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21 Towns Like Asheville, NC

Ashville has a classy but welcoming atmosphere. Asheville combines the benefits of a major city — excellent schools, art deco architecture, Mission Health, and Biltmore House, America’s largest residence and a genuine castle — with the warmth of a small town. If you are traveling, know that there are towns similar to the Ashville vibe.

Towns like Ashville, located in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, boasts unique blends of hipster coffee shops, award-winning restaurants, outdoor activities, and more breweries per capita than most cities in the US. Ashland, Ann Arbor, and Burlington are some, to name a few.

These Towns in the US all have their own unique signature yet have the Ashville spirit. Various outdoor activities appeal to people of all ages in these towns, such as mountain biking, hiking, and fishing. With that said, I’ve got 21 Towns that are eager to share the same love Ashville has got to give.

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21 Towns Similar To Ashville, NC

It would be nifty to understand what you may be looking for from Ashville, NC. Would it be the walk around the Biltmore Estate sensation? Was it the retro gaming environment or the fantastic breweries, or did you just fall in love with the outdoors? Whatever caught your eye, you’ll find it at one of these 21 homey alternatives.

Ashland, Oregon

This is an aerial view of Ashland, Oregon.

Ashland, Oregon, is a college town located in the state of Oregon. The charming tiny town is home to Victorian architecture, hipsters, hippies, yuppies, hikers, skiers, artists, craft beer, bookstores, giving that Ashville ambiance, as well as the world-renowned Shakespeare Festival.

Ashland is a cultural hotspot with award-winning galleries, theaters, and restaurants bursting at the seams. With a population of little over 21,000 inhabitants, Ashland is a small-town experience. They do, however, have museums, famed Lithia Water (which is terrible), the Ashland Watershed Trail System, and the Siskiyou Mountains.

Ashland, located at the base of the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges, is known for excellent outdoor activity both inside the city boundaries and beyond. With the world-famous Mt. Ashland Ski Area nearby, Ashland is a year-round destination for enjoyment.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

This is an aerial view of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a university town in southeast Michigan’s lower peninsula. Ann Arbor, like Ashville, has a staunchly liberal spirit that permits the artists to flourish. The scenic and accessible downtown is home to independent Literati Bookstore, a book lovers heaven, as well as museums, art galleries, and theater.

The year-round farmers’ markets in Ann Arbor will delight those who enjoy fresh produce. If that wasn’t enough, Ann Arbor is located in Washtenaw County, with fourteen of them.

From coffee shops to team rooms to Spanish tapas, the Tea Haus, which sells loose tea by weight, and the famed Zingerman’s, the town is teeming with gastronomic pleasures. Hikers, skateboarders, runners, and mountain bikers will find plenty of trails and parks to enjoy in the region.

A great place to go water skiing is the Huron River. Ice skating, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing are popular winter activities. There is plenty to go around.

Burlington, Vermont

This is an ocean view of the town of Burlington, Vermont.

Burlington, Vermont, is the state’s largest city, yet with only 42,000 people, it still seems like a small town. Burlington, home to the woke ice cream business Ben & Jerry’s, has a political mood and viewpoint comparable to Ashville.

Downton Burlington is steeped in history and charm with its brick-paved pedestrian promenade, fountains, and tree-lined lanes. Local breweries abound in the neighborhood, including Zero Gravity, a café, a 30-barrel brewhouse, and the progressive Switchback, 100% employee-owned.

However, the wealth of beer pales in comparison to the intellectual treasure of the city’s 24 small bookshops. Burlington is rich in culture, holding various live music events, including the Burlington Jazz Festival every year.

Vermont Restaurant Week, the Burlington Wine & Food Festival, the Vermont Brewers Festival, and the outdoor winter Ice Bar, which showcases local artists and the area’s famed cuisine and drinks, are also popular with foodies.

Burlington is a city for those who enjoy being outside. People go camping, hiking, bicycling, and participating in other water activities throughout the summer. In the winter, people go camping and hiking and skiing, ice climbing, and snowmobiling. The Ashville Deja Vu is strong with this one.

Eureka, California

This is a panoramic view of the downtown of Eureka, California.

The City of Eureka is the county capital of world-famous Humboldt County, California, and the United States’ Redwood Coast hub. Eureka is the market and cultural heart of a gorgeous area packed with famous redwoods — the world’s tallest trees — and breathtakingly beautiful rough distant seaside scenery.

In this little harbor in Northern California’s Redwoods area, creativity abounds. Eureka Books, rumored to have the highest concentration of professional artists per capita in the state, offers Arts Alive, a monthly event where 80 galleries, theaters.

