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45 Terrific Tiny House Plans

Tiny house

For those looking for fantastic tiny house plans. You’ve come to the right place. Explore each to see the floor plans below.

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Our Collection of Tiny House Plans

Two Main Types of Tiny Houses

There are two types of tiny home lifestyles. There is the sedentary lifestyle tiny house where you enjoy living in a tiny home and all the perks that come with it. There is also the mobile lifestyle tiny house (i.e. RV) where you enjoy the perks of tiny home living, but you also enjoy travel. When you look at tiny home plans, you will notice that some are better suited for mobile living.

Here are a few of the key elements mobile tiny house plans should have and what to look for.


The key component that sets a mobile tiny home apart from a sedentary tiny home is the trailer. If your tiny home design does not start with a trailer, then it is likely not suited for mobile travel. The trailer should be roadworthy and towable. This means it must comply with highway restrictions and guidelines for weight, height, and width. Your trailer is going to be the key element of staying within those guidelines and measurements. The ideal trailer is one that is certified for towing and withstanding the weight of a tiny home.

Water Storage

You may not think of water storage as an issue, but when you are traveling you need to make sure you have water available in the tiny home. With a sedentary tiny home, you can have plumbing and a traditional water system. When you are traveling you need to have a few containers of water that can be used for showering, cleaning, and drinking. Having proper water storage as part of the home plan will ensure you have a secure place for the containers and those containers can be accessed easily while traveling.

Locking Cabinets

The one thing you do not want when you are traveling is for all of your possessions to fall and break. For this reason, you need to consider tiny home plans that have locking cabinets. These cabinets should also have liners that can hold the dishes and other items in place and keep them from sliding during travel. A common form of locking cabinets for tiny homes are magnetic locks that remain secure and still have easy access.

Bathroom Nook

You may think if you are traveling you can shower at gyms or truck stop locations. Though these are both options, you should still consider having a bathroom nook as part of the tiny home plans. The bathroom nook can house a sink, small shower, and a portable or composting toilet. You can also have all the appliances as well as the walls and floors covered in a metal material. This allows you to have an updated looking bathroom that can withstand being wet and give you a suitable bathroom when you can’t find other options.

Convertible Sleeping Area

Most tiny home plans have a loft area for sleeping. The problem is that many people find these to be too small of a space. Instead, they tend to use the loft sleeping area as a storage area for gear, clothing, and other items. This means you still need a sleeping area and a  convertible bed is ideal. Find plans that include a convertible bed that becomes a sofa during the day. This gives you a place to sit during the day, sleep at night, and even entertain guests.