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50 Three-Bedroom Ranch-Style House Plans (Layouts)

Check out our featured collection of amazing 3-bedroom ranch-style house plans below.

Our Featured Three-Bedroom Ranch-Style House Plans

There are many benefits to choosing three-bedroom ranch-style or single story house plans. For one, these types of homes are easier to maintain and clean than multi-story homes. They also tend to be more energy efficient, since there is less space to heat or cool. In addition, ranch-style or single story homes typically have a more open floor plan, which can make them feel more spacious and inviting. And finally, these homes often boast more curb appeal than their two-story counterparts (of course this is totally subjective… I actually prefer two story houses). If you’re looking for a home that is both comfortable and stylish, then a three-bedroom ranch-style or single story house plan may be the perfect option for you.

Don’t forget about tall ceilings… everywhere

With a rancher you aren’t restricted with ceiling height. You can create some great shed or vaulted ceilings throughout the entire house.

3-Bedrooms is an odd number (IMO)

The 3-bedroom house is very popular but if you’re building (which would explain why you’re looking for house plans) it seems to me that having an extra bedroom is well worth the cost. Maybe you have guests come over… it’s always nice to have that fourth bedroom.

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