Museums uncluttered their doors for an after-hours arts crawl, exploring the Ashvilles’s arty alternative. Visit Old Town for Victorian architecture and views of Humboldt Bay, then visit Eureka Books for historical maps and 50,000 rare and out-of-print publications.

Drink microbrews at Lost Coast, an award-winning brewery managed by two local women in a historic Knights of Pythias building, or make a potion from Humboldt Herbals’ 500 organic herbs and spices.

Sylva, North Carolina

This is a view of the county courthouse of Sylva, North Carolina.

Sylva, located 50 miles outside Asheville, has about 2,500 people, giving it a small-town feel. The historic Jackson County Courthouse, erected in 1914 and is often regarded as North Carolina’s most photographed courthouse, is located in Sylva.

The Western North Carolina Fly Fishing Trail, which attracts anglers worldwide, is located near Sylva. The whitewater and trout populations of the Tuckasegee River are well-known. Studios, boutiques, and galleries, as well as some fantastic art events, may be found only a few miles west in artsy Dillsboro.

In addition to this, Sylva humbly presents itself with  The American Museum of the House Cat, Innovations Brewery, Old School Antique Mall, Wolf Creek Lake, Pinnacle Park, Dixie Mae – A Vintage Market, and many more exciting, genuine experiences that a small town can offer.

Bozeman, Montana

This is an aerial view of the town of Bozeman, Montana.

Bozeman, Montana, is a small city with approximately 46,000 people in the state’s southern Rocky Mountains. It’s a college town that blends liberal, like Ashville. The city is brick and Western in style, with plenty of greenery and a looming mountain background.

An eclectic mix of outdoor boutiques is found in the neighborhood, along with coffee shops and a vibrant artist community. There are numerous local breweries; Bozeman Brewing Company was the first to open in 2001, while Nordic Brew Works is a relative newcomer.

Country Bookshelf, the state’s most prominent independent bookstore, is also located in Bozeman. The Sweet Pea Festival, a three-day celebration of the arts, is one of the numerous events held in Bozeman.

Music and film festivals, rodeos, fairs, and farmers’ markets are all held there. There is also the Museum of the Rockies, a Smithsonian affiliate known for its dinosaur bone collection.

Winter skiing or summer rafting, Bozeman is an outdoor paradise. Bozeman either has it or is just next door whether you want to camp, hunt, rock climb, or visit hot springs. After all, if the 80-mile journey to Yellowstone is too much for you, there are plenty of other parks to visit.

Hudson, New York

This is an aerial view of the town of Hudson, New York.

Hudson is 115 miles from Manhattan, making the vibe in Hudson a little bit rural, a little bit Roche Bobois. At adjacent Hawthorne Valley and Old Field Farms, sample rye bread, and farm sweets, then return to Hudson’s lively Warren Street to put in some town time.

Taste famed farm-to-table cuisine at Zak Pelaccio’s Fish & Game or David Chicane’s new Food Studio Hudson restaurant, browse mint-condition Arne Jacobsen and Louis Paulson antiques at Neven & Neven Moderne furniture shop.

Hudson has long been a favorite getaway destination for New Yorkers looking for a quick weekend getaway (or a second home).

Thanks to convenient rail connections, a wealth of vintage and antique furniture stores, art galleries, breweries, and cocktail bars in the area after you arrive, giving a more similar Ashville bustling town vibe.

Park City, Utah

This is an aerial view of the town of Park City, Utah.

The Sundance Film Festival catapulted Park City, Utah, to international prominence. But there’s more to this small town with 8,375 people, especially if you’re an outdoor fanatic.

Skiing, ice skating, dog sledding, snowboarding, sleigh rides, snow biking, and other winter activities are available. Hot air ballooning, mountain biking, hiking, golf, and various water activities are popular throughout the summer months.

The town’s cultural attractions aren’t only confined to movies. The Egyptian Theatre Company offers a varied range of live performances, and Park City’s Beethoven Festival is the state’s longest-running classical music festival.

The Fox School of Wine offers historic wine tours, and visitors can also visit the High West Distillery. They may also visit Artworks Park City, the state’s first artist-founded gallery, and browse Dolly’s Bookstore.

There are a variety of beautiful restaurants to choose from, including the family-owned Hearth, Hill, and Handle, which serves American food.

The Glitretind & Troll Hallen Lounge at Stein Eriksen Lodge is a great place to go if you want to enjoy some fine dining and spectacular views. Stay on the main street and sip Grappa, a local favorite.

Eugene, Oregon

This is an aerial view of the town of Eugene, Oregon.

Eugene, Oregon is for folks who find Ashville too tiny, too sleepy, and who desire a solid football team (Go Ducks!). The city retains a small-town feel despite its size. Organic agriculture, the arts, alternative living, marijuana, and tie-dye are all big in Eugene.

