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Our List of the 52 Top Gardening Websites

Gardening Websites - Most of us love our garden and spend as much time as possible there. Unfortunately, too many of us simply don't have green fingers..

Gorgeous backyard garden

My mom was an avid gardener. Dad too, but I remember my mom spending many days in the garden. The result was many lovely gardens in the front, side and back.

I remember when I was 4 or 5 years old that she dedicated a part of her garden for us kids to plant some things. It was very exciting to plant and watch our efforts produce flowers. That was my first introduction to gardening.

These days, while I’m not as avid a gardener as my mom, my wife and I enjoy working in the yard. We focus on a few areas each year to make them as pretty as possible. Our home is actually a garden primarypiece because the former owner was a gardener extraordinaire and so we lucked out with having an amazing established garden, most of it perennial flowers and bushes. It’s a lot to keep up though and not easy with two young kids. Nevertheless, we took the baton and do our best to keep the yard looking beautiful in Spring, Summer and Fall.

Gardening for many is a passion. There’s so much one can learn. It’s one of those passions where everyone is constantly learning. The fruits of those passions and efforts is very gratifying.

If you’re looking to get into gardening or already are and would like more information, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider the top 50 gardening websites online.

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List of 50 Top Gardening Websites

  1. Royal Horticultural Society – The RHS is a British gardening charity that promotes horticulture and other related activities. The group’s official site has a full database that includes information on all the plants that you can use in your garden. The information on this site can be used by anyone around the world.


  2. Dave’s Garden – While Dave’s Garden is useful for offering details on how to prepare your own garden, its most popular feature by far is its extensive plant database. It offers information on thousands of plants in terms of their characteristics and how they can be maintained. This should help inspire you to find great items that you can plant in your garden.


  3. Fine Gardening – At Fine Gardening, you will learn all about how to prepare a garden from choosing plants to figuring out the soil and compost you need to use. Inspirational images will help you look at ideas for coming up with a beautiful garden on your own. You can even learn how to pronounce the Latin names of various plants through a full database on the site.


  4. – Learn all about how to design a garden, how to prepare a sensible space and what pests and diseases to watch for through this site. It includes a series of easy to use and review sections.


  5. Herb Expert – Herb Expert is a British site that works if you’re aiming to work with herbs in your garden. Use this site to learn about how to grow individual herbs and how to preserve them. Information on how many herbs can be used for cooking and beauty purposes is listed on the site.


  6. Kew Royal Botanical Gardens – Learn about how to prepare a garden with a full database listed on this site. It has information on plants you can use in your garden. It has details on large and small plants alike among other key features.


  7. Mother Earth News – The latest details on how to prepare a garden are included on this site. Learn about how to prepare a garden based on the types of plants you can use. There is a strong emphasis on organic gardening on this site. You will learn more about a number of organic compounds that you can use today.


  8. The Martha Blog – It would be an understatement to say that Martha Stewart has become a prominent name in the world of home care. Her blog includes many stories about gardening and tips from experts on how to prepare only the finest gardens around. Various instructional posts are included with each being very easy to review.


  9. GrowVeg – If you plan on growing vegetables in your garden then it helps to start here to learn more about how to do it right. This site has points on how to choose the right vegetables for your garden space. It also includes an assortment of pictures to help you learn more about what you can add.


  10. Garden Rant – This is an offbeat site that delves into many of the more complicated or intricate parts of gardening. It is about understanding how to manage many problems or issues you might come across in your garden. The information on the site is carefully organized.


  11. Success With Seed – You need quality seeds if you are going to get your garden to grow in a healthy and proper manner. Success With Seed helps you choose plants for your garden and gives you tips on how to find the right seeds for the task.


  12. Garden Design – Get ideas for your garden design through this appropriately named online magazine. It has details on how to prepare a great garden and how a design can be organized with a variety of arrangements.

  13. Organic Life – This website dedicated to organic products has an entire section dedicated to gardening. This section includes information on how to prepare organic compost and pesticides among other safe and natural compounds.

  14. A Way to Garden – You will learn more about a number of special features associated with gardening through this site. It has topics devoted to preparing specific features in your garden and about how to prevent many problems relating to pests that might get in.

