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15 Towns Similar to Daylesford

Daylesford offers reasonably priced housing accommodations with plenty of amenities and scenic views. If you're looking for other options, here are 15 towns similar to Daylesford.

House reflected on Lake Daylesford in Victoria, Australia.

Founded in 1852, Daylesford is located in Victoria, Australia. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Dividing Range at an elevation of just over 2000 feet, the town is home to just 2458 residents. Being just a 45-minute drive from Melbourne and with 35% of dwellings unoccupied, Daylesford could be a feasible option for those looking for a place to call home. Still, it is better known as a popular destination for tourists interested in a relaxing getaway. 

Daylesford is host to Wombat State Forest, Lake Daylesford, acres of lush botanical gardens, art galleries and vineyards, unique and scenic options for lodging and dining, and the highest concentration of mineral springs in Australia, making it a convenient home for Hepburn Bathhouse and Spa. 

While permanent residents enjoy reasonably priced housing accommodations for visitors to Daylesford’s many attractions can expect to shell out more than a few pretty pennies. With most hotels offering plenty of amenities and scenic views, the typical room rate is around $200 per night.

Travelers on a budget might find reasonable rates for RV camping at Jubilee Lake Park. Holiday Park offers cabins at group rates. A glamping tent can even be had for around $180 per night; an option attendees of the Chillout Festival, the largest gay and lesbian festival in Australia, as well as November’s Budburst festival, celebrating the food, wine, and lifestyle, might appreciate.  

Maybe you’ve already been to Daylesford, or maybe you just like options. If you are wondering what other towns are similar to Daylesford, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 possibilities to consider: 

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Wellington, New Zealand

Wellington Cable Car in New Zealand.

Like Daylesford, Wellington, NZ is perfect for a relaxing weekend getaway with scenic and well-appointed accommodations, award-winning dining options, and with so much coastal area, plenty of fantastic opportunities to take in some nature.

Named by Lonely Planet as “the coolest little capital in the world,” Wellington offers cutting-edge museums, food trucks, and a variety of guided tours offered daily. Being a capital city, the population here is 10 times larger than Daylesford.

In Wellington, it’s easy to get by without a car, as everything is within a walkable distance. Still, suppose you want to venture a bit further out. In that case, Kapiti Island is just a 20-minute boat ride from Paraparaumu Beach. You can spend a day exploring the island or take the option of going glamping or staying in a cabin.

The weather here is relatively mild. The hottest month in Wellington is February, with average temps reaching 56°F. The cool season lasts for three months, from June to September, when average daily high temperatures remain below 56°F. During the coolest month of July, temperatures tend to range between 45°F and 53°F. 

Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

Anglican Parish of Lismore in New South Wales, Australia.

With approximately 45,000 residents, Lismore is a big university town in Australia, with lots to see and do within an hour’s drive and a vibrant art and music scene, with galleries, studios, and theatres populating the area. Lismore is also known for its rich soils and high-quality produce. 

As housing becomes less affordable in nearby regions, the population here is expected to increase with plenty of affordable housing available. 

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Within Lismore, the village of Nimbin, known for its hippie lifestyle, is populated by a colorful collection of locals, vivid murals, and hosts many unique festivals. 

Suppose you are looking for a casual weekend getaway. In that case, Linsmore offers a seemingly endless variety of accommodations ranging from caravan parks, camping grounds, and funky backpacker hostels to historic home rentals, city-style motels, and luxury cottages.

Palmerston North, New Zealand

Palmerston North City Square in New Zealand.

Palmerston North is an urban area with a population of 81,500. The climate here is mild during the summers and chilly and damp during the winter months. It is windy year-round. The area surrounding Palmerston North, much like Daylesford, is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

At the same time, the city center offers the sophistication and diversity you’d expect from a major city. Visitors will enjoy a colorful mix of cafes and dining options among the various art galleries and urban street art. The Rugby Museum is a popular attraction, and there is also an expansive golf course for those wishing to tee off.

Suppose you are hoping to take up a more permanent residence in Palmerston North. In that case, you’ll find an abundance of affordable rentals available. Travelers looking for short-term accommodations can expect to pay an average of $155 – $200 per night. 

Nelson, South Island, New Zealand

View of the Wharariki Beach from the cave.

A ferry ride from Wellington, Nelson is a small fishing and arty beachside town with parks offering spectacular hiking opportunities. There are also several options for guided river tours and other outdoor adventures. 

The population of just 800 residents is closer to Daylesford than some other examples here. Although there is only one major hotel in Nelson, there are many different options for lodging, such as cabins and home rentals, making Nelson a great choice to serve as a base point for exploring the surrounding region. Visitors can expect to pay between $120- $150 for a night’s stay. 

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Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Bendigo Chinese Gardens Reserve in Victoria, Australia.

As of 2019, Bendigo had an urban population of 100,991. It is Australia’s fourth-largest inland city and 19th largest city in Australia overall. Affordable housing is available with weekly rents averaging approximately $250 per week. Travelers looking for short-term accommodations can expect to spend between $120 – $175 per night.

Like Daylesford, Bendigo is host to its own festivals. Namely, the four-day Bendigo Blues and Roots festival, which features over 100 bands. The Bendigo Easter Festival is the oldest community festival in Australia. It celebrates Bendigo’s unique Chinese heritage and community spirit.

Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia

Mountain view in Deloraine, Tasmania, Australia.

Deloraine (pop 2,745), in the central north of Tasmania, Australia, is similar to Daylesford in population. Like most Tasmanian towns, it has a temperate and wet climate. 

The Tasmanian Craft Fair is the big to-do here, bringing in tens of thousands of visitors. The Deloraine Museum is one of the most well-preserved museums in Australia and offers guest rooms for visitors. 

Most travelers can expect to pay an average of $95 per night for a stay in a three-star hotel in this well-kept town. 

Denmark, Western Australia

Aerial view of Denmark, Western Australia.

Denmark is located on the south coast of Western Australia. Denmark’s population of 5,000 sustains the town’s economy through tourism, dairy and cattle farming, fishing, and the arts. 

Denmark’s beaches provide frequent appearances of winter rainbows, and the town has a plethora of excursions for the nature-lover. The Denmark country Club offers an excellent golf course, a tennis course, and a bowling club. Add a boating club and a surfing club, and Denmark is an active traveler’s dream. 

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Dining options are plentiful in Denmark, and accommodations exist in any form you can imagine, with many cottages and cabins available for rent as well as RV and holiday parks. There are so many unique options it’s hard to imagine why anyone would choose a standard hotel.   

Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia

Sea view of Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia.

Queenscliff, famous for its surfing beaches, this North Sydney town has a similar population to that of Daylesford, with 3,376 residents. 

In addition to popular surfing beaches, Queenscliff hosts several festivals each year, with the Queenscliff Music Festival topping the list. 

Standard hotel rates run between $160 – $200 per night, but RV parks and other accommodations are readily available.

There is no shortage of dining options available either. You can even enjoy a meal as you ferry along on one of several boat cafes.

Cockatoo, Victoria, Australia

Cockatoo is a suburban area with a population of 4,256. Like Daylesford in population, it is also located in Victoria, Australia. 

Unlike Daylesford, 95% of private dwellings are occupied, making housing more difficult to obtain. Hotel accommodations aren’t cheap, and visitors to the area can expect to spend upwards of $200 per night. 

While Cockatoo doesn’t offer much in the way of tourist attractions, visitors can enjoy hot air balloon rides, caving adventures, and winery tours in nearby Yarra Valley. 

Cowes, Victoria, Australia

Cowes Pier and beach on Phillip Island in Victoria, Australia.

With a similar population to Daylesford at 4,839 and a similar median resident age of 54, Cowes offers unique attractions like AMaze’N Things, which is basically a multi-faceted funhouse of sorts. Animal lovers will be excited about watching the penguin parade at Phillip Island Nature Parks, and winos will enjoy touring Purple Hen Winery.

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For those seeking long-term accommodations, weekly rents run around $250, and short-term travelers can find a suitable place to post up for about $150 per night. The short two-hour drive to Melbourne makes this a nice day trip. 

Camperdown, Victoria, Austraila

With a population of 3,369 and a median resident age of 54, Camperdown is also similar to Daylesford, with Botanical gardens and stunning views of volcanic peaks as well as beautiful lakes to visit.

Studio apartments and room rentals can be found for anywhere between $38 and $125. Camperdown is mainly an agricultural town, but its low-cost accommodations and proximity to Sydney make it a great option to visit. 

Melrose., Florida, USA

Brick homes in Melrose, Florida.

Like Daylesford in population but not located in Victoria, Australia, Melrose, Florida is a Victorian Village.

Visitors to this “Old Florida” town can take in the scenery at Melrose Bay Park or attend community market events. Melrose features several inns and other accommodations for anywhere between $65 and $120 per night.

If all of this isn’t satisfying enough, Gainesville is just 17 miles away. 

Sedona, Arizona, USA

Devil's Bridge Trail in Sedona, Arizona.

Like Daylesford, the landscape of Sedona is the main attraction. Home to Red Rock State Park, Sedona attracts visitors with its giant rock formations and canyons. 

Avid and novice hikers will also find plenty to enjoy in the mountainous desert landscape. Outdoor adventures, art workshops, spa retreats, and more await visitors to this spectacular slice of the American desert southwest. 

This town of 10,000 residents is a hub for spiritualists and people interested in anything alternative. As a result, the variety of accommodations is practically infinite; visitors can choose anything from primitive camping to the most luxurious five-star accommodations and everything in between. As such, the costs are widely varied. 

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Moab, Utah, USA

Arches National Park in Moab, Utah.

With a population of under 6000, Moab Utah, much like Daylesford, attracts visitors with its natural offerings, including hiking, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing, and more.

Glamping is welcome and even encouraged in Moab, which hosts both Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Luxury campgrounds, RV parks, five-star luxury hotels, and Days Inn are all options for visitors to hang their hats in Moab. The cost per night can range from $89 to $500.

Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

Rocky coast in Bar Harbor, Maine.

If you want to visit Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine, is an excellent jumping-off point for your trip.

The town’s 5,435 residents enjoy swimming and boating in the summer, skiing in winter, and hiking year-round. It’s a nature lover’s paradise with wilderness and beachside activities.

Visitors can enjoy these and other activities with plenty of accommodations at prices that can fit within most vacation budgets at an average of $200 per night. 


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