburg is known for its peaches, Leavenworth is the nation’s #1 grower of organic pears.

Don’t let the smaller population fool you. This small, central Washington city is set at the foot of the cascade mountains, making it perfect for geocaching, outdoor theatre, and wine tours. If you’re interested in moving to Leavenworth permanently, both a median income of $37,348 and the median home price $625,300 will be of interest.

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A stay in Leavenworth, Washington, is about $85 up to $390 a night.

4. Helen, Georgia

A man in a Horse carriage at Helen, Georgia.

If you’re looking for the Bavarian charm of Fredericksburg with a similar median income and more affordable housing market, be sure to check out Helen, Georgia. In the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Helen is the state’s third most visited city for its quaint hotels, cobblestone walkways, and natural beauty.

In addition to the wine tours, festivals, and Alpine food and drink you might expect, you can also experience the cultures of both Cherokee Native American settlements and the early homesteaders of the Southeast. After all, unlike Fredericksburg, Helen is only modeled on Bavarian culture. 

A visit to the beautiful Anna Ruby Falls, the Valhalla luxury Resort Hotel, or the pet-friendly Biscuit Inn may just make your stay in the City of Helen one you don’t want to end. If you plan to stay a night, the cost will go around $60 – $250.

5. Hermann, Missouri

Historical houses with vineyard at Hermann, Missouri.

Just an hour west of St. Louis, the city of Hermann, Missouri, also has a smaller population (2,322), similar cost of living, and much more affordable housing market than Fredericksburg, TX. You can still enjoy a great dose of old-world German-inspired charm and plenty of history. More than the 150 buildings in downtown Hermann’s historic district appear on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Tucked away in the Missouri River Valley, the economy is based on tourism, arts, entertainment, and recreation. The seven local wineries make up more than a third of Missouri’s total wine production. You won’t want to miss the 20-mile long scenic Hermann Wine Trail if you are a wine lover. 

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Whether it’s clock towers, steeples, and tidy brick cottages or walking tours and zip lining that attract you, Hermann, Missouri is worth a visit. The cost per night ranges from $80 – $390.

6. Amana Colonies, Iowa

Classic houses with fenced sunflowers at Amana Colonies, Iowa.

Amana Colonies, Iowa, has about half the population and half the median house price as Fredericksburg, Texas, but the median income is actually higher here. You may recognize the name of these seven scenic Iowa villages from Amana Refrigeration. That’s because this is the birthplace of the first commercial upright freezer. 

If you’re looking for a small U.S. town that doubles as a German cultural tourist attraction, heritage tourism is the primary local industry. Think wineries, breweries, and meat shops. Amana Colonies is known for its hotels, bed and breakfasts, local artists, and restaurants serving family-style meals. A night will cost around $55 to $150.

Located on 26,000 acres of the Iowa River valley, you will have plenty of access to nature and biking trails to explore.

7. New Ulm, Minnesota

45-foot tall Glockenspiel at New Ulm, Minnesotal.

New Ulm, Minnesota, is very similar in population and median household income as Fredericksburg. This small Minnesota city has colder winters but still boasts four distinct seasons. It’s been dubbed the “most German city in America,” and the 45-foot tall Glockenspiel will have you believing it as you shop for cuckoo clocks, nutcrackers, music boxes, and steins.

Whether you’re planning a move to New Ulm or just a visit, choosing a festival day will put you in touch with many of the city’s “ambassadors,” friendly costumed gnomes. Depending on the season, you can also enjoy outdoor activities like biking, hunting, fishing, and cross-country skiing. If you plan on visiting and staying the night it will cost around $45 to $200.

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8. Germantown, Wisconsin

Clayton Lambert farm at Germantown, Wisconsin.

Germantown, Wisconsin, also has a very similarly-sized population and comparable median income as Fredericksburg, along with a probably unsurprisingly German cultural history. The three local 1850s Restored Museums include the 5000+ bell collection of Sila Lydia Bast, who was born and raised there from 1900-1992.

Aside from history lovers’ destinations like this, a visit to the Village of Germantown’s nine properties can include exploring over 400 acres of parkland and 4,000 trees. The largest industries include health care and social assistance, manufacturing, and retail.

Hotel rooms in this town range from $85 to $245 a night, which pretty much covers the average cost of a hotel across the country.

9. Vail, Colorado

Bavarian-inspired town in Vail, Colorado.

Vail, Colorado may have a similar Bavarian-inspired, Alpine charm as Fredericksburg, but this city is built for winter delights. Yes, you can still enjoy horseback riding, fly-fishing, and golf during the warmer months, but this small Colorado city really shines under a layer of sparkling snow. Vail is a Colorado must-visit destination for snowboarding, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing.

You can expect a smaller population than Fredericksburg but a similar, tourism-based economy. Visit for Vail Film Festival or Burton US Open and fall in love with the fresh mountain air, shopping, spas, and fine dining. You’ll be glad to know that the much higher median home price is accompanied by a median household income about double that of its Texas counterpart.

