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22 Best Chicken Stir Fry Recipes (All Types)

Knowing how to make stir-fry that you enjoy, there’s the key, gives you a simple, healthy food option that requires just a few ingredients and steps to complete. The following recipes have the same Asian theme; however, they vary slightly regarding the ingredients, preparation, and cooking methods. A Chicken Stir Fry recipe with excellent instructions …

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21 Best Beans and Rice Recipes (All Types)

The funniest day in sociology was when we learned about how important beans and rice are in our everyday life. Along with learning about food as part of world cultures, we also discovered having a sociology degree meant earning an income meager enough to make you live off of rice and beans. Much to their …

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Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet Recipe

This recipe for Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet is loaded with vegetables, and it features the favorite veggies that are typically included in Mexican fare. If you have a hard time getting veggies into your kids, they will probably not even notice the vegetables in this recipe.  Our recipe for Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet …

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20 Best Chicken and Rice Recipes (All Types)

Chicken and rice are a match made in heaven. It is a staple in most households, perfect for stretching the meal budget. This means the combo needs numerous ways to prepare; otherwise, it could get quite monotonous. I’ve therefore created a chicken and rice recipe roundup for one to enjoy quick and easy recipes. This …

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Vegan Mushroom and Wild Rice Soup Recipe

Many people believe that thick, creamy, and filling soups are out of bounds for those who eat vegan food. After all, how does one get the texture of cream in a soup without anything like heavy cream, butter or sour cream? Actually it is possible. This recipe uses blended riced cauliflower to provide the creamy …

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Spanish Rice and Beans Recipe – How to Make it in 9 Simple Steps

A good host provides for the needs of their guests, putting the guests’ desires above what is typically done in the household. Being a good host can be challenging when guests in the home have special dietary restrictions. This recipe for Spanish Rice and Beans can help you serve vegan and vegetarian guests in your …

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Broccoli Cheddar Rice Recipe – How to Make it in 5 Simple Steps

Side dishes can be annoying to plan. Many families have six or eight standard side dishes that they prepare, and over time, people get tired of them. If you need another option in the rotation, this recipe for Broccoli Cheddar Rice can add savory flavors and cheerful color to the dining table.  Manufacturers try to …

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Mushroom Rice Recipe – How to Make it in 7 Simple Steps

A pilaf is a culinary term for a rice recipe in which the rice is sauteed in butter before the rice is boiled in water. Rice pilafs take many forms with many additional ingredients and seasonings. Some rice pilafs include vegetables like peas and carrots. Our recipe for Mushroom Rice is a rice pilaf recipe …

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Italian Sausage and Rice Skillet Dinner Recipe – How to Make it in 8 Simple Steps

One of the most useful pieces of cookware in the kitchen, a skillet can be used for many different things. One can use it for browning meat, like a baking pan in the oven, or for sautéing vegetables. Additionally, in a pinch, one can use it for cooking rice or pasta. If you only have …

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Rice Pilaf With Peas and Carrots Recipe – How to Make it in 8 Simple Steps

Those rice mixtures that you buy in the stores that include rice, dried veggies, and a seasoning packet are quick to prepare, tasty, and convenient. However, did you know that you can make these kinds of rice mixes in your own kitchen on the stove for much less money? Additionally, these delicious mixtures only take …

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Skillet Chicken and Parmesan Rice with Garlic Recipe – How to Make it in 11 Simple Steps

While many people across the globe depend on rice as a staple, many in the United States can get just a bit bored with this often boring carbohydrate. But rather than rolling your eyes or sighing with boredom at the thought of rice as starch for dinner, why not consider that the basic, humble serving …

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Red Beans and Rice Recipe – How to Make it in 17 Simple Steps

Historically, red beans and rice are served on Mondays in New Orleans and southern Louisiana. It may seem like an odd tradition, but when you consider the history of this Southern town, the tradition seems to make more sense. In centuries past, homemakers did particular types of work on certain days of the week. Everyone …

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My Easy Vegan Fried Rice Recipe – How to Make it in 24 Simple Steps

Fried rice and I go back a long way. As far back as the days of scratch and sniff stickers and Crayola crayons. I don’t think there was ever a week in my childhood that didn’t include at least one meal of fried rice for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast. My brothers and I all …

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14 Different Types of Rice Dishes

A bowl of lamb pilaf

Although it originated in Asia, rice is a staple meal for people in most countries and it can be enjoyed in a myriad of ways. Personally, rice is my favorite dish to cook and serve because it’s so easy to prepare and can satisfy just about anybody. If you’re looking for new and creative ways to prepare rice, consider the following incredible rice dishes.

