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Bosch Tassimo T20 Review (Based on Real Testing)

Tassmio T20 Brewing Cup of Coffee

This Tassimo T20 review came about when my wife and I decided to buy a single serve coffee maker. We knew very little about them and so I went out and bought several units so we could see which one would best serve our household.

I know it sounds crazy to buy several coffee makers; after all it’s just coffee. However, what I did know about single serve coffee makers is that we would ultimately spend thousands on the coffee and so it’s a bigger investment than you think.

The key question was whether we should get a K-cup, T-disc or some other coffee pod option. After all, the big long term expense is in the coffee.

Ultimately we decided to go with the Bosch Tassimo T55 because we loved the red machine and more importantly love the coffee produced by the T-Discs. You can read my full Tassimo T55 review here and see our K-Cup vs. T-Disc comparison chart here.

Tassimo T55 vs. T20

Once we narrowed our decision to wanting a machine using T-Discs, we had to choose between the T55 and T20.

Since the T55 is a more robust machine in size, water reservoir we went with the T55. The T20 is a great coffee maker, but it’s a compact version which wasn’t necessary since our selection was to be our household’s main coffee maker. The larger water reservoir was the deciding factor. We also liked the red color.

Tassimo T20 Key Benefits


It’s a small coffee maker, which is perfect for small kitchens, offices, RV’s and smaller spaces in general.


I like simple. I don’t need nor want bells and whistles. I like having to push as few buttons as possible to get a cup of coffee. Tassimo machines offer this. You put the T-Disc in the top (see our Tassimo T20 photo gallery below) and push 1 button to brew the coffee.


In addition to loving the T-Disc coffee, we love how fast Bosch Tassimo machines are. The brewing starts almost immediately after pushing the button. It’s amazing the machine can heat up water so quickly. It’s much faster than the Keurig machines we tested.

Coffee Quality:

K-Cups produce great coffee too, but we really love the coffee produced by the Tassimo T-Discs. Since T-Discs are widely available in most grocery stores (like K-Cups), we opted for a T-Disc based single serve coffee maker.


The T20 is less expensive than the T55. If price is important and you want the T-Disc system, go with the T20. However, do keep in mind that you’ll spend far more on T-Discs than the cost of the machine in the long run.

=> Click here for a price check.

High-Tech Barcode Technology:

One feature Tassimo hypes up is it’s the only single serve coffee system that uses barcode technology. What this means is that the coffee maker adjusts brewing based on the barcode information of the T-Disc. Other coffee makers, notably K-Cups adjust the brewing from the machine side. Tassimo does the opposite by having the T-Discs dictate the brew.

The advantage with barcode technology is that you don’t have to adjust coffee maker settings to get the perfect brew.

The disadvantage of Tassimo’s barcode technology is that you can’t really adjust the brewing settings except pulling the cup from the brewer if you wish to brew a smaller cup of coffee.

Removable Transparent Water Reservoir

The water reservoir can be easily removed. It’s 51 oz. which is big enough to brew several cups of coffee.

My only complaint about the Tassimo T20 (and T55) water reservoirs is that they’re in the rear so you need to peak around the back to see if there’s sufficient water before brewing.

Disadvantages of the T20

Noise:  Tassimo machines are fairly noisy. You wouldn’t want to brew it next to someone sleeping. However, I’d prefer a noisy machine that brews as fast as Tassimo does over a slow brewer that’s not as loud.

Water reservoir in the rear:  I’d prefer the water reservoir on the side so it’s easier to see the water level.

Spill container difficult to remove:  We find the Tassimo spill catcher difficult to remove. There’s probably a trick to it, but we haven’t figured it out.

Is T-Disc Coffee Good?

T-Discs work great, but like K-Cups to a large extent, coffee (and tea) quality is dictated by the brand.

For example, I like Starbucks coffee and so I have a K-Cup coffee maker in my office (actually I have a this hybrid pot/single serve unit which gives me flexibility with being able to produce single cups or brew a full pot).

That said, T-Discs come with Gevalia coffee, which is also excellent. We use the Gevalia Dark House Blend, which is a strong, rich brew and so we’re very happy with the T-Disc.

The key for us was that T-Discs are widely available in most grocery stores. We didn’t want a coffee system which required having to buy the coffee at select retailers and/or exclusively online such as the Nespresso (an awesome system BTW, but not easy to buy the coffee).

Do T-Discs produce beverages other than coffee?

Yes, you can buy T-Discs for decaf, tea, hot chocolate, cappuccino and even espresso. We buy all of them, but drink mostly coffee.

FYI, our 4 year old LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the Cadbury hot chocolate. It’s really, really good hot chocolate. Okay, I also love the hot chocolate. We make it all winter long.

Tassimo T20 Photo Gallery

Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Maker Front View

Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Maker Front View

Tassimo T20 Water Reservoir

Tassimo T20 Water Reservoir

Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker with Spill Reservoir Removed

Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker with Spill Reservoir Removed

Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker Side View

Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker Side View

Tassimo T20 Close Up View of T-Disc in the Coffee Maker

Tassimo T20 Close Up View of T-Disc in the Coffee Maker

Tassimo Coffee T-Disc

Tassimo Coffee T-Disc

Brew Button Demonstration of Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker

Brew Button Demonstration of Tassimo T20 Coffee Maker

Should you buy the Tassimo T20?

The first question you must figure out is whether you want a K-Cup brewer or T-Disc brewer. This dictates the coffee brands available to you.

If you like the idea of barcode technology and there are T-Disc coffee brands (or any beverage for that matter) that work for you, I can whole heartedly recommend the Tassimo T20.

BUT, go with the T20 if you want a compact brewing system. If you have more space, I recommend the T55.


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