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18 Three-Bedroom Bungalow House Plans (Layouts)

A bungalow house is one of the natural designs of a single-story. Explore our collection of 3-bedroom bungalow house plans below.

18 Three Bedroom Bungalow House Plans

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The ideal home is one that satisfies all of your needs without being over-the-top or taking up more space than what is absolutely necessary. Thus, many people opt for something like a 3-bedroom Bungalow house in order to get their needs met. Besides that, a 3-bedroom Bungalow house is a beautiful thing to look at and will likely be easy to sell when you are ready to move somewhere else.

Different Styles For Different Preferences

Do not overlook the fact that there are different types of 3-bedroom Bungalow houses to meet the needs and desires of different types of people. It is quite common for some people to want to add their own flair to a Bungalow house in ways that would not be possible in a smaller home. Right now, a very popular style is a single-story 3-bedroom Bungalow house.

This is because everything is centralized on that one floor, and people don’t have to bother with going up and down stairs. It used to be the case that people cared more about how many stories their homes had, but that is not so much the case anymore. It seems that what they want out of them more than anything is practicality.

Thus, there are people who are looking at Bungalow homes as their way of getting a beautiful home that also serves their entire family. For those who do like to have additional floors on their home, there is the 2-story Craftsman model. Some say that it looks rather boxy in shape, but that is part of the appeal and the charm for some people.

They like that it is relatively contained and that it doesn’t stick out much from other homes. Sometimes just looking like everyone else’s home is the way to go for certain people. Thus, it is a good thing that there are all different types of homes available for people from all walks of life. 

A Classic Home With Style

The great thing about Bungalow homes is how customizable they are. In many ways, they are designed to look just like any other home as far as the framework is concerned. However, the number of ways that one can change the outside appearance of a Bungalow home is truly impressive.

They can choose a variety of different colors for it as well as which types of materials they would like to see the home constructed from. Needless to say, there are a lot of things that one can do with a Bungalow home that they might not have had the opportunity to try out if they hadn’t decided to go with this selection. When you want to work with a template that you can make all your own, you should look for this style of home.

You can add your own flair and make sure your home stands out in the neighborhood. People like that about Bungalows, and you will surely appreciate it as well. There is so much to love about creating something that is all your own.

The only thing left to do is make your specific selections and see how they shine against the backdrop of your new home!