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15 Towns Similar Eureka, California

Eureka is located in the northern part of California and it's home to Historic Places. We rounded up towns similar to Eureka, California for you to check out.

Mansion with Victorian Architecture at Eureka, California.

Eureka is a town in the northern part of California. It has a population of about 27,002 people but the residents are not very diverse. As much as 78% of the population is white. When it comes to income, one can expect a median salary of about $47,530. 

The recent average value of a home here is $315,632 with a median property tax of $1,407. Many structures are classic Victorian style. The town has hills and access to the ocean and beaches. 

While one should not expect tons of nightlife, you can visit California’s oldest zoo, the Sequoia Park Zoo, and enjoy boat cruises, wineries, museums, hiking trails, parks, and its famous Old Town.

Eureka’s Old Town is listed on the country’s National Register of Historic Places.

Creative folk can enjoy regular events thanks to the presence of the art community. In addition to enjoying the aquatic nature, you also see giant redwood trees towering everywhere. 

Healthcare, timber, and tourism are major industries here. If you appreciate patronizing (or creating) small businesses and local innovation, you will enjoy the range of mom-and-pop shops here. You may see pottery shops, local food eateries, and more. 

There are several bike lanes to get around if you want to give your car a break. Overall, the weather is mild and pleasant. Expect sunny summers and rainy winters that are absent of snow.

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Access this town by taking U.S 101 from San Francisco or Oregon. If you are interested in visiting this chill seaside town or moving to a town similar to Eureka, let’s take a look at 15 similar ones below.

1. Carmel By-the-Sea, California

Coast at Carmel By the Sea, California.

Like Eureka, this is a beautiful town with a vibrant art scene. Instead of Victorian houses, you can live in or rent a cute cottage. It is also located in the northern section of California

The area is quite historical as it dates back to the 1700s when Spanish missionaries first settled it. Many people come here for a romantic getaway or to explore its white sandy beaches. 

The town is much smaller but more expensive than Eureka, with a population of 3,799. The cost of living is much higher at 164.6% more than the U.S. average. A home here averages about $3.6 million and shows no signs of declining in price.

2. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Historical lighthouse at Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The town of Nantucket has extreme seaside access like Eureka. It is an island and only 30 miles away from Cape Cod. Enjoy local businesses here by way of boutiques. If you enjoy the old Victorian homes in Eureka, you will also love the old restored homes of Nantucket.

The town is small like Eureka with a population of about 7,984. Both places enjoy tourism but Nantucket’s vacation homes are the most expensive per U.S. capita.

Eureka’s small-town is witnessing an increase while Nantucket’s population has decreased in the last couple of years – it was 14,255 in 2020.

Both towns have similar racial demographics, with white being the dominant group. A home in Nantucket will hurt the budget worse than Eureka due to its $2.3 million price tag.

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Today, Nantucket’s main industry is tourism, while its whaling days are in the past. Eureka still takes economical advantage of its natural surroundings due to timber.

3. Cape Charles, Virginia

Seaside at Cape Charles, Virginia.

Cape Charles, Virginia can also boast of a historic downtown area like Eureka. Both towns are on the National Register of Historic Places. Cape Charles earned its spot thanks to its largest collection of turn-of-the-century structures on the East Coast. You can also support the local industry when you shop at the eclectic shops downtown.

However, visitors and residents can experience a little more diversity due to a 27% black population along with a 68% white demographic.

Like Eureka, enjoy beach access here thanks to Cape Charles’ location on the Eastern Shore. However, the median housing cost is twice the amount of Eureka with a $642,000 average.

4. Cannon Beach, Oregon

Historical lighthouse at Cannon Beach, Oregon.

If you want to take a break from Eureka, you can easily go to Cannon Beach, Oregon – only 90 miles from Portland. This town also gives you amazing coastal views, which make it a popular resort option for tourists. Surfing and whale watching are the main activities here.

Artists will love this town as much as Eureka. Go to the village area to explore local artisan creations. Enjoy the wildlife in the state park. Support local farmers when you eat at area restaurants.

Be prepared to pay 3 times the amount for a house in Cannon Beach. The median market price is $960,000. However, the population is extremely small at 1,834.

5. Jamestown, Rhode Island

Beavertail State Park, Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Jamestown provides another quaint coastal option for living and visiting. Come here to support local fishermen when you feast on lobster and codfish. Enjoy sailing, boat cruises, paddleboarding, and cow sightings.

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Yes, you can see cows, and windmills, roaming around on historic area farms. There is a lighthouse and two state parks – Beavertail State Park and Conanicut Battery National Park.

Like Eureka, creative lovers can visit art galleries and have good photography subjects. At $812,500, the median house price is double that of Eureka. The latest population stats list 5,559 people

6. Sag Harbor, New York

An old sailboat at Sag Harbor, New York.

If you have about $2,000,000, you can afford the median house price in Sag Harbor. It is a steep price from Eureka’s $315,632 median, but you can also enjoy the sea from this historic whaling port. 