1. A miner’s delight; Galinhada

Brazilian galinhada with chicken and peas.

First up, we have Galinhada, a popular Brazilian rice dish. It doesn’t require a lot of ingredients and is often served with seasoned chicken and vegetables. This recipe originated with the miners of Gerais and Goia, while the name Galina is a Portuguese word that means chicken.

But what makes a Galinhada dish special? It’s chicken and rice and you simply can’t go wrong with this combination. Galinhada rice is prepared in a pan by cooking rice and chicken together, with some spices and greens you are good to go.

This dish is very delicious and simple to prepare especially if you have all the ingredients such as the specialized spices. Plus, the vegetables make the dish very healthy for everyone.

2. The Indian classic that everyone loves… Biryani

Biryani topped with chicken and lemons.

Biryani is a traditional Indian dish that’s usually prepared with meats such as Basmati rice, chicken, or lamb with different spices such as black pepper, cumin, saffron, cardamom, mint, and ginger, nutmeg, and bay leaf. In other regions, they use potatoes, dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, and even rose water as ingredients.

This dish is usually prepared for traditional Indian weddings as well as Eid (the last day of Ramadan) celebrations. There are two ways to prepare Biryani: Kacchi and Pakki, and you can either use brown or white rice depending on your preferences. Not only do the spices smell good, but the rice as well, and this is what makes this dish so beloved across the world.

3. For something light, fluffy, and slightly nutty, you can’t go wrong with Pilaf rice

Pilaf rice garnished with parsley.

This well-known rice dish is typically prepared in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It’s called pilaf because the way it is prepared leaves the grain loose. Like most other rice dishes from this region, it requires a wide variety of spices and vegetables cooked with ghee butter.

The best way to prepare this rice is to make sure that all the ingredients are nicely balanced and the best part is that you can cook it in one pot and have it ready for dinner with very little effort. So, make sure to add it to your mid-week menu lineup if you haven’t already.

4. Can you say Paella?

Paella rice with seafoods and chicken.

This popular Spanish rice dish is commonly prepared with seafood, although the original recipe (known as paella Valenciana) consists of ingredients like a snail, chicken, rabbit meat, tomatoes, rosemary, and garrofon (large bean). The paella dish which is partly made with seafood is actually called marinera. The name paella originally describes the pan that is used to prepare this rice, which is thick and wide with a round shape and handles.

The great thing about Paella is that it can be prepared with different ingredients if the ingredients from the original recipe are difficult to find. The rice soaks up all the flavor from all the components you’ve combined while maintaining its original shape, and it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser.

5. Take your tastebuds on an exciting journey with Arroz Al Horno

Arroz al horno with pork and sausage.

The city of Valencia, Spain has another rice dish that they like to serve to guests apart from Paella and that dish is Arroz Al Horno. To get this dish right, it’s important to start by preparing the rice first, then add chicken broth before you transfer both to a clay pot, which is then placed in the oven. To make this rice dish, you need Bomba rice (short grain), potatoes, Spanish blood sausage blood, pork (ribs and bacon), paprika, saffron, chickpeas, and garlic.

As you will have noticed, this dish doesn’t require any spices which allow the meat and vegetables from it’s made to do the talking, flavor-wise.

6. Arroz de Polvo also known as Octopus rice

Octopus rice in a steaming pot.

Known as the Octopus rice, this happens to be the most enjoyed rice in Portuguese cuisine. It uses Carolino as the main ingredient, which happens to be a long grain that’s widely used in “malandrinhos” a type of brothy dish. To make sure that the dish comes out tasty, it’s important to prepare the rice in the same pan as the octopus so that it can absorb all of that oceanic flavor.

This dish is also cooked with olive oil, tomatoes, white wine, and different spices such as black pepper, onions, garlic, bay leaves, and coriander, and can be served with even more vegetables on the side such as broccoli, and parsley for garnishing.

7. Fresh, nutty, spicy – Nasi lemak

Nasi lemak on pandan leaf.

Nasi lemak is the national dish of Malaysia and a staple of Malay cuisine. Nasi means “rice” and lemak means “tasty or rich” in Malay and this is how the locals describe the rice. To prepare this dish, you need to boil jasmine rice (or any long grain) with coconut milk, pandan leaves, and different spices.

