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20 Towns Similar to Derry, NH

Find out 20 towns with almost similar looks and atmosphere as Derry in New Hampshire. Check them out here!

Annual Nutfield Holiday parade in Derry, New Hampshire.

Derry, NH is the perfect mix of small-town charm and amenities. Not only is it close to New Hampshire’s larger cities, like Salem and Manchester, but it’s also right along route 93, allowing residents to easily commute to Boston. It’s the fourth most populous state in NH, with a population of 33,109.

Although the winters in Derry can be chilly, residents and visitors still have plenty of reasons to spend time outdoors. The town is home to a number of parks, a beach, and SplashPad, an outdoor recreation center. Many famous people have called Derry home, including poet Robert Frost and astronaut Alan Shephard.

Residents love Derry thanks to its excellent schools and its quaint atmosphere. It’s a beautiful, quiet town that’s anything but boring. If you find Derry appealing, these 20 towns similar to Derry, NH also deserve a closer look. 

Kennebunk, ME

Kennebunk, New England - Entrance to a souvenir shop.

With a population of just 10,883, Kennebunk is much smaller than Derry, but these New England towns still have a lot in common! Both towns are perfect for people that can’t spend enough time outdoors. While you’re in Kennebunk, expect to spend plenty of time enjoying the local beaches and seafood!

Unlike Derry, one of the things that Kennebunk is best known for is its local art scene. On the second Friday of every month, the town holds a free village art walk! If you plan on visiting the village, expect hotel costs upwards of $90 a night. 

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South Hookset, NH

South Hookset, Manchester, New Hampshire skyline.

South Hooksett, a suburb of Manchester, is home to just 5,888 people. Even though this makes it much smaller than Derry, it has a similar feel. Many of the residents work in Concord and Manchester and choose to live in South Hookset because they want a quaint, small town life.

While you can find some parks in South Hooksett, it doesn’t have the same emphasis on outdoor amenities that Derry does. What it does have is wineries, like the award-winning Copper Beach Winery. To stay here, expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $150 a night. 

Franklin, MA

Franklin, Massachusetts geography map.

Franklin and Derry are both wonderful places for families, in part because of their thriving public and private schools. Franklin is also packed with outdoor attractions, including the Franklin State Forest. If the weather is poor, the town also offers indoor attractions, like the Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park.

On warmer days, there’s no better place to be in Franklin than Sweatt Beach. Renting a kayak will provide scenic views and exercise! Franklin is a very affordable place to stay, with budget hotels at rates of just $65 a night.

Newberry, SC

Newberry, South Carolina geography map.

Newberry may not be in New England, but it has the same quaint charm and small town hospitality as Derry. It’s home to some lovely and unusual outdoor attractions, such as the Wells Japanese gardens. The historic downtown is also a wonderful place to stroll and shop. 

Since Newberry has much milder winters than Derry, it can be an amazing place to visit at any time of year. If the weather does take a turn, visitors can enjoy themselves at the Newberry Art Museum. Cheaper hotels have rates starting at $60 a night, while more expensive lodgings have nightly costs upwards of $140.

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Kennebunkport, ME

Kennebunkport coastal town in Maine.

Kennebunkport and Derry are both fantastic destinations for people that love spending time along the water. This Maine town offers a coastal lifestyle, including a wide range of outdoor amenities as well as some amazing seafood restaurants. Gooch’s Kennebunk Beach and Parsons Beach are both very popular attractions!

With a population of about 11,536, Kennebunkport is about half the size of Derry. This Maine town is also home to sights you can’t see anywhere else, like the famous Wedding Cake House! On weekdays, average hotel costs are about $230, with average costs closer to $260 on weekends. 

Kingston, RI

Amtrak Train Station in Kingston, Rhode Island.

Many people are drawn to Kingston because of its excellent schools and small town charm. It’s home to many beautiful buildings constructed in the 18th and 19th centuries. The village also has many outdoor amenities, like beaches and public gardens.

