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20 of the Best Cheese Scone Recipes (All Types)

When it comes to scones, opinions are fiercely divided on almost everything, from the baking method to the texture to how to pronounce the word. But what we’re all in agreement on is that scones are delicious. They can be sweet or savory — or cheesy, like this collection we’ve gathered here.  1. Your Favorite …

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Jalapeño Cheddar Buttermilk Scones Recipe

In this recipe, you will need to chop up the jalapeño peppers. You should take care while you do this. You see, while the flesh of the jalapeño is fairly mild, the seeds and interior membranes of the peppers contain greater amounts of the chemical called capsaicin. Capsaicin is the oil that gives peppers their …

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16 Best Apple Cinnamon Scone Recipes (All Types)

Pastries of all kinds are treats we can look forward to savoring, whether at breakfast or paired with a much-anticipated cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon.  While we associate scones with delicate floral cups and saucers, Victorian-era novels, and all things British-themed, the light and crumbly biscuits are enjoyed throughout the world for …

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22 Best Cranberry Orange Scone Recipes (All Types)

I absolutely love the taste of cranberry and orange together. I am not a huge fan of either flavor on their own, but when they are combined, something magical happens. These two fruits rise in popularity in the colder months when other fruits are readily available. Historically, scones are served with high tea, but you …

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10 Best Ham and Cheese Scones Recipes (All Types)

My love for ham and cheese knows no bounds. I will add these two ingredients in almost anything and everything. It’s no surprise that I’ve managed to create a list of my favorite ham and cheese scones recipe.  Talk about taking a traditionally sweet snack to make it a savory and flavorsome one. The thing …

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21 Best Banana Scone Recipes (All Types)

I enjoy tasting anything that contains bananas. It never lets me down and tastes great. In addition to the taste, the smell of bananas baking is enough to make my mouth water. Banana scones are a great breakfast treat or snack. What is even better is that a banana scone bakes faster than most other …

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20 Best Pear Scone Recipes (All Types)

Looking for a delicious way to enjoy pears? Why not try one of these pear scone recipes! In this blog post, we will explore 20 different pear scone recipes from around the internet. We will provide a brief description of each recipe and include links to the original sources. So, whether you’re in the mood for …

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Banana Scones Recipe – How to Make it in 13 Simple Steps

Everyone has their desired level of ripeness for a banana. Some people like their bananas slightly greenish, firm, and less sweet, while others will eat them when they are very speckled, soft, and quite sweet. For those who don’t like their bananas spotted or if your bananas have gone past the point where anyone would …

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Ham and Cheese Scones Recipe – How to Make it in 11 Simple Steps

In past decades, people might have only heard of scones as an accompaniment to a British tea time. However, as more people explore different kinds of cuisine, scones are becoming more and more a part of the American food experience. While many people enjoy sweet scones featuring fruit, chocolate, and delicious glazes, savory scones are …

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Ginger and Pear Scones Recipe – How to Make it in 12 Simple Steps

You may be wondering, what exactly is a scone? Many people in the United States have never enjoyed the taste of a delectable scone, warm from the oven. Scones are somewhat like a biscuit, and they are often served at tea time in England. Tea time is a light meal that generally occurs in the …

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Cranberry Orange Scones Recipe – How to Make it in 23 Simple Steps

Scones bring to mind the British habit of afternoon tea. But if you happen to be in Great Britain, you may find scones on the table at other times of the day. Elevenses isn’t just a fictional meal in the land of hobbits. It actually is a light meal served around eleven o’clock in the …

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More Scone Recipes and Ideas

Delicious scone recipes

Scones are a versatile vessel of flavors, funneling both delectable sweets and savory morsels into your mouth through a cushion of warm and flaky pastry. With hundreds of years of history, there are endless scone recipes out there, and it’s not hard to come up with your own once you have the basics down.

Here are my favorite scone recipes for both savory and sweet varieties to help you get started!

Ham and Cheese Scones

A row of scone in a black plane table

Click here for the recipe

To start, I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite savory scones. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches are simple and filling, and the scone version has even more texture and density.

On the plus side, the prep is almost identical to making a basic scone, since the ham and cheese will become melty and warm just by adding them into the mix.

Toss some seasonings like chives into the mix, and you’ll get a better cheese biscuit than any chain seafood restaurant could hope to match.

Ginger and Pear Scones

Scones in a wire rack with granulated sugar on top

Click here for the recipe

Although we started with savory scones, sweet ones also deserve a place in your recipe book. This recipe makes larger scones in a traditional triangular shape, but the core is the same as the previous one.