Sag Harbor also shares Eureka’s artistic flair. Creative people may find a great deal of inspiration, since famous writers wrote some of their best-known stories here. You won’t be at a loss for art shows or musical performances. The small village even has an art center.

This town on the opposite coast also boasts a much smaller population with only 2,283 people. However, both towns have similar ethnic demographics. The population in Sag Harbor has an average age of 52 years old.

7. Manitou Springs, Colorado

Garden of the Gods, Manitou Springs, Colorado.

While Manitou Springs, Colorado is not on either coastline, it still shares historical status with Eureka. The town is on the Register of Historic Places and is a hit with tourists. However, the median housing price of $600,000 is twice the price of Eureka.

The main nature element here relies on its ancient cliffs that still remind one of its frontier past. While you won’t be at the seaside like in Eureka, you can enjoy the natural mineral spring.

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Similar to Eureka, artists can thrive here with the town’s art walks, studios, and enclave.

8. Madrid, New Mexico

Small pond in the galleries at Madrid, New Mexico.

Artists came to Madrid, Mexico, and did an amazing job preserving the historic houses. Today, these places are studios and galleries. Imagine a Eureka Victorian home blessed by the hands of Michelangelo!

While the population is much smaller than Eureka’s, with only 218 people, you still have some spots to go out to eat.

9. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Smoky Mountains at Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Gatlinburg one-ups the art community in Eureka by being the largest independent arts community in North America. While you won’t enjoy coastal fun, you can get your nature vibe here in the nearby Smoky Mountains.

You will save money on a home in Eureka. The median housing price in this town is $575,000 and it continues to climb. Gatlinburg is also a much smaller town with a population of 3,701.

10. Cody, Wyoming

Beautiful mountain and river at Cody, Wyoming.

Another town that can compete with Eureka’s art and museum scene is Cody, Wyoming. The area boasts a clutch of five museums that focus on the history of the frontier and the town itself.

You have access to an annual community festival from the vibrant art scene. Replace the seaside of Eureka with stunning mountain and riverside views in Cody. It is about 52 miles from Yellowstone National Park.

The median house price is $449,000, about a quarter more than Eureka. Cody only has about a third of Eureka’s population at 9,722.

11. Taos, New Mexico

Rio Grande bridge at Taos, New Mexico.

If you like the size of Eureka’s population, Taos is perfect for you. This small town has about 32,000 residents and a median housing price of $495,000.

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In addition to being a great spot for artists and musicians, one can come here to ski, snowboard, go hiking and enjoy mountain views. 

Go on snowmobile tours or do self-guided mountain biking. Trade in Eureka’s oceanside for river rafting. Other tours allow you to explore the cultural history of Taos or go up in a hot air balloon for aerial views of the Rio Grande!

12. Cape May, New Jersey

St. Mary by the Sea at Cape May, New Jersey.

If you love the Victorian buildings in Eureka, you will also like the ones on the opposite coastline in Cape May. Outside of San Francisco, this town has the biggest collection of Victorian buildings. Both towns also share the honor of being National Historic Landmarks. 

Enjoy small businesses at local boutiques or eat at small food stands.

See the town on foot or get around the area in a horse-drawn carriage. The town’s peninsula location gives it lovely beach access that makes it a popular vacation resort destination.

Aside from the coastline locations, the main difference between the two spots is the population. Cape May has a population of about 95,000 people.

13. Bar Harbor, Maine

Acadia National Park entrance at Bar Harbor, Maine.

Tourists love visiting Bar Harbor. Many flock here to this summer resort. Like Eureka, you can enjoy nature beyond the sea here. Go hiking, biking, and mountain climbing in nearby Acadia National Park.

Take boat cruises in both places. Enjoy aquatic animal watching tours and fishing trips. In addition to vibrant wildlife, you can still enjoy city time at the downtown bars and restaurants. 

The median house price in the area is $409,010, making it slightly more expensive than Eureka. However, the population is much smaller at about 2,292 people.

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14. Edgartown, Massachusetts

Lighthouse and sanctuary at Edgartown, Massachusetts.

This very tiny town near Martha’s Vineyard only has a population of 508 but eclipses Eureka in terms of the home price. The typical house costs about $2.4 million and is increasing every year at about 10%. This area thrives on tourism

Enjoy the natural beauty of the seaside from the area lighthouse. Soak up the sun on the beaches or visit the wildlife sanctuary.

Like Eureka, the town consists of historic architecture, small business shopping, and plenty of space for biking and running.

15. Port Townsend, Washington

Northwest Maritime Center, lighthouse at Port Townsend, Washington.

You don’t have to go too far from Eureka, Oregon to find a town with a similar feel. However, the housing price in Port Townsend has an average cost of $695,000. With 10,206 people, it has about a third of Eureka’s population.

Both towns have historic Victorian architecture and a seaport. People enjoy surfing, hiking, and breweries. If you love boats, visit the Northwest Maritime Center or Industrial Park.