Kingston is best known for its dedication to historical preservation. It’s been on the National Register of Historic Places since the 1970s. The village has long been a popular destination for tourists, with hotel costs starting at about $120 a night. 

Skaneateles, NY

Skaneateles, New York - Skaneateles Lake.

Skaneateles is a small town in New York State that takes its memorable name from the nearby Skaneateles Lake. It offers water views, plenty of outdoor amenities, and a bustling historic downtown. With that said, Skaneateles is still a quiet destination, with a population of only 7,112 people.

Even though Skaneateles and Derry both have fairly harsh winters, Skaneateles is a popular holiday destination thanks to its popular Dickens Christmas celebration, which runs from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Hotels in the area start at just $100, but rates tend to climb much higher during the holidays. 

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Hanover, NH

Hanover, New Hampshire - Dartmouth College campus.

Much like Derry, Hanover has a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts! The town, which is right along the Connecticut River, is home to trails, parks, and its own beach. Hanover also has highly-rated schools. 

However, while you’re here, you’ll also find plenty of indoor activities, including the Hood Museum of Art and the Montshire Museum of Science. When temperatures cool, you can enjoy winter sports at the Dartmouth Skiway. While hotel costs can vary based on the reason, rooms typically start at around $100 a night.

Cranston, RI

Snowy road in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Like Derry, Cranston is more affordable than New England cities, but still offers many of the same amenities. It’s known for its highly rated schools as well as parks, trails, and waterside views. The most popular attraction in Cranston may be the Roger Williams Park Zoo, which is home to over 150 animals. 

With a population of 82,934, Cranston is much larger than Derry. Still, both places have the same peaceful, idyllic vibe. Nightly hotel costs range from as little as $70 to as high as $260 per night.

North Windham, ME

Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry in North Windham.

Derry and North Windham both appeal to people because they’re both quiet and relaxing villages in short proximity to larger cities. North Windham is known for offering tranquil outdoor activities like nature parks and trails. You won’t find any beaches here, but you can still spend time on the water at Natchaug State Forest or Mansfield Hollow State Park.

There are also plenty of unusual museums in North Windham, like the Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry, and the Windham Textile & History Museum. It’s a lovely destination for couples and for families. There are campgrounds in the area, and hotel costs start at $85 a night. 

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Jacksonville, OR

Jacksonville, Florida downtown city skyline.

If you can’t get enough of the outdoors, there’s a good chance that you’ll love both Derry and Jacksonville! This Oregon town is filled with great places to hike, like the Jacksonville Forest Trails. It may not have a beach, but it does have multiple wineries. 

People are also drawn to Jacksonville because of its arts culture. You’ll find plenty of galleries in the area, as well as the Art Presence Art Center, which is a gallery and art education center. The average cost of a night in Jacksonville ranges from $75 to $150 depending on the season.

Wellesley, MA

Wellesley town hall, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

This Massachusetts college town has a major emphasis on education. It’s home to strong public schools as well as the highly respected Wellesley College. Wellesley is considered to be a part of the greater Boston area and is home to many commuters. 

Of course, Wellesley isn’t just a town for the intellectually minded. It also has plenty of parks, outdoor gardens, and even a beach! Budget hotels in the area start at around $80, while 3-star hotels start at $150.

Newton, MA

Newton, Massachusetts - Union street district aerial view.

Although Newton is a Boston suburb, not a village, it still feels like a small town. Both Newton and Derry attract plenty of Boston commuters, and both places put a strong emphasis on education. Newton does have some parks, but it doesn’t have as many outdoor amenities as Derry. 

What you can do plenty of in Newton is shopping. It’s home to Piccadilly Square, a large outdoor shopping mall located in Newton’s historic district. Newton doesn’t have many hotels, but it does have bed & breakfasts with rates starting at $95 per night.

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Fish Creek, WI

Fish Creek, Wisconsin - Eagle Bluff Lighthouse.