Pears are similar to apples with a flavor slightly to the left, so treating it with similar flavors like allspice, cinnamon, and ginger helps them pop to life.

Apple Cinnamon Scones

A plate of scones with light cream

Click here for the recipe

The bright spice of cinnamon and the comforting sweetness of cooked apples are a staple of wholesome home-cooked desserts. This recipe starts to add extra steps into the scone recipe, but it’s still simple enough that the kids can help make it.

Picking different apple varieties can really change the scones’ flavor, so try different ones each time you make them to keep the recipe fresh. The glaze provides moisture, a brighter apple flavor, and extra sweetness as you bite into the scone, so don’t forget it!

Banana Scones

A plate of scone with flower as garnish

Click here for the recipe

Bananas have a soft texture and an equally soft sweetness that is great for making baked goods like banana nut bread. This recipe uses processed bananas in place of the milk for moisture in the dough.

You get the same flaky pastry, but the rich sugariness of the bananas is baked into every morsel of the scone. As a side benefit, you can use bananas that are overly ripe to get a sweeter taste and save the bananas from ending up in the garbage or compost heap.

Cranberry Orange Scones

A plate of scone with cranberry and orange

Click here for the recipe

The previous scones have been traditionally sweet, but this tart variety puts a tang on your tongue that balances the heaviness of the pastry.

Oranges are one of those fruits that frequently gets overlooked when it comes time to make dessert, but it’s a familiar citrus friend that adds tartness without being quite as much of a punch in the face as lemon or lime.

Dill and Feta Scones

A dill and feta scone in a plate

Click here for the recipe

Dill and feta are a traditional pairing in Greek cuisine. Both are strong flavors, but they go well with spicier meats like lamb or sausage.

Whenever I go to a Greek restaurant, it takes everything in me not to order feta fries, and these scones hit the same corners of my tongue without the heaviness of potatoes doused in oil.

They can be a bit strong to put in the main batch intended for picky eaters, but kalamata olives are another known associate of dill and feta. Dice them up and add them to the dough for extra tang and saltiness.

Make Your Own Jam

Jars of orange jam

Click here for the recipe

Scones are traditionally fairly dry and low on sweetness, with the intent that you will add ingredients like jam on top. There are plenty of varieties of jam, jelly, and preserves at the store, but being able to make your own blend can showcase your flavor-picking prowess.

It’s also a great way to use ingredients from your own garden, like the strawberries in my yard that keep spreading despite my lack of attention to them.

Jam will last for a month or more depending on how you store it, so it can massively reduce your food waste to turn old fruit into jam and add a special touch to your scones without much extra effort.

Clotted Cream

A glass of cream with blueberry

Click here for the recipe

Clotted cream is the other traditional topping for English scones. It fulfills the same role as butter does, adding fat and moisture that coat the surface of every bite while also softening the upper layers of the scone for a variety of textures.

Clotted cream is not available for purchase in some countries, like the United States, because it is usually made from unpasteurized cream. This version uses heavy creams you can find in most stores to get the same result.

It does add to the workload, but each batch of clotted cream should last for a few days of tasty scone breakfasts.

Oat Scones

A plate of scones with jam

Click here for the recipe

Traditional Scottish scones use oats as part of the dough. Adding oats to the scones provides a depth of texture and more chewiness. Like this recipe, Scottish scones tend to stay light on the sugar.

Although they’re not savory, the sweetness is light enough that they are an excellent mechanism for shoveling jam and butter into your face. Cutting the sugar a bit more will let them serve as a savory base, too!

Blueberry Scones

A plates of blueberry scones

Click here for the recipe

Whole blueberries can be poured right into the dough to deliver pops of flavor throughout each bite. Frozen blueberries work just as well as fresh ones, and you can have a bit of fun playing with their temperature.

Letting them come to room temperature first will make them cook faster and become softer, while adding frozen ones right before baking will let them stay firmer.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Scones

A plate of scone with chocolate flavor

Click here for the recipe

Gooey. Sweet. Decadent. Rich. Nutty. Peanut butter and chocolate chips might be my favorite dessert ingredient combination, and I am not going to discuss my addiction to certain peanut butter and chocolate candy cups.

When served warm, the melted chocolate oozes through the pastry as you bite through it. You could go for a bit of butter or cream on top to add more moisture, but I like to wash it down with a cup of cold milk instead.

