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Our Top 10 Ceiling Fan Picks

Ceiling fan with light in kitchen

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3 Reasons to Use Ceiling Fans

  1. Ceiling fans accentuate any room of the house and provide air flow to cool you down when the air temperature is warm. They boost the efficiency of air conditioners by circulating the cooling air over larger areas.
  2. They also do the same thing for heaters in the winter. By reversing the fan motor, the blades push the warm air (which rises) downward. This allows your heater to work less, saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.
  3. Some fans are rated for outdoor use. This gives you the perfect addition to a patio when the stale summer nights don’t move much air around. Perfect for parties and barbecues to keep air flowing and your friends and relatives cool.

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Ceiling Fan

No fan is the same as the next. Each has different characteristics and abilities. You need to consider each option before you make a purchase carefully.

  • Fan blade size: Some fans are smaller while others span several feet. You need to decide if the room is large enough to accommodate the blades.
  • Mounting area: Some fans won’t work well on sloped ceilings. Some require extra down rods.
  • Lighting: Some fans come with lights, some come with lighting ability and others are fans only. If you need lights, you need to ensure your fan purchase either have them already or requires a light kit.

Precautions to Consider

All fans will need some assembly as well as mounting. As such you need to decide if you have the necessary abilities or if you should hire professional help for installation. You will be using basic tools such as a screwdriver or drill. You may be using power tools such as a drill as well.

Most importantly though, you will be working with electrical wires connected to switches and breakers. It is important to take the necessary precautions when dealing with electricity. You should always know which wires are grounded, neutral and hot.

Ensure all electricity to the switch and wires is off. If you are ever unsure, consult an electrician. Always use the proper equipment and turn off the breakers before starting the mounting procedures.

Depending on the ceiling height, you may find yourself on a ladder as well. You should always make sure the ladder is stable and can support yours and the weight of the fan. You should never work on a ladder above your head. Always have someone with you to support the ladder in case it ever becomes unstable.

Your safety is always first.

Our List of the Top 10 Ceiling Fans on the Market

1. Lucci Air 52-inch Viceroy 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

Lucci Air 52-inch Viceroy 3 Blade Ceiling Fan with Remote

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  • Style: Scandinavian
  • Design: Minimalist 3-blade fan. Down rod mounted. Medium sized room capable.

This fan from Lucci Air is as elegant as it is efficient. It is black-on-black with a slim 3-blade design. The motor is ultra-quiet and installs fairly simple. The 52-inch span ensures great circulation for rooms up to 12 feet by 14 feet.

We love this fan for its sleek design and super quiet operation. The full remote operation means no dangling cords or pull chains to distract from its beauty. A great addition to any room in your home!

2. Brisa Air-Ionizing Fan d’Lier

Brisa Air-Ionizing Fan d’Lier

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: 8-lamp, no blade fan. Down rod mounted. Perfect for smaller rooms.

This intricate design is simply gorgeous. No external blades to swoop around. Everything is kept caged between the beautiful 8-lamp primarypiece. You are going to love the ambiance this fan creates.

Simple upward or downward air circulation make this the perfect light and fan combination for a kitchen or dining room. Complete the modern traditional look of your room with this fan that will be the conversation piece of your entire home!

3. Cerro 52-inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Cerro 52-inch 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

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  • Style: Traditional
  • Design: Customized finishes, a 5-blade fan that is light kit ready with multiple operation implementations.

The Cerro fan comes in a wide variety of finishes sure to match your home. The sleek and slim design means you don’t have to worry about your over head space. Flush mount with remote control, switch control and pull chain control give you the ideal operation that best suits your needs.

We like this fan for its versatility and usability. With 52-inch blade span, you can easily cool down any size room. It has 3-speed options that allow you to control the air flow for any conditions.

4. 60-Inch Loft 3-Blade Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

60-Inch Loft 3-Blade Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

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  • Style: Modern and Contemporary
  • Design: Airfoil weather resistant blades with a modern look and design perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

This is probably the most popular fan on the market today and we would be remiss to leave it off our list. Sleek, modern design coupled with rustic durability make this the perfect fan for…where ever.

