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15 Towns Similar to Estes Park, Colorado

Estes Park Colorado has plenty to offer, whether great dining or downtown shopping. There are cities similar to Estes Park, read this article and find out.

Rocky mountain and a village near a river in Estes Park, Colorado.

Estes Park, Colorado

Nestled at the gates of Rocky Mountain National Park is the town of Estes Park. While many people use the town as a base-camp for adventures in the National Park, this picturesque community has more to offer. Whether you are looking for great dining options or downtown shopping, Estes Park has plenty to offer. And although tourism is the major draw for the town, the cost to stay, shop, dine, and be entertained will not set you back as much as you may think.

When thinking about traveling the country to visit places that offer things similar to Estes Park, there are certainly a number of very good options. And even if you are not into mountains and snow, you are sure to find something enjoyable in towns all across the United States. The following list aims to provide you with information about towns from coast to coast that have similarities to Estes Park, but also have enough differences to hopefully give you some good ideas for your next travel adventure.

1. Middlebury, Vermont

Old mill waterfall at Middlebury, Vermont.

Visitors to Middlebury, Vermont will find plenty of opportunities to explore historic buildings and go shopping. If live music is your thing, then this town offers an annual music festival in downtown.

Like Estes Park, Middlebury is a town that provides visitors with access to the outdoors, as well as culture, shopping, and dining.

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However, with Estes Park located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the outdoor opportunities between the two towns are quite different, mainly centered around climbing a mountain versus walking through hills.

If you are looking to visit Middlebury, a night in a hotel will cost you about $100, which is pretty average for the country, and maybe even a little less than in Estes Park.

2. Orange City, Iowa

Tulips bed in Sunken gardens park in Orange City, Iowa.

For those that are looking for something a little different, Orange City, Iowa is a good place to start. Although not really known as a place for tourists, the town does offer a taste of the Netherlands in the middle of the U.S.

Both Estes Park and Orange City offer a historical perspective on life in their individual states. Visitors to both towns have access to shopping and entertainment options, as well as regional cuisine.

But Orange City does not offer travelers any traditional outdoor activities, something that Estes Park abounds in.

Those visiting Orange City will be able to secure a hotel room for about $75 a night, which is below the average price and substantially less than in Estes Park.

3. Dillon, Montana

Horse Riding in winter at Dillon, Montana.

The town of Dillon has plenty to offer visitors from other states. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or a fine dining experience, there is sure to be something for everyone. Shopping options in Dillon include a number of big-name outlet stores, and visitors are sure to enjoy their annual rodeo.

Similar to Estes Park, Dillon is a mountain community. This means that both towns provide easy access to skiing, hiking, and fishing. Both towns also have a number of options for winding down from any adventure, with shopping and dining to suit anyone.

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Unlike Estes Park, Dillon is not located at the base of a National Park. True, both towns have access to some good peaks, but accessing the mountains near Estes Park is a little easier.

A stay in Dillon will only set you back about $50 a night, far less than average. This is sure to leave plenty of money in your pocket to participate in the number of activities the town has to offer.

4. Conshohocken, Pennsylvania

Residential area in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

Although the name is a mouthful, Conshohocken has some good offerings for visitors. Located near Philadelphia, the town provides access to water recreation and parks and green spaces.

Visitors to Conshohocken and Estes Park will be greeted with downtown areas that offer dining and shopping options. Both towns also offer something for those with an inclination toward history.

Unlike Estes Park, Conshohocken is more suited to a laid-back vacation. While opportunities to spend time outdoors are available, the town is not known for its adventurous spirit.

Hotel rooms in this town range from $70 to $120 a night, which pretty much covers the average cost of a hotel across the country. That said, the cost of activities like dining and shopping is not so high that you will have to worry about pinching pennies on your hotel room.

5. Petoskey, Michigan

Town near a lake shore in Petoskey, Michigan

If you are into a more resort-type atmosphere, then Petoskey may suit you just fine. The town is located on the shore of Lake Michigan, and gives visitors easy access to not only activities on the water, but also other outdoor options. If staying indoors is more your thing, then there are dining, shopping, and indoor activities to suit pretty much anyone.