Hotels in Vail are probably about what you would expect for a tourist town in Alaska, around $115 to $315 a night. This is a little higher than average, but if you are going to visit Vail, you might as well have a good place to stay.

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10. Calistoga, California

Castello di Amorosa and a vineyard at Calistoga, California

If you love Fredericksburg for it’s wine-culture and tourist attractions, but want the easygoing, outdoorsy, west-coast vibes that California has to offer, then Calistoga might be the city for you. You get local wineries and then some surrounded by hundreds of acres of vineyards at the top of Napa Valley, near the Mayacamas Mountains.

Calistoga can be described as a relaxed combination of rustic and refined. The 5,286 residents and town visitors love the small-town feel with luxury spa access, wine-and-dine atmosphere, and west coast weather. These amenities do come with a cost of living almost twice the national average. Example, a night in Calistoga will cost around $145 – $440.

11. Charleston, South Carolina

Historic waterfront area in front of houses in Charleston, South Carolina.

With a population of 139,714, an economy based on commercial shipping and IT, and beach culture, can the largest city in South Carolina really be a destination for fans of Fredericksburg, Texas? A closer look will uncover a deep connection to history, vibrant culture, and plenty of Southern charm

You can still enjoy horseback riding, food tours, and ghost tours, but you also get to enjoy fishing charters, sailing, and a vast array of shopping and dining venues. Charleston also trades German heritage for plantation tours, carriage rides, and antebellum houses. 

The cost of living in Charleston is only slightly higher than the national average, and home prices are comparable to what you might find in Fredericksburg. Hotel cost per night goes around $120 – $380.

12. Holland, Michigan

Tulips and windmills in Holland, Michigan.

What is a city with the world’s largest pickle factory doing on a list of cities similar to Fredericksburg, Texas? A strong history of European culture that pervades to this day. Holland, Michigan, may have an economy based around manufacturing, health care, and education, but you’ll find a strong dose of the Dutch in this small town.

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Imagine today’s amenities mixed with the Netherlands 100 years ago. You can immerse yourself in old-world craftsmanship or enjoy craft brewery culture and the taste of Michigan-grown hops. 

The 33,140 residents and visitors to Holland, MI, can sunbathe and boat along the Lake Michigan coastline or enjoy a spring day surrounded by more than 100,000 blooming tulips at Windmill Island Garden. Bonus, the cost of living in the city of Holland is lower than both Fredericksburg and the national average. Staying a night in Holland Michigan can cost $80 to $370.

13. Lindsborg, Kansas

City hall and parked cars at Lindsborg, Kansas.

How about a Fredricksburg-like city with an even larger dose of European heritage, a lower cost of living, and one-third the population? The city of Lindsborg, Kansas, boasts strong German roots and Nordic-Scandinavian, and Swedish cultural histories. 

About thirty percent of the 3,276 residents of Lindsborg are of Swedish descent. It’s no wonder this Kansas city has been dubbed “Little Sweden.”

A trip to downtown Lindsborg will have you loaded up with traditional Swedish souvenirs, but don’t be surprised to see Wild Dala horse sculptures decorated in more modern and unconventional ways throughout the city. Art lovers may also be interested to discover a gallery dedicated to the art of Birger Sandzén and the studio of Lester Raymer, among local attractions. If you plan to stay a night hotels may go around $55 – $127. 

14. Montpelier, Vermont

Colorful houses, autumn at Montpelier, Vermont.

How about trading the charm of the south to the farm-to-table culture of New England? Montpelier, Vermont, is also a welcoming small town, similar in population, median income, and median home price to Fredericksburg. This Vermont capital city has plenty of history to explore, nature to enjoy, and North Branch Winery and Barr Hill Distillery to visit for lovers of a good brew or vintage. 

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The golden-domed Vermont Statehouse is one of the oldest and best-preserved in the country. If you’re a history buff, you’ll also want to check out the 450 buildings in Montpelier’s Historic District. 

If you’re more of a nature lover, North Branch River Park offers 200 acres of gentle trails, including paths along the Winooski River. A trek among all those trees will make it no surprise that downtown Montpelier is home to two of Vermont’s oldest sugarhouses. Staying in Montpelier will cost you about $60 to $350 a night, which is less than the national average.

15. Solvang, California

Bakery and a windmill in Solvang, California.

As a fan of Fredericksburg, maybe there’s just something about small towns that manage to attract so many tourists. Solvang, California, is no exception, with over one million visitors per year. California’s “sunny field” city has been dubbed the Danish capital of America. 

It comes at almost twice the cost of living, but whether dude ranches or luxury resorts are your styles, Solvang has something for everyone.

Solvang is also a city for wine lovers and horseback riders, but Scandinavian culture, gingerbread-like architecture, and 5,556 friendly residents await you here. Where Fredericksburg may have you dreaming about wildflowers and peach orchards, Solvang visitors will be the first to recommend Danish Mill Bakery, Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery, or Mortensen’s Danish Bakery as must-see spots. If you choose to stay the night expect to pay anywhere from $70 a night to $350 a night, which is a reasonable range.