Braised Beef with Mustard Scones

A pan of scone in a breised beef

Click here for the recipe

This recipe jumps up the complexity, but it’s a whole meal that can feed a family. The core of the entree is beefsteak braised in ale and beef stock before being doused in bacon-fried mushrooms.

On top of this sultry meat rests a savory scone with a small helping of cheese and wholegrain mustard. Browning the cheese on top of the scones imparts a nuttier and stronger essence to the cheese while cutting down the amount for dairy-sensitive stomachs.

Pear, Date, and Ginger Scones

A plate of scone with ginger in the center

Click here for the recipe

Dried dates have a taste that’s along the same lines as dried raisins, currants, or cranberries. They’re slightly tart and sweet with a soft, chewy texture. One interesting twist in this recipe is using ginger ale as one of the wet ingredients.

The ginger ale spreads extra sugar and the dry tartness of ginger throughout the dough, and it helps add just a little bit of fluff. Combined with the addition of the dates, there are a whole lot of flavors that make every bite fun and different yet cohesive.

Mango Scones

A plate of mango scone with cream on toppings

Click here for the recipe

Large stonefruits like mangos are lusciously moist and have a flavor that plays well with others but makes itself known. When properly ripened and cut into small bits, they are capable of being soft and velvety in the short cooking time of the scones.

The vanilla glaze topping finishes the scones with a beautiful lattice of extra sweetness. If you plan on freezing the scones or serving them later, skip the glaze until it’s time to serve.

Bacon Cheddar Chive Scones

A plate of bacon cheddar scone

Click here for the recipe

Bacon, cheddar, and chives load a dish with soul-soothing fats and enough complexity to keep any one flavor from being too strong.

While I am likely to smash through a loaded baked potato faster than I should, these scones condense the flavor combination into a firm but flaky form that is a strong competitor in tastiness.

I like to dip this version into the warm broth of a main course like a beef stew. The scone sucks up the flavor while dropping the loaded seasonings into the stew as it lightly crumbles.

Stuffing Scones

A plate of stuffed scone

Click here for the recipe

The second pillar of the three Rs is “Reuse”, and I hate letting any portion of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner go to waste. While not exactly a traditional scone recipe, the basic idea here is much the same.

You use the stuffing as the dough, chop up savory ingredients like the turkey and green beans, then turn that mixture into scones. A healthy dose of gravy on top will match the look of a sweet glazed scone, but every bite is its own holiday meal.

Lemonade Drizzle Scones with Lemon Curd

A plate of lemonade scone with cream on top

Click here for the recipe

Sometimes, all you need is one really, really strong flavor to make a tasty dish. This recipe swaps some of the cream for lemonade in the dough mixture, tops it with baked lemon curd and creme fraiche, then garnishes it with a lemon icing and lemon zest.

Anyone who dislikes lemons should stay far away, and those who are on the fence about it might not eat a whole piece. If you love lemon like I do, though, the high notes of tart and sweet will make your feet swing like a kid tasting candy for the first time.

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Scones

A plate of pile broccoli scone

Click here for the recipe

It’s hard to pick just one soup as a favorite, but broccoli cheddar is one of my top picks for any time of year. It’s hearty, filling, nutritious, and flavorful. When I do make it, it doesn’t feel quite the same without a bread bowl to hold the soap and sop up the flavor.

Instead of having to break the bowl apart to get the right amount of bread-to-soup ratio, these scones combine all the best elements into a handheld pastry.

I don’t care if anyone judges me for dipping the broccoli cheddar soup scones into even more broccoli cheddar soup, though.

Indian-Style Spicy Cheese Scones

A plate of Indian style scone with jam

Click here for the recipe

I enjoy a good burn on the tongue, especially when my sinuses are feeling stuffy or I need to perk myself up a bit. The trick is managing to keep the flavors balanced with the spice so you can taste them past the heat.

Curry leaves, ginger, chives, chilis, and the various blends of garam masala spices are tried and true companions for high-heat dishes. These make a great snack or a side dish for a curry meal.

Jalapeno Cheddar Scones

A plate of Jalapeno scone in a cheese flavor

Click here for the recipe

Jalapenos are a milder pepper that still maintains heat. The milder spice is generally more palatable if you’re looking to serve a spicy dish, although people who dislike spicy food at all might complain if there is no warning.

The cheese and pastry mellow the heat even more. For a spicier version with a more pronounced pepper flavor, add a little bit of the pickled jalapeno juice into the dough mixture.

I will make these along with chili or stews, much the same way I’d make jalapeno cheddar cornbread to absorb flavor and add kick.