5 Top Custom Home Builders in Portland, Oregon

Skyline of Portland, Oregon at dusk with Mt. Hood at a distance.
Portland — Oregon’s largest city and home to 630,000 — is the 26th largest city in the U.S. and the only U.S. state that made it to the list of the world’s best livable city for rich people. A British magazine ranked it 24th for the past two years.
The city with a slogan “Keep Portland Weird” boasts an interesting culture and way of living. It’s probably the only metropolitan city where people know each other by name. Plus, it has codes and permits for raising backyard animals and even bringing dogs to work or to bars and restaurants.
It’s also home to some of the finest custom home builders. Check them out below.

COOPER Design Builders

Check out this list of 5 top custom home builders in Portland, Oregon to discover some of the most creative and experienced local designers and builders in case you're thinking of moving to PDX.

COOPER Design Builders

Founded by Lane Cooper and serving the Portland area for over 25 years, COOPER Design Builders is one of the finest custom home builders in the market.

With a dedicated team of 9 experienced designers and construction managers, COOPER Design Builders employs a system emphasizing collaboration between the client and its staff to ensure that the customer gets the home that they want every time, and the feedback from their customers reflects that.

COOPER’s immaculate service record combined with their stunning and diverse portfolio of homes definitively places them ahead of the pack and secures them a place as a top custom home builder in Portland.

Hammer & Hand

Hammer & Hand

Founded in 1995 by Sam Hagerman and Daniel Thomas, Hammer & Hand started its life specializing in the repair and preservation of historic homes in the Portland area but quickly expanded to commercial and residential construction.

Capable of working on projects ranging from the traditional to the modern and emphasizing environmentally sustainable construction, Hammer & Hand’s expert team of designers work with the area’s top architects to provide the customer with a truly exceptional product.

A long list of awards from sources as prestigious as Builder magazine and the U.S. Department of Energy proves them a regional AND national standout, and easily nets them a spot on our list.

Lifestyle Homes

Lifestyle Homes

Established in 1991 by second-generation homebuilder and former ad manager Mike Arnett, Lifestyle Homes is a fixture in the Oregon real estate industry.

Utilizing Arnett’s philosophy, which combines proven building and construction techniques with the communication and responsiveness that he learned as an advertising manager, Lifestyle Homes keeps the customer engaged with and aware of the building process. Timelines, status updates, and constant collaboration mean that the customer receives the product that they want, every time.

That open philosophy, combined with a portfolio of beautiful homes, rave reviews, and founder Mike Arnett’s engagement in the regional real estate industry nabs Lifestyle Homes a top 5 spot.

Stone Creek Building

Stone Creek Building

Serving the Portland area since 2005, Stone Creek Building is a family business established by husband and wife team Mark and Kalin Beirwagen and run with the help of their children.

An Earth Advantage certified custom home builder, Stone Creek Building emphasizes sustainability in the homes that they build, and pride themselves on close and congenial relationships with their clients. They believe that a recommendation from a client is the highest honor they can receive, and they go the extra mile to get it.

Their familial approach shows in a beautiful and varied portfolio and a sizable body of reviews touting their transparency and willingness to accommodate, securing them a place on our list.

Westlake Development Group

Westlake Development Group

Rounding out the list is Westlake Development Group, another family business, founded almost 30 years ago by Oregon native Gerald Rowlett.

With expertise in steep slope and earthquake-proof construction, Westlake Development Group guarantees their structures for an industry-leading 10 years. Constantly striving to innovate, Westlake’s staff are perennial attendees of the International Builders Show in Las Vegas and annual participants in the yearly Field of Dreams event, where they took Best in Show 3 years running.

A lengthy list of awards, a truly gorgeous portfolio, and recognition by sources as prestigious as The Wall Street Journal add up to a well-deserved spot in the top 5.

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