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40 Three-Bedroom Contemporary-Style House Plans

Welcome to our collection of 3-bedroom contemporary-style houses that embraces minimalistic elements. Check out the houses and floor plans below.

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Our Collection of Three-Bedroom Contemporary-Style House Plans

I think you’ve arrived as a parent when your eldest comes to you to announce s/he is ready to own a house -or, crib as these young people call them.

Take my eldest daughter, Software Engineer Cells, or Brainy Cells to her friends, for instance. After working for just a little over six months (it took her mother and me a little over six years), she was ready to not only buy her own residential lot but also to start building her own house!

“And just what kind of house are you thinking of building, sweetheart?!” I asked, a little taken aback, but proud as punch at a party.

“A modest Three-Bedroom Contemporary Style House, Daddy…wanna see the plan?” she mused, clicking on the link to the house plan on her sleek laptop.

And, oh boy, was it anything but modest…


Measuring 4,686 square feet, Cells’ ” modest Three-Bedroom Contemporary Style House”, is to be more specific, a Three-bedroom 2-Story Contemporary Style home for a narrow plot.

But that’s not all, ….. wait for it-it comes with three bathrooms, two garages and – an elevator!

First Floor Plan

Foyer Entrance, Study, Dining Room, Living Room, Butlery, and Powder Room.

Entering through the massive and impressive arched wrought-iron gated entrance, you are led to an imposingly heavy door. Entering through it, the crescent/half-moon- shaped foyer has a sizeable study to the left and an equally generous dining room to the right.

Turning the bend of the circular foyer to your left, the huge living room’s clerestory windows give it a hexagonal shape that’s enhanced by the room’s fireplace. A curving half-wall to the right conceals a small but posh powder room with a toilet and vessel sink. A little further down is a butlery with a sink in it. Tellingly, beyond the butlery’s walls is the aforementioned dining room.

Open-plan Family, Breakfast Rooms, Kitchen, and Elevator

Walking past the butlery and powder room to the ends of the circular foyer and the curving half-wall, you come into an open-plan family room. Off the family room to the left is a covered veranda. The right of the family room is graced by a generous open-plan kitchen with an island in the center. A kitchen counter-cum-eating bar with drawers and a sink demarcates the family room from the kitchen. Both spill into an intimate breakfast room.

To the immediate right of the breakie room is a roomy cupboard and, next to it-in the extreme right corner, is a quaint residential elevator to the second floor-more about that later.

Master Suite/Bedroom, Utilities Room, and Two Car Garage

To the left is a more than ample master suite/bedroom. It is en suite with a walk-in type master bathroom, complete with two toilet bowls on either side, corresponding washbasins, a bathtub, and shower. To top it all is a substantial his and hers walk-in wardrobe.

Second Floor Plan

Taking the elevator to the second floor, you step into the curvy and angular second floor. Comprising…

Attic, En Suite Second Bedroom

To the right of the upstairs elevator is a spacious attic for added storage. Turning to the left, you come to the second bedroom. A miniature of the master, it is also en suite with a toilet, washbasin, shower, and walk-in closet.

At the top of the winding staircase is the common/guest bathroom. Somewhat petite, it comprises a toilet, shower, and a single washbasin. Ahead of it, at the curvy end of the staircase, is a third guest bedroom, conveniently located next to the guest bathroom.

My jaw dropped, for the first time in my life I was speechless.