After a day of trekking in the local setting of marshes, prairie, and two mountain ranges, you may see a performance by the renowned Eugene Ballet Company. At Tsunami Books, you may hear an author explain their book or listen to livemusic.

Local wineries border the town, and the HultCenter for the Performing Arts hosts several museums, festivals, and performances.

Many events are held in Eugene and the surrounding region, including the Eugene Scottish Festival and the famed Scandinavian Festival & Culture, where you may sample Æbleskiver (a delightful round Dutch pancake).

Boulder, Colorado

This is an aerial view of the town of Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder, another great Ashville alternative, located in the shadows of the Flatirons sandstone slabs, is recognized for its outdoor activities, awardwinning breweries, and a bustling downtown that acts as the hub of it all. Boulder combines cityscapes with mountainscapes to give tourists the best of both worlds.

Boulder is situated at an elevation of 5,430 feet (1,655 meters) above sea level, in the base of the Rocky Mountain foothills. Boulder is located 25 miles (40 kilometers) northwest of Denver, Colorado’s state capital. The University of Colorado, the state’s largest university, has its main campus here.

Boulder is a beautiful town with a lot to offer, bustling with nightlife and a hotbed of entertainment. Boulder offers a plethora of lodging and restaurant choices. Book a tour around bolder, see the Flatiron Mountains, drive up the Flagstaff road, take that well-deserved fascinating tour you’ve been looking for!

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

This is a view of the town sidewalk and shops in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California.

Ashville’s wealthier relative is Carmel-by-the-Sea, California. The lovely village has just 4,000 people, yet it attracts a large number of visitors on weekends. Wine tasting, excellent dining, and many health centers, spas, and fitness studios are all available. Joggers, strollers, dog lovers, and surfers use the famous beaches.

Pilgrim’s Way Community Bookstore & Secret Garden will delight book enthusiasts. There is a flourishing artist community in the neighborhood and several galleries, and an annual Bach Festival.

Special guided excursions are also available that take you through the town’s hidden courtyards, secret passageways, and beautiful gardens.

Bisbee, Arizona

This is an aerial view of the town of Bisbee, Arizona.

Bisbee is a fantastic Ashville alternative. Its People are amicable and helpful. The School House Inn, Old Bisbee B&B, Calumet Guest House, and the Gym Club are among the town’s finest B&Bs.

Bisbee is a tiny scenic town on the Mule Mountains’ slopes, about 90 miles from Tucson, Arizona.

The original miners’ Bisbee became Old Bisbee, a famous tourist attraction full of lovely old buildings that now accommodate cafés, shops, restaurants, and art galleries when the mine closed in 1975. Take a city tour on a golf cart; it’s excellent!

Learning about mining at the Bisbee Mining and Historical Museum, shopping for Bisbee Blue (turquoise) on Main Street, exploring Bisbee’s 1000 steps, taking an ancient Bisbee Ghost Tour or the Haunted Pub Tour, and enjoying a drink at Room 4, Arizona’s tiniest pub, are all worthwhile activities.

Durango, Colorado

This is an aerial view of the town of Durango, Colorado.

Durango has a population of 18,500 and is a beautiful college town. It is located near the New Mexico border in a valley of the Rocky Mountains. It’s an outdoor lover’s dream, much like the rest of the locations on our list.

In the winter, residents and visitors may choose from a variety of ski areas. The most challenging part of summer is deciding what you want to do.

Museums, restaurants, coffee shops, at least five brewpubs, and several independent bookstores, notably Maria’s Bookshop, abound. The hot springs, hot air ballooning, and the wealth of artists attract visitors.

The Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, however, is the most well-known attraction. It’s a fantastic way to take in the sights of the area.

La Crosse, Wisconsin

This is an aerial view of the town of La Crosse, Wisconsin.

La Crosse, Wisconsin, marches to a different beat than the rest of the state. The Mississippi River runs through the area, giving it an added aquatic feel. But there’s also skiing, hiking, and all the other activities that visitors to Wisconsin have come to anticipate. Mountain biking, however, is its most popular sport.

The mountain biking community in La Crosse is so extensive that it hosts a Bicycle Festival. Even if you can’t make it, you may join the monthly Beer By Bike Brigade on a visit. If it’s winter, don’t worry; they’ll switch to fat riding (snow biking) on one of the many maintained winter routes.

La Crosse boasts vibrant art and cultural scene. Live music, theater, quilting, various dances, art studios, and other activities are available. The area is noted for its high-end bars, taverns, and fine dining establishments. But don’t forget about the desserts, and swing by Pearl Street Ice Cream for some delectable ice cream.

Manitou Springs, Colorado

This is an aerial view of the town of Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Manitous Spring is a small tourist town in Colorado with a population of just over 5,000 people. Like Ashville, the colorful community, dubbed “Hippie Mayberry,” is located below Pikes Peak and brimming with Western characters.

