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Cranberry Double Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

What cookies? Cranberry Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now if that doesn’t warrant a “ho ho ho!”, I don’t know what does. I’m just sayin’… I like a classic chocolate chip cookie. Especially the ones my Momma makes. But holy hanna these were good. Sugary, chocolatey, fruity. And all wrapped up in cookie form? Heck yes. Now that’s …

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22 Best Macadamia Nut Cookie Recipes (All Types)

The white chocolate macadamia nut cookie is one of America’s more popular cookies. What are the origins of this unique treat, and how did it become so popular? Nestle created white chocolate chips in the 1930s, and the phrase “white chocolate” is a bit misleading. White chocolate doesn’t actually contain cocoa solids. Rather, white chocolate …

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20 Awesome Apple Cookie Recipes (All Types)

If you love cookies, you may have felt like you tried it all. Even if you have tried many different cookies, you probably haven’t baked a batch of cookies. When things are getting stale, you can keep coming up with delicious cookie recipes. Here are some of our favorite apple cookies. 1. Apple Cider Cookies …

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13 Killer Corn Dip Recipes (All Types)

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing quite like serving up a bowl of cool, delicious corn dip. By combining cream cheese, sour cream, cheddar and jalapenos, you can create a variety of mouth-watering dips. There are hundreds of different options based on what you have in your refrigerator when you decide to make corn …

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20 Best Blueberry Muffin Recipes (All Types)

Blueberry muffins are one of the simplest and most delicious baked goods you can make. They are also universally popular, with dozens of variations. Sweet enough to be a dessert but healthy enough for a scrumptious breakfast, these classic muffins are the perfect snack to keep on hand. If you’re looking for a new recipe, …

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Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies Recipe

While our recipe for Chewy Lemon Sugar Cookies is a light and fresh flavored cookie recipe, they are also thick and chewy. The secret to having cookies with this unique texture is refrigerating the dough. Refrigeration is an important step in preparing this recipe, so do not skip it, even if you are impatient! Refrigerating …

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Cream Cheese Party Mints Recipe

Cream cheese mints are smooth and delicious. Often, they are flavored with peppermint extract, which gives them a sharp, fresh flavor. However, with this recipe, you can adapt it to your own personal tastes. You can use vanilla extract for a more traditional flavor. However, almond extract is tasty, as is rum extract or even …

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Cinnamon Energy Balls Recipe – How to Make it in 6 Simple Steps

This recipe for Cinnamon Energy Balls gives you a sweet kick with all the goodness of cinnamon and honey in a bite-sized form. Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in human history. Grown naturally in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, date palm trees would naturally spring up near rivers and in desert …

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Homemade Soft Pretzels Recipe – How to Make it 17 Simple Steps

You may have enjoyed soft pretzels at a mall bakery. What makes these fresh pretzels so wonderful is the unique texture of the crust. The secret to this texture is a brief dip in an alkaline solution before baking. In our recipe, we dip the dough into a baking soda and water bath before baking. …

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Puppy Chow Snack Mix Recipe – How to Make it in 12 Simple Steps

Sweet, crunchy, and with a hint of salt, Puppy Chow is typically considered a Midwestern snack because in the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and the Dakotas, this snack is everywhere. No matter what potluck event is happening, you can be certain that a big bowl of puppy chow will be on the table. One of …

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Cinnamon Sugar Snack Mix Recipe – How to Make it in 11 Simple Steps

When you need a little pick me up between meals, reach for this snack mix that features cereal, pretzels, and pecans. It takes only a few minutes to prepare, and you can store it in large bags, munching on it all week long. With a comforting, warming aroma, cinnamon is a spice that is frequently …

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Energy Bites Recipe – How to Make it in 4 Simple Steps

Everyone is busy these days, and often nutrition is one of the first categories that suffer in the family. When life gets chaotic, it is usually so much easier to run through the drive-through or even pick up a box of prepackaged snacks for the kids. Baking cookies? That takes too much time. Dinner from …

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3 Types of Snacks

There’s a wide world of snacks out there, and if you ever wanted to navigate it in its entirety, then this would be a good place to start.

Having something to nibble on is a necessity, as the agony of waiting for time-consuming meals can drive some people over the edge. Sometimes you just have to expand your palate and explore all the variety out there. If you’re looking for something sweet, salty, savory, or even sour to whip up, look no further.

Here are some quick and easy snacks you can prepare at home:

Veggie Snacks

A bowl of veggie snacks


While you can pretty much use any kind of cucumber, Kirby cucumbers make for the most authentic recipe when it comes to pickles. There’s a reason why they sometimes call these ‘pickling cucumbers’.

Short and bumpy with firm skin and a mild flavor, this is your go-to main ingredient when making pickles. Making your own pickles isn’t just fulfilling, it results in a far better taste.

All you have to do is cram your cucumbers into a safe glass quart jar, and add mustard seeds, dill, and some garlic. Next, you boil water with vinegar, a tablespoon of salt, and two tablespoons of sugar for that sour taste. Once all the elements of your brine have nicely combined, you pour it over the cucumbers and close the jar.