4-speed wall mount control means you don’t need to worry about pull chains. This fan was designed for high ceilings but is easily installed almost anywhere, even angled ceilings. We love the look and feel of this fan and we know you will too.

5. 52-inch Acero Retro 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

Acero Retro 3-Blade Ceiling Fan

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  • Style: Modern and Contemporary
  • Design: Durable construction with a wall control and light kit included.

The Acero retro fan is stylish and efficient. The 3-blade fan uses a wall mounted switch for operation and has an ultra quiet motor. Stunning to look at and comfortable to sit underneath.

This fan is the perfect addition to any room and with multiple finishes to choose from, will fit any style you have. A perfect fit to bring any sized room together.

6. Levon 63-inch 8-Blade Fan

Levon 63-inch 8-Blade Fan

=> You will love this one! Purchase this fan here or here!

  • Style: Modern and Contemporary
  • Design: Giant 8-blade design for large rooms with high ceilings. Light kit adaptable with pull chain operation.

When you need to move a lot of air in a large room and you want to look good doing it: go with Levon. This 8-blade behemoth will push near 7000 cubic feet of air a minute! We have added it to our list because of its amazing durability.

Perfect for large rooms, this modern style fan will draw attention and look great doing it. Easy installation and highly durable construction mean your summer nights just got a little cozier.

7. 14-inch Aaliyah 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Aaliyah 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

=> Perfect for patios! Purchase this fan here

  • Style: Coastal
  • Design: 5-blade indoor/outdoor fan. Stylish palm design with light kit capabilities.

Smaller rooms, bedrooms, and patios need this fan! You will love its simple assembly and massive air flow. 5 palm leaf inspired fan blades move the air just like in the tropics. Now you can bring a little bit of paradise to your own home.

Diminutive in stature, this little powerhouse will please even the grumpiest of people. Perfect for outdoor use, you can enjoy a fresh breeze while hosting your neighborhood barbecue. Small space design means those with lower ceilings will benefit from this stout, squat fan.

8. 52-inch Roselle One-Light 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

Roselle One-Light 4 Blade Ceiling Fan

=> Simple beauty! Purchase this fan here

  • Style: Rustic
  • Design: Single LED light 4-Blade fan with southern charm and rustic appeal

There isn’t a better fan out there that ties a coastal style room together like this one! You will love it! We know because we do! Using a single A19 LED bulb which will last up to 10 years, you won’t worry about your fan anymore. Reliability, craftsmanship, and durability are trademarks of Loon Peak.

This fan is suited for medium to large size rooms with down rod mounting. The frosted glass bulb cover and oiled bronze finish add charm and a rustic, weathered look to any room!

9. 52″ Aerialist DC Motor 2 Reversible Blade Ceiling Fan

Aerialist DC Motor 2 Reversible Blade Ceiling Fan

=> Perfect for patios! Purchase this fan here or here!

  • Style: Mid-City Modern
  • Design: The dual-blade fan with modern minimalist design. Reversible fan motor with simple assembly.

When you want functionality, as well as beauty, look no further. This modern design will turn heads and move air. Fully reversible motor means you stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter and look good doing it!

The DC motor offers huge savings for you as well, and the main reason we added it to this list. You can reduce power consumption by up to 70% over AC motors which mean more running and less spending. Your friends will love the look and you will love the savings.

10. Borja 6-Light Air Ionizing d’Lier Ceiling Fan

Borja 6-Light Air Ionizing d'Lier Ceiling Fan=> Glamorous addition anywhere! Purchase this fan here

  • Style: Glam
  • Design: 6 lights illuminate this air ionizing fan. Down rod mounting with easy installation.

Combining fan and chandelier in one glamorous, futuristic design, this Wila Arlo Interiors fan rounds out our top 10. The white opal glass embellishes a chrome drum with faceted crystals. The sparkle is incredible.

Suited for any room, this ionizer will circulate the air in three speeds. An amazing mount for sloped ceilings, this beautiful addition is sure to draw attention as well as keeping you cool.