As its name suggests, this town is an amazing place for anyone that loves the outdoors. This unincorporated community is home to Peninsula State Park, which includes a large island. You can also find beaches, parks, and some gorgeous wineries. 

This is also a charming town that has a rich history. The Alexander Noble House Museum, a Greek farmhouse built in the 1800s, regularly offers guided tours. Visitors to Fish Creek can stay at campgrounds or at hotels with rates as low as $68 per night.

Fairhope, AL

Fairhope, Alabama - Storybook Castle Bed and Breakfast.

Located along Mobile Bay, this is a wonderful destination for anyone that likes to spend time near the water. It’s home to vibrant community parks and also offers boating and beaches. Even though this Alabama town is far from New England, it has the same quaint atmosphere as Derry, with a population of 22,477.

Museum-lovers will find a lot to like about Fairhope thanks to destinations like the Fairhope Museum of History and the Marietta Johnson Museum, which is housed in a historic school building. The weather is fairly warm even in the winter, which means you won’t have to avoid Fairhope in colder months. Hotel costs range from around $80 to $178 per night. 

North Bennington, VT

The Governor's Mansion in North Bennington, Vermont.

North Bennington has a strong emphasis on education and an outdoor lifestyle, which means this New England town has a lot in common with Derry. Although you may not be able to spend time on the beach while you’re here, you will find lots of beautiful parks and nature trails. North Bennington was once home to poet Robert Frost, who you can learn more about at the Robert Frost Stone House Museum. 

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This Vermont town is also a terrific destination for history buffs. It’s the home of the Bennington Battle Monument, which is the tallest structure in all of Vermont. Rates for hotels range from $75 to $170 per night. 

Portsmouth, NH

Portsmouth, New Hampshire town cityscape.

Just 60 miles north of Boston, Portsmouth offers breathtaking waterfront views and quaint historical sights. Portsmouth has a long history as a shipbuilding center and is home to all kinds of outdoor attractions. There are trails, public gardens, and even water parks! 

Portsmouth also offers an outdoor attraction that’s very unique: Strawberry Banke, an outdoor living history museum. Portsmouth was settled in 1623, which makes it much older than Derry, but both places give visitors a taste of New England’s history. Hotel costs range from about $90 to $250 a night.

Leavenworth, WA

Leavenworth, Washington autumn trees.

Leavenworth and Derry are both small towns that are bursting with charm. In fact, Leavenworth looks like it belongs in a German fairy tale! It’s filled with German bars and wineries and is surrounded by mountains. 

There are plenty of outdoor attractions to enjoy here, including waterfront parks, hiking trails, and skiing in the winter. It also has plenty of distinctive and memorable attractions, like the Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum. With hotel rates ranging from $90 to $213 a night, it’s a fantastic place to stay at any time of the year. 

New Castle, DE

New Castle Library Historical Town in Delaware.

Much like Derry, this town is filled with beautiful scenery and historic buildings. One of its most popular destinations is Battery Park, which includes waterside trails and a beach. The First State National Historic Park and Court House Museum is also a must-see attraction for history buffs. 

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New Castle is tiny compared to Derry, with a population of just 1,716, but it was once the home of two beloved authors: Shirley Jackson and Jamaica Kincaid. While New Castle doesn’t see many tourists, it’s a lovely town that offers both amenities and peace and quiet. Hotel costs start at just $60. 

Yellow Springs, OH

Ye Olde Train Tavern in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

This cozy and quaint Ohio town is home to the famous comedian Dave Chapelle. It’s another charming small town that’s managed to attract many people thanks to its breathtaking natural scenery. Some of the best outdoor attractions include the Glen Helen Nature Preserve and John Bryan State Park. 

The Brandeberry Winery is another popular attraction in Yellow Springs. Not only is it a wonderful place to enjoy wine, but it also regularly serves as a live music venue. If you want to stay in Yellow Springs, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $218 a night.