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Similar to Estes Park, Petoskey is well-known for its nearness to the outdoors. Whether you are into skiing or hiking, both towns will give you what you are looking for. Also, both towns have a somewhat resort-feel, although Petoskey is better known for it.

Differences between these two towns are few and far between, but it is safe to say that the intensity of the outdoor adventuring available in Estes Park is on a higher level than it is in Petoskey.

Hotel rooms in Petoskey are about average for the country, right around $70 a night. However, with the resort-feel comes slightly higher prices for shopping and entertainment.

6. Brevard, North Carolina

Country roads in autumn in Brevard, North Carolina.

If you are interested in getting back to nature and find yourself closer to the east coast than the middle of the country, then a visit to Brevard will suit you just fine. The town is located near a National Forest and several waterfalls. If you are looking for a side of culture with your adventures, then Brevard can also deliver.

Both Estes Park and Brevard are near the outdoors. Hiking and biking are big draws for both towns, which also feature access to cultural and dining experiences.

However, Brevard is better suited for those adventurers who would like to end their hike at a waterfall than at the top of a mountain. Also, the difference between the climate near the Atlantic coast and the Rocky Mountains means that seasonal variations will be more pronounced.

Hotels in Brevard are less than the national average, about $50 a night. This will leave you with plenty of funds to get out and enjoy the numerous activities the town has to offer.

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7. Ketchikan, Alaska

Ketchikan Signage entrance, a town in Alaska.

Ketchikan is known as the salmon capital of the world, and fishing is very much a part of this town. However, tourism is also a big part of the economy, with cruises making port calls throughout the summer months.

Like Estes Park, tourism is big in Ketchikan. The scenery surrounding both towns includes mountains, and, depending on the time of year, hiking is something visitors to either town will be able to enjoy.

The biggest difference in the tourism of Ketchikan is that it is located on the ocean. This means that most people who visit the town are part of a cruise. Estes Park, being in the middle of the country, does not have access to the types of visitors who prefer to sail the oceans.

Being in Alaska and a stop for cruise ships means that accommodations in Ketchikan are going to be higher than average. At over $100 a night, you are not going to break the bank on a hotel, but you may not have as much leftover for shopping and other activities.

8. Itasca, Illinois

A golf course in front of a sky scraper in Itasca, Illinois

This town is actually a suburb of Chicago, but it does have some offerings that may appeal to visitors with something other than Chicago in mind. The town’s historical district showcases beautiful architecture, and there are unique shopping and dining experiences to be had.

Itasca and Estes Park both provide visitors with shopping and dining experiences.

Because Itasca is a suburb of Chicago and Estes Park is a suburb of Rocky Mountain National Park, there are a number of differences in what kinds of activities you are going to have access to. Itasca is better for those who want to get a little away without getting as far away as Estes Park will get you.

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A good night’s rest in Itasca will run you about $75, which is average. The cost to eat and the shop is also on par with many other places around the country.

9. Houghton, Michigan

Lift bridge and a frozen river in Houghton, Michigan.

If you enjoy the kinds of outdoor activities that are only available in the winter, then Houghton is a good place to visit. True, hiking and biking are available during the spring and summer, but the big tourism draw for this town is fun in the snow. Tourism is the big driver of this town.

Like Estes Park, Houghton gives visitors the opportunity to spend time having fun skiing and playing in the snow. And for those that would rather stay close to the indoors on those cold winter days, both towns have shopping, dining, and entertainment to offer.

With Houghton being further north and at a lower altitude, there are no tall peaks to explore during the summer. Also, visiting a Midwestern town is going to provide a different perspective on life than visiting a mountain town.

Hotel rooms in Houghton are a little above average, somewhere between $80 and $110 a night. While those prices may be something to think about, some of the other costs associated with visiting may be lower than other places.

10. Suffern, New York

Comesky block and a stop lights in Suffern, New York.

The picturesque town of Suffern is located in the southern part of New York and provides visitors with access to some activities, but not many. This is a well-established town that is generally not considered a place for tourists to visit.