This rice is then traditionally served with samba (hot sauce with shrimp taste), fried dry anchovies, cucumber, and toasted peanuts. To get more protein you can also add egg, tofu, and fried chicken. This dish is rich in protein yet it’s fresh and it’ll leave your kitchen smelling absolutely delicious.

8. Parboiled vs instant rice

Parboiled rice with chilis on the side.

Most people assume that parboiled rice comes partially cooked because of its name but this is not actually the case. Contrary to that belief, parboiled rice can take longer to prepare than other types of rice. When it is harvested, parboiled rice is steamed under pressure allowing it to hold more nutrients when it is milled.

This process does make it hard though, which is why it takes longer to boil. For a fast dinner, you can go for instant rice which is pre-cooked and has the ability to absorb water fast and any flavor that you add to it in the form of vegetable stock or actual vegetables.

9. Get your chopsticks, we’re talking sushi rice

Sushi rice topped with salmon.

This is a well-known Japanese dish that is also enjoyed in China as well. Typically, sushi is prepared with special short-grain cooked rice. This type of rice is rich with starch thus making the grains stick together and you can also add sugar, salt, and vinegar to it.

There are different varieties of Sushi, of course, one of which is known as makizushi, a type of famous dish in which a dumpling is wrapped in a sheet of seaweed and vegetables, omelet, and raw fish. Another popular type of sushi is Nigiri, which is made by covering a dumpling with a slice of raw fish, octopus, shrimp, or an egg.

10. Southeast Asian fried rice also known as Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng served with sunny side-up egg.

This is arguably one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia and the word “Nasi Goreng” actually means fried rice. The rice is mixed with sweet Kechap Manis sauce, sugar, pepper, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, and tamarind juice.

If you like, you can also add more things like a fried egg, meat, vegetables, and krupuk (chips that are made with starch) to serve. It’s also a dish that is rich in flavor, highly satisfying, and very accessible.

11. When you don’t know what to make for supper, take everything and make Bibimbap

Bibimbap with pork and egg.

If you ever visit Korea, then you’ll most likely get served this dish because it’s the most served dish in the country and a national dish as well. To prepare this, you need glutinous rice, vegetables (such as spinach carrots, bean sprouts and zucchini), shiitake mushrooms, stripped meat (Beef), egg, and a red pepper paste, and the gochujang. When this dish is served in a hot stone pot (called Dolsot) is it called Dolsot Bibimbap.

Not only is Bibimbap spicy, sweet, crunchy, and luscious but it’s fat-free and packed with vegetables, making it ideal for the health-conscious.

12. Tart, spicy, salty, and sweet… I give you Pad Kra Pao!

Pad kra pao rice topped with fried egg.

In the Thai language, Pad means fried and Kra Pao refers to Thai basil, which is one of the main ingredients for this recipe. For this dish to be perfect, you need to use jasmine rice (long grain), which is fried together with garlic, Thai basil, birds-eye pepper (also known as Thai pepper)  and you can add any type of protein that you like (chicken, tofu, seafood, beef).

This dish is not only delicious but it’s easy to prepare and healthy as well, which is why it’s such a beloved dish in Thailand.

13. Rissoto: creamy and gourmet

Risotto with veggies and spices.

This dish comes from the Italian region of Lombardy and preparing it requires the rice to be sautéed, and then slowly cooked with beef or vegetables. Rissoto is known as a finicky dish to prepare and there are various different ways of cooking it and it’s often enjoyed with matured wine in the summer.

One of the best ways to prepare risotto rice is to make it creamy, which is why it’s important to use a type of rice that has a lot of starch such as arborio, carnalori, and vialone nano, as well as butter, cheese, and white wine. The goal is for your risotto to come out al dente, thick, creamy but not mushy.

14. Whether Creole or Cajun, Jambalaya is a knockout

Jambalaya in wok over a blue checkered cloth.

Jambalaya is a Cajun and Creole American rice dish whose flavors are inspired by different cultures, including African, Spanish, and American. It is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, and is traditionally prepared with pork or chicken, smoked sausage, or seafood such as shrimp or other shelled fish. Now, Jambalaya can be prepared in the Cajun or Creole way, two methods that differ according to preparation and the ingredients used.

For instance, with Creole jambalaya, you can use tomatoes while in the Cajun version you cannot. Then you have Cajun seasoning which lends a very unique flavor to the dish. At this point, Jambalaya is known worldwide as one of the most prolific rice dishes around and it’s all thanks to its unique flavor combinations and the fact that it takes inspiration from different cultures.