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21 Towns Like Alexandria, VA


This is an aerial view of the skyline of Alexandria, Virginia.

With good food and beautiful maintained historical buildings, there are plenty of reasons people are proud to call Alexandria their hometown. As George Washington’s hometown, the city is known for its colonial history and well-preserved architecture dating back to the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Alexandria, Virginia, is proudly rich in culture and history with a noticeable love for the arts. As part of a commonwealth state, the median income is $87 350 with a 4.9% unemployment rate. Other places like Baltimore, Maryland, and Portland, Oregon, share similarities with Alexandria.

Alexandria, a commonwealth town in the highly liberal Virginia State, has an estimated 159 000 people. This Old Town offers plenty of beautiful architecture and historical spaces to do. What other towns are out there that have these kinds of nuance and prospects offered? Keep reading as this article unpacks 21 towns that are like Alexandria.

Table of Contents

  1. Arlington, Virginia
  2. Baltimore Maryland
  3. Bethesda, Maryland
  4. Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania
  5. Charleston, South Carolina
  6. Cherry Hills Village, Colorado
  7. Doylestown, Philadelphia
  8. Franklin, Massachusetts
  9. Guthrie, Oklahoma
  10. Hopkinton, Massachusetts
  11. Madison, Wisconsin
  12. Oakland, California
  13. Paducah, Kentucky
  14. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  15. Portland, Oregon
  16. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  17. Savannah, Georgia
  18. Scarsdale, New York
  19. Tarpon Springs, Florida
  20. Traverse City, Michigan
  21. Vallejo, California

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Arlington, Virginia

This is the city skyline of Rosslyn, Arlington, Virginia.

Arlington, Virginia, is similar to Alexandria in many ways. This town is rich with culture and American history, from museums and beautiful national parks to hosting the iconic building for the Department of Defense, the Pentagon. There are plenty of iconic memorial and tourism hotspots in this town of roughly 240 800 people for residents and tourists to enjoy together.

Arlington does have an above-average cost of living, with the average house costing $785 900.

Considered to be strongly liberal, Arlington has plenty of parks and outlook points alongside the Potomac River, making it a suburb that has it all, and one wouldn’t have to travel far for some greenery. There are plenty of people who work for the government who reside in these suburbs near Washington D.C., making the median income around $105 200.

Click here for the official website of the town of Arlington to learn more about the things to do and see.

Baltimore, Maryland

This is the city skyline of the Baltimore, Maryland from the harbor.

Baltimore is the capital of Maryland and is the largest of the other four independent cities in the United States. Baltimore is the United States’ 30th most populated city as it currently sits on an average of 586 850 people. It hosts the most historic buildings in the country, with at least a third registered as historical buildings.

Baltimore, like Alexandria, is also close to Washington, D.C, as it sits 40 miles northeast and is rich with history.

The town bears the soil and history that inspired the poem, The Star-Spangled Banner, which became the anthem of the United States. Baltimore is also very democratic and has a median income of $41 860, with the housing price sitting at an average of $180 000.

Click here for the official website of the town of Baltimore to learn more about the things to do and see.

Bethesda, Maryland

This is a close look at the downtown area of Bethesda, Maryland.

Bethesda, Maryland, is an unincorporated town in the Washington, D.C. region, amongst the most renowned towns on this list. The majority of this small town of around 64 926 people are democratic and have one of the highest median incomes on this list, as it sits pretty at $145 880. The housing is also amongst the steepest as it’s currently at an average of $1 051 300.

Like Alexandria, Bethesda is close to the nation’s capital. In Montgomery County, Bethesda’s liberal nature allows the local arts and soulful music to fill the streets with color and culture. Life in Bethesda is filled with entertaining dinner spots and incredible museums that families of all ages can enjoy.

For instance, you can check out the local theater for some incredible productions or participate in community events.

Click here for the official website of the town of Bethesda, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Buckingham Township, Pennsylvania

This is a quaint storefront in Lahaska, Pennsylvania.