There are eight mineral springs in the vicinity. The public is allowed open access to the water and is encouraged to sample their distinct flavors.

The Emma Crawford Coffin Races, January’s Fruitcake Toss, Mumbo Jumbo Gumbo Cook-Off, the Wine Festival, and other sports events, such as the Pikes Peaks Marathon, are also popular events in the region.

Furthermore, the neighborhood is brimming with artists, and there are several galleries, studios, and co-ops where you may see their work.

When it comes to ways to enjoy the Rocky Mountains, outdoor enthusiasts will be spoiled for choice.

Other paths will take you high, including the famous and breath-taking Manitou Incline, which rises 2,000 feet in less than a mile (You may need to be in a tiny bit in shape for this one).

Newburyport, Massachusetts

This is an aerial view of the town of Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The lovely seaport of Newburyport, Massachusetts, is located 30 miles north of Boston. The town, which has roughly 18,000 people, is full of coastal charm and superb food with personality, such as Mad Martha’s Island Cafe. There are also other businesses and oddities, like the Jabberwocky Bookshop.

The Custom House Maritime Museum, for example, is one of the museums in the region. If all of this gets you thirsty, try one of the numerous local beers created by local brewers like Riverwalk Brewing. Alternatively, visit one of their numerous coffee shops, such as Plum Island Coffee Roasters.

St. Francisville, Louisiana

This is a graveyard in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

St. Francisville, Louisiana, is a lovely enclave with a population of only 2,000 people. Their historic quarter is as rich in history as the beautiful greenery of the area’s gardens. The Myrtles Plantation will appeal to ghost seekers, while the Afton Villa Gardens will appeal to horticulturists.

If you’re looking for some wild nature, the Tunica Hills Wildlife Management Area is a great place to visit. Birdwatchers, photographers, bikers, and horseback riders frequent the region outside of hunting season. The Feliciana Hummingbird Celebration, Jeep Jamboree, and the Angola Prison Rodeo are all local activities.

Portland, Maine

This is an aerial view of the town of Portland, Maine.

Portland has the Ashville breeze. Portland, located on Maine’s southern coast along Casco Bay, is known as the region’s economic, tourist, and development hub. There’s a long and memorable history to the city in manufacturing, fishing, agriculture, and Americana that you probably don’t know about!

Maine is known as “Vacationland.” Portland is roughly a two-hour drive from Boston and is located in southern Maine on Casco Bay. Visitors who want to discover the Bay, including many larger islands, will find beaches and boat services.

Brie made from goat’s milk for everyone! Southern Maine’s unofficial capital has a thriving food industry because of a mix of inexpensive real estate, creative energy, and abundant natural resources.

Slurp bivalves with Tabasco or kimchi-infused ice at Eventide oyster bar, drink microbrews with endearingly sincere beer geeks at Novare Res Bier Café, eat Japanese-inspired brunch at Miyake, and get down at Hunt & Alpine Club, a strangely Nordic bar and gastropub created by a Clyde Common alum.

Maggie Valley, North Carolina

This is an aerial view of the town of Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

You’re surely aware that Maggie Valley has long been a favorite family vacation destination in North Carolina’s mountains if you’re from Ashville. It’s about 35 miles west of Asheville’s downtown.

Things to explore today are vintage hotels, fun festivals, automotive and motorcycle rallies, plenty of artisan businesses to peruse, and plenty of other things to do in this relaxed, “oldfashioned” town that goes hand in hand with Ashville life.

Miniature golf, golf at the Maggie Valley Club, summer and winter tubing, fishing in their Heritage Trout Waters, antiquing, museums, skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and more are all available in the Valley. The Elevated Mountain Distilling Company, the newest attraction, is not to be missed.

Newport, Rhode Island

This is an aerial view of the town of Newport, Rhode Island.

Newport, Rhode Island, is a vibrant coastal town with 25,000 people that swells during tourist season. People come to see ancient wealth, wander along the cliffs, taste the local wines, sail in their yacht, or join a sunset cruise.

There are several music events in Newport, ranging from jazz to classical, boat parades, boat displays, the Newport Flower Show, and the Newport Oyster & Chowder Festival. They also have a plethora of art galleries, theaters, film festivals, and other cultural attractions.

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

This is an aerial view of the town of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia.

Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, is a little historic town with only 250 residents that appears as it belongs in a fairy tale. The settlement is located at the convergence of the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers and is part of the Harper’s Ferry National Park.

The Appalachian Trail, as well as 20 miles of other picturesque routes, goes through the park. It is a town where people come for history and nature, with museums, old restaurants and stores, and plenty of views similar to Ashville.