  15. Birds and Blooms – This is a website that offers details on a number of gardening ideas that you can consider. The ideas are listed all around the site as intriguing options for providing your garden with a more elaborate and appealing look all the way around.

  16. The Weekend Gardener – This is a monthly online magazine that has various articles on preparing a garden. It includes topics on maintaining a garden and controlling various problems.

  17. Gardening With Kids – You can get your kids to help you with gardening through this site. It offers details on a variety of gardening projects that kids can take part in.

  18. Tiny Farm Blog – Exactly as the name suggests it is the Tiny Farm Blog is a website that profiles information on how to start your own garden or farm space in a small area. It is about how to create a garden that you can grow your own food in.

  19. Urban Gardens – If you’re going to plant a garden in an urban environment or other tight space then you will need special help with organizing it, getting enough light and nutrients and so forth. The Urban Gardens website helps you learn all about how to prepare a great garden in many forms.

  20. Cold Climate Gardening – This specialty site focuses on gardening in colder areas. This includes points on how you can prepare a garden even in some of the most stubborn conditions including how to prepare a garden bed for freezing situations.

  21. Root Simple – The Root Simple website has information on how to create a garden without being too complicated. It focuses on basic processes that do not require far too many outside materials to get it all working.

  22. Flowerona – Find ideas for flowers that you can add to your garden through the Flowerona website. It has topics on types of flowers that you can grow and how they can be harvested after you are done preparing them.

  23. Gardening Gone Wild – All key aspects associated with gardening are covered here. Learn about how to design a garden, how to choose the right plants and much more. This includes its own dedicated section for succulents.

  24. You Grow Girl – Details on how to prepare a garden the right way and information on how to produce only the best herbs and other materials in your garden are included on this site. It includes a full seed sowing and planting chart to keep your plans organized. The blog on this site is regularly updated with plenty of information on how to get the most out of your gardening efforts.

  25. Skippy’s Vegetable Garden – If you are going to grow vegetables in your garden then this website will be a worthwhile read. It includes details on how to build a vegetable garden of any size in your property. The instructions are carefully listed on many blog posts and are consistent updated with new information on trends in the gardening field.

  26. Better Homes and Gardens – The Better Homes and Gardens publication has its own website that includes information on gardening plans. It has details on how to prepare seasonal gardens, maintaining a garden and much more. You will find many photos on the site to inspire you to create a great-looking garden.

  27. Virginia Tech Insect Identification Laboratory – The odds are you will come across some insects inside your garden. These include insects that might protect your plants and ones that could devour them. This website helps you learn about the individual insects that can get into your garden and what you can do to keep them from being a threat.

  28. Vegetable MD – Organized by Cornell University, this website helps you identify many problems that can impact your vegetable plants and other items in your garden. It helps you to look at the signs of serious problems in your garden and what you can do to resolve those problems as they come about.

  29. Oregon State Extoxnet – This website organized by Oregon State University helps you learn about pesticides that may be used in your garden. It includes details on how certain pesticides are made and whether they might potentially be dangerous to your garden depending on how they are arranged.

  30. United States National Arboretum – You can learn quite a bit about gardening through the USNA website. The site includes its own section dedicated to gardens that includes topics on plant hardiness zones, how plants can be maintained and even details on invasive plants that can harm a garden.

  31. Mustard Plaster – As you read the Mustard Plaster website, you will learn about many unusual types of plants that you can add to your garden. The blog has points on producing beans and other vegetables. The information on the site is very detailed and organized with a number of special features in mind.

  32. The Horticult – The Horticult is a website that offers a variety of gardening tips and includes an extensive variety of pictures showcasing the many things that can be done in a garden. The design sections of the site also help you learn about how to handle the arrangement of a garden.

  33. Digging – With this website, you will learn about how to prepare a garden and how to keep its many features organized. The information on this site gives you plenty of details on how well a garden can look if prepared right.

  34. Kitchen Gardeners International – This site focuses heavily on gardening with foods in mind. It places a strong emphasis on how to grow your own foods in your garden. Various recipes and blogs are included on the site.