Deep in the Bucks County of Pennsylvania lies the pristine Buckingham Township. Don’t let the modest population of 20 800 people fool you on what the town offers. It is considered amongst the safest towns in the United States, prioritizing education ideal for raising a family.

The average household will cost you around $772 600, with the median income $120 200.

Apart from the divine shopping scene in Buckingham Township, it’s surrounded by beautiful vineyards that make it perfect for those weekend getaways. Stop by the Silverman Gallery to see a Bucks County Impressionist Art collection from local artists and add a splash of art to your trip.

Click here for the official website of the town of Buckingham Township, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Charleston, South Carolina

This is the historical downtown area of Charleston, South Carolina.

Charleston, South Carolina, is amongst the most desirable and best towns to live in. Its exquisite scenery of the Atlantic coastline with surfer beaches like Folly Beach and islands to go on adventures like Sullivan’s Island. Much like Virginia, Charleston is filled with well-preserved historical sights and fun tours for families around the town.

The town’s population is currently at an estimate of 140 000 and growing rapidly. The cost of living is slightly less than Virginia, with the median income currently estimated at $53 000, with housing with an average cost price of $386 760. Not only is the cost of living a warming feature, but the winters are also a lot less harsh than in places like Virginia.

Click here for the official website of the town of Charleston, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Cherry Hills Village, Colorado

This is a lakeside view of Cherry Hills Village, Colorado.

Cherry Hills Village, Colorado, is a quaint little town found at the foot of the majestic and iconic Rocky Mountain Range. Its attractive culture and love for the arts separate Cherry Hills from the rest of the Arapahoe county. With the nifty and vibrant downtown area, Cherry Hills is unique from the rest of the Colorado State.

Don’t let the tiny population of 6 630 people fool you; this town has been at a 10% increase per annum since 2020.

The beautiful mountain region and incredibly maintained neighborhood make Cherry Hills Village a desirable place of residency, and therefore quite a high cost of living above the nation’s average. The average household costs $2,297,500, while residents earn a median of $215 600.

Click here for the official website of the town of Cherry Hills Village, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Doylestown, Philadelphia

This is a view of a colonial house in Doylestown, Philadelphia.

Doylestown, like Alexandria, resides on the bank of a large river. The Delaware River is run along the New Jersey border in the southeastern region of the Pennsylvania state. The population of this vibrant town has been on a very slight decline as it currently sits at an average estimation of 17 650 people.

The country’s first capital is rich in history. It has a unique energy that can only be experienced on the streets during the day and especially at night.

With plenty of museums to learn and experience American history, Doylestown is an attractive part of town for its priority for education. The median salary is currently at $99 500, with the average household costing $520 600

Click here for the official website of the town of Doylestown, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Franklin, Massachusetts

This is an old bridge in Franklin, Massachusetts.

Franklin, Massachusetts, is one of the safest towns you can reside in the United States, with a growing population of around 34 800 people. This little town comes with a fascinating history, but one feels the towns’ humble nature when walking its streets. Franklin has a lower unemployment rate than the national average, with a median income of $102 000 and an average property price of $543 000.

Hosting the country’s first public library, the Town of Franklin has continued establishing a space that prioritizes educating its residents. There are plenty of parks to enjoy afternoon walks and activities that families of all ages can enjoy. It’s an excellent area to grow a family that values education while still seeking the security of a safe community.

Click here for the official website of the town of Franklin, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Guthrie, Oklahoma

This is a look at the historic district of Guthrie, Oklahoma.

In the center of Oklahoma, Logan County hosts the enticing little town called Guthrie. With a population currently estimated to be 11 900, you can expect these numbers to climb exponentially in the next few years. The town has revitalized its economy and is seeing a growth of residents at 10% per year since 2020.

With a booming music scene and an attractive cost of living, Guthrie is amongst the best towns in the States with some of the most diverse communities. The median income for the residents living in this lovely laidback lifestyle is $40 260, with the average household costing $184 500.

