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9 of The Best House Cleaning Business Software Programs for Managing the Business

House cleaners on the jobKeeping clients and workers organized and satisfied is a very challenging job for a home cleaning company. With so many people and things to keep track of, a cleaning service may soon find it is struggling to manage just the day-to-day work, instead of trying to grow the business.

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Common Challenges Faced by a House Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies run a large variety of services and have an extensive staff to deploy them. It can be quite difficult to find the time to keep your business running smoothly with managerial responsibilities like scheduling jobs, dispatching home cleaners and acquiring new customers.

If you have a large staff and teams at different locations, you may find it gets increasingly difficult to keep track of all of them. As your company grows in size, this problem will only worsen.

This is where house cleaning software tools come in handy. From keeping track of employees to organizing schedules and receiving payments, there are software solutions that can make a home cleaning business running effectively at

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Here are some of the best examples of house cleaning business software:

1. HouseCall ProTwo house cleaners unloading cleaning equipment from van

House Call Pro’s most notable feature is its wonderful booking app. Clients can download the app on

their smartphones and get access to not just cleaning and janitorial services  but also plumbers, landscapers etc. in their area.

On the house cleaning business side, the app offers sophisticated customer management tools and reports that help you make the most of your client list. The free version of HouseCall Pro will give one user access to the system and you can do some quick and basic client management.

Once you upgrade, you will get access to a treasure trove of powerful tools like postcard and reminder emails to generate repeat business. You can also use the financial data to bring it into QuickBooks, the accounting software tool, for bookkeeping.

HouseCall Pro also allows businesses to easily schedule jobs, review their job history, look up their clients and send an “On My Way” alert to clients, so that they would know when the house cleaning team will arrive at their home.

The tool also has a version that employees can download so that there is no gap in information. The work team members can note when the job was started, how long they spent on the task and what time they left so that the cleaning company can track their hours.

Besides that, HouseCall Pro also offers Google Calendar integration, real-time dispatching and credit card processing.

2. Launch27Three house cleaners on the job cleaning the house

Launch27 allows clients to buy maid services directly from a housekeeping business website. The entire

booking engine can be customized to match the design on your existing housekeeping website and you can integrate it in just a few seconds.

The software also offers a built-in calendar that keeps businesses informed about their upcoming appointments and job times. Its built-in analytics also help house cleaning businesses fine-tune their services with the help of add-ons, which result in great conversion rates.

Launch27 allows housekeeping businesses to set custom pricing, based on location and geographical areas and gives the option of single and recurring bookings. With the help of this powerful tool, you can also track your business progress online and collect payments securely.

Many house cleaning services use Launch 27 because it eliminates the need for giving quotes over the phone or in-person. It also makes it easy for the clients to schedule appointments with your service, resulting in an enriching and positive customer experience. At the same time, it frees up time so that

you can focus on making your business grow.

3. WorkWave Service SoftwareHouse cleaner wearing a black cap wiping the window from the inside

The software is a cloud-based solution that offers both desktop and mobile applications for field services.

WorkWave Service enables housekeeping companies to connect the office to their cleaning staff so that they can know what is happening on the field.

The mobile application allows the cleaning team to time in and time out of the job, to check out important job instructions and much more.

The appointment calendar and the dispatch dashboard show revenue per route as well as any unscheduled jobs. Businesses can reschedule routes to accommodate sick days or bad weather and check out the new route to see whether they result in appointment clashes.

Additionally, WorkWave Service’s dashboard offers real-time information and offers a lot of options that allow house cleaning businesses to manage their service, service packages, one-time work orders and repeat job orders.

WorkWave Services, as mentioned above, also syncs with Desktop and QuickBooks Online for efficient bookkeeping.

4. ServiceM8House cleaner mopping floor, house cleaner wiping painting and house cleaner looking at camera and smiling

This service management service comes at a very low cost with job-based pricing. The software has a wide variety of processes that can help you make job quotes, create invoices and process payments.

House cleaning businesses can also take advantage of its many features to find out which jobs are current, what quotes have been given to clients and to keep track of the cleaning team. ServiceM8 also tell businesses how to effectively allocate people, resource and time and make decisions based on them. You can also take out printed copies of employee schedules and routing charts for your employees. In the case of the cleaning team, it can get access to any modifications in their schedules in real-time.