Refrigerate it for 48 hours or as much as two weeks, and enjoy.

Roasted Chickpeas

If you want to manage your weight and manage your blood sugar, chickpeas are the way to go. They can be enjoyed in so many ways, but roasting them brings out a whole different character. Anytime you want to lay off the grains a little, these can be a great substitute.

And if you’re looking to enjoy this legume without having to deal with a buttery texture, roasting is the answer.

To make roasted chickpeas at home, get a can of chickpeas and drain them till they’re dry. When they’re near the point of drying, you preheat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Arrange them on a baking sheet and roast them for just over 30 minutes to up to 45 minutes.

Every 10 minutes or so, give your pan a little jiggle.

Now you wait for them to turn a coppery color and place them in a bowl. You’ll get another bowl and mix 1/4 tsp of paprika, a quarter tsp of cumin, and a quarter tsp of curry powder. Add 1/8 tsp of salt, 1/4 tsp of chili powder, and 1/4 of garlic powder.

While the chickpeas are hot, get olive oil spray and spray them down, adding the spices right after.

Roasted Veggie Chips

Chips made from vegetables are low in fat and have fewer calories than the ones we’re all used to. Another option for the weight-conscious, the nutritional value of these far outweighs that of potato chips. You’ll use a variety of vegetables that give a fuller flavor.

Rather than just using potatoes, you’ll have distinct hints from all the different veggies resulting in a burst of taste.

You’ll need two small turnips, two medium-sized parsnips, and a bunch of radishes. Get four small red beets and two small golden beets and that’s it for your main ingredients. Thinly chop all these veggies, place them in a large bowl, and add three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil.

Due to their staining nature, red beets will have to be thrown in on their own.

Next, preheat your oven to 400°F and place parchment paper over baking sheets. Sprinkle 1½ tablespoons of salt, 2 teaspoons of freshly ground black pepper, and three tablespoons of mixed herbs onto the sheets.

Roast for about 20 minutes till it’s all golden brown and leave to chill before serving.

Sweet Snacks

Sweet and healthy energy bars

Fruit Roll-ups

Let’s face it, packing fruits for lunch can be drab. For something a little more exciting, consider making some fruit rolls. You’ve probably bought some at the store, but did you know you can easily make them at home?

Store-bought fruit rolls are packed with sugar and often made with artificial fruit, homemade ones aren’t. What’s more, you can mix up different flavors as you please.

You might want to combine complementing flavors, so pick your fruits wisely. Maybe go for two types of berries or something like mango and peach. In any case, as long as you add a natural sweetener like honey, you should come out with something palatable.

Start by lining two baking sheets with parchment paper, and preheat the oven to 150°F. For your mango-peach rolls, you’ll need 1½ cups of each fruit; diced, a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice, and 1/4 cup of honey. For strawberry-blackberry fruit leather, you’ll need 1½ cups of each fruit, diced.

Two teaspoons of fresh lemon juice and four tablespoons of honey should do it for this one.

Your mango and peach will be pureed until smooth. The puree will be poured onto the two sheets and thickly spread into the two sheets. You then let it bake for 6-8 hours, with dryness being the indicator that it’s ready.

Out of the oven, it goes, leave it to shed some heat then cut it into strips before serving.

It’s almost the same with berries, you get your oven preheated and your baking sheets lined with parchment paper. You throw your strawberries in a blender with the lemon juice and honey for two minutes and pour them out into a big measuring cup. Your strawberries are chucked into the blender with their lemon juice and honey and poured into a measuring cup.

Your blackberries get mixed with a teaspoon of lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey, and when you combine both berry mixtures on the pan. The same oven-bake procedure (6-8 hours till dry) is applied and then you cool and slice afterward.

Watermelon Sorbet

Perfect for hot summer days, watermelon sorbet is one of the easiest snacks to make on this list. We’re talking about sweetness from nature and the juiciness of this generous fruit comes from the fact that it’s composed of 98 percent water. Amplified by raw honey and lemon juice to make it go off with a bang, nobody will make a mess when having this snack.

You’re going to need a ripe watermelon, medium-sized will do. You’ll cut it into cubes, and as you can imagine; seed it. You orderly lay out your cubes on a baking sheet, and place them in the freezer until they’re rock-hard.

Off they go into your high-intensity blender with smoothness as the destination and you’re done! Enjoy with some ice and mint leaves for garnish.

Banana Vegan Bread

It might take an hour to make, but not only is it worth it, but it’s also a simple procedure. To put this treat together, you’ll need a stick of dairy-free butter and all-purpose flour. Walnuts will add some sharpness, tang, and texture to bring the sweetness of the banana full circle.

Get some flaxseed meal and mix with water, waiting a few minutes for flaxseed to be absorbed. Mash up ripe bananas and cream some butter with sugar in a mixer. Fold in half a cup of walnuts and mix everything together.