Suffern and Estes Park are both smaller towns, so visitors to both can expect the same level of tourist amenities.

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However, Suffern is not really a place where tourism is big, so if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and exciting, you may want to look at Estes Park.

Despite the higher cost of living, a hotel room in Suffern is about $75 a night. And while there are not a lot of options for tourists to do tourist things, what activities there are will not be as expensive as in other places across the country.

11. Whitefish, Alaska

For adventure seekers that get a thrill out of standing on top of the world, Whitefish, Alaska has plenty to offer. Close to Glacier National Park and towering mountains, this town abounds with tourist activities that include more than just exploring nature.

Both Estes Park and Whitefish are located near National Parks and both have access to mountains. The two towns also have similar shopping and entertainment options.

However, with Whitefish being located in Alaska, the differences in climate and access to the town could mean quite a big difference in how you need to go about planning your vacation.

Hotels in Whitefish are probably about what you would expect for a tourist town in Alaska, around $120 a night. This is a little higher than average, but if you are going to be visiting the Yukon, you might as well have a good place to stay.

12. Heber City, Utah

A town and snowy mountain Heber City, Utah.

This town in Utah is fast becoming a city. But it can still offer visitors the feeling of visiting a town. With recreational, entertainment, and dining options to explore, Heber City is quickly becoming a top tourist destination in the state.

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Both Heber City and Estes Park give visitors good access to mountains and all sorts of mountain activities. Both towns have good shopping and dining options, as well.

There really are not many differences between the two towns, although as Heber City continues to grow and Estes Park remains about the same, the differences could start to make themselves more apparent.

Staying in Heber City will cost you about $60 a night, which is less than the national average. That will leave you with sufficient funds to enjoy the numerous tourist activities the town has to offer.

13. Breckenridge, Colorado

Ski slopes and a snow cover mountain at Breckenridge, Colorado.

What list of towns like Estes Park would be complete without at least one other Colorado town? Breckenridge is another popular tourist location in the Rocky Mountains, providing visitors with ample fishing, hiking, biking, and skiing opportunities. There are also dining, shopping, and entertainment experiences to be had in this mountain community.

Like Estes Park, Breckenridge is known for mountain access. With year-round alpine adventures to be had in both towns, it may be difficult to choose one over the other.

However, Estes Park is less glamorous than Breckenridge, which has become more of a locale from which to hit the ski slopes.

Depending on the season (meaning whether skiing is available or not), hotels in Breckenridge can be quite reasonable in price. Expect to pay anywhere from $60 a night to $100 a night, which is a reasonable range. However, other things in town will probably cost you more than other places, regardless of the ski season.

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14. Cody, Wyoming

Buffalo Bill Monument in Cody, Wyoming.

Named after the famous Buffalo Bill Cody, this town in Wyoming is a good place to experience the natural beauty of the country. Tourism is the town’s big business, and there are a number of annual events that draw people from all around the region. Travelers who want to get out on the trail can do so on horse, foot, or bike. Because of its dependence on tourism, the town has a number of good dining, shopping, and entertainment options available.

Cody and Estes Park are built around tourism. Both towns provide access to the great outdoors, as well as options for things to do after you return from those great places.

But Cody may be considered more “cowboy” than Estes Park, with activities that one may consider “wild west” rather than “natural”.

Staying in Cody is about the same price as other places around the country, $70 or so a night. That means that you will have a good amount of money left to get out and enjoy all that the town has to offer.

15. Northfield, Minnesota

White Church near the road at Northfield, Minnesota.

Tourists looking for historical architecture and entertainment are sure to find something to enjoy in Northfield. The town has something that will appeal to just about anyone, whether they are hoping to spend some time in a park or learn something new.

Estes Park and Northfield are both small towns that draw tourists looking for shopping and dining options.

Yet Estes Park is really the place to go for an adventure, while Northfield is a good place to get away from it all and just relax.

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A good hotel in Northfield will cost you about $65 a night, slightly lower than the national average. So, if you enjoy exploring a downtown full of old buildings, you will have money in your pocket to also get something good to eat.