ServiceM8 also allows you to connect to customers via SMS and email. The software has a variety of configuration tools and templates so you can customize it for your own company. Moreover, a MailChimp integration tool helps you send out beautiful looking emails.

The best part is your house cleaning business will be able to access iPhone and iPad apps, unlimited storage as well as an unlimited number of users. If your housekeeping service company uses QuickBooks Online, MYOB or Zero, you will be quickly synced to their accounts.

5. SweptHouse cleaner wearing blue rubber gloves carefully wiping a keyboard

Swept is a time-tracking and scheduling software for janitorial services and streamlines communication between employees and managers.

Swept helps housekeeping businesses communicate with their teams on issues on site, provide them with cleaning instruction, conducts inspections and track supply requests. The software also offers scheduling and appointment tools that help business assign workers on one-time or recurring shifts.

The teams have continued access to their schedule via the Swept mobile app, which provides real-time updates of schedule or shift changes. House cleaning businesses also get alerts if their cleaning team does not sign in on time and the software automatically send them reminder alerts.

The time-tracking option in the app automatically imports the recorded work time for each cleaner for payroll or review. The automated multilingual features help companies instruct and provide support to their teams remotely. A virtual message board ensures the employees and the employers are all in sync with each other.

Swept’s supply tracking feature keeps track of the inventory and facilitates replenishing of supplies. The house cleaning company is also able to create customized inspection plans and measure performance by rating the quality of each inspection point. Before the team exits the site, all recorded notes are sent via mobile to the client.

6. ServiceVelocity SoftwareHouse cleaner wearing yellow gloves cleaning stove top

Another field software, ServiceVelocity enables house cleaning companies to schedule jobs, update tickets, access work orders, track inventory and find relevant knowledge bases.

The software is able to securely collect information from a company’s CRM and ERP software and is supported on all mobile devices. The best part is that it also works offline. ServiceVelocity also offers GPS tracking, work order and inventory management, contact management and custom branding.

The service tool also allows housekeeping companies to preview customer data and can send users targeted alerts through push notification. ServiceVelocioty also comes with a barcode scanner, interactive route maps and voice input.

7. HubStaffHouse cleaner mopping floor clean and yellow slippery floor sign on side

The software provides staff monitoring through time-tracking services. HubStaff provides accurate GPS location monitoring so that cleaning companies can track down where their housekeeping teams are, without constantly phoning them to check in. The software can also use the same feature to estimate

arrival time to the client’s place and also plan ahead for appointments in the future. It’s time sheets are extremely accurate down to the minute

HubStaff also keeps into account clients’ preferences; if a client likes that the housekeeping staff arrives early and leave at a set time, HubStaff can help you achieve that.

8. GoodGuideMother and child smiling as they are cleaning and having fun

Nowadays people are extremely worried about bringing harmful toxins and chemical into their homes. This is particularly important for houses where babies, small children or the elderly live, as their immune systems are weak.

The GoodGuide is an app that all house cleaning services should invest in. The app allows housekeeping teams to scan their cleaning products before they go into a client’s house and ensure there are no harmful non-approved toxins in them. This app is also a must-use if your cleaning staff has an appointment at a client who has allergies or is interested in using only natural products.

The app sets itself apart from others as it focuses on the client’s health and makes it a priority.

9. SquareHouse cleaner wearing apron standing with mop on a reflective floor

One of the biggest hassles of housekeeping clients is how to pay for the services. Checks are quickly becoming outdated and plenty of times, clients do not have ample cash at home. So, the Square app has come up with a way to help clients make their payment on the spot with their debit or credit card.

All a housekeeping business has to do is to download an app and order a Square card reader, which allows them to take credit card payment with any smartphone. The device is very simple to use, so your housekeeping team can easily learn how to use it.

The software tool also comes with a lot of extra options and helps you customize the payment process according to your specifications. You can also export data from the Square app to your own accounting system so that your company has all the things in one place.

Final Thoughts

The above software tools are just some of the best kind of technologies that are available in the market. A house cleaning service can choose to acquire different types of software for different tasks. Or they can get an all-in-one app that allows GPS tracking, time tracking, team payments, notifications for shifts reminders and more, while simultaneously integrating to the tools you already have.

Whatever you choose, just make sure the software tools and apps you are using help increase the efficiency of your business and allows your company to grow. A good housekeeping software is one which takes the pain out of managing day-to-day house cleaning business functions.

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