Place your mix into the oven and wait an hour, and Bob’s your uncle!

Cherry Almond Granola Bars

When it comes to energy-boosting snacks, granola bars take the cup. Not only are they healthy, but they also help satisfy your craving for something sweet. You may not have known just how easy it is to make these at home but it’s a champion snack, with cherries and almonds in the mix

You’ll also need a cup of dried cherries, 1½ cups of coarsely chopped almonds, and 3 cups of quick oats. This will serve as your base.

Next, add a tablespoon of unsalted butter, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1½ cups of almond butter, and then ⅓ cup of honey and ½ teaspoon of vanilla extract will give your recipe some edge.

You’ll line a baking pan with parchment paper, leaving some room on both sides. Melt the butter into a sauté pan and throw in your oats for a minute or two. Once they give off their distinct fragrance, you’ll combine them with the rest of the ingredients.

Press into a pan, leave in the freezer for a couple of minutes, and cut up for serving when the mixture has set.

Savory Snacks

Assorted snacks on a wood plank table.

Cheese Crackers

There’s nothing like a crunchy and lightly seasoned cheesy snack to take the edge off.

But, cheese-flavored crackers bought from the store just don’t hit the spot sometimes. It really doesn’t take much to make this savory snack that one and all can enjoy. Let’s walk you through the process.

Grab 1½ cups of all-purpose flour, and mix it with a pinch of cayenne pepper, two cups of cheddar cheese, and a ¼ cup of grated parmesan cheese.

Add 1¼ of salt and bring in ½ a cup of cold, unsalted butter, cubed. Combine it all in the bowl of a food processor for a minute or two. Mix with a ¼ cup of cold water till you get a moist, plump ball of dough.

From there, cut the dough into two pieces, roll it out on a lightly floured surface, and cut it into squares. Those squares will go into baking sheets but before you put them in the oven, poke a hole in each of the squares with a knife.

Bake until brown for 15 minutes and let them cool down before enjoying.

Jammy Soft Boiled Eggs

It doesn’t get quicker and easier than boiled eggs. This is the superstar of breakfast meals, and you’ll be full for a while after preparing these. But, you’ll also feel light after having these, without experiencing bloating, but your hunger will be satisfied.

If you’re the kind that likes a sticky consistency to your eggs, then this one’s for you.

Your first step will be to bring your water to a boil. Bathe the eggs with cold water and ice, turn the heat down on the boiling water, and add them in. Bring up the heat to a medium-high and let the eggs boil for a little over 5 minutes. After boiling, submerge them in an ice bath and peel.

Roasted Mixed Nuts

From healthy fats to fiber and even life-prolonging antioxidants, there are many benefits to mixed nuts. For a nutrient-rich snack that everyone can enjoy, you can mix different kinds of nuts and roast them. A bit of seasoning will make sure you never buy those overly salty nuts at the store ever again.

You’ll need 6 cups of mixed nuts and ⅓ cup of extra olive oil. Three tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh oregano, and 2 tablespoons chopped fresh thyme will also do.

Get 1 tablespoon of smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, and 2 teaspoons of garlic powder, followed by ⅓ cup extra-virgin olive oil to bring everything together.

Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and preheat the oven to 350°F. Use a swizzle stick to mix your herbs, spices, and oil in a bowl. When it’s all come together, pour the nuts onto the baking sheet for 10 minutes.

Let them cool properly and store them in a sealed container, knowing you’ve got snacks for the next couple of weeks.

Jalapeño Poppers

There’s nothing like a spicy snack to get the taste buds fired up. Jalapeno poppers are high in nutrients, they can help promote weight loss, and they can even help relieve pain. Jalapenos can be eaten in many ways, from raw to smoked, to cooked.

When it comes to party snacks, however, jalapeno poppers are in a league of their own.

To make your own, take them out of their packaging and remove everything within. Mix in cooked bacon with garlic, chives, parmesan cheese, and spices. Breadcrumbs are mixed with melted butter and spooned over the jalapenos which by now are filled.

You set your oven to 350°F for 30 minutes until the crumbs are golden and the filling starts gurgling. Serve and watch them disappear in seconds!

What are Snacks?

There are big portions of food and there are small portions of food, and snacks fall under the former. Some are packaged, some are made from processed foods, but the ones we’ve listed are made from fresh ingredients at home. They differ in complexity, but the one thing that defines them is being ready-to-eat.

If it doesn’t take time to prepare and it’s easy to chomp, then it’s probably a snack.

History of Snacks

Commercially speaking, it all started with peanuts and popcorn, especially in the States. Between the 1950s and 2000s, there was a massive surge in snack-making. This can be attributed to the industrial revolution.

Still, snacks have been consumed for thousands of years around the world.

The most common snacks out there are usually high in salt and sugar. Traditionally, snacks are made from what’s readily available in the house. From leftovers to fruits growing on trees outside, the idea of the snack is to provide swift satisfaction.

They’ve become such an essential part of life that they often replace entire meals.