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5 Different Types of Grandfather Clocks

Ever wondered why grandfather clocks are called by this particular name; or perhaps, how they acquired this unique name? When was the last time you actually saw a grandfather clock in someone’s house? Given their incredibly long cases, echoing bells, swinging pendulums, and the prominent Roman numerals, one might assume that they belong to the …

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28 Different Types of Clocks

Quicklist: Clocks Wall Oversized Wall Mantel and Tabletop Maritime and Weather Station Alarm Grandfather Cuckoo Outdoor Floor Pendulum Digital Analog Roman Numerals Battery Powered Automatic Chime Shutoff Radio Calendar Musical Light Sensor Large Display Round Square Rectangle Novelty Atomic Mechanical Electric Quartz Movement Before clocks were common, the directional concepts for “clockwise” and “counterclockwise” were …

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The Main Parts of a Wall Clock

Even in today’s environment of digital phones, devices and watches it’s nice having wall clocks in the house. We have two wall clocks which I glance at all the time for the time. They’re large chrome and white wall clocks (they look really cool). If you’re interested in understanding the different parts of a wall …

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