  35. Chiot’s Run – Read this website to learn about every aspect relating to preparing a garden from compost to foraging and so forth. This site offers information on how to compare different gardening materials as well.

  36. North Coast Gardening – You must be careful when figuring out how you’re going to grow plants based on your local climate. This site has a focus on the Pacific Northwest but it includes topics for all people in cool and cold climates to use with regards to choosing proper plants and maintaining gardens even in tough conditions.

  37. Mini Gardener – Learn how to create your own miniature garden that can be prepared in a variety of small spots through this website. The Mini Gardener website has details on how to prepare a small garden in a compact area.

  38. The Enduring Gardener – Check out the Enduring Gardener to learn more about how to handle everything in your garden. It includes articles on how to decorate a garden. This includes working with items that are not only visually appealing but also easy to apply.

  39. Patient Gardener – Learn about how to create a garden that lasts for years to come off of this site. The information requires plenty of effort on your part in terms of actually getting a garden to look its best. When used right, you will find the information to be very easy to use for when you’re aiming to create a detailed and elaborate garden.

  40. Washington Gardener – Based out of Washington DC, this website has information on how to handle a great garden in any situation. The gardening site offers information on how to produce a big garden and how environmental developments can influence your plans and efforts for creating a better garden.

  41. Plants Are the Strangest People – You will learn about typical houseplants on this offbeat site including how these plants can be originated out of your garden. It has points on how to create some great plants that are useful for decorative and functional purposes alike. The site has a fully organized setup that helps you learn all about a number of ideas for preparing a good garden with such common plants in mind.

  42. Toronto Gardens – This next site has been around for more than ten years and offers points on creating a beautiful garden. It includes many topics about how to keep a garden protected even when cold weather comes about, a point that is a necessity for residents in Canada.

  43. High Altitude Gardening – This site focuses on preparing a garden at altitudes of 7,000 feet above sea level or higher. It has specific topics on how you can get a garden ready where the air is a little lighter.

  44. Epic Gardening – Learn about a variety of different gardening styles on this site. Check out the page to learn about how to prepare a garden with or without soil. Hydroponic gardening is particularly discussed in detail on this site.

  45. Geek Gardener – Based out of India, the Geek Gardener site focuses more on the process of maintaining a garden bed. It focuses on tilling and other key plans. You can learn about growing seasons and how they can be applied in your area by reading the site.

  46. Anthropogen – Learn all about the histories of individual plants and how they can be prepared in your garden by reading this guide. You will learn all sorts of points in this guide about how to create a beautiful garden.

  47. Perennial Meadows – Perennial Meadows is designed as a site that helps you understand how to work with perennials in your garden. It talks about specific types of perennials that you can use and how to identify them. Points on how to properly care for your perennials are also included all around the site to help you see how they can grow in your space.

  48. Five Apple Farm – While the Five Apple Farm website helps you learn all about a variety of different topics, it especially focuses on the use of productive insects. It especially talks about bees and how they can be used in your garden to produce healthy pollen that allows plants to grow and thrive.

  49. My Veggie Garden – This site is ideal for those who are trying to work on getting their own gardens started up for the first time. The site has various topics on how to prepare a great garden and how you can make it run quickly. You will be surprised at how detailed the information is and how it offers plenty of photos to help you learn about how to get a garden up and running.

  50. Nigel Gnome Grows a Vegetable – This is a very charming website about gardening that is based out of New Zealand. It has an entertaining look and theme while it focuses heavily on understanding how to create a garden the right way. When you read the site, you will get plenty of detailed information on how to prepare a garden and make it stand out.

  51. Plant Care Today – This is an extensive gardening website that covers many gardening topics in detail. It’s loaded with images and discusses flowers, plants, gardening tools, seasons and pretty much everything there is to know about gardening. It’s been around for many years and is considered an authority on gardening.

  52. Sproutable – Here’s a new gardening website so it’s not on the radar yet, but I have no doubt it’s going to be one of the more popular gardening sites on the web in short order. The design is amazing and the depth of coverage for all topics is excellent. It’s also exceptionally well organized so it’s easy for you to find what you’re looking for. Great care went into the many illustrations and graphics which really enhance the content.

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