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5 Top Home Builders in Bellingham, Washington

Aerial view of Bellingham, WA.

Bellingham, WA. is the bayside beacon of the Pacific Northwest. This little gem sits on the water, just 90 miles north of Seattle, and 21 miles south from the Canadian border. Also known as “the City of Subdued Excitement,” Bellingham offers not just views to the sea and to the mountains but a matching lust for the outdoor lifestyle.

A handful of recreation activities can be enjoyed by folks of all stages and all year round. It’s a college town, home to three colleges, including Western Washington University, with a thriving arts and entertainment scene. Multiple microbreweries also call it home as well as the following list of the city’s top five custom home builders.

Bellingham Bay Builders

Bellingham Bay Builders, Bellingham, WA

This outfit is by far a top custom home builder in Bellingham. This company, which started in 2004, focuses on high-end custom homes that are both high-performance and can be in difficult to reach locations. BBB, as they are commonly called, functions as a coop where the builders are the owners. It was started by a team of four colleagues in the building trade who in addition to being building experts, became green-building certified. The company’s impressive portfolio includes a zero-energy custom home they hope will become a template for homes of the future.

Moceri Construction Inc.

Moceri Construction, Inc., Bellingham, WA

Paul Moceri and Susan Porter are the husband and wife team behind this home building company, which has been in the business since 1974. The award-winning outfit produces high-end homes in the Bellingham region and their website includes a vast amount of exceptional examples of their work. The company says it focuses on using quality materials that “stand the test of time” and focuses on items like sustainably-grown lumber and other environmental efforts to lessen the impact of their work. Among those strategies is the creation of zero-energy homes and following architectural designs that make use of features like passive solar heat.

A-1 Builders

A-1 Builders, Bellingham, WA

This is another worker-owned coop that emphasizes environmentally-friendly building. This outfit has five members on it ownership team, which was established in 2017, and together have more than 56 years in the construction business. Though the custom home building is a focus, this company offers a number of other specialties including renovations and property preservation. The company has been around in some capacity since 1953 and had been called Washington Builders. Its profile page shows a number of renovations and custom home projects, many of which on rural lands.

Aiki Homes

Aiki Homes, Bellingham, WA

This company has been at the forefront of building green for 45 years. In fact, environmental applications have been a priority on all their work in and around the Bellingham region. Homes built by the company are ENERGY STAR certified and make use strategies such as passive solar heating and other innovations aimed at leaving a minimal impact. Their impressive portfolio includes the eight-home Millworks co-housing community in Bellingham, which includes a communal kitchen, library, and single-family homes that are certified Built Green. Aiki is a member of Sustainable Connections and has a 5-star ranking with EnviroStars.

Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc.

Indigo Enterprises Northwest Inc., Bellingham, WA

This company started in 1996, has been steadily growing their business via word of mouth. They are of the belief that doing a good job will bring future customers and, as seen through their notable gallery, their craftsmanship is up to the challenge. An innovative company, Indigo works closely with clients and architects to create a unique finished product that meets the standards of all stakeholders. An example of this is the use of reclaimed railroad ties in one of their featured homes. The company also does kitchen and bathroom remodels.