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22 Three-Bedroom Mediterranean-Style House Plans (Floor Plans)

Mediterranean style is the trend of the decade. Check out our featured collection of amazing 3-bedroom Mediterranean-style house plans below and you’ll see why they were such favorites.

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Our Featured Three-Bedroom Mediterranean-Style House Plans

Let’s set the scene.

The parties were lavish. The hairstyles were short, as were the dresses. Jazz was what got everyone dancing. Money was available and everyone was using credit. There was a dark terror looming, but for now, the people were happy and living it up. Why wouldn’t they? They didn’t need horses and carriages anymore. Life was good.

It was also when people were able to get houses like never before and many of them were fresh builds. The trend of the decade was the Mediterranean style. Yes, the 1920s was a show of opulence, whenever possible. What better way to show off your wealth than a sprawling Mediterranean estate? 

Luckily, this trend has stood the test of time as a popular style. As we go over a few of our three-bedroom styles, you’ll see why they were such favorites. Also, we’re able to have these homes without being best friends with Gatsby. 

Two Story Mediterranean with Balcony

The first thing you notice about this home is the towering, yet grand, entryway. It’s round and has a castle feel to the roof. Having that to look at is really just a hint of what’s to come. Inside the family room are two-story windows that shape the room for an intimate seat that looks out into the backyard.

On the first floor are the master suite, a family room, breakfast nook, kitchen, formal dining room, living room, and study. The real fun is upstairs, though. Once you come up the stairs, you step into the game room. That’s where an additional 2 bedrooms, an exercise room, and storage space await. This home comes in at over 4,000 square feet and can house up to three cars in the garage.

One Story Mediterranean with Courtyard

Not ready to go that big or just prefer a single story? This 2,200 square foot home has three bathrooms and a two-car garage. To get inside, you first face a gate that opens up into a courtyard with a porch. Could there be a more outside yet private place to enjoy a warm beverage in the morning?

Once inside, there is a wide foyer that sort of divides the house in half. On the left side, you have the master suite, formal dining, kitchen, and breakfast area. On the right, you’ll find the second and third bedrooms plus a game room. Walking on through the foyer takes you into the family room and a sunroom behind that.

One Story Mediterranean with Wet Bar

Are you looking for a floor plan that accentuates entertainment? This house was made for you, as long as you have a lot wide enough to accommodate the spaciousness. There’s also plenty of natural light due to the multitude of windows and high ceilings.

This home is just under 4,600 square feet and can fit seven cars in the garage. The tall doors open to the family room, which is up against the outdoor living area and game room. If that’s not a setup for a party, what is? Still on this side of the house is a bedroom, study, and dining room.

On the other side of the family room are the breakfast nook, kitchen, another bedroom, the master suite, and a portico.