Click here for the official website of the town of Guthrie, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

This is an aerial view of the town center of Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

One of the things appeals to people about Alexandria is its low crime rates. Well, when it comes to keeping a small town safe, everyone can take a leaf from Hopkinton in Massachusetts book—nested in Middlesex County with an average population of 18 800 people that is growing greatly.

With the incredible education system in place, Hopkinton is the perfect place to raise a family. Under 30 miles from Boston, the median income is currently at $128 700, with the average house costing you $723 400

If you would like to read more into how they operate and what’s new in Hopkinton, click here for the town’s official website.

Madison, Wisconsin

This is an aerial view of the skyline of Madison, Wisconsin.

Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the larger towns on this list but deserves to be here for various reasons. Hosting the iconic University of Wisconsin, this town is the state’s Capitol filled with college-related amenities and fascinating architecture. With cold winters, the town offers plenty of fun activities to get through the chilly nights.

With a growing population of 263 100, the town has ensured its public transportation system is up to par. Overall, the foundational systematic functioning of Madison is solid. With the average resident earning a median of $54 000 a year, the average household costs $328 80.

Click here for the official website of the town of Madison, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Oakland, California

This is a view of the historic uptown of Oakland, California.

Oakland, California, is one of the largest cities on this list, with a growing population currently sitting at an average estimate of 425 000. This city deserves to be on this list because it shares the same diverse communities and high-spirited vibes you experience in Alexandria. There are plenty of activities for families, like roller derby or playing with the animals at the Oakland Zoo.

In Oakland, the amount to do is fascinating and has incredible museums like the African American Museum and the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. There is culture oozing from all corners, from trending restaurants to street art and even to the world of China Town. The average costing for the house is $924 000, with the average income at $53 000.

Click here for the official website of the town of Oakland, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Paducah, Kentucky

This is a look at the historic downtown of Paducah, Kentucky.

Paducah, Kentucky, is one of those small towns that are idyllically located. Not only is it nestled in the McCracken County, where the Tennessee River and Ohio Rivers confluence, but it’s also spitting distance from St Louis and Nashville. It’s so rich with culture and diversity, UNESCO has dubbed it to be one of the notable creative spaces in the States.

Paducah has a colorful downtown area, making it appealing for all types of residents. With a smaller population of around 24 800 people, the town’s median income is estimated to be $31 700, with the average household costing $132 000.

Click here for the official website of the town of Paducah, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

This is an aerial view of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, another town on the banks of a river, is a large town with a fascinating history alongside the Ohio River. With its history in steelmaking, Pittsburg hosts plenty of headquarters for U.S. operations. The town’s public transportation and stunning parks are enticing for young adults kickstarting careers, as it’s affordable and incredibly reliable no matter where you are going.

The population is steadily declining at 299 600, with the town’s unemployment rate being slightly above the national average. Regardless, this town looks as vibrant and enthusiastic as ever, with diverse neighborhoods creating an enticing and must-see downtown. The average house will cost you $219 000, with the average resident earning an average of $40 000 a year.

Click here for the official website of the town of Pittsburg, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Portland, Oregon

This is a sunrise aerial view of Portland, Oregon.

Suppose you’re planning on relocating, and Oregon is on the cards, and you’re looking for that Alexandria vibe. In that case, Portland is what you’re looking for. Oregon’s largest state with an average estimate of 656 800 and growing.

The town’s growth is greatly due to its vibrant social culture, especially for the music scene, and it’s well-priced! The median income is $53 500, and the average house will cost you $537 000.

The residents of Portland care deeply about the environment, which means that they have prioritized that their city’s transportation infrastructure is excellent. With pristine biking trails and a well-priced public train and bus system, you can get around this exciting town to see its incredible attractions with ease.

Click here for the official website of the town of Portland, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Santa Fe, New Mexico

This is an aerial view of the downtown of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Once you step foot into Santa Fe, New Mexico, you will instantly understand the hype that has tourists seeping in at every corner. Over 400 years, Santa Fe has been an amalgamation of cultures across the world. With toasty summers and over 250 galleries to explore, the unique cultural hybrid that is Santa Fe has plenty of foot traffic.

It’s such a magnet of people; the population is at a 20% growth and currently sits at 85 000 people.

If you suffer from FOMO and are looking for a place always a source of good vibes to move to, then Santa Fe might be your new home. If you ever feel crowded, the surrounding acres of national forests are the perfect escape. The average household will cost $470 000, with residents earning a median income of $50 300.

Click here for the official website of the town of Santa Fe, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Savannah, Georgia

This is an aerial view of downtown Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah, Georgia, is considered one of the best towns to live in the States with an incredibly friendly and hospitable reputation. This coastline town resides at the mouth of the Savannah River and has such good vibes; it was spared from destruction during the Civil War in 1864. The town’s population is at a steady increase and currently sits at an estimate of 144 000.

It is filled with well-preserved period architecture, fresh cuisine, and cocktails ready for any event throughout the year. Enjoy the laidback southern lifestyle with afternoon strolls on beautiful cobblestone paths shaded by a canopy of trees. The town’s unemployment rate is below the national average, with the average income being $36 800 and the median house costing $211 400.

Click here for the official website of the town of Savannah, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Scarsdale, New York

This is a view of Scarsdale, New York.

One of the notable characteristics of Alexandria is that the average household income is above the nation’s average. Scarsdale is a small town with a population of 17 800 and growing in the Southeast region of New York and lies at the mouth of the Hudson River.

This town has one of the most cost of living price tags, but with good reason. The average house will cost $1 104 000 as the median income sits at $241 530. With all the green spaces, excellent schooling, and a deep sense of community, many families dream of raising their children in this iconic neighborhood, as well as planning a lovely retirement.

Click here for the official website of the town of Scarsdale, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Tarpon Springs, Florida

This is a street view of Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Tarpon Springs, Florida, is amongst the best small towns one could live in the United States. The vibes are unique as it oozes an essence of the Greek Islands with their fishing culture alongside the Mexican Gulf. Made famous for its abundant fish sources and the interesting sponges found in the docks, Tarpon Springs has a booming economy and an unemployment rate a lot lower than the nation’s average, with the median income being $43 200.

The population of the Tarpon Springs region is at a healthy increase as it currently sits at 25 700. For those who don’t enjoy cold winters, Tarpon Spring’s warm winters become a wonderful perk. With a lively downtown region, the average household will cost $312 000.

Click here for the official website of the town of Tarpon Springs, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Traverse City, Michigan

This is an aerial view of downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

The laidback lifestyle welcomed in the beautiful Traverse City, Michigan, makes it one of the best small towns to live in the United States. With pleasant summers and is the largest producer of the Tart Cherry in the country, the stable Traverse City has an unemployment rate below the nation’s average, with the median income at $48 700.

The cost of living in Michigan is attractive. The population of 15 800 people is climbing steadily, and the average household is priced at $330 800. Traverse City is a great place to raise a family and an even more exceptional place of residency for those looking for communities that prioritize an outdoor culture.

Click here for the official website of the town of Traverse City, to learn more about the things to do and see.

Vallejo, California

This is a sunset aerial view of Vallejo, California and Napa river.

Vallejo, California, is a niche town around 40 miles from San Francisco with impeccable wine culture. This small town has a strong micro-economy and consistently stunning weather all year round. The population of this town that has it all is at a steady incline as it currently sits at 121 000. Like Alexandria, Vallejo is amongst the most diverse communities found across the country.

Close to the buzzing Bay of San Francisco, the cost of living in Vallejo is just over 30% higher than the average town in the United States. Still, with the way this town operates, many would say that is it is well worth the price tag. Prioritizing family fun and well-being, the average house in Vallejo will cost $500 000 as its residents earn a median salary of $58 700 per annum.

Click here for the official website of the town of Vallejo, to learn